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Open We are More Than Meets the Eye (Transformers RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Stormursa, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Years have passed since the last Decpticon threat surfaced. Humans and Cybertronians have come together in a new golden age, expanding into space and onto other planets. Earth now lives in large sky rise cities with smaller towns outside. The majority of the planets population lives in these cities and many colony planets have followed the same pattern for living. Humans have mutated in small numbers known as Skins, gaining abilities such as levitation or liquid form, and traits, like scales or other animal aspects. The two species live together and work to keep threats away from the installed caste system which seems to be working if you ask the higher ranks. The lower ranks have been pushed and pulled into chaos where mobs and gangs rule. The politicians are getting jumpy though as news of a Decpticon faction that still works in the shadows is coming to light.
    Name: Gale Wilkins
    Gender: female
    Age: 23
    Cybertronian or Human: human
    Altmode: none
    Skin? If so what is your aspect or ability(be thoughtful): able to generate electrical currents
    Looks: long, slightly curly, brown hair with white tips, brown eyes, olive skin, black motor cycle helmet with neon green streaks (when she's out with Watchpoint), dark grey leather jacket, brown tank top, white cargo pants, black combat boots, brown sash around her waist
    Caste rank(Gold, silver, copper, tin, coal): tin
    Weapons: pistol, retractable baton
    Occupation: mob enforcer

    Name: Watchpoint
    Gender: mech
    Age: 26 in cybertronian years
    Cybertronian or human: cybertronian
    Alt Mode: MV Agusta F4CC
    Skin?: none
    Looks: sharp pointed black armour with green streaks at its edges, blue optics, grey protoform, large claw scars cover righ optic
    Caste rank: tin
    Weapons: dual blasters, tactical knives
    Occupation: mob enforcer
    Gale leading up against her partner as he sat in his altmode. The cybertronian and human sitting in relative silence as others passed by where they sat at a look out. The two looking normal, Gale looking at her phone while Watchpoint didn't have anything to show he was actually cybertronian. In fact the two were watch a man interact with some of their associates before he threw his hands into the air and marched away to his vehicle. The man drove away and Gale looked to her and Watchpoint's coworkers, one of which give a curt nod. The two enforcers needed nothing more as they zoomed off to follow the man at a steady pace, "Watch, ten bucks he's going to try and run".

    "Nah, this guys know for havin a hot head. Ten bucks says he's going try and scare us," the mech rumbled out a laugh as they curved around other cars and zoomed down streets. Police officers either not bating an eye or turning away, as the past, all knowing that what the Skywing Mafia did was none of their business, "well let's see".
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  2. Name: Tracer
    Gender: Male
    Cybertronian or Human: Cybertronian (Former Autobot)
    Alt mode: Black and blue Audi R8
    Looks: Black and blue paintjob, has two blades and two built in arm blasters
    Weapons: Two blades and two built in arm blasters
    Occupation: Mercenary

    Name: Bailey Owens
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Weapons: dual semi automatic machine pistols

    "This is Tracer, any new targets?"
    "Negative Tracer, last target was apprehended by the authorities an hour ago." Bailey responded over the coms
    "Oh well, you hear about that bot?" Tracer asked
    "If you mean Smokescreen then yes, poor guy, he'd been fighting since the Predacons appeared Bailey said
    "Hold it, i've just found something! it's a deal going on, and they're dealing energon!"
  3. Watchpoint chuckled as they slowly moved into his target. Gale pressing close to them as with one last swoop they slid beside them and transformed, blocking the road way. Gale's pistol shooting out the right and left tire before anything could happen.
  4. "Tracer, i've just aquired news that there have been shots fired on the other side of the city, I will continue to track the dealers but you must go and investigate!" Bailey exclaimed over the coms
    "Okay, I need a ground bridge to that location then, ASAP!"
    The ground bridge appeared and Tracer went through, leading him onto a building near the scene
    "Okay, Tracer the suspects are a female human and a cybertronian mech." Bailey explained
    "I have a visual, am I clear to engage?" Tracer asked
    "Yes, just keep stealthy!"
    Tracer jumped in and stood in front of the two mob enforcers
    "Stand down or i'll open fire!"
  5. "You seem not to know what is going on," Gale relaxed and folded her arms behind her back. The woman motioning for her companion as he took a step forward and motioned to the cybertronian behind him, "you owe me, Gale".
  6. "I said stand down!" Tracer shouted
    A ground bridge opened up behind him and Bailey appeared "I would listen to the Autobot if I were you!" he said before pulling out his micro smg's and aiming them at the two
    "Took you long enough!" Tracer said as he swung at Watchpoint
  7. The enforcer cycled and blocked ther swing. His armor moved and shut down entry ports where the bullets could slid in. He unsheathed one of his knives and swiped at the other cybertronian.

    Gale took aim and fired three shots toward Bailey. A unimpressed face worn on her face as she then moved her arm and shot her target in the leg.
  8. "Arghhh!!!!!" Bailey shouted in pain
    "Alright! Alright! don't shoot!" Tracer said, worried for his best friend
    "It hurts!" Bailey said as he pulled the bullet out
    "Look, whatever you're doing, it was picked up on our scanners so we assumed that you were breaking the law!" Tracer said as he picked up Bailey
  9. "Oh well then you are certain to wrong. We were just wanting to talk to our friend here," Watchpoint chuckled and relaxed. He patted Gale on the shoulder and the two let their target leave, "now we better get back to work".
  10. "And just leave us here?!?!" Tracer said pointing to Bailey, who was slowly bleeding out
    "I won't make it anyway!" Bailey said in pain
    "Yes you will! please help him!"
  11. Gale sighed and Watchpoint handed her a first aid kit. The woman walked over and laid Bailey on his neck before talking out the tweazers and pulling out the other bullet that hit. She cleared the blood off and sewed him back up, "there. He's stablized until you get to a hospital".
  12. "Th-thanks you!" Bailey smiled
    "Well at least you guys helped, if we need you at any point then we'll come find you!" Tracer said as he rushed to a hospital
    "She seemed nice..........." Bailey said
    "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  13. Gale raised an eyebrow before she and Watchpoint slipped around the corners as they headed back to base. Her helmet snug around her head. The partners in crime whispering to eachother.
  14. "Argh, something's not right with them two though!" Bailey said
    "That's why I put a tracker on that mech." Tracer laughed as he transformed "Get in!"
    Bailey nodded and got in before Trace raced back to base and got Bailey fully patched up
    "You okay?" Tracer asked
    "Yeah, i'm good! any news about our friends?" Bailey replied
    "Nope, nothing yet."
  15. "Do you think they'll notice that their tracker is heading out of the city," Gale smiled as she and her partner sliding through the streets with practiced ease. They had discovered the tracker after stopping for coffee and tagged it onto another bot.
  16. Name: Skidstream
    Gender: Mech
    Age: 30 in cybertronian yrs
    Cybertronian or human: Cybertronian
    Alt Mode:
    2012 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT RWD 2D Coupe
    Skin?: none
    Looks: looks like a normal car but with a bunch of streaks on it usually skids away from his uncle Skids has blue paint job
    Caste rank: tin
    Weapons: rust gun
    Occupation: former medic, current: cybertron police department

    Name: Christopher D. Wilcox
    Gender: Male
    Age : 24
    Weapons: shot gun, sniper

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