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Open What if Karen didn't join the Johto League?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by All_the_characters!, May 31, 2017.

  1. (Open for any character really. Also can get crazy creative cause maybe she joins a villainous team, maybe she befriends a professor, maybe she ends up being helped by another trainer of a different calibre, if a trainer at all, you decide!)(also I know it's a long starter, sorry)
    >Hello Darkness My Old Friend...<

    She needed to go farther. Hoenn just wasnt safe enough. Too many people here had ties with Johto, if word got out she was here there wasn't enough distance to flee in time. Then again was there any place that was safe, or had reliable allies? Granted in her line of work a trustworthy ally was hard to find. Her last partner, She caught her breath hitch at the mention of him. They had no romantic ties, but they were closer with each other than anyone else. After the last mission went sour he got punished for it by their boss. Will had told her to run, to get away from the masked man, but a part of her heart still tugged with guilt at leaving him. When she had enough resources she'd come back for him. Maybe by then the Masked Man would be weakened too, or at least his allies. Gently pulling her mind away from the unpredictable future she stared at map of airplane lines. She had done enough jobs in Hoenn to afford a plane ticket. It'd only taken a week to get the money since this place was a stranger to her tactics. She'd debated staying due to that, but the other factors beat that. Right now she just had to decide where to go. However every place had it's draw backs and positives. Frusterated she pulled away from the board to slump down on one of the chairs. It's plastic providing no comfort at all for her physically or emotionally. "This is going nowhere." She muttered under her breath in frustration. Lifting her head from the tile floor she gazed at the people around her. Happy families or busy people strolled by all having a place to go. A goal of some kind was on their mind, and she wished that she had that in common with them. The welling emotions began to win as she felt tears threatening to leak at the edges of her eyes. She picked up the large bag that was doubling as her suitcase before standing up. Despite the confusion in her mind the woman held her head high to fight the floodgates. Maybe a walk around the terminal would help settle her mind. If anything it might provide her a chance to take her thoughts off everything.~Karen

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