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Ask to Join Undertale AU adventure

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Akio and Cubone, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Undertale AU adventure roleplay.
    Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/undertale-au-adventure-discussion.18930/
    Story: Error!Sans is here and is on a search to hire sanes to help eradicate AU entirely. However Ink disagrees and when they learn about this they travel through dimentions to collect the best sanes. Sans and Alphys have discovered there are other universes (AUs) and want to explore.
    "hey alphys," Sans called as he looked at a camera...it seemed there was a portal outside the lab. Alphys came over and began panicking. "W-what if they are going to destroy our universe!" Sans gritted his teeth but shook his head. "i think were fine." Meanwhile error was searching for universes to hire sanes. "Ahh, X-tale..." Error grinned to himself.
  2. Inverted Fate was one of the only AUs that wasn't created by Ink, making it extremely unique. It did not really have a place in the multiverse - It was merely there. It used to be a normal Undertale universe, but that all changed when Asriel finally won.

    IF!Frisk was sitting on a branch of a tree, looking at the sky above them. Them and Papyrus had just finished unpacking things to the Surface, and now Papyrus was testing out some things in his shed - Also known as his mini lab, according to him.
    "ALRIGHT, FRISK!! YOU CAN COME IN NOW. I'VE GOTTEN EVERYTHING READY!" Papyrus shouted, showing his head from the door. "Alright, I'm coming!" Frisk shouted back, jumping from the tree. "ALRIGHT, HUMAN! MY BEST INVENTION IS OFFICIALLY READY! A GREAT SCIENTIST LIKE MYSELF ISN'T SURPRISED, OF COURSE. I'VE MADE MARVELOUS INVENTIONS BEFORE, BUT THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST ONE YET!" Papyrus exclaimed. Yep. This was just like Papyrus, being a big goofball and calling himself the greatest scientist of all time. "Well, whatever you say, Papy! So, what is it, exactly?" The human child asked.
    "OH, IT'S NEW! IT'S ORIGINAL! ...I'VE ALREADY SHOWN YOU IT IN THE UNDERGROUND, BUT IT'S IMPROVED AND IT WORKS NOW! THE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE WARPER 1000!" Papyrus shouted, jumping in excitement. "...What's with the numbers?" Frisk asked, tilting their head slightly. "THEY'RE JUST FOR EFFECT. BUT TRUST ME!! I'LL MAKE MORE IF IT ACTUALLY WORKS!'
  3. Sans went through the portal sending him to inverted fate...all he saw was a shed and what heard like his brother...he stepped inside. "heya? anyone in." He didn't open the door fully just in case of danger. "it's good ol' sansy..." Sans pulled out his bottle of ketchup so he could calm himself down a bit.
  4. "SANS?! DID YOU USE A SHORTCUT AGAIN!? ...WHY ARE YOU NOT IN YOUR ROYAL GUARD UNIFORM?" IF!Papyrus asked, looking at the new Sans who just came in.
  5. "r-royal guard...wait what...since when did you pick up science?" Sans laughed and continued drinking his ketchup. Error!Sans teleported to X-tale and detected where the Sans was. Meanwhile, in Undertale Alphys was freaking out and chased after Sans...she then tripped and the portal closed.
  6. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    "welp i'm bored!" B!Sans said before warping to another timeline. "hey what's up!" B!sans said to IF!Papyrus "let me guess, you're gonna get freaked out by all the sans that come and go and are gonna start questioning me?" B!Sans asked with a serious expression.
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  7. "OH NO!!! INFINITE SANSES HAVE INVADED ME, AND THERE'S GOING TO BE SO MANY SOCKS AND KETCHUP!!!" IF!Papyrus screamed, jumping back and crashing into his hoverboard. "Papyrus?! Are you okay!?" IF!Frisk said, helping the skeleton back up. "So.. You both are different Sanses? Ones that aren't in the Royal Guard?" Frisk asked.
  8. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    "mmmm... Yep! Also, what about socks and ketchup??" B!Sans said curiously "just kidding! I know about the socks and ketchup thing! i prefer grape juice though, so don't worry about that! i need help though, I need to find the multiverse rift. if you could find that it would be highly appreciated."
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  9. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Coming out of a portal leading an UnderSwap!Chara into the Omega Timeline, a Classic!Sans spotted them and flashed his Bad Time eye, but ignored them, they were tired after a long day after picking up Frisks, Sanses, Papyruses, and other survivor of genocide routes into the Omega Timeline, Core!Frisk was exhausted, and went to an empty AU where nobody was alive, they got quite sad they couldn't save anyone in this place, but got over it easily. They went to a luxurious house with a great computer and walked over it. Because they can see everything, their eyes directed too B!Sans disturbing Inverted Fate. "Ah, that Sans is such a disturbance."
  10. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    "so, are you guys in need of help?" B!Sans said has he floated over to the others "i could help you, if you help me..." B!Sans said as he held out his hand, it was 'on fire' blue and his eye was glowing. "Do we have ourselves a deal? I could just leave this once in a life-time opportunity to shrivel up and die..." he said shrugging.

    Delta!Sans found himself in the Undertale AU(?) right outside of the lab "where am I now?" he said before he entered the lab. "hello?" D!Sans said as he looked around...
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