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Ask to Join Werewolf Chronicles

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cmeriwether, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. On a large Continent with Kingdoms of each race, in the center of all the kingdom's borders, laid a city of all races, and in the city, there are sectors for each race, in the Werewolf sector, which is in the north of the city, stood a young boy with Brown-blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing plate armor on a small frame, with a greatsword that has a tree on the tang. He was sniffing the air, as if he was smelling something out.

    In the Vampire sector of the city, a black haired green eyed girl had just finished picking up her meal, she was wearing chainmail with plate pieces on her right hip, her chest, her upper back, shoulders, her left knee and strips of metal connecting the sections. She all of a sudden felt like she was in danger.

    In a different part of town, a large man with black and red hair, red, dragon-like eyes, wearing a mix of leather and plate armor was tracking said Vampire girl, trying to take her to a noble for a possible arranged marriage.

    In the sun Elf part of the town, towards the south, a girl with the Mark of the Death King, a strange mark found on her stomach. She was running for her life, trying not to get killed. She continued towards the Werewolf sector of town.
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  2. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Jonathan Greenhardt stood nearby to Raoul Silverfang, "something smells wrong" he stated bluntly glancing around looking for the source of the demonic scent he had picked up on, he was conflicted by the scents coming from nearby, a mixture of demonic traces merging with the well known scent of fear that came from an animal being hunted. "I do believe someone is in trouble, Raoul".

    Grim appeared in the street, looking around for his next target, he could sense a life at the end of its rope, turning he headed into a house and found a frail old man laying in his bed, he stepped up to the end of the bed, Grim's formed shifted into the skeletal reaper and he swung his spectral scythe at the man, separating his spirit from his body, the mans spirit glanced a Grim, "you seem weary Reaper", Grim turned as his body shifted back to his more human appearance, "Ah yes, just some personal issues relating to work, nothing to be troubled by, now be at peace" as he spoke the last words the mans spirit vanished. With his job done he left the building and spotted a large man with black and red hair following a girl, he traveled via the shadows, materializing beside the man, "now what business would you have in following a girl through the streets".
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  3. Raoul was sniffing out the feared and fearful scent.

    "Jon, I need you to go to the Sorano Clan residence, find Isaiah Sorano, and tell him that his daughter is in danger." Raoul told Jon, "I'm going to find Nina, and whoever this mercenary I smelled out is."

    Raoul followed his nose and it led him to Nina.

    "Nina, are you okay?" Raoul asked worriedly.

    "I'm being chased by that mercenary hired by that noble again." Nina responded with genuine fear in her eyes.

    Raoul hugged Nina close, as her face flushed, she felt very warm and safe.


    Hugh was tracking his target when a demon materialized next to him.

    "The girl is needed for an arranged marriage." Hugh responded to the demon, "I would stay out of my way, if I were you, also, I am after a Vampire girl, if you are asking."

    Hugh suddenly sprouted wings, and tail, and his hands and feet became dragon-like claws. They were red.

    "Besides, what happens with this girl is business of the Green Dragon King." Hugh responded and flew into the sky.


    Katrina Elerrah was running from her own race, since they knew what the mark was, until she ended up in the Werewolf sector of town.
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  4. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Jon shifted turning into the 7'2" ish mass of muscle and fur, he nodded to Raoul and sprinted away, he soon reached the residence of the Sorano family in the Vampire Sector. He knocked on the door as he shifted back to being human, he called out "Isaiah, your daughter is in trouble". He was panting slightly from sprinting and was banging the door, frantically to get the attention of the occupants.

    Grim chuckled, "I usually leave well enough alone, but you should inform your king that if he wishes to harm or take any vampire, particularly the Sorano's, he will have to go through me" his wings sprouted from his back as his turned to his skeletal form summoning his scythe. "AND YOU DON'T WANT TO FIGHT WITH ME, I ASSURE YOU AND YOUR KING" he added in a booming voice that seemed to echo and multiply.
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  5. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Ange was simply slightly floating around, in her own fantaisy when suddenly she saw a girl running for her life . She flew over to that woman and greeted her, "heyo? Are you in need of help?" She asked calmly with a warm smile.
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  6. Razan clutched a sack of coins in his hand, and a small note in the other.

    I want Katrina Elerrah dead. I’m sure this amount is far more than enough.

    And it was, a hefty amount. The hooded Vampire grunted, crumpled up the note, and proceeded to toss it too the ground, barely making any noise at all. Any name, another victim. “Well at least this time I’ve made a good amount,” he said to himself.
    Razan hopped off the building, and put his hood on again, covering his white hair and his face. The vampire took to the streets, and eventually veered off. He was in the Werewolf section now, he could see them all with his sharp grey eyes.
    A commotion was going around. A girl who clearly wasn’t a werewolf was running away. From what? He didn’t know, and frankly he didn’t care that much. But that girl looked familiar, like he’d seen her somewhere.....
    He also walked up slowly, his hood down, and looked at them both.
    “Is there a problem here?,” he asked slowly.
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  7. "Raoul sent you, didn't he?" Isaiah Sorano responded, "Hugh thinks he can take her to that noble, he's wrong, Raoul is already with her then."

    Isaiah Sorano knew it was the mercenary Hugh, but last he fought Hugh, Hugh almost killed him.

    "I can however, give you this letter, give it to Hugh and tell him to have it sent to the noble he is working for." Isaiah instructed to Jon.


    Hugh wasn't fazed when he transformed, but warned, "Warning, an army of dragons could arrive at any time."

    Hugh landed sometime after the Warning in the Vampire sector, looking for Nina Sorano, when he spotted Raoul Silverfang and said Vampire, hugging.

    "Surrender now or prepare to be fried!" Hugh yelled.

    Raoul placed Nina behind him, and shifted, becoming a somewhat muscular and small Wolfman.

    He went for Hugh and the two clashed.


    The Sun Elf and Demon hybrid spotted an angel in the Werewolf sector, and prepared her shortswords. She was not able to understand why the her race hired an assassin to kill her.

    "The Sun elves in Sariel hired an assassin to kill me, reasons unknown, I can't fight him off without everyone learning my identity." Katrina told the angel.
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  8. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Oh, well, i have home somewhere in this section i think, let's got there!" She responded to the elf "oh, no, it's not a problem, i've got it under control!" She told Razan, with a thumbs up, then she instructed Katrina to follow her.
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  9. Razan stayed silent while the angel talked.
    A sun elf and an angel in werewolf territory, interesting. “I highly doubt that you have it under control. I hear from other assassins occasionally, and I’d know what their weaknesses are. What are your names?”
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  10. Katrina followed the angel and asked, "Why does an angel have a home in the Werewolf sector of the city?"


    Hugh had gotten past Raoul and was about to take Nina when Raoul suddenly slashed him. He went into Werewolf sector and stumbled upon a vampire, a sun Elf, and an angel. Hugh went for all three, breathing fire.
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  11. Razan cursed under his breath as the strange man who he identified as the attacker began to attack them.
    Quickly, Razan transformed into a bat and flew out of the way, and onto the roof of a nearby house.

    Fighting is risky. If they find out who I am, I’m screwed. Better stay out of the way for now.

    But something screamed in his mind to go help. To do something.

    No! I cannot! Just because they aren’t defending doesn’t mean you have to get involved! It’s a sun fairy he’s after! Let her die! You don’t have emotions, so stop feeling pity!

    But his conscience couldn’t stop him from acting in some way. He swiftly ran into the mans line of sight, and with a flick of his arms, knives appeared from his forearm sheathes. “Is stay away from them if I were you,” He blankly said.
    Razan turned to the Angel. “No time to waste. Get her out of here.”
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  12. "You are an Idiot," Hugh responded, "I just got chased off by my bounty's werewolf boyfriend, he left four humongous Slashes in my wings, so I am not flying anywhere, he is probably on his way here, I suggest you run, as he could probably split you in two in one shot, I'm part red Dragon, and I'm worried when I face him."

    Hugh then prepared for Raoul Silverfang to arrive.

    He then called out, "I can't fight him alone."


    "Let's go," Katrina called out to the angel.

    Katrina then ran, as fast as she could, her second race was about to show, and it was coming up fast.


    Raoul gave chase but was stopped by Nina, who pulled him close from behind. Raoul went from barking mad to a blushing mess in about two seconds.

    "Nina, there's been something I've been meaning to ask you," Raoul told Nina.

    Raoul was feeling strange, red face, rapid heartbeat, butterflies in his stomach, a sudden complete feeling, all of this was when and only when Nina was around. He just realized what's up with him, and it hit like a herd of cash cattle.

    "Huh," Nina asked, face red.

    Nina had some strange feelings herself, the same rapid heartbeat, reddening of the face, the want to be around him, the butterflies, all of it. She's known for a few weeks, she's in love with him.

    "While I was shifted, fighting Hugh off, I realized something, that I lov..." Raoul was cut off, by what, one would ask.

    Nina's lips, she had just kissed Raoul. There seemed to be friendly explosions going off in their heads. The two broke apart, remaining close to each other.

    "What I was saying, I love you, Nina, and I was wondering if you would be my." Raoul was cut off again.

    "Yes." Nina whispered.

    The two held hands and walked back towards the Sorano residence.
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  13. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Jon ran, he wasn't sure where Hugh was but he had to give the letter, spotting the dragon man, he turned back into a human and stood in front of him, "Isiah Sorana ha instructed me to give you this letter, it is for your noble" he stood staring at the man, holding out the letter and not backing away or tending, he knew the guy was dangerous but he was gonna help Raoul and this seemed like the best way to do so.

    Grim turned back to human form and looked around, he decided he would go to see the Sorano's, he went into some other buildings to quickly do some more of his job. When he exited the last house he was nearly run into by a girl, she Grim put out a hand attempting to halt the girl, she appeared to be running from something, "are you ok, is someone chasing you" he asked. He noticed the mark on the girl, an intriguing thing but not something a demon like him feared.
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  14. Hugh stood at full height, which was in fact three inches taller than Jon.

    "A letter, I will have it sent as soon as my wings recover, they got slashed earlier after a clash with that stupid werewolf." Hugh responded.

    It looked like, from a bystander's point of view, a conversation of two Giants.


    "I was attacked by a random fireball, that's what I was running from." Katrina responded.

    She looked around and figured it was time to stop running so the angel could catch up.


    Raoul and Nina walked back towards the Silverfang residence. They passed Jon handing a letter to Hugh.

    "I think Jon's handing the warning letter off." Raoul whispered to his girlfriend.

    "Hi Jon!" Nina called out, still a little fearful.

    "Jon, we need to talk after this." Raoul called out.
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  15. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Jon handed the letter to the man, nodded swiftly and turned and walked off, hearing Raoul and Nina call out to him, he headed over to the "hey, Nina" he said before turning to face Raoul, "what is Raoul, something wrong" he asked generally concerned, as he thought the problem was Hugh.

    Grim looked around, "that mark you have, may I enquire as to where you got it" he asked, with genuine curiosity. He spotted an Angel, but the girl appeared to be waiting for him, "where is the shooter of the fireball, I could halt his way if like, give you some time to get away" he added.
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  16. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Ange finally caught up, "woah, you're really fast" she said, catching her breath, then looked at grim, "is he the grim reaper? " she asked,
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  17. “Indeed he would be,” Razan said walking up from behind them, finishing the Angels question for her. “Was this man hired to kill you?,” Razan said, asking the sun elf.

    He’s a bounty hunter, he told me himself.
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  18. "Jon, not sure how to tell you this, but I Nina and I kinda got together." Raoul responded to his friend.

    Nina kissed his cheek, proving his point.


    Hugh took shelter in the sun Elf area, and prepared for handling of the letter. He then fell asleep to recover from the day's injuries.


    "I was born with it," Katrina responded to Grim, "not sure what it means, but it caused my banishment back in Sariel."

    She then turned around, responding to Razan, "The Draconic Vampire was definitely here for someone, but it wasn't me, he said something about a Nina Sorano?"
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  19. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Nina Sorano? isn't that from the Sorano family? they are not gonna be happy when they find that out" Ange said, then pointing to her nearby home "let's shelter there, uh..what's your name?"
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  20. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Grim looked at the group, "I believe by this point Isiah Sorano will have begun to deal with the problem, If you are all alright, I must take my leave" and with a flourish he melted into the shadows, making his way towards the Sorano house, he fades his way in, materializing inside, near Isiah, "Isiah my boy, good to see you, I hear Nina got into some trouble with a bounty hunter" he stated cocking his head slightly.

    Jon chuckles "finally, god you two know how to draw things out, I mean come on Raoul your a werewolf, wolves can sense the changes in someones heart beat, sense the increase in pheromones, I figured out you two liked each other by listening to the ways your bodies reacted to each other, I think, Raoul, you were so focused on your feelings, you didn't look for the signs that she might like you back." he shakes his head slowly, "but anyway, I'm happy for the two of you".
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  21. "And from what I can recall, a Raoul Silverfang would be very pissed off." Katrina responded, "and all you need to know is that I am called 'The Calm'."

    She had put away the swords and walked into the house.


    "Thanks," Raoul responded.

    Nina saw Jon near Raoul, and said, "Thanks."

    Raoul and Nina made their way towards the Sorano residence.


    Isaiah Sorano had finished his letter sending and was about to sit down when Grim entered and explained today's happenings.

    "I've already sent the letter to Hugh to send to the noble," Isaiah responded.


    Hugh had recovered due to his species, and headed towards the Noble's residence, in the town of Sariel, in the Sun Elf Province. He kept an eye out for any attackers.
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  22. Razan knew of the Sorano family, but not a lot. The mystery still remained as to why he would attack her, and he wanted answers. He transformed and flew away, and through the wind he saw the attacker. The “Dragonic Vampire”.
    Carefully, he transformed again into himself, about 30 feet away from the man, vary that he couldn’t strike out again.
    “She wasn't your target,” the hooded vampire said to the hybrid, “if that’s so, why did young feel the need to attack all three of us?”
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  23. "I was just warning if you get in my way, it would be better if you don't." Hugh answered as he ran into Razan on his way out of town with a letter in hand, "There was an arranged marriage, but it was thrown out, and I was informed a little too late."

    He then continued towards Sariel, in the Sun Elf Province.


    Katrina sat down on some sort of seat related piece of furniture, trying to figure out what the mark on her stomach was. She was also making sure her swords were ready for combat.
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  24. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "So, want anything? You're lucky i did my comisions earlier!" She said, going into the kitchen and grabbing a bagel, giving it to her brand new friend. "This mark...hmmm"
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  25. "Thanks for the bagel," Katrina responded, shakily, "I've had it since I was born, and it reacts negatively towards any sort of danger, when I was six, several kids my age tried to attack me, calling me a monster, and it took over, killing two and injuring the rest of my class."

    She then took a bite out of the bagel and looked at Ange.

    @Lazy Millenial


    Raoul and Nina almost forgot something, "Hey Jon," Raoul responded, "Why don't you come along with us?"

    Raoul motioned for Jon to follow as they continued towards The Sorano residence.

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  26. Razan’s eyes sharply followed the dragon man. He was a stranger one, but ruthless nevertheless, also willing to take risks. Telling the wrong people to stay back with an attack could have lead to a counterattack. Then again, maybe he didn’t think of that before. He wanted to try this man, see his limits. “And, what if I were to get involved?” Razan asked him.
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  27. "Pissing off the Soranos is a bad idea," Hugh explained, "Last time someone pissed off The Sorano Clan, they were nowhere to be found. Same would happen to me if Isaiah didn't send that letter."

    Hugh then continued, "My boss is a noble for the Green Dragon King, a green dragon about the size of a city block, if my boss shows up, we have a huge problem, the noble in question is none other than a member a famed Cave Elf clan known as the Goldman Clan."

    Hugh grew his wings, which had recovered. He motioned for Razan to follow, responding with, "Are you looking for Nina Sorano, if so, I will need help explaining this letter."
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  28. Razan frowned. He had heard of this before, which through some lightning fast thinking, realized that this was the infamous Hugh person that he was talking to. He grinned at that, finding out a persons identity without them telling him was something he was good at.
    “Not exactly Hugh,” Razan said, willingly following the man, “I’m looking for a Katrina figure, although this person must have hidden their identity well, due to the fact that I have yet to figure out who she is.”
    Razan turned his head over to Hugh.
    “Tell me the truth, do you know of the assassin named Nightstalker?”
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  29. "I've heard of the legend," Hugh noted, "But not much."

    Hugh waited patiently for Razan to respond, he was doing his best trying to figure out the connection between Nightstalker and Razan. He was having trouble with it.
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  30. “Well, if I told you that you had attacked one of the most deadly assassins in the world, what would you do?”, Razan said, staring straight into him with his cold dead eyes.
    “Obviously you wouldn’t be as dumb to that would you?” He said, toying with him.
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  31. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Jon nodded, and followed after the two, he looked around as they walked, bristling at sounds and smells, as they neared the Sorano house, he caught a particular scent, "It would appear that The Reaper has come to visit, his scent is very potent, a mix of death and something I can't place".

    Grim turned to Isiah, "Anyway, how have you been Isiah, it has been what a month maybe since my last visit, it would have been sooner but I had to higher some more Reapers, they have been quite useful, allowing me to relax a bit more, but yes what is new with you" he asked, twirling a small hourglass in his fingers.
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  32. "Nothing with me," Isaiah responded, "Look, Nina and Raoul are here!"

    Raoul Silverfang and Nina Sorano had both just walked in, Nina's one younger sibling, Josiah, was looking up at Raoul, the other, Isabella, is currently in the town of Yemalean, the reason is unknown.

    "Hi, Isabella is currently in Yemalean, trying to find Rivan, explained in the note she left." Josiah told Nina and Raoul.

    "Uhh, Sir, I have to explain something, you see, after Hugh left, I realized something..." Raoul told Isaiah, "Nina and I kinda got together..."

    "Finally, you two were so slow, a snail could have beat you to it," Isaiah responded, "I approve."


    "I'd be on high alert, and my guess is that the deadly assassin is you, Razan?" Hugh responded, on very high alert.

    Hugh continued towards Sariel, but ended up in the small village of Yemalean. He found a young girl who looked a lot like Nina.

    "Hey, where..." Hugh was about to ask when he was cut off.

    "Don't lay a finger on her!" A young boy yelled.
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  33. Razan chuckled to himself, letting all seriousness go. “No, I’m nowhere close to what he is. I know we’re related, but I think we’re cousins or something? Any way, I’m not the Nightstalker. I just like messing with people.”
    The hooded vampire spoke the truth. He was in fact not the Legend Nightstalker. But if he wasn't, who was?
    He continued walking with Hugh, and then came to the little town he went to also. He frowned as he came up on the little girl and scratched his chin. “You look just like your sister! How have you guys been doing?”, he said smiling.
    Razan knew the Sorano’s fairly well. After all, they were a family in the vampire sector.
    However, that contradicted what he had just said before, saying that he don’t know much of the Soranos. How strange, yet he only spoke the truth.
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  34. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Oh, well, what matters is that it wasn't on purpose!" She said, still smiling, then taking a bagel of her own, wich was wing shaped, "well, having a birh mark and getting banned and hunted for it must mean they don't like what they think, you look like a nice girl, too!"
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  35. "Razan?" Isabella asked, "Sorry about Rivan, he's been on edge ever since a pair of tigers attacked the village, after a cash calf, I am worried about Nina though."

    She then took Rivan's hand, which caused him to blush and hide.

    Hugh was confused as to how the flaming lairs that this Wood Elf knew of a Vampiric affair. All of a sudden, a demon appeared, standing somewhere around twelve feet tall, wielding a sword the size of Hugh. Rivan immediately ran Isabella back towards The City of Good Fortune.

    "I am the Death King, though only a minimal amount of my power is present, I will rule the world!" The Demon called out.

    "You think so!?" Hugh responded with fury, suddenly growing wings, claws, and a tail.

    @JayBird Joe


    "They said something about a very evil, very powerful demon is my father, and the reason for the mark." Katrina responded.

    She continued eating her bagel, and decided to prepare for movement when the mark suddenly grew.

    @Lazy Millenial
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  36. Razan waved to Isabella. “Yeah, I would assume that something like that can be blamed on,” he said smiling.
    He started to sense something bad happening, and before you knew it, the giant demon appeared.

    The hooded man suddenly grew very serious. He flicked his arms out, and daggers flew into them with ease. “This guys bad news,” he said with a sudden and noticeable change of voice. “Better take him out fast.”
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  37. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Grim was about to congratulate Raoul and Nina, when he froze, "Nina, your sister is in trouble, a very powerful demon is in Yemalean, I will go" he said, melting into shadow and racing away, he reached the place and materialized, "As I expected, it is you" he said shifting into true reaper from, he floated into the sky with his wings and charged towards the demon, pulling his now spiritual scythe back before slashing it forward at the demon's head.

    Jon, was stunned when Grim left, "we should go as well Raoul, Yemalean needs help" he shifted and ran as fast as he could reaching the place he looked around spotting Hugh and Grim with the Demon, he let out a low growl, then he ran forward, the demon was about 5 feet taller than he was, he slashed at him with as much speed as possible.
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  38. Raoul shifted as they ran towards Yemalean, finding Grim, Razan, Hugh, Jon and the demon in question. Raoul jumped at him while Nina went for its foot.

    The Death King spun his sword, blocking all attacks incoming, as Hugh breathed fire, it went flying right back at the group of them. It kicked Nina out of the way as the flames hit her.

    Raoul suddenly went berserk, and attacked again.

    @JayBird Joe @Shadow_Pup


    Isaiah Sorano ran for the house of the Angel in The Werewolf sector, as a messenger hound found him.

    The letter said what he already knew, and knocked on the door of the Angel's house.

    @Lazy Millenial

    Rivan had taken Isabella to a hiding spot, out of combat. He prepared a couple of arrows to fire if they need it.
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  39. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Oh! I'll get it!" She said as she glided over to the front door, opening it, she saw a person she didn't know "uh..hello? How can i help you today?"" She asked
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  40. The hooded man looked around, and lunged for Nina, tackling her out of the blaze. He made himself hit the ground instead of her. He grimaced at the impact, and quickly got up, the two daggers still in his hands.
    The sword was now sloped from deflecting the fire attack, and he would use this to his advantage. Expertly, the hooded man ran up the blade, and jumped off, now face to face with the giant demon. He glared at the beast, and suddenly, he had not one dagger in each hand, but now four in each.
    With a cry, the hooded man threw all eight daggers aiming at the neck.
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