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Trevlac's craptacular "art"

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Trevlac, May 26, 2007.

  1. I have been drawing with a mouse for two years since I never got the hang of using a pencil. My various mediums began with Fireworks (oh, how HORRID they were) and crossed over into Macromedia Flash. Now I'm using Illustrator and I've made some much better stuff in that. Here is my craptacular art in chronological order :)

    First ever drawing with a mouse ever, ever, EVER. It started with the hat, then I drew the head in for no reason at all...and had to shrink the head because I drew it too large x.x Anyway, done with no reference whatsoever. I simply picked up the mouse and started making lines.

    Second ever drawing with a mouse. Alucard from Hellsing minus the snazzy hat.

    I still think this is one of my better pieces albeit old. Alexander Anderson from Hellsing.

    Last picture in Fireworks I ever did. Alucard with his nifty .454 caliber Casull semi-automatic HAND CANNON.

    Crossover to Flash. New character of mine named Vixdas Lund for a Harry Potter RP. Blatantly obvious copy of Kuja from FF9. Hey...switching over to Flash wasn't easy ya know!

    Done as a request for a friend. Her character.

    Another request, another friend.

    Hades summon from FF7. I loves him. *huggles Hades*

    A very horrible Knights of Round summon from FF7.

    Father Ordin Wales. Another friend's character. Looks like a Red Mage kinda...well anyway here he is holding some materia.

    Kurosu, and YET ANOTHER request. He requested I draw his GunZ: The Duel character.

    Alice, the girlfriend of my main character Trevlac. Modeled after the Wonderland girl only this one wears EGL and...carries a meat cleaver.

    My last Flash. Man, just when I was getting the hang of it. Seras Victoria from Hellsing. As seen in the manga. The blood took ages to do because I did it in Illustrator.

    FINALLY, my crossover to Illustrator. Keima Kirameki, which means "Sparkling Knight" in Japanese. And Knight like the chess piece not the medieval armored peeps. Modeled from Monju courtesy the Naruto anime.


    AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! My suckass hand drawn things. I draw them, outline in sharpie, scan, trace in Photoshop, color, save.

    Naruto. Need there be more said?

    Some random punkass kid. This one really sucked...
  2. Your "Random Punkass Kid" looks suspiciously like Rowdyruff Boy Brick from Powerpuff Girls Z, the Japanese reimagining of the Powerpuff Girls.
  3. With a Mouse?

    Get. Out.

    I can't even draw that well with freakin pencils. . .

    I completely dig Alucard. Like, all versions of him. Raven's nif-tay as well. And Alice is just amazing. So Trevlac likes teh blonds? *eyes hair-dye suspiciously*

    I can't see like, half of them, man. *stabs computer* All I get are those 'lil X's.

    . . .And Gardevoir Master looks like some kid who brings down other people because he can't draw.

    . . . KIDDING! I wouldn't know anything about THAT. ~la! ;)
  4. You put my mouse skills to shame. xD

    The second mouse drawing is out of this world!!!
    And I love Alice... Especially her eyes...

    Then again, I am an alice in wonderland nut,. xD

    Once I clear my plate of all the art I am doing, I so wanna ask you to do an art trade!​

    Okay...I think I have to go build some sorta shrine in your honor...or something...I can't even draw that well with a pencil (though I'm the best at "analog" art) or with a tablet...computer art kinda confuzzles meh.

    But wow...the first few were really good...then they just got AMAZING. Seriously? They were all done with a mouse? (Except for the two which you said weren't...but they were really good, too.) That's just...wow. Just wow.

    And that gothic lolita Alice was cool. I liked the design concept - I think it's my favorite. XD
  6. Weird, it's the opposite for me. I have zero artistic skills whatsoever, but when I use Flash (and a lot of patience) I can "draw" some relatively competent stuff.

    Nothing as detailed as these, mind.
  7. What reason would there be for him to "suspiciously" look like Brick? He is Brick. Go jump off a cliff for trying to troll me.

    Thanks everyone. This is ALL of the drawings I've done. I decided to put everything there. So this is also a kind of timeline on my skills. And if you think about it, it's not really that unbelievable someone could draw well with a mouse if they suck with a pencil. Digital art allows you to use nifty things like undo instead of having to erase all the bloody time. Oh, and average time on each drawing was 2 hours (1 hour for lines, one hour for colors).
  8. 2...hours?

    ...I feel very incompetant now...The only purely digital art I've done (with a tablet) takes me waaaaaay longer. I don't work very quickly. ^_^

    But just curious...how do you do the backgrounds? Do you find online tutorials?
  9. -titters-

    That's even bettererer(etc.) when compared to my stuffs, which average around 6-7 hours of very boring lineart-ing and coloring and shading and highlighting.

    -whimsical nod-

    I luffles the pose Alice is in, as well as the eyes on the majority o' your characters.


    I'm more-than-incompetent with a mouse as my drawing medium, I assure you. I'm left-handed to begin with, so drawing with my right hand, using a stubborn mouse to sketch = disaster.

  10. Nono, I do a lot of Photoshopping so no reason to get tutorials for backgrounds. I could make you some tuts if you like.

    And every brain test I do says I think like a left-handed person, which makes sense because when I was really little my dad forced me to always use my right hand. Still to this day my pennmanship looks like a female serial killer's.
  11. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    That's funny, my mum did the same thing after my right wrist healed after I broke it while I was learning how to write... And my handwriting's exactly the same as when I was 7. ^^

    Your drawings are amazing. I love the Ordin one, it just looks so cool. :p And the best I can manage in two hours is a rough sketch with, perhaps, a tiny bit of proper lineart done. In other words, o.o (Yes, I am aware that that isn't a word. ^^")
  12. [quote author=Trevlac link=topic=1875.msg18293#msg18293 date=1180205716]
    What reason would there be for him to "suspiciously" look like Brick? He is Brick. Go jump off a cliff for trying to troll me.

    *Flop sweat*

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! *Waves hands defensively* Where's all this coming from? All I did was identify a character you didn't. If you thought my inference that you watched Powerpuff Girls (Z or otherwise) was an insult, then I'd be insulting myself. I catch every episode I can, and I think it'd be cool to bring Powerpuff Girls Z to the U.S. I've even made up my own Powerpuff Girl.

    Okay, so maybe I skipped the intellectual stroking. For mousework, your pictures are awesome. Furthermore, the girls are hot. I'm pretty good with a pencil, but I don't think I could do that with a mouse.
  13. Okay, wait. You are missing the point. *swoosh! jump for it! jump for it! awwww.*

    What you did was the same thing my nine year old brother does when he tries to say something: he dances around it. "Do you know where everyone is getting those glowsticks from?" can be roughly translated into "I want a glowstick".

    You could have just said it straight out. . . >>

    Okay, look, it's over. MoonStruck personally devours anyone who brings this up again.


  14. You mean:

    Ja, er ist gut.
  15. But I...

    [quote author=MoonStruckDragonLass link=topic=1875.msg18528#msg18528 date=1180326880]
    Okay, look, it's over. MoonStruck personally devours anyone who brings this up again.

    Whu, buh, ah... *Struggles between trying to defend myself and trying not to get eaten* Ebbah, geebah, gabba-gabba-hey!

    *Sits down and cries*

    *Gets over it*
  16. Oh, very good for mouse :3

    Though, DO NOT TAKE THIS OFFENSIVELY, I have seen the original pictures you've used as reference for a few of these, and it's pretty good recreation with a mouse. I'm NOT saying you directly traced these. I'm just saying I know you used a reference.
  17. Of course I did. It's nigh impossible to be that accurate without having SOME sort of reference. Some of them even list the reference "Blatantly obvious copy of Kuja from FF9." and others I was either too lazy or didn't remember what it was.

    Oh, and I never take offense; so you're safe.

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