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Tron: The Database Wars

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by PokeTeen, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. The year is 1999, 17 years has passed since the Master Control Program was destroyed, and all in the computer world is at ease. The Game Grid is no longer a place where programs are sent to fight for their lives, and programs now live in peace knowing that the MCP can no longer cause them any harm……however something lurks within the shadows of the Computer world.

    (Computer world)
    “Veruoom” went the Light Cycle as it zoomed down the Game Grid track, as it followed a set path given to the driver. The program driving it was named Beta, and his function was to test out any new vehicles, weapons, and armor, for Encom, As Beta curved down the track, two other Cycles approached him from behind. The started to catch up with Beta, following him precisely to avoid being smashed bye his light stream, as the two mysterious programs neared Beta, out of the corner of his eye he saw a hole in the Game Grid wall. Thinking fast, Beta turned left towards the hole hoping his pursuers’ would follow. As he drew ever closer to the hole the turned left again, leaving no space for the Cycle on his right to follow, and then Beta turned left again, Inclosing the Cycle on his left in a death trap. Both cycles crashed and were Derezzed. Beta then drove his way into the center of the Game Grid and took off his helmet, and powered down the Cycle. He looked up and said “End Light Cycle version 5.0 tests, now”.

    (The Real World)

    “As you can see, the new Version of the Light Cycle, is faster, sleeker, and has faster controller maneuverability then the old versions, in other words this Light Cycle can make faster turns and maneuvers then the old ones.” Said Mark Hayes, Mark was 21 and had brown hair and brown eyes, was 6.2, and was dressed in a black suit and was wearing an Encom tie. Mark was in the meeting of his life, he was given the task to create a new Light Cycle, for the new upgraded Version of Space Paranoids, this was Mark’s big shoot, with his Beta Program, he set up a very difficult course in which the Beta program would try to win against two other NCP’s using the new Light Cycle, while its opponents used the older ones. But the biggest part about this meeting was that the Executive CEO, Kevin Flynn was going to be there, if Mark messed this up he would be fired for sure. As Mark finished his presentation, the CEO’s asked Mark some questions about the Cycles, and then asked him to step out of the room while they made a decision on if they would use the new Cycles. As Mark left the room, he could only pray that they would accept his Cycles.

    hi guys it is PokeTeen here, this is my draft or the Tron RP i would like to start. im looking for advice, ideas, anything to help this RP out.
    don't know what or who Tron is? well don't worry!
    this wiki shall tell you all there is to know about the world of Tron!
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  2. I seriously want to join now.

    My character, Delta, will be an anti-virus program, riding around in a light runner when he can.

  3. Im so in on this, my character will me called Gamma a Gaming Program, he will ride a light cycle.
  4. Ok, so i saw tron legacy and i relised that this rp and the tron timeline dont really mix, so over the next two days i will be working on another draft of the Tron RP, so stay tuned

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