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Open WAR karens v boomers (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Schrift, May 11, 2020.

  1. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    When you thought 2020 couldn't get anymore worse, a war has begun between the cult of karens and The Boomer Gang sending the world into Armageddon. The war Started when a Karen asked to see the manager, the manager was a boomer and the two fought a heavenly duel. There were ww2 insults going off and it ended too soon with Karen hitting the boomer with "I want to speak to the owner", the Boomer kicked her from the store. Now Karens and boomers are at war. The cult of Karens burning down retirement homes, and boomer gang using their rifles on Karens.

    In the end the war has now broken out and its a global civil war, are you a millennial retail worker, trying to survive the War from Karens, as boomers won't help either since you're too reliant on technology. Or are you a boomer, showing the karens how the old people will always be better or are you a karen trying to prove to boomers that you deserve your way. The karens are using kyles to take down boomer tanks. Once all Ocs die I will decide a winner to the war.

    Character sheets
    Age: (13-20 for millennials, 70+ for boomer, 20-50 for karens)
    Team: (You can be male and still join the karens, you will just be dubbed kyles)

    Follow pokecharm rules
    3 characters max
    If you die you won't be resurrected
    Romance is allowed( good luck having romance in a war)
    If dead post KIWI ON PIZZA

    Name: Cisco Karmel

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: He is your average geek child, with big front teeth and thick glasses. His hair is untidy and he looks like he has never seen the sun. His eyes are often blood shot and his body is thin to
    the point of malnourishment. He is often wearing his high Viz vest over his T-shirt. He has a baseball on his back most times

    Personality: He is wimpish often trying to avoid confrontations or fights. He like to read a book in a warm room under a blanket. He is scared of karens and their ability to kill with the "Can I speak to your manager technique". When it comes to fighting he is often a strategist thinking about how to survive.

    Team: Millennial

    Weapon: A glock and a baseball bat.

    Other: He is blind without glasses.

    Tags: @Night's Shadow , @Gamingfan, @Keen Kitsune
    Feel free to tag people you think would be interested.


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  2. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2


    It's beautiful...
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  3. What is the millenials' role in all of this?
    Plus, shoudln't there be a gen. Z class?
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  4. not joining this, but I thought i'd drop in to say

    I a p p r o v e.
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  5. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Milellenials are survivors in this war. I didnt want to add gen Z but you can make ur character a gen Z if you want.
  6. Ok I have to give this RP a go. I love to read redit stories, and entitled parents is one of my favorite to read. I had this idea for these characters for awhile, I hope you do not mind that I might not be able to post at all times as I have a bit of rotating work schedule.
    Name: Grace Thornton
    Age: 35
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Grace is not one to dress slouchy. She tends to be very well put together. She rocks a sharpe eyeliner thar could literally kill someone. Her skin is slightly tanned that goes well with her long blond hair that reaches the middle of her back. She has darker roots as she dyes her hair a brighter shade of blond then her natural hair color. She tends to wear mom jeans paired with a nice t-shirt, and sneakers. Though when she will dress in more dressy clothing when she has to deal with people who need to be put into their place.
    Personality: Grace is your typical older highschool cheerleader. She was once the most popular girl in highschool, and now lives her life through her children. She will be one of your best friends, unless you make her mad enough to ask the dreaded question.
    Team: Karens
    Weapon: Tote bag purse full of god knows what, and a lot of can veggies that she will try to force you to eat.
    Other: She is the mother of my other character.
    Name: Blake Thornton
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blake tends to be pretty lean for someone his age. He stands around 5'6, and has a slight build. He is slightly tanned, though his blond hair gives off a surfer vibe as it is long enough to reach his lower back. Blake tends to wear surf wear even when he is not on the beach. His go to is an oversized tank top and a pair of swim trunks.
    Personality: Blake is pretty laid back and tends to let things flow into one another. The only thing that makes him mad is his entitled mother. He will be one the first to party, but the last one to indulge in things that are considered not age appropriate. Blake is the person you call when you need a friend to bail you out, though expect a few jokes to be made about the boneheaded moves that were made.
    Team: Millennial
    Weapon: Martial arts staff and skills.
    Other: He is gay, and it is pretty well known by everyone but his mother, who does not want to believe that her son could be one of "them".
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  7. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

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