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Unsuspecting Fortune

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Phanes, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Anyone ever have an unsuspecting fortune occur? It can be little or big in any way. For me, just today, I found out my old friends in high school actually wish to hang out with me, both of these guy who I strongly suspected would've just forgotten about me and just whatever, instead, two of the several friends I kept close to me back then (but didn't really hang out after school) actually wish to hang out and are impatient about it. Sure, that's not much confidence I had in getting back in touch with them, but to be honest, I left almost every friend I had growing up (through each school) so I didn't really find much expectancy from guys who would make friends easier than me outside in the real world. I have in fact found several new friends back in my home state since I got out of the Navy, but overall, I'm as you could have already guessed, I tend to make few but close friends, I guess this comes with the title of Pisces, eh? lol

    To me, that was unsuspecting fortune, a huge one to me personally. Now since I shared a bit of my own most recent ones, please, feel free to share your own.
  2. Getting a Cr-48 from Google was one for me. They're having their Pilot Program for their new OS and gave out laptops to people they thought worthy of testing Chrome OS. Well, I got one eventually. It was a little later than most people reported getting them, but I did and it was so exciting. Better than Christmas. Nothing like coming home after the holidays and finding a free laptop on your porch. :3
  3. Well, to me, I had just lost my Volvo, months after losing my grandmother (it still hurts for her), so it was like kicking a man while he was down. I had to be driven around by my family, which I hated because I am a control freak. I do not want to listen to the oldies of the 70's or listen to Country music (I hate that sooooooo much), so it was hell, especially when they have to run errands. When I had the car, I could get from point A to point B how and when I liked. However, when the engine died I was, well you get the idea. Suddenly, I see a large truck (I thought it was an old Dodge Dakota at the time, however it was just a really old Ram) with a for sale sign on it. Sure it was beaten up, but it seemed to call to me. I told my parents about it, and my mother told me it was too old and too large for me, so I had given up all hope for it. Then a few weeks pass and it turns out my Dad had bought it and repaired it (using some money my grandmother set aside for me, bless her heart), and now it works like any modern Dodge Ram.

    Then on my birthday, I thought it was going to be hell. We had to put on a class performance in a week, so we had to practice crap and film other things. I was Mayhem for a commercial, so I was constantly filming. I wished I could just celebrate my birthday, but it was normal, considering all of my birthdays for the past 6 years were over shadowed by something (Sister ran away, Katrina hit, no power, sister going to college, weddings, etc.) . Finally, when I had given up, my friends decide to take me out on the town before we had to practice. We got some food, sang out to some classics (Back in Black rocks), and after we yelled att some idiots on the road, we went and played pool. Nice eh? Not bad for a 17h birthday.

    I have a few more, but I won't take up your time :)
  4. One time in seventh grade, we were told to do a project in which we took a modern animal and 'evolved' it with art and science to make it suited to another environment. At the time, I was obsessed with okapis after reading about them in a Dragonology book. I got the Arctic as my new environment, and I was still waiting for my random animal assignment. The hat was passed to me, and I picked out a slip of paper. It was an okapi! I felt incredibly lucky.

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