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Open Used for terror

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Luminescent, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. This rp takes place in a modern time. You were taken by an evil scientist and fused with other pokemon. You were ordered to attack the world, but some went on strike. You have two choices, attack the world or join the army to fight the scientist. You can have two characters, each one fused by a different pokemon.


    original species:
    fused with:
    good or bad:


    Name: moon
    gender: Female
    original species: Shiny zorua
    fused with: a glaceon
    age: 4
    personality: Very shy, always afraid, cautious.
    good or bad: She stays on the good side but is to young to join either.

    Name: Ice
    gender: female
    original species: Eevee
    fused with: a fennekin
    age: 13
    personality: Very harsh and evil.
    good or bad: She is bad all the way.
  2. name: Kenna
    original species: Vulpix
    fused with: Beedrill (I call it Beepix, Fire/Bug)
    age: 8
    personality: Sweet, has a Mean Side though, Protective of ones she loves
    good or bad: Good

    name: Rex
    original species: Luxray (Luxsol, Dark/Electric)
    fused with: Absol
    age: 16
    personality: Dark, Semi Evil, Does things for his own gain. Secretly Has a heart of Good.
    good or bad: Is on the evil side, but maybe he can do things for good if persuaded.
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  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: Unit
    Gender: Has no gender/identifies as male
    original species: Porygon-Z
    fused with: Musharna and a Magnezone
    age: porygon-Z was at least 70 years old. Musharna was 40, Magnezone was about 60
    personality: Often Dull, but will do anything to irridicate his enemies
    good or bad: Bad

    Porygon-Infinity. Able to go into the virtual and dream worlds at the same time. This is the typing it should have had. Electric/Psychic.
  4. name: Rose
    original species: Roserade
    fused with: Gardevoir (Typing Grass/Psychic)
    age: 22
    personality: Motherly, Kind, has a sassy side
    good or bad:Good.

    name: Sugar
    original species: Pikachu
    fused with: Togekiss (Pikakiss, Fairy, Electric)
    age: 8
    personality: Shy, Easy going, Quiet
    good or bad: Good
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  5. name: kyuushua
    gender: Male
    original species: Meowstic (M)
    fused with: Roserade
    age: 16
    personality: Cunning, Mischievous, Eccentric, Passive
    good or bad: Good
  6. name: Ares
    gender: Male
    original species: Gardevoir
    fused with: Aegislash and doublade
    age: Gardevoir was 20, Aegislash was 36 and doublade was 26. (Added and divided for a total of 27 :^) Hes 27 now.
    personality: Hot tempered, Loyal.
    good or bad: He doesnt fight for either side, but hones toward one or another if purseuded.

    Imagine a gardevoir with two swords and a shield, just do it
  7. Name: Slasher
    Gender: Male
    Original species: Absol
    Fused with: Flareon
    Age: 19
    Personality: Four words: Kill it with fire.
    Good or Bad: Bad.

    K, this role kinda sucks. I'm just testing though.
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  8. Name: Alia
    Gender: Female
    Original Species: Typhlosion
    Fused with: Gallade
    Age: 21
    Personality: Usually calm, Sometimes refuses to listen to master, Can be nice at times
    Good or Bad: Bad
    Appearance: Has Gallade/human looking body (but typhlosion colored) with a typhlosion armored like helmet. Has a blazing red cape and daggers on her side.
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  9. @GallaerGaming then please edit your post, something is wrong with it.
  10. @KaiSamurai then please tell me what is wrong so i can fix it
  11. Chaos. You are the only thing that's causing it in your post, while people are freaking out inside the place.
  12. Name: Sclav
    Gender: Male
    Original Species: Gliscor
    Fused With: Drapion (Species name being Gilscorn, typing being Dark/Flying)
    Age: Gliscor - 29, Drapion - 47; Fused Age - 38
    Personality: More so a puppet than an individual being. Cynical, sadistic, and distinguishable for his husky laugh. His throat is constantly raw from his uncontrollable chuckling. Unpredictable and ruthless.
    Good or Bad: Formerly bad; his trainer died unceremoniously from tuberculosis and he is yet to be claimed by either side due to his unreliability.

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