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Unsure about migrating a Pokemon fic series

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by AmphyDragon, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Hello.

    So, I have a Pokemon fanfic I'm unsure about migrating here. I started writing it years ago, specifically around the time X/Y came out and continued on until I started writing the sequel - which is an adaption of Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon with some headcanons and centered around an OC. Both fics are currently on FFN, but the community there doesn't seem to like the series that much. I want to continue it, and while I'm doing ti for fun, I also don't want to publish anything that isn't received well.

    Of course I don't plan on uploading chapters right away since I'm new to the site still - I'm more-so concerned if anyone would be interested in reading it rather than end up wasting everyone's time.

    Advice and opinions are appreciated.
  2. In my opinion, written works don't get as much attention on this site compared to other things this website has to offer, so if it is a written work then it might not be as popular as you'd wish.

    But if this is a comic, I'm sure that would get a lot of recognition as people on this site love em'! Honestly, the comics on this site always appear on the "Popular Creative Corner Works" at the bottom of the screen. So if it's a comic is bound to have 10-20 likes (which might not seem like much, but it is an accomplishment for this small ol' site).
  3. Well, I do have an old comic I've been thinking about continuing that I sorta stopped developing months ago. I could put up the first finished pages once a week and see if anyone wants to see more. It could also help me get my motivation back to make comics again.

    I think I'll try it out!
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