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Underwater Clash! Elliot Vs Sem

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Yoshimitsu, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Elliot grinned as he stepped up to the counter. He had a very carefree look to him. Quite attractive and standing at six foot two, he wasn't easily ignored. His hair was, currently, black with blonde patches that appeared to have been done unprofessionally, but looked good all the same. Today, he had chosen to wear a plain white, very tight-fitting t-shirt and similarly tight black jeans. Around his waist was a belt with a star-shaped buckle, and two pokeballs on either side of the buckle. Around his neck was a thin silver chain, with a key hanging from it. For shoes, he had chosen plain black vans.

    "Hello sir, how can I help you today?" The attendent asked, that fake smile plastered on to her face.
    "Yeah, that arena you have, the underwater one," Elliot said, nodding to the sign advertising it. "Can I battle in there?"
    "Sure," the attendent said, typing away at the keyboard. "For some reason, it isn't very popular..."
    "I can understand - how many pokemon can survive underwater?" Elliot said, shrugging.
    "Oh, you have a point..." The attendent said. She finished typing, then turned back to Elliot. "It's the third door on the right, just down there." She pointed.
    "Thank you very much," Elliot said, hunting down the arena.

    It really was an unusual arena. The floor of it was littered with sand, rocks, coral and the like. The rest of it was water. The arena had been raised to the battlers could see into it. Elliot estimated how high he'd have to throw his pokeball to get it into the pool, then shrugged.
    "Let's see who wants to take my challenge..."

    OOC - Standard rules, I reckon. Four on four. My pokeymanz are:
    Chinchou (Volt Absorb)
    Dewgong (Thick Fat)
    Metang (Clear Body)
    Starmie (Natural Cure)
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem brushed some of his dark hair out of his face as he approached the front desk. He was in his usual attire was his usual; gray cargo pants that fell over the backs of his black skater shoes that had aqua blue coloring on the side, and an aqua blue t-shirt worn under his black hoodie-jacket of many zippers and pockets. At 5'3" he was eye-level with the attendant who was sitting with a silly grin on her face. Sableye rested silently on his trainer's shoulder, deciding not to weird out the obviously under-paid lady.

    "Hello sir, how can I help you today?" she asked politely, reading her fingers for an assault on her keyboard.

    Sem was silent as he looked up above the woman at all the arenas he could choose to battle in. A few of them had blue lights under them, which signified that there was a challenger waiting. "Can I challenge whoever's in the underwater arena?" he asked as he lowered his gaze and looked into her own with his mis-matched eyes.

    "Why, yes actually." she responded rather surprised. "One person; do you want me to put you in?" she asked.

    "Yes, please." Sem nodded and waiting for the sound of keys being tapped stopped.

    "Alright, you're set." she bowed her head. "Third door on the left down there." she said while pointing.

    "Thank you." Sem forced a tiny smile and walked in the direction he was pointed in.

    The arena was odd in the fact that the tank was above the floor instead of inside it, though that made sense; people could said a lot more of what was happening if the tank wasn't hidden away.

    Sem noticed the other person who he was told was already there, a male who seemed to be about the same age as he was. He walked up to him, his gaze fixed to the floor until he was only a few steps away, then he looked up and said, "Hey, my name's Sem, and I'll accept your challenge."

    OOC: Yaaaaaaaaaaaay.
  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "Elliot, nice to meet you," Elliot said, nodding. He ran a finger over the pokeballs on his belt. It wasn't worth using his trickier pokemon at the start of a battle. Pulling out his big guns, so to speak, so early wouldn't leave him with any kind of advantage later on. He took one of the pokeballs to the right of his buckle, and threw it upwards. The pokeball cracked open, releasing his first pokemon.

    Dewgong appeared with a bright blue flash and a few stars. Elliot clearly liked using the Seals. The aquatic pokemon flipped underwater, his long tail flowing behind him beautifully, then returned to an upright position and watched Sem.
    "Dewgong, can you hear me alright?" Elliot asked, his voice slightly raised. Dewgong glanced back at Elliot and nodded. "Awesome."
  4. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem watched as the dewgong floated down in the tank as he walked to the opposite side of the arena. He pulled out a premier ball and simply released the pokémon inside at his side.

    A froslass was left behind after the flash and stared silently at the dewgong. "Ready, Jadis?" Sem asked his Ice-type.

    Without a nod or any sign of recognition that Sem had said anything the froslass glided forward towards the glass. Sem heard crackling as Jadis neared the tank; ice-formed on the surface of the tank and expanded as she phased through the glass and into the aquatic environment. She move as silently through the water as she did as if she were in open air. Her insensitive eyes focused on the Water/Ice-type and held her pose.

    Sem stood silently as he waited for Elliot to order an attack, marking the start of the battle.
    #4 Sem, Oct 10, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  5. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    OOC- I assume we're using the "Two-moves per turn" and "Only one attack move per turn" rules. Correct me if you want otherwise.


    "Alright, Dewgong, we wont be able to pull any advantages, so start off with Aqua Ring," Elliot said. Dewgong nodded again, and began to... well, the only word for it really was dance. The water and ice type was revolving and flipping, the water immediately around him flowing and surrounding him in a strong current, before seeming to shrink around the pokemon, forming a preculiar layer that faded into a faint blue glow.

    "Okay, and now for Safeguard," Elliot ordered. Dewgong closed his eyes, concentrating briefly. The glow around him seemed to strengthen slightly, as he was protected from status effects. Elliot nodded.
  6. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem frowned at the other trainers first move choices, as it stopped him from starting out the way he wanted to.

    "Captivate." Sem said after some thought, and idea forming in his head.

    Jadis began to move and sway in an elegant dance of sorts, which was about the most movement she ever did for an attack. Her body swayed and the long purple ribbon flowed out behind her, making interesting shapes in the water. She never looked directly at the dewgong, but instead at everything else but him. She waved her arms, using her powers to chill the water enough that it froze ever so slightly so that it was visible, making intricate designs in the water before floating up to the surface and melting. All of this in an attempt to distract the dewgong enough to quickly get an attack in.

    "Ice Shard." Sem blurted, and before he was even finished saying it Jadis rushed forward at an incredible speed; long blades of ice formed in her hands as they dragged behind her. As she neared the fellow Ice-type she brought her arms forward, aiming straight for the sea lion.

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