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Travels through Unova

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Coreysawrus, May 1, 2012.

  1. The sun beamed down over Nuvema Town on a bright spring morning and Aiko had just woken from her slumber. She had a marvellous dream about being a Pokemon trainer with her partner Fumiko.

    Aiko had only just reached 15 a couple of weeks ago and her parents had decided it was time for her to fly from the nest, she yawned as she began to walk towards her en-suite bathroom to wash her face and freshen up, when she saw her younger sister Kiki through her doorway sat at the top of the staircase looking rather glum, Aiko quickly dived into the bathroom before Kiki noticed her because she didn't want to let her sister see herself while she looked like a mess, she quickly did her hair, washed her face, put some deodorant on and put a layer of sun tan lotion on, before heading out to talk to her sister.

    Aiko asked "What is troubling you?"

    Kiki replied "I'm going to miss you"

    Aiko told Kiki sympathetically "We aren't going to be living together forever, you know and besides I'm following my dreams and you should too"

    "How cliche" Aiko thought while saying that

    Aiko gave Kiki a hug and said in an upbeat manner "How about you come with me to the lab?"

    "Maybe Professor Juniper will give you a Pokemon or we can go to Route 1 and catch you a Pokemon, then you'll have a friend to play with an a companion like me and Miko" Aiko continued

    "I suppose" Kiki sniffled as she began to cheer up.

    Aiko stood up and went and got a bowl of cereal before going back upstairs to change into some clothes and brushing her teeth. Aiko quickly checked to see if any remains of toothpaste or breakfast on her face but wiped it anyway just incase.

    When Aiko got back downstairs Kiki was already waiting and the sisters set off and began to head towards Professor Juniper's lab
  2. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    It was almost reflexive by now, the sixteen-year-old man putting on his black business suit and white under shirt. It was not very often that he wore more casual attire, unless it was very hot out. Blue eyes peered out the hotel window as he quickly ran a comb through his black hair, the fact that he was from a rich family shining through for a moment before he decided to defy fashion sense. He picked up a blue scarf from his bedside, wrapping it around his neck, a small smile gracing his face before dissolving back to neutrality.

    Alex Eileas was a rich boy, but he almost wanted nothing to do with his estate or the money in his bank account. His parents had died in a car crash about a year ago, and though he missed them, he had to admit they weren't the best parents. His mother was always going out with her rich friends, the typical snooty woman who would spread rumors about them behind their backs. His father was a stern, no nonsense type of guy who had tried to force him to become a lawyer.

    The memory of his father's voice came back to him in that moment. Being a lawyer is far more lucrative then those stupid battles you see on the television, it said. Those animals are filthy and disgusting, which means someone like you won't ever be dealing with them. Us rich people are above that 'Trainer' nonsense, and certainly above your supposed aspirations of being a waiter. Newsflash, kid: You're already rich. You don't stoop to the level of the lower classes.

    Now that he was free to do as he wished, Alex had switched his classes to better accommodate his aspiration to be a waiter and chef. He was pretty good at cooking now, in so much that he actually got a job at the famous Striaton City Gym, a place for refreshment and battles. Of course since he didn't have any PokeMon at the time, he was one of the regular waiters, the ones ready for battle with little PokeBall pins on their uniforms.

    One such person was Elizabeth, the woman who had given him the scarf. She had suggested he try to get into PokeMon Training, as the bond between creature and trainer was wonderful. He decided to take her advice, taking a car ride down to Nuvema to get his license from Professor Juniper. It was one of the days where she didn't have starters available, so he decided to look on the market for any PokeMon that were being sold.

    Alex picked up a black duffel bag and put on a different belt than he did every morning, this one with indents large enough to fit the shrunken version of six PokeBalls. He took the first one off the belt, enlarging it to look admiringly on the combination water and ice sticker on the front. He pressed the middle, watching as red light coalesced into a small, round creature.

    The creatures fur was a powdered blue color, with several white spots on its back and a beige underside. It had circular eyes, small tusks protruding from its upper jaw, stubby ears, beige flippers and a little flat tail. The creature looked like a baby seal, and the fact that the species name was Spheal made it even more obvious of that fact. The Pokemon looked particularly grumpy, staring up at Alex with narrowed eyes.

    "I know you don't like it on the ground, Ethan," he said to the Spheal, "But I offer you an alternative." He outstretched his arms, and though the PokeMon looked hesitant, he jumped into the trainers arms, causing Alex to stumble back a little bit as the powerful little body crashed into him.

    "I'm glad you approve of the idea," Alex chuckled, at which Ethan seemed to turn grumpier. His cheeks puffed out a little bit, and he shifted himself so he would be looking away from his trainer. Alex looked somewhat amused by this, the cold touch of the creature not bothering him as his home city was Icirrus, which was cold all year round.

    Making sure he was ready to go with some changes of clothes and other stuff, he set out of the hotel room to go into Striaton City just below. He was told by Elizabeth to train on the routes nearby, so he thought he would run around Route 2 for a while to see what he would encounter, and perhaps add another member to his team. He was now not only a waiter and a chef, but once he was good enough, he would add the PokeBall pin to his work uniform.
  3. The pair walked down the stone staircase from the large, white house and onto the dusty, brown path. Aiko hated walking on the path as it was a labyrinth of small, pointy rocks and pebbles that would often stray from the path and into her shoes. Aiko quickly walked onto the short grass towards the side of the path to avoid the annoying pebbles. The grass still had the early morning dew on it which moistened Aiko's shoes.

    Suddenly, negative emotions ran into Aiko's mind, she was annoyed both with her moistened shoes and the presence of her sister which was causing a small niggling sensation, Aiko also began to feel strain from the pressure she put herself under promising Kiki a Pokemon and the mammoth task ahead of her.

    Miko released herself from her Pokeball as she could see that Aiko was feeling under the weather. Aiko carried on walking not even realising her partner had released herself, Miko scurried as quick as possible to try and catch up to Aiko but alas due to being a slug, Miko was barely moving above half the pace Aiko was. Kiki noticing the whole endeavour giggled at Miko's attempts to catch up.

    Aiko glanced coldly at Kiki due to her negative emotions and said in an angry tone "What is so funny?"

    Kiki cowered a little in fear but managed to keep her composition and pointed towards the red fiery slug 'speeding' along. Aiko cheered up a bit at the site of Miko's attempt at catching up, she thought about teasing her a little but thought it might be a bit cruel and waited.

    Miko caught up and smiled at Aiko and Kiki before letting out a cheerful cry "Sluugmaa" this completely cheered Aiko up and leapt into her arms. Miko's warm body felt nice on Aiko's skin, due to being a team for 5 years, Aiko had developed a resistance to the Slugma's lava body and Miko had developed to keep her body temperature low as to not burn anything she touches but could still use this skill in battle.

    The pair had finally reached the outside of their destination. A big old styled building with it large brown walls and huge red roof.

    "I can never get over the fact that this old place is a lab, when you say lab I expect a big, new, shiny, computerised building" Aiko cried, Kiko and Fumiko nodded in sync and in agreement. Aiko went for the door handle and turned it but the building was locked. In the corner of her left eye she noticed a note on the door it read


    I'm currently in Straiton City, looking at my friends research.
    I should be back after lunch.
    Come visit me then.

    -Aurea Juniper
  4. (OOC: Sorry bout the wait ^^')

    It was a warm day in Accumula Town the sun beated down upon the roofs of the houses and Jensen Alexanderson was playing his guitar on the grassy plaza towards the centre of town. Jensen was looking particularly messy in presentation his blue-grey shirt which was had the top two buttons undone was beginning to get how and sweaty this was further worsened by the sweat dripping from his brow. Jensen's bracelets kept rolling up and down his arm as he was strumming to please his small audience of four.

    Slowly, but surely the audience kept disappearing one by one until no audience remained. Jensen carried on plucking the strings on his guitar in sheer boredom and sorrow. All his life Jensen has felt like he was alone and his escape was playing his guitar at first it was just a ploy to garner attention, which worked for all of 10 seconds but Jensen stuck at it as he started to have a passion for guitar playing.

    Two boys walked past Jensen talking about lives as a Pokemon trainer. Jensen stopped playing and his eyes lit up and heartbeat paced faster, harder, stronger when he heard the tales of having a companion that can battle and pull of cool moves and whatnot. Jensen also heard of the tales about them travelling from place to place, he dreamed about seeing different sights and being a free as a bird but didn't wanna travel alone. From that point Jensen knew he wanted to be a battling, wandering bard, he shot up like a bolt and ran towards the Pokemon Centre to get some Pokeballs and take the first step to freedom.
  5. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    The rustling of the trees around the opening to Route 2 was different than usual. Whenever Alex traveled around, it was usually by car, so it wasn't often that he felt the supposed dangers. Now that he stood at the entrance to Route 2, he found his heart beating quickly in his chest at the thought of encountering a PokeMon.

    Small motions against his chest were the only things that reminded him that he wasn't completely alone. Ethan seemed to be turning in his arms ever so slightly, as if to look around them a little bit better. The Spheal had been bred, so it hadn't gotten out very much from where it was kept, so this was a new experience for the PokeMon itself. Alex took a deep breath and stepped forwards, a motion of faith and courage.

    The tension seemed to dissolve from his chest as nothing leaped at him right away. It's highly unlikely that would happen, came the memory of Elizabeth's voice, But that shouldn't make you any less aware of your surroundings. PokeMon can appear seemingly out of nowhere sometimes. He walked down the path towards the tall grass, noting a staircase in the distance to his left that he might want to explore later.

    Suddenly, Ethan struggled in his arms, and as he loosened his grasp the PokeMon leaped forwards. He heard a growling sound and saw an abundance of cream fur on what looked to be a dog-like PokeMon. He recognized it as a Lillipup, as they were used often by the Gym Leaders when Trainers decided to challenge the gym. It was made to be a spectacle for whomever visited the restaurant, which was just one of the many reasons that the place was famous.

    "Alright then, Ethan," he said, remembering what Elizabeth and the PokeDex had taught him. "Water Gun and then Defense Curl." A small jet of water expelled from Ethan's mouth, hitting the Lillipup with force and making its fur wet. The Spheal then curled up into a ball by bringing his tail up over his body, The Lillipup sniffing out the Spheal with Odor Sleuth and then crashing into the round PokeMon with a Tackle, which threw Ethan back a little bit.

    "Alright, let's try Powder Snow." Ethan rolled back into position, flipping his tail behind him and expelling a chilling gust of powdery snow. The barrage seemed to be just as damaging to the Lillipup as the Water Gun, but it didn't make the PokeMon completely faint. It crashed into Ethan with another Tackle, this time for a bigger blow as the Spheal was not as protected.

    "Time to try to catch it," said Alex, picking a PokeBall off of his belt. He pulled back his arm and pitched it forward, just as he and his father used to do sometimes back when he was younger. The PokeBall hit its target, enveloping the small dog in a red light and sucking the light inwards. They can fail sometimes, Elizabeth had told him. So make sure the PokeMon is low on health. It can also be a matter of respect, but that's a lesson for another time.

    The red and white ball wobbled from side to side, Alex crossing his fingers in a gesture of hope. Ethan seemed to be glaring at the PokeBall, as if still challenging the PokeMon within, perhaps for more than one reason. Either way it was, the PokeBall clicked and made a chiming sound, the center turning from a glowing red color to the usual white. Alex was slightly hesitant, but he picked up the PokeBall and smiled, pulling out a sheet of stickers as well as the PokeDex.

    Lillipup, chimed the mechanical voice of the Pokedex as he placed a Normal type symbol on the top. The Puppy Pokémon. The long hair around its face provides an amazing radar that lets it sense subtle changes in its surroundings. Alex read on for more information, making note of the moves the PokeMon knew other than the ones he saw at the Gym. he noticed that a move was missing, the notorious Work Up, but he was told it was a special move to learn anyways. He would need to acquire it somehow.

    "For now, more training," he muttered as he put the PokeBall back on his belt, opening his arms so Ethan could jump back up, but the PokeMon looked somewhat disgruntled by the beating it had taken. He decided to return Ethan and walk back to the PokeMon Center, making note to stock up on items at the PokeMart as well.
  6. "Looks like no one is in" Kiki sighed as Aiko had just finished reading the note.

    "Professor Juniper is in Striaton" Aiko said without any expression.

    She continued "She will be back after lunch, so let's head towards Route 1 to pass the time and hopefully get you a Pokemon"

    "Oh, right, lets go" Kiki cried out

    Kiki was flaring with determination and passion at this point and it seemed like she had completely got over the fact Aiko was leaving, the same story couldn't be said for Aiko however as she began to mope across the grass.

    Suddenly a young female scientist with short, almost purple hair approached the outside of the lab. She glanced at the two girls walking away from the lab. She began to call to them.

    "Hey, is one of you two named Aiko?"

    "Yes" Aiko replied

    "My name is Hanna, I'm supposed to give you your Pokedex" the scientist called.

    Aiko's eyes widened and she scooted across to Hanna. Hanna unlocked the lab door.

    "I only just received note from the professor about you, she said she was going to take a little longer than expected and she knew you would be wanting to set off as soon as possible. That note you saw was meant for me" Hanna explained as the trio walked inside.

    Hanna handed the Pokedex to Aiko and explained about the journey Aiko would be embarking on and the basics of the Pokedex. Aiko kept staring at the shiny black screen of her Pokedex.

    "Hanna? Would it be possible for Kiki my little sister here, to have a Pokemon?" Aiko asked.

    "Unfortunately, I'm not authorised to hand starter Pokemon out and the starter Pokemon are only for people helping the professor." Hanna replied.

    Kiki's expression quickly changed from happiness and excitement to sorrow.

    "However" Hanna said which made Kiki instantly happy again.

    "We do have another Pokemon in the lab which Kiki would be allowed" Hanna continued as she picked up a Pokeball.

    "Inside contains a Purrloin, this one has been trained not to steal, I'll have to tell the professor that I gave this Purrloin to Kiki" Hanna added.

    Kiki released the Purrloin from the ball and a purple feline Pokemon appeared before them.
  7. Jensen just walked out of the Pokemon centre with his recently bought Pokeballs, he was slightly unsure how to use them. He looked round one of the Pokeballs before pressing the button in the centre, the ball grew in size.

    "That's the right idea, now all you have to do is throw the ball at a Pokemon" a womanly voice said. Jensen turned around and saw a woman with tall brown hair in a lab coat.

    "Of course weakening them helps" she continued

    "Excuse me, who are you?" Jensen said in confusion

    "I'm Professor Aurea Juniper" the professor proclaimed

    "I'm Jensen" replied the young guitarist

    Professor Juniper agreed to help Jensen get his first Pokemon but in return he would have to help her in her research by filling up pages in the Pokedex. The pairs proceeded to the grassy plains of Route 1. Jensen began to throw Pokeballs at the Lillipup's and Patrat's on the route, all but one of the Pokeballs failed instantly the last remaining ball shook once, shook twice, shook a third time, Jensen peered closer towards the ball in excitement but all of a sudden a Patrat emerged from the ball and fled, Jensen looked down in defeat.

    "Better luck, next time" Juniper said comfortingly.

    "I do have a few Pokemon down at the lab in Nuvema Town that you could use" she carried on. Jensen's face lit up and the pair walked the short distance to her lab. Inside was Juniper's younger assistant, a young girl around Jensen's age accompanied by a hot lava slug and a small girl with a purple feline Pokemon.

    "Oh, everyone is here" Juniper exclaimed

    "I gave the Purrloin to Kiki if that is alright with you Professor" Hana said

    "Of course it is okay Hana, anyway which of these 3 Pokemon do you want?" Juniper replied

    "We have Snivy, the grass snake Pokemon, then there is Tepig, the fire pig Pokemon and finally, we have Oshawott the sea otter Pokemon" the professor exclaimed

    "Urm, I'll take Tepig" Jensen answered. Juniper handed the little piggy over to Jensen along with its Pokeball.

    "I hope you two get along just fine" Juniper said gleefully

    "Oh, Aiko, Jensen before you leave I just need to insert a special upgrade to your Pokedex, it will tell you all about type strengths and weaknesses" she continued. She quickly applied the upgrade and handed back the Pokedexs.
  8. (OOC: Sorry again for the wait and the short post)

    Startled by the arrival of Jensen, Aiko stood to the side of room and stared at Jensen as he was presented the three Pokemon. Aiko liked the look of the Pokemon and thought about which one she would choose.

    "I would choose Sniii ... no Oshaa .... erm ... Tepig? No I was right first time Snivy" Aiko thought, Jensen picked Tepig before Juniper addressed both trainers and updated the Pokedex to show strengths and weaknesses. Aiko took back her Pokedex and proceeded to walk over to Kiki.

    "Well, I see you've got a friend now. I'm leaving now so bye Kiki" Aiko said softly and kissed her sister on the forehead. Kiki gave Aiko one last hug before she saw her sister leave out the door, with Jensen. Outside, Aiko took a quick glance at Jensen. She looked away just as he looked at her, Fumiko stared at Aiko hinting that the two should be together. Aiko cheeks turned bright red then realised Miko meant for the two of them to travel together as they are both new trainers and Jensen would make good company, Miko had a good sense for people. Jensen had just walked past Aiko before Aiko spoke "Er .. Jensen was it? Nice guitar and Pokemon you got" Aiko was obviously nervous she shyly mumbled "Would you like to travel with me?"
  9. (OOC: Mind if I hop in? :3)

    Damion looked down to the new trainers, smiling lightly, his white hair blowing lightly in the wind as the collar of his shirt remained fixated in place. He nodded to his a small, blue wolf like pokemon beside him, before leaping off the red roofed building, towards Aiko.

    Damion was excited at the thought of meeting new trainers, whilst secretly hoping to find travel partners. Originating from Sinnoh, he lived in Canalave city, whilst his Father worked there. He grew up alone, with only his mother to look after him, until his father brought him home a gift. An egg, from a hiker who had found it on a trek up Mount Coronet. His father eventually lost his job, and due to . . . unknown complications, Damion and his mother moved to Nuvema Town in the Unova region, without his father. Soon after his arrival, his egg hatched into a young, naive Riolu, whom he came to love. He didn't, however, set out on a pokemon journey due to the fact that Riolu, or Ruki as he came to be known, was too young to tackle the trials of a Pokemon Battle. Now, with Ruki being as powerful as that of the common starter Pokemon, Damion decided to set off and his dreams of defeating the eight gyms of Unova, and taking on the Elite Four.

    Damion quickly ran in, hugging his mother before running out, Ruki in tow, in order to join the other. "Hi! My names Damion, and this little guy here..." He stopped as he teasingly rustled a light tuft of hair atop Ruki's head, "is Ruki, my partner. You guys are heading out on a Pokemon Journey too, right?"

    (OOC: Hope its not too short to start, not overly much to build on yet for me ><)
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    “Where do I go from here?”

    That was the question Shiro Yukimura had asked himself two weeks ago when he was finally ready to leave his hometown of Castelia City and start his Pokémon journey with his Oshawott, Mizuki. Shiro’s original intention was to leave right away after getting his starter, but after a few snags his first day he decided to wait a few more days to get to know his new Pokémon better.

    After some contemplation, Shiro decided he would travel north up Route 4. Unfortunately, neither he nor Mizuki were strong enough to endure the harsh desert climate and were forced to turn back to Castelia to rethink their strategy.

    “If only that road they were working on would hurry up and get finished.” Shiro mused to himself. Construction workers had been working on building a road through the desert on Route 4 to make travel between Castelia and Nimbasa easier for people. Intense sandstorms and rough conditions had been delaying the construction though, so it was estimated it would be another year or two before the road was actually finished. Shiro didn’t have that long to wait.

    He had stayed the night at the Pokémon Center to avoid the embarrassment of returning home unsuccessful. The following morning after getting up, Shiro got dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans and a purple T-shirt.

    “Looks like we’re heading down Sky Arrow Bridge Mizuki.” said the Trainer as he sat on his bed tying his white running shoes looking over at a small otter with light blue fur covering most of her body, a furry white face, darker blue ears, feet, and tail, and a tan seashell on her chest called a Scalchop. The Oshawott smiled and nodded. She really didn’t care where they went as long as there were no more setbacks.

    Shiro finished getting dressed by putting on black and white checkered wrist warmers and slinging a black backpack over his shoulder. He looked in a mirror at his messy brown hair. Normally he would try to tame it, but since his hair was actually hiding his large ears for once he decided to leave it alone for now.

    The two grabbed a quick breakfast in the Pokémon Center cafeteria before heading out again. Hopefully they’d have better luck on the other side of the bridge.

    (OOC: I'll draw this out as much as I can so we can meet up in a realistic amount of time.)
  11. "Thanks" Jensen spoke shyly when he received the compliment about his guitar before a black blur came down from the roof. The blur landed on the ground and it was a person dressed in black and had white hair that ruffled lightly in the wind. A small blue wolf like Pokemon jumped down with him. He introduced himself as Damion and the blue Pokemon as Ruki rustling its hair in between introductions. He also asked about travelling.

    "Nice, to meet you Damion. I'm Jensen" he paused for a second to let Aiko introduce herself "And yes, we are heading out on a Pokemon journey .. also Aiko to answer your question, the answer is also yes". Jensen asked Aiko the name of her Pokemon. Once Jensen knew of the nicknames of the two Pokemon he began to think if he should nickname his Tepig. He mulled over a few ideas in his head while he pulled out his Pokedex and scanned both Miko and Ruki.

    "Slugma, the Lava Pokemon, Slugma does not have any blood in its body. Instead, intensely hot magma circulates throughout this POKéMON's body, carrying essential nutrients and oxygen to its organs." the robotic voice said. The Pokedex listed the type and its strengths and weaknesses like Professor Juniper said the update would do. The device began it piece on Ruki.

    "Riolu, the Emanation Pokemon, Riolu has the peculiar power of being able to see emotions such as joy and rage in the form of waves." The boy put away his dex after acknowledging the data is bestowed upon him. He then re-released Tepig from it's Pokeball.

    He said to Tepig "I'm going to call you Ignaas," Tepig looked a little confused at first but then seemed rather happy with his new nickname.

    "We best set off then, Aiko" Jensen said. "Damion you coming?" He continued as he and Aiko began walking towards Route 1.
  12. Damion turned down the offer and proceeded on his journey alone. Just then Kiki who had just returned home came running crying towards Aiko.
    "Mommy, has fainted" Kiki cried. "Sorry Jensen, I have to take care of this. You go ahead and I'll catch up to you later" Aiko exclaimed as she went back home with Kiki.

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