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Ask to Join Underwater Pokemon camp

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Leaftag, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. In this rp, you are a trainer that has been sent for the summer to underwater pokemon camp!!!!!
    This is a big underwater camsite composed of mostly underwater pokemon. Their is 8 cabins and 2 beds in each cabbin. The cabins have 2 bathrooms and 2 tunks to hold their stuff. Their also is a caffiteria and a battle cave. To get to the cave you have to tack a elovatior to a large cave deep under the camp. Plz also post your bios on this form (the rules are also posted there):http://pokecharms.com/threads/underwater-pokemon-camp.13989/
    Heather stood in line with minnie in her bag peaking out. They were both excited to go to the underwater camp. Her parents had found out about it by a coworker and ever since they told heather about it she was dieing to get their. "Next" yelled the ticket maker. Heather hurried to the ticket maker and pulled out a pass, saying that she is registered. The guys nodded and yelled next just as heather started walking to the submarine.
  2. Alex Whitman was entering the new Underwater Pokemon Camp. He was
    So excited. "I hope it's better than the last camp" he said to his Magicarp King Carp. He spoke to the Ticketmaster and walked into a submarine. Once he was in, he began to make conversation with one of the other people. "This is so exciting!"
  3. Erica turned to see a tall skiny boy try to talk to her. "Yea it is" she said glancing out the window. "Its so cool how they made it underwater." Minnie peaked her head out of her knap sack were she fit perfectly since she is a small pokemon.
  4. "I was planning to bring my Growlithe" said Alex "then I realised why that wasn't a good idea"
  5. "Yea that might be a bad idea since fire is weak to water." She said smiling. "You would be creamed."
  6. "You mean 'steamed'" Alex joked "anyways meet my friend, King Karp" he sent out a shiny Magicarp
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  7. Minnie jumped out before heather could say anything and looked at king karp. She laughed. "Oh yea and this is my partner, minnie" heather said as minnie looked up at the mention of her name. "Also how did you get that shiny Magicarp. That is realy rare"
  8. "My grandpa used to be a pretty famous breeder" Alex explained "he discovered a method to maximise shiny rates. He gave one to me and another to my brother Joe"
  9. "Wow that realy cool" she said just as the intercome on the subarine intercome began to turn on. "Hello this is your captian speaking we will be leaving in 10 minutes so please find your seats." Heather looked back at the boy. "Best we find out assine seat." She said. "Oh befor i forget my name is heather." Heather then started to leave before minnie ran over and jumped into her bag and set her head out. "Lets go find our seats minnie" she said as heather pulled out her ticket. "Az!" Minnie agreed.
  10. "I'm Alex" Alex said as he took out his ticket. On it said "Welcome to the Underwater Pokemon Camp! Where you can have days of fun and relaxation under the sea! Your ticket is #002. Your seat is on A2" Alex walked to seat A2, which was at the very front-left of the submarine. He saw that Heather was there and sat down next to her. "It seems that we are together" Alex said "This is cool" he looked outside, it looked even better from there.
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  11. Hunter had gotten to the submarine later, after she showed everything the ticket master needed to see for approval. Knowing that there was little time left, she quickly walked to the submarine, as she got there before the time had hit the five minute mark. She saw that her ticket was #003, as she noticed that her seat was B1.

    She walked inside the submarine, as she walked to seat B1, which was at the very front, and to the right of row A, slightly gapped by an aisle. She sat down at her seat, as Leon sat on her lap. She stroked his shell delicately, as she noticed Alex to her left. She calmly said to him, "Hello, my name is Hunter. What is your name?"
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  12. (OOC: I keep accidentally using "Richard" because that is the name of another one of my OCs, if this happens, just ignore it and keep using "Alex")
    "Hi" Alex said "My name is Alex. This is amazing isn't it?" Alex looked around again, then back at Hunter "To be honest I'm a bit worried, the camp being so far from the surface"
  13. Hunter winked at Alex, as she replied, "Well it's certainly amazing, and I'm more worried about my Squirtle here. His name is Leon, and unfortunately, he's kinda like in a bad state here. He wants me to keep it low-key, so I'm not gonna get into it. Also, nice shiny magicarp."

    Leon went into his shell and cried, as Hunter tried her best to calm him. Hunter calmly said to him, "Shh... it's okay, just relax Leon, Hunter's here for you."
  14. Alex watched as Hunter comforted his Squirtle. He looked at King Karp. "we are going soon" he said "you can get back to swimming as soon as we are there" King Karp was sitting on Alex's lap, but every couple minutes, Alex would dip him in a jug of water to keep him hydrated.
  15. "My name is heather" heather told the girl who was comforting the squirtle. "And this is minnie" she replied as minnie got out of her bag to see who was crying. "Az?" Minnie asked.
  16. Hunter sighed at Alex as she said, "Umm actually, the problem is... my Squirtle is the opposite of what you just said, he hates swimming. He's scared of the water, so yeah that does include the you know what when I have to clean him."

    Leon still stayed inside his shell, as he quietly cried still. He felt frightened, since he was right at the center of his worst fears.
  17. Heather looked over to the squirtle. "At lest he might be able to get over his fear" she suggested just has the intercome went on. "The is your captain speaking, we are departing in one minute so please take your assined spot and buckle up."
  18. Hunter had already been buckled up, as she sat down, while she still held Leon. Leon peeked out at Heather, as he babbled a little at her. Hunter hugged him, as she smiled at him. Leon felt a little calmer, as he went into his shell and dozed off.
  19. Heather looked out the window again as a another smaller submarine with their luggage took of into the depths at alarming speeds. "Wow" she said just as their own submarine started to take off but not as fast. "Here we go" Heather said excitedly at the others.
  20. "This is so exciting" Alex said "I can't wait" he watched as the submarine descended deeper and deeper into the depths. He watched Water Pokemon swimming in the water, and as the submarine got deeper, it got darker. Soon only the glow of Lantern was keeping the light.
    (OOC: We probably won't go down that low but...)
  21. Hunter looked around as she thought to herself, "Wow we are deep now aren't we?" She saw that Leon was asleep, as she gently stroked his shell and massaged it.

    Leon snored quietly, as he rolled over a little, while Hunter kept him still.
  22. Shauna sat art the back of the submarine. Her ticket was Z1, which meant that she was in the single seat in the back. Lightning, who she sometimes called lit, jumped onto her lap, comforting her. Shauna immediately peeked up as she saw laterns go by. "Maybe we can catch some water Pokemon." After about five minutes, the submarine lurched to a stop. Please exit the submarine and enjoy your time at Pokemon water summer camp! The announcer boomed. Shauna lucked to travel, so she only had one duffel bag. She exited the submarine and looked out of the glass dome. Shauna watched as if she was in a trance.

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