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Ask to Join Welcome To The Zantelos Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shinx_Shades, Nov 1, 2017.

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    More details revealed later!

    "This is definitely the start of something Volky!" Zeke was a Pokemon Trainer from Zarnik City, in Zantelos, home of the mighty Dragon Gym Leader, Zak. His younger sister, Lucy, and him were going to meet the're friend at the Zarnik airport. "C'mon Sis let's get into the jeep! Alright Zak lets go!" Oh sorry I forgot to mention, Zak and Lucy are the brother and sister to the gym leader.
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  2. "You have way to much energy" said Lucy while laughing running with Duckedy flying next to her. Does going on a journey excite you that much? It excites me no more than you ,but we haven't even got to the airport yet. Don't you think we should wait untill we at least get our pokedexes and pokeballs before your that excited. You almost forgot to pack food, water bottles and camping gear" said Lucy. Tgey both got inside of the jeep. Lucy then looked out the window of the jeep. The airport was 1 town over so they went through a route. Lucy looked out the window and saw a few cool looking pokemon. One of them was a ratatta. "Look! You don't see those that often" said Lucy pressing her face against the window.
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  3. "Woah slow down Zak were getting to the airport" Zeke said. "Ok little bro" Zak replied. They got out of the jeep and went through the airport. So many Pokemon from so many different regions thought Zeke. They finally were at the gate where their friend was landing. "I think I can see him. There he is! Shadow! Over Here!" Zak shouted excited to see his old friend.
  4. Every building could only be seen for a moment through the window that Gale pressed his head against, using one hand to prop his chin up- the young trainer let out a groan of boredom. And older man, who sat beside him seemed curious in Gale's pokemon, the Ralts on the floor. "Are you a trainer?' the man's shaky voice asked.
    "What's it to you?" snapped Gale who cocked a brow before rolling his eyes, "Yeah sure, why?" he asked. Despite his rude comment. the man seemed overjoyed to meet a trainer, he asked about the gym and all sorts of things that Gale honestly no clue of. After the long, head-ache of a bus ride it finally ended when the driver called out "Loona City!" and Gale grinned as he shot up. "Bye gramps!" he waved off the old stranger who sighed and leaned back, watching Gale and the Ralts step off the train seemed to sadden the man.
    "Alright, you ready?" the trainer asked his small psychic companion who shyly nodded- this was it, this is were it would all begin. And Gale had no plans of stopping, he had been training for weeks before arriving at the city, this gym should be a breeze.

    The first gym was Physcic type, meaning Ralts didn't exactly have an advantage- but it wouldn't be to hard seeing that it was the starting gym anyways. Pushing the doors open with his shoulders, the young boy stood across the way from Tanya who meditated peacefully. "Get up and battle!" is all Gale shouted as he took a stance, the leader was obviously displeased with the trainer's attitude but didn't say anything. "And after I beat you, you can tell all the other gyms about how they better watch out!" he grinned.
    "Alright Ralts, don't hold back!" Gale finger shot outwards causing Tanya to roll her eyes at his dramatic command, she then sent out her first pokemon. It was an Inkay, a rather absent minded looking creature with a strong physic aura.

    "Inkay Constrict!" the words flew from Tanya's mouth as she began the battle with her pokemon charging at Ralts. Ralts allowed his pokemon to grow close before teleporting away, it was a move he had just recently learn: Teleport. And Gale had been working hard on perfecting it to help evade attacks.
    "Double team." Gale simply spoke with a smug grin as Ralts multiplied and surrounded the Inkay, yet it did less than confuse his opponent. Inkay spun around before using tackle on every single clone only hoping it would hit the right one, "Now Confusion!" Gale hurried. Each of the illusions as well as the real Ralts sent forth rays of purple light and causing Inkay to crumble to the ground. With a smirk Gale clenched his fist, "It's to easy." he muttered.
    The Inkay seemed to struggle before a dark force surrounded Ralts, it was Foul Play and the attack dealed a lot of damage to Ralts who was previously untouched. Gale attempted to keep his straight face despite hi concern for Ralts, then without even being prompted, Inkay fainted.
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  5. "Hi" Shadow Yelled. But he remembered that he was still undercover, his Zorua ran from under him and triped Shadow over, His Zorua ran over to greet his old and new friends
  6. "Hello Zorua!" Zak said to the tiny happy Pokemon."Shadow, next we're going to hop on a bus to go to Loona town where we'll all get a shot at beating the first gym! Are you guys ready to go? Volky, Webby, Lucy? Oh and I nearly forgot! Here is a present the proffesor wanted me to give you!" Zak handed Shadow a pokeball. "That, is Shroombrr!"
  7. "Okay, Thanks, by the way I've been training my Zorua and he is strongier than ever, lets have a practice battle before leave to the first gym." Shadow said as his Zorua ran to his side, ready to battle.
  8. Gale grinned, "Easy." he muttered and gave Ralts a thumbs up. The pokemon applied a small hand to once of it's bruises before nodding to Gale and getting back into a ready battle position. Tanya next sent out a Gothita after scowling about her defeat. Yet this next pokemon wasn't such a breeze. It started with Confusion that successfully hit Ralts, Ralts then attacked itself taking over half his health. Groaning Gale tapped his lip in thought before suddenly gasping, "Tackle!" Gale began his plan, but suddenly his opponent broke into tears. They were fake though, and when Ralts let his guard down the pokemon sprang up and used double-slap.
  9. "So Zac, are you going to battle me and my Zorua, or are you scared that you will lose, anyway, win or lose we get training experence
  10. "Yeah! Let's go to the battlefields on top of the building" Zak climbed the stairs got ready at the other side of the battlefield. "Ready Volky!" the Pokemon replied in agreement. "Vol Vol-Ky, Volky!" Zak was ready. "Shadow! You ready!?"
  11. "Yeah, Lets Go!", his zoura was already in the battle field, "Okay Zorua, use Transform!" Shadow's Zorua did a backflip and landed now in the form as Volky, "Now use Cut!" His Zorua in Volky's form drew his sword and charged at Zac's Volky.
  12. "Counter with the same attack!" Zak was pumped and was so excited to be battling Shadow again! "C'mon Volky! Use Ember!" Zak made Volky fall back. "Now use Cut again!" Zak hit the Zorua with surprise and knocked it to the ground. "Finish it off Volky!" Volky lept up and was about to use scratch, when... BLAM! There was a giant explosion and a psychic Pokemon, who Zak knew as a Kirlia, and a Woman with a giant pink hairdo, burst through the wall. "Who are you?" Zak asked. The lady answered: "I am the Admin of Team Stellar, Celestia! You are all considered, space junk for now, but I will gladly take those Pokemon!" And with that, she attacked!
  13. "Zorua use bite on the Kirlia!" Shadow yelled and Zorua quickly responed, it sped past the battle field and sank it's teeth into the Kirlia leg, "Now use scratch!" The Zorua let go of Kirlia's leg and swiped at it's face with it's paw, leaving a scratch mark on it's face. "Okay Zac finish it off!"
  14. "It won't be that easy!" Celestia shouted. She made the Kirlia use yawn on Zorua, and put it to sleep. "Use Dream Eater!" She shouted, draining health and re-healing herself. "Volky!" Zak shouted, "You can do it! Believe in yourself!" Suddenly a bright light came from Volky, unlike any other. "Wha-" Volky unleashed an energy of fire and steel, as if it came from Volcanion itself, wiping out the Kirlia and knocking the Evil Admin back. Still stunned, Celestia spoke."You may hold onto that Pokemon now, but not forever!" She turned and left, leaving no trace of her presence.
  15. Shadow saw Celestia sliping away but he had to make sure that his Zorua was okay, Shadow walked over to his beloved pokemon and gave it a poiton. "You did great out there, the training that I gave you really improved you, Thank you" he then called his Zorua back into his pokeball. "Zac, you okay, what was that attack?".
  16. "I don't know!" Zeke replied. The sudden light from Volky had stunned him quite a bit. He was trying to figure out what had happened! "This is all new to me and I've never seen anything like it!" Zeke pondered for a bit the said: "Well, I know that the gym leader in Loona City is a professor of Pokemon, so maybe we should speak to her! You all ready to go? Lucy?"
  17. Gale furrowed his brows and nodded at Ralts, "Let's go, our special combo!" the male yelled out obviously upset. Yet once again he couldn't help but smile with pride at Tanya who gasped and watched Gothita be helplessly mauled. Ralts teleported then used Confusion, he then teleported and slapped his opponent, and teleported and slapped again and again and again. Eventually the Gothita sank to it's knees, from there Gale commanded Gothita to "Finish her.". A large purple physic blade appeared behind the Ralts and came crashing onto the pokemon that fainted.
  18. (Couldn't post, Trip)
    "Ready when you are brother!" Said Lucy. "Great battle you two!". "Anyway, why do you both think that lady with the weird hair wanted volky so bad?" Said Lucy. "Now let's get to Loona City!" Said Lucy. "Mom said she had a present waiting for us!" Said Luna.
    (OOC: I was hoping 2 dragon type pokemon)
    "Zac, Shadow? Did either of you bring camping gear? It's 2 days trip and we can't take a cab because our budget is tight and it's specifically for groceries for our dinner."
  19. Shadow looked worried "Uhh..... Sorry I forgot :(" Shadow said seeming very disapointed, "Zac, you should start to train your Volky so you can use that move easyliy" Shadow walked to the bus stop "Meet you at Loona City" Shadow ran onto the bus, waving at his friends, he was happy to see them.
  20. (OOC: It's Zeke by the way!)
    "Yeah I did, let's go!" Zeke said as they hurried down to the bus. They all got on. It was a 1 to 2 day trip at least, so they all slept most of the time. When they finally got out at their stop, Zeke saw a man run up to them. "These are Zeke and Lucy Marshing?"
    "Yes that's us!" Zak answered. "Great!" The man said. "These are both for you!" He said giving them both one Pokeball each. "For Lucy, a Metagon, a Fairy and Dragon Type. And for Zeke, Guardler, a Steel type, although it does gain the Dragon type once it evolves. Two strong Pokemon for two strong trainers!" Then he ran away. After a bit of exploring, they saw a boy trying to challenge the Gym. "Hey, could we use some tips from you on how to beat the gym?" Zeke said.
  21. OOC: More interaction will go on between Gale and the other's later when he isn't such a jekr too)

    Gale grinned, "Told ya!" he stuck his tongue out at the gym leader as he accepted the badge and motioned Ralts by his side. He was caught off guard by a group of trainers walking in and had to pause to think about the boy's question. "Yeah, don't lose." Gale said plainly before chuckling at his facetiousness and shoulder past the group, Ralts teleportation rather than being words to walk past the trainers. He then nodded at his pokemon before walking towards the Pokecenter.
  22. Guardler was ready. At least, he hoped he was ready. He was havin' a fun day at the daycare, when they told him he was going to a trainer. They loaded him up in his ball, and sent hi on his way. It's been three days now, at least he thought, and he still hasn't been sent out yet. Guardler hoped he was in his trainer's hands, or belt, of whatever, by now. Pokeballs had always put him in a sort of comatose state, so he was always dreaming. He was getting tired of it. He wanted to get out, to see the world. But for now, he was stuck dreaming about what would his life become. He immediately of that one line from Frozen, "when will my life begin?"
  23. "Thanks for the tip..." He's a bit over-confident! Zeke thought to himself. Zeke wanted to send out Guardler and Volky so they could make friends. He sent out both and hoped they would respond well. "Volky, meet Guardler. Guardler, meet Volky! Now, if we are going to win this gym battle, you'll both need to use your fury cutter attacks. I'll use Guardler's Dragon Rage, if we run out of options. So in that case, Volky will go first" Zak said, and Volky replied gleefully. "I'll challenge the gym first Ok!"
  24. Guardler decided to call himself Xonak, because he was lazy writing posts and didn't want to write 'Guardler' every time. Finally, after three days, he was sent out. He landed on the ground, and shook his head. Xonak opened his eyes, and saw a nice-looking trainer and another pokemon. Volky, apparently. "Dler!" He called out, greeting Volky. He heard his trainers plan, and replied with "Guard." and nodded his head.
  25. Zeke walked over to the battlefield. "Wish me luck!" he shouted to his friends. "I'll give you one chance today! After that, you'll have to challenge me tomorrow!" The Gym leader said. "Ok, I'll choose... Volky!" Zak gave the word for Volky to step forward. "Use Fury Cutter!" He shouted. Volky jumped forward and hit the Inkay. "It's super effective! Keep hitting it with Fury Cutter!" Volky kept hitting it continuously, showing no mercy, and it defeated it within a minute. "Well done, but are you ready, for Gothita!" Tanya said as she sent out her strongest Pokemon. "Alright, this should be easy! Volky hit it again, with Fury Cutter!" He shouted. "Teleport" Tanya shouted. "Now, Telekinesis!" Volky got hit directly in the back. The smoke cleared, and Volky had fainted. Zak ran over and picked up the fainted creature. "Alright then..." He said, once he got back to the box. "Go Guardler!"
  26. Xonak was sent out. Duh. Read the last post. Except this time, he landed on his face. He let out a grunt, before getting up and seeing a Gothita. Great. He thought, shaking off the damage from his faceplant. He turned around, trying to get a good look at his trainer before battling. He could see a need to win in his face, but also compassion and, passion. He turned back around, ready for anything.

    (What does a Guardler look like?)
  27. After looking at the battle for a while, Shadow desided to sneak away and train for his next battle. Out on the other battle field he let out his Zoruan and Shromburr. "Okay you two. Come Out!" His Zorua and Shromburr were ready. Shadow wanted to try get Zorua to learn Night daze, But then Shromburr also needed training. "Okay Shromburr! Show us what you got." As he watched he was happy he had a friend like Zeke

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