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Ask to Join Werewolf Life (Discussion/sign ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Midnight Heart, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. The werewolves living in Sapphire Village all live happy lives. Being able to do almost whatever they want, without any worry, many would think all of them have perfect lives. But they don't. Many of them are homeless, or are orphans, or just live a very poor life due to being unable to fight, hunt, build, teach, or anything. The poor werewolves are often bullied and made fun of by the more wealthy werewolves, and sometimes even abused physically by them, when they can't help that they are unable to do anything right. But little do they know, hunters have discovered their village. They are unaware they might soon have to run away and start new lives, whilst also managing to survive, and avoid the hunters, and to do so, they will all have to work together. No bullying each other, making fun of each other, abusing each other, or attacking each other.

    Romance is allowed, and the werewolves have just wolf ears, tails, and fangs. To join, fill out the form, and wait until I tell you that you are accepted. You are allowed to have up to three characters.

    Age: (No younger than 14, please)
    Poor or wealthy:
    Things they are good at:

    Here's my forms.

    Name: Moon
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Short black hair that goes to her shoulders, with spiky ends, with a single dark blue streak in it that sometimes falls down in front of her eyes, which are dark blue as well. She wears a purple T-shirt, black jacket with the sleeves ripped off, light blue jeans with tears on them here and there, and purple boots, along with black fingerless gloves. She has black wolf ears and a black wolf tail
    Poor or wealthy: Poor
    Family: None
    Personality: Mean, rude, a bit stubborn, a bit daredevillish, easy to annoy or anger, and easily gets embarrassed. She is a bit mysterious.
    Things they are good at: Fighting and hunting
    Crush: None
    Other: Has a purple pocket knife that she often uses to fight with, that was given to her by her dead mother

    I'll start the roleplay once three people have joined.
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  2. Well, this looks fun. I'll go ahead and make two characters now.

    Name: Angel Hale
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Bright green eyes and long, scarlet-colored hair with a matching pair of ears and a tail. Angel wears a black t-shirt under a white coat, along with a black skirt and black heels. She's 5'4".
    Poor or wealthy: Wealthy
    Family: Jacque Hale (Father)
    Personality: Angel grew up sheltered by her father, so she was fed the common belief among the wealthy that the poor were below them and not worth their time. She has held that against them, believing that her father's words were correct. Despite this, she's recently been starting to doubt her father's information. On occasion, Angel has even given out small sums of money and food to the homeless and the poor. She can be very prideful of herself and her family.
    Things they are good at: Hand-to-hand combat, bribing
    Crush: None, at the moment.

    Name: Stone
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Tall, skinny, and dark-skinned with deep, brown eyes. Stone has messy, black hair that goes down to the bottom of his neck along with matching ears and a tail. He wears a bandanna wrapped around his arm, a white tank top, and saggy, dark gray jeans. He also wears black, worn out sneakers.
    Poor or wealthy: Poor
    Family: None
    Personality: Despite his current condition, Stone tries to remain optimistic and hopeful. He always tries to look on the good side of things and likes to crack jokes to lighten the mood. Stone likes to take jabs at himself. Although Stone doesn't say it, he does that so he's used to it when others hurl insults at him. He carries a feeling of inferiority, however.
    Things they are good at: Talking his way out of situations, deception
    Crush: None at the moment.
  3. I guess I'll try since I'm going through a werewolf faze XD(I've been trying hypnosis videos to turn me into a werewolf, don't judge)

    Name: Hazel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Hazel has long brown wavy hair, grey eyes and a chestnut brown tail(same with ears) she wears a tank top that cover her chest only because it was torn and blue jean shorts and healed boots(boots with short heals)
    Poor or wealthy: poor
    Family: none(please don't think I'm copying)
    Personality: she is shy wen she first meets someone but as she gets to know them she seems more outgoing towards them, she can be mean sometimes wen ticked off but is still a sweetheart
    Things they are good at: hunting, being stealthy, lying(only wen she needs to) looking harmless :p
    Crush: none
    Other: wen Hazel was a child her pregnant mother and her father were killed in a fight, she was hurt but she was able to get away from the attackers.

    Hope that's good enough
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  4. Name: Kuro
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Kuro wears a black tank top with a white wolf on it. She has black jean shorts and short, ruffled black hair, ears, and tail with cobalt blue eyes. She is 5'11" and skinny
    Poor or Wealthy: Poor
    Family: Shiro
    Personality: Kuro is very shy but once she gets to know you she is very friendly. She is generally quite but she always smiles unless something bad is going to happen. She always accepts her beatings even if Shiro doesn't like it
    Things They are Good at: Fighting, taking hits, stealing, and hunting
    Crush: None at the moment
    Other: Shiro is her twin brother

    Name: Shiro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Shiro has white ruffled hair, ears, and tail with cobalt blue eyes. He wears a white tank top that has a black with on it with white jeans that are a tad dusty. He is 6'02" and skinny
    Poor or Wealthy: Poor
    Family: Kuro
    Things They are Good at: Fighting, taking hits, stealing, and hunting
    Crush: None at the moment
    Other: Kuro is his twin sister

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