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Vira Has Emotes Too!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by SoIHerdYaLiekAnime, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. These are mine, not yours. No claiming or you get hurt D:<


    [​IMG] Falling (D8)
    [​IMG] Hug/Squish (.o./>___XD/>:D)


    [​IMG] Angry (D:
  2. ...first off, the hug squish one looks weird.

    second, make me your rival, even if I don't give a fuck, you WILL regret it >>

    (P.S: emote's don't HAVE to be perfect 15x15 pix circles.)
  3. New emote, hula dancing.


    (I enjoy doing 15x15, I'm used to it :p)
  4. Also, you appear to have tossed that out the window on that emote XD

    Hula dance emote's face is awesome XD
  5. Mwahahah. Thanks :D It's my new emotesona.

    [​IMG] Cookie emote. Originally had a different face, but it sucked and was hardly visible.

    [​IMG] Was gonna be an emo(te), but it got messed up... so now it's just an annoyed face.
  6. COOKIE!

    Nice job on the cookie emote XD

    Lulz at the: -_- emote 8D
  7. I'm pretty quick, aren't I? :p

    [​IMG] Hump emote: I only did the blue one, my friend did the purple one.

    [​IMG] Evil emote: Again, I did the black one, the same friend did the red thing on top of it.
  8. ....IT'S A BOMB >>

    Also, Hump emote lulz XD
  9. Heh, thanks. One last emote before I'm gone for a couple weeks.

    [​IMG] Cherries!
  10. Naaaaice. The 'hump' one looks appropiately wrong. XD

    The 'evil' one looks a bit like a bomb with a cookie on it's head. Of course, the shading makes it look like it has a dramatic light on it while it evilly laughs. Nicely done.

    OMG! Food! *steals cherries* Nom, nom, nom. Those cherries look really tasty. :D
  11. Hurday, comment from Secad! :D

    I'm on vacation right now, and I'm using my laptop. I won't be making as much, if not none D:

    [​IMG] Falling emote :D
  12. These are wonderful!
    I especially like the evil one and all the food-based ones!
    The cherry and falling emotes made me lol.
  13. Oh mai, this hasn't been updated in forever!

    [​IMG] Angel/Devil emote. This was originally right next to two other peoples' angel emote and devil emote. This was fun.
    [​IMG] I don't know what to say about these except they might be my best emotes yet.
    [​IMG] Spazz emote. This was gonna be next to another spazz one but they erased it D: It was also gonna yell; "TWIN?!"
    [​IMG] You can probably guess which one's mine. (Hint; the original title of the picture was Stalker Emote.)

    Please comment! :D
  14. Oh, wow! These are AMAZING! Is it OK if I copy & paste one on to Paint so I can make my own smiles? ;D It's ok if you say no. :)
  15. Aww. Thanks! :D And sure you can, but I'll warn you. I didn't do these in Paint, I did them on iScribble (it has something that MS Paint doesn't have that I use). It's possible though! Type uses MS Paint for some of her emotes.


    Love-Love Emote: [​IMG] Tried a new shading style. Type did the gray one, I did the green one.

    [​IMG] Mini-Giga Emote. Type wanted me to try it D: The right hand (my right) bugs me, but I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

    Critique is always accepted. :3
  16. I don't see anything wrong with the Mini-Giga.... I like his tounge just jumping in his mouth! ...and thanks for letting me use them!
  17. [​IMG] I used the emote base, so it counts >> Emote Drifloon. I scratched this :D

    [​IMG] Emote staring at the sun. Was gonna be my emotesona but I made it too dark :p
  18. I saw the spazz one and thought of my annoying sister Nicely done
  19. lol i dont know if this would be hard for you but can you make a small candy cane emote? lol and could the face be a :D face? I guess it would be catergorized in the food section as candy cane XD
  20. oh and the 'hump' emote made me laugh a lot xD very cute emotes >w
  21. No need to double post. Just a reminder.

    I can do a candy cane emote. Would you like it to just be candy cane colored or shaped?
  22. Yeah, I can do that. I'll try to do it today, but I'm kinda worn out. I might have to do it tomorrow. :3
  23. thats fine! ^^ thankyou.

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