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Ask to Join Travelers of Kanto

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DManArt&RP, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/travelers-of-kanto-discussion.20642/

    Ida woke up to a streak of sunlight through his curtains. He yawned and stretched as he looked at the clock. "Ah, 7:30 on the nose, great." School starts in an hour and he always needs time to wake up before school. He heads downstairs and in a tired motion moves around the kitchen to get some cereal. While he was eating, his mom opened the front door of the house with bags of groceries. "Hello Ida, your up earlier than usual." Ida finished his cereal and nodded. "Eyup, I am heading out earlier this morning to go check up on the school board. People are saying that there is a special announcement for anyone going on their journey tomorrow." His mom nodded and placed down the grocery bags and smiled. "Well I am glad to hear your exited, I know that old man has something new up his sleeve every year." Ida got up and grabbed his backpack and headed out the door. "Thanks, see ya mom!"

    He walked down the road to school enjoying the early morning breeze. As he went by the center of town, he saw an Eevee stroll on by. "Oh, it's Eevee!" He knelled down to pet the Eevee. It was always wandering around town at this time, its like a stray house pet for the town. He got up and began walking to the school again. He eventually came up the the school and checked the board out front of the school. "Let's see... 'Today, our school's new Pokemon Trainers are going to have a completely different schedule than any other group before now! I will explain more later, but to sum it up, there is going to be a surprise related to some new tech I just developed. See you soon! -Prof. Oak.' So mom was right! This is amazing! What could it be?" He looked at his watch and it reads 8:00 am. "Ah jeez, now I have to wait thirty minuets till I can figure out what it is!?"
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  2. The morning began with the gentle tweeting of birds and the babbling of the small fountain outside of her family’s house. A gentle breeze brought the morning air into Jade’s room through an open window. The sun was shining past the curtains in such a way that it allowed Jade to wake up at her own pace.

    She’d taken a glance at the clock, and it was still quite early. Six in the morning to be exact. She’d gotten her full eight hours of sleep, and was on course to make it to school in time to find out about her and her classmates’ special assignment. There was a mystery in the air that she could taste, and Jade was not one who liked surprises.

    Taking a deep breath, the trainer pulled the covers aside and planted her feet against the cold wooden floor. It was time to start another day. Every step forward was a step closer to her dream, so she couldn’t waste another second laying around.

    Unlike a lot of the stalwart children her age that fantasized about being a trainer, Jade felt her ideals were a little more practical. In her opinion, a lot of others didn’t exactly know what they would do once they’d become excellent trainers, and simply focused on achieving the title rather than what they could accomplish with it.

    Jade had a plan.

    Her goal was to become a very good trainer, and win enough money to help her start her own business. The mere thought of being a powerful business woman always lit a flame in her heart.

    The morning was quiet as usual. Jade had gotten used to it, since many of her sisters and brothers had moved out by now. It was just her, her little sister, her mother, and her father. Most of the time her father worked, however, so she rarely got to spend time with him.

    Jade, usually being the first one that woke up in the morning, had performed her normal routine before picking out her attire. Since the weather had been a little less than warm, she chose her usual outfit. Black pants, black shoes with a white stripe on them, a black jacket, and a white tank top underneath. If the temperature got too warm, her outfit would still be appropriate with her tank top,

    Jade marched down stairs, grabbed her backpack, then hurried out of the door. The determination in her eyes told that nothing would get in her way today.

    Upon arriving at the board in front of the school, Jade took a moment to read the sign posted for today’s schedule. It was as vague as ever, and a grimace tugged at her lips as some of her nerves took over. What was the new tech the professor was talking about? What was going to be their assignment? Why weren’t they going to stick to the same curriculum as the trainers before them? It was all so unpredictable, and it drove Jade mad.

    Jade’s mind had spiraled into a tornado of questions before footsteps had caught her attention. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Ida had been focused on the sign as well. There was a mixture of excitement and disappointment in his expression. Based on what she knew about his mannerisms, he didn’t like the idea of waiting for things he was excited for. Additionally, it wasn’t hard to read his mind when he spoke it out loud.

    “Patience is a virtue,” Jade chimed in, waving her hand at her classmate with a small smile. “Hello, Ida. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was able to come here early.”
  3. Saraphina woke from her peaceful slumber with a slight jolt. The brunette yawned, throwing herself out of bed at 7:00, as she always does.

    Her green eyes squinted as she adjusted her drapes to let the morning light in. Saraphina adjusted to the light, brushing her hair and pulling it back with a headband.

    She got dressed for school. A simple dark green skort with a gray tee tucked into it, along with a light green jacket and her black backpack. Saraphina slipped into her combat boots and began to walk downstairs.

    "Good morning, Dad, " Saraphina whispered to a portrait on the wall.

    She grabbed a couple granola bars and some fruit snacks for the road and headed out the door. Her mom was never awake at this hour, so she didn't really see her in the mornings anyway.

    Normally, Saraphina skipped school. She found it a waste. She rarely attended full days of school, usually only going to one or two at best.

    But this week, she was on her best behavior. No way was she going to pass up an opportunity to travel farther than she ever had before, catch new Pokemon, and enjoy what the Kanto region had to offer.

    A couple of trainers were ahead of her. She vaguely knew them from the few classes she attended. Saraphina could identify their faces, but no name attached to them.
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  4. Ida looked over at Jade who was waving at him. "Oh, good morning Jade. You know I can't sit still when there are just a few more hours till our adventure begins! Now what do you think Oak's got planned for us?" He had a puzzled look but his face was smiling. "I know that the previous top three students would get a PokeDex of their own, but if he is changing up the tech of something, you think it has to do with the PokeDex?" As his many theories were popping up around him, he realized he was rambling on about that too much. "Oh, sorry. I don't think you like surprizes, do you?"
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  5. The questions that Ida asked echoed the ones she was asking herself. It was good to see there was someone else who wanted to know what exactly was going to happen today, albeit Ida looked much more excited than frustrated. Jade often felt like his behavior was akin to a puppy, pouncing at the first sign of adventure and potential fun. Something that she couldn’t understand even if she tried.

    “You are correct,” Jade responded, “I hate surprises. I truly hope it isn’t some pop quiz, those serve no other purpose than to waste time.” It was unlikely this was a quiz, however, considering a new technology was mentioned, as well as an outing of some sort.

    More and more young trainers began to pool around the bulletin board. One of which looked familiar. A girl that had been in a few of her classes. They’d never formally met, but Jade knew who she was.

    Saraphina Santos. Her name had been on the roster when they listed who was going to be in which class at the beginning of the semester.

    The fact that they’d never talked with one another could be attributed to how solitary the girl seemed.

    Jade understood. Most of her friends were social butterflies. She’d never actually make it a purpose to go out and talk to people, rather encounter a person that wanted to talk to her. Much like how she and Ida had become friends after working on a project together for class a few years ago, and they never really lost contact ever since.

    The current situation warranted a change in approach, however. Jade and Ida weren’t in the know as to what was happening, but perhaps Saraphina knew something.

    The tan trainer looked to Ida once more. “That girl over there, Saraphina, maybe she knows something.” She turned her attention to the introverted girl, then began to approach her.

    “Excuse me, Saraphina? Hi, I’m Jade.” She held out her hand in an almost robotic fashion. A bit of an awkward smile graced her lips, as she wasn't entirely used to introducing herself to strangers. “I wanted to see if you had any idea what was going on today. It seems the professor left some details out of his announcement.”
  6. When Jade left to go talk to someone else, he realized he should go somewhere else till school starts. He backs out from the small crowd and starts to head towards the lake downtown towards Route 21. He sits down by the side of the lake to rest and think over a few things. "School starts in a few minuets, so I got time. About this whole 'new schedule' thing he mentioned, maybe its best just to leave it be till I see it for myself." He paused to think for a bit. "Should I ask Jade if she wants to go on the journey with me? I mean, I can ask other people, but I think most people are going on their own." He takes a longer pause to think. "Ugh... what are you looking at?" A Poliwag was watching him talk to himself. "Fine, no matter what happens tomorrow or today, I might as well just ask and if she says no then its no biggy, I can always go on my own, worked out well so far." He laid back in the bench to wait out the remaining time.
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  7. Saraphina preened her hair anxiously as she continued down the path. She approached the board, straying just far enough away to avoid significant detection. Her eyes scanned the messy cursive hastily posted onto the board.

    "New schedule, eh? I can work with that," Saraphina thought. The adventurer appreciated a bit of chaos. She rarely planned much of her life anyway.

    The duo seemed to be looking more her way. She felt the odd, tingly sensation of her name being uttered. Saraphina looked up. One trainer began to approach her.

    The girl looked like your average student. Again, she had seen her before, but she never paid attention at school, much less the students who attended it. Her features blended together with everyone else she briefly saw.

    "Excuse me, Saraphina? Hi, I'm Jade."

    Saraphina shifted slightly in surprise. This girl, Jade, knew her name. She moistened her lips, feeling slightly bad for never caring enough to learn her name.

    "Well, it's never too late, " Saraphina thought.

    "Oh, good morning. Nice to meet you, Jade, " Saraphina politely responded. She avoided eye contact, moving her eyes past her awkward smile and to her shoulder.

    She gazed down at Jade's hand, inviting her to shake it. She automatically reached out her dominant hand before realizing it wouldn't work due to it being the wrong hand. The tips of her ears flushed pink.

    Saraphina inhaled sharply and shook her hand briefly, this time with the correct one before releasing her hand a second later, shoving it into a pocket.

    The girl, Jade, followed up with a question. Saraphina merely shrugged.

    "Um, I dunno. I mean, we'll find out eventually, so I don't really care about it that much, " she honestly responded. There were probably ways it would effect her in the long run, but hey, if it didn't matter now, it probably won't later.
  8. Bolero

    Bolero Previously Boleroofnoodles

    Charles is awakened by his own alarm clock: the roar of his mother's Persian
    He wears his clothes and goes down the stairs. in a chair was his backbag and a note on the writing desk:
    I had to go to the market, good luck on the first day of school.

    Leaving home
    a single Farfetch'd overfly the city
    he was going to a bakery would buy a piece of cake
    on the way he sees a man assaulting a Poké Mart
    he only wanted the pokebolas and nothing else when the man leaves he sees an "R" in his shirt, he comes out with his Sandslash
    Charles could not do anything left that simple store, walking finally he arrived at the bakery
    "A surprise of Johto please"
    He took the cake and left for school.
    he started thinking about the assault on the Poké Mart
    "I thought Pallet was quiet, but I see that until now it happens.
    in Hoenn were Magma and Aqua, what does the "R" in the shirt on that face mean? '

    Charles goes to school and finds three young people waiting for something or someone
    he analyzes the place before speaking to them, since it is his first time in that place. He sees a poster with Prof.Oak's photo in huge letters saying:
    "Come and get your initial today"
    in his head came:
    Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip

    after having analyzed enough, Charles will greet the young ones
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  9. A flock of Pidgeys flew above a large ranch house and the ensuing property around it, looking down upon the ground of the myriad of Pokémon, who are just waking up from their slumber. There isn't a whole lot of Pokémon, but the Darastrix Kids (which they were coined during their constant outings to Pewter City for groceries) were going to change this and make the ranch more lively than before... And add more responsibilities.

    It started off with alarms ringing all throughout the house. Some were already awake beforehand and had their's shut off. Others fell asleep too late due to their complications and slept through it, earning a shock or a pounce from their Pokémon to wake up. Being 5 o'clock AM, they were naturally a little grumpy and took a little longer, except for those who were already awake, who got their morning routine done quickly and left towards the kitchen downstairs.

    The house was quite large, and the rooms were no different. Some larger Pokémon would want to come in and relax with the family underneath some shelter and skylights invited wild and owned Bird Pokémon to fly through them and greet the family and get some food before flying off.

    An older woman, somewhere in her 40s, was standing at the kitchen making food for her seven children and her husband, who is in the basement working on a design that came to him in his sleep and working to see if it was practical enough to be made. The poor guy usually forgets to eat at times like this.

    First, the early birds, Miel, Catrina Shanordash Darastrix, and Lorenza Mustrava Darastrix walked downstairs and sat down at the sofa next to the kitchen and waited for their meals to be made. Catrina and Lorenza were twins, age 10, and were being homeschooled at the moment. After them came down the "sleepy heads", Pyros, Stror, and Poitoxi Drikog Darastrix, the baby of the group, age 9, and also being homeschooled.

    As the kids noticed that Shade was missing, Pyros was just about to retreat back upstairs to wake her up before they heard a loud zap and a yelp. Sighing and chuckling to himself, he (and the others), sat down in chairs and the sofa and await their food.

    Shade woke up with a jolt as she was zapped awake. Sighing and looking at the clock, it was a quarter after since her alarm. Groaning, she picked up Chu - who felt accomplished waking her up with a jolt - put her on her shoulder, and sped through her morning routine before going downstairs, to see her siblings were setting up the table and their mom setting down food.

    They all sat down and ate their food, without their father coming up to greet them. Naturally, the kids wanted to wait before they started eating, but they had chores to do. Luckily, they didn't have to do much, since it was the last day of schooling for all of them, with the four oldest (and the quadruplet) needing to leave soon.

    After they were done eating and putting the dishes away, they set off outside and looked around for things to do. A lot of them were already done for them, so they silently thanked their parents for that. After saddling up a Pidgeot and a Skarmory for flight (which were abnormally large and muscular to carry small children), Pyros, Miel, Stror, and Shade thanked their siblings and mother and gave them a hug. Their dad heard they were leaving, so he came up to see them off and hugged them all with a big bear hug. And took some food for his work downstairs with him.

    Smiling and waving to their parents, they got their backpacks, their Pokémon inside of their backpacks (with Miel's being in her Pokéball instead), and they all hopped on a bird, two on one bird for easier flight. With a few flaps, they were off.

    It was 6 when they left, and the two bird liked to ride the waves and not be in a hurry, so the four children smiled as the wind caressed their bodies before the final, big day. The worries and stress flew away and behind them, like the wind was relieving them of their worries. Being free and with Pokémon really made them feel good.

    After about two hours of flying over Pewter City, Viridian Forest, and Viridian City, they could see Pallet Town and the Professor's expansive lot. Smiling, they pushed forward on their birds to tell them to land, even though the Pokémon already knew where they were heading. Swooping down above the crowd and landing not too far off, the four kids slid off their Pokémon rides and gave them a hug, a treat, and a kiss before having them fly back home.

    All four of them walked towards the group, some were familiar, especially to Pyros and Stror, while others blurred with the everyday sighting of other humans, especially to Miel. Shade had a hard time forgetting a face anyway, but most of these faces didn't have a name. Being know-it-all introverts, it is likely most people haven't tried talking to Shade and Miel, or were put off by their attitude when they did. Pyros and Stror were rambunctious and goofballs, however, and most people knew them better than the other two. Some people who saw Pyros and Stror waved at them before continuing to gossip about what was going on.

    The four kids walked over to the bulletin and read what was on it. After reading it, Stror jumped up and down while exclaiming, "Ohh, surprises? I love surprises! How about you, Pyros?"

    "Eh, they're fun if they are good. Otherwise, it just depends," Pyros shrugged.

    "Maaan, what a party-pooper. You really are a grumplestin this morning, aren't you?" pouted Stror, who then regained his gusto as fast as it was lost. He then asked the other two. "Yo, Shade and Miel. What do you think of this surprise?"

    Miel and Shade just sighed and shook their heads, before Shade replied to Stror. She did so with a small smirk. "Well, I don't mind surprises. This particular one does sound fun. And we all know Miel isn't too fond of surprises, especially when they affect his success later in life."

    Miel nodded to agree with Shade.

    Stror sighed and put his hand on Miel's shoulder and pulled him into a side hug. "Brother, there are things that you just have to let go. Of course, it is way more difficult with what you have, but you can still try. And try not to think too far ahead, it might just make you more anxious. Just go with the flow."

    "I have tried, and being laid back is not for me. Sorry, Stror, but it would be best for me if I plan things out, so I don't forget," replied Miel, a little grumpily.

    Sighing and upset his pep talk didn't work, Stror let go of Miel's shoulder after giving him a brotherly squeeze and looked over at all the tall people. For some reason, his gusto and his slight ego make him feel taller than them all. But what caught his eye was the lonely soul over yonder by the start of Route 21. Smiling, he left the three of his siblings and ran off to make sure that man was okay.

    As he approached, he exclaimed brightly to him... From behind. "Ahoy, my man. How are you and why are you sitting here all alone? Worried about the schedule thing, too?" From the excitement, a small roly-poly Pokémon, a Togedemaru, peeked out of Stror's bag and looked at Ida with a curious look.

    Meanwhile, Pyros, Miel, and Shade rolled their eyes as Stror left them and looked over to see some guy greeting them all. Miel was too shy to respond, but Shade and Pyros smiled and waved, with Pyros talking for all three of them. Pyros remembered his name being Charles or something like that.

    "Why, yes we are quite fine. Although, we have something new happening, as explained by the board, which has got some of us worried."

    Shade and Miel nodded in agreement. Pyros's and Shade's backpacks began to vibrate and noises could be heard from them. The zippers unzipped and from them, a Pokémon emerged from each of the two backpacks. A Pichu popped out of Shade's and a Charmander popped out of Pyros's. Miel's Pokéball on his belt began to vibrate and a small Lapras escaped from it. Sensing his discomfort, she nudged her head into his shoulder, which then calmed him down a bit.
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  10. Ida looked over his shoulder and smiled when he noticed the kid. "No way am I worried! I just came here to think. It is interesting that the people going on their Pokemon journey are getting something completely new compared to other years." He looked over at the kid and took notice to the Pokemon that had popped out from his backpack. "Woah! Is that Togedemaru yours!?" He starred at the Pokemon in amazement. "Come to think of it, I think I have seen you around here before. I would have gotten one if it weren't for the whole, 'With great power comes great responsibility' stuff..." He stopped his rambling to save the kid from getting an ear full." Hey by the way, are you one of those students who can be recommended for an early journey? I heard it is really hard to do something like that."
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  11. Stror smiled and nodded ecstatically. "Pokémon do take a lot of responsibility, but I am alright with taking care of a lot of them. My siblings and I grew up on a ranch, where my mom also homeschooled us. The stuff she was teaching us were subjects taught to high school kids, so by the time we turned 11, she set my two bros and my sis and I over here to gain some social skills. Our behaviors may not seem like we are adequate enough for an adventure, but we have gone through Pokémon birthing and dying in our arms before. Nothing in this adventure will be new besides the thrill of seeing such cool things," catching his breath a bit, he continued while motioning over to his Pokémon. "Also, this is Dédé, my Togedemaru. He is quite serious, but I wouldn't have him be any other way. He is my birth Pokémon, so we have been with each other for all of our lives."

    Hearing the praise, Dédé smiled happily and his cheeks sparked due to happiness. Giving the little Pokémon a rub on the cheek and feeling the tingling sensation on his fingers through the happy sparking, he looked back over to Ida and continued. "Well, if I had wanted to go on an adventure when I am older, I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. Going now while we are still young will teach us things we were never taught before, which is saying something. Mother used to be a Biology teacher and a substitute teacher after she quit being full-time, so we know a whole lot about different kinds of Pokémon. Our father, when he wasn't busy with his work, would teach us how to battle and techniques and strategies. Finding something new that I could use in the future is my personal goal besides catching Pokémon that suits my fancy."

    Dédé, although happy he got attention, was staring at Stror and wondering if he would ever shut up.... He was a talker, after all. Although, he couldn't blame him. Stror was pretty excited.
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  12. Ida nodded and noticed Dédé's expressions. "Hey, well either way it seems like you know your way around Pokemon. I am kind of a nerd when it comes to the details and effects Pokemon have during battles. The real trick is letting your Pokemon express themselves when in battle and let them find the best opening to an opponent." He jabbed the air and grinned. "Then, when that part is done, it is smooth sailing from there. In future battles, your Pokemon will not need to rely on you for special moves and can almost predict what you want them to do. This obviously varies depending on if you have a more intelligent Pokemon and not a Slowpoke. Dédé is a great example of a strong and intelligent Pokemon." He smiled at Dédé. "But some Togedemaru go out of control when rolling around, no offence." He glanced down at his watch for a moment. "Oh, would you look at how time flies, it is almost time for school. Oh, and my name is Ida by the way, nice to meet you." He held out his hand to the kid.
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  13. Stror listened to Ida with an interested look on his face. It was apparent he had never heard this advice before. "Wow... You see, when Dédé and I fight together, I usually go with how he wants to battle or if he is up to battle anyone at the moment. Mainly because my Pokémon seems to get grumpy if I embarrass him sometimes, but eh," he shrugged before continuing. "I have adapted fairly nicely. Sometimes though, you have to take over and do your preferred way of having them battle if it is different from their's, as their strategy may not be effective in that circumstance. With some of our Pokémon in the ranch, we teach them how to hunt and find food for themselves and how to protect themselves, so they can fend off wild predators and find their own food when we can't take care of them," finally finished adding his two cents on battling, Stror looked over to Dédé and smiled at him. "Awww, you are getting so many praises, little bud," he rubbed his cheek affectionately, which earned him a smile and happy zaps.

    When Dédé did hear about some Togedemaru losing control, he raised a brow at Ida in a confused fashion. Seems like he didn't have any troubles controlling himself.

    Stror caught on to Dédé's emotion and explained to Ida about it. "Oh, I think we got that handled. We trained a lot in the past week, a lot more than usual. If it's one thing that Dédé will allow when I'm hyper is training vigorously, and he'll even join me if he wanted to. Although, I do see the point you make. Dédé sacrificed power for control, so we got to train him more to bring back that power."

    After Ida exclaimed about the time, Stror smiled and looked up at Ida as he shook his hand and introduced himself. "I'm Strorgos, but you may call me Stror. And you have already heard Dédé's name several times," he chuckled. "Oh, my two brothers and my sister are here. My sister's name is Shadara, but we call her Shade. That guy with the flaming hair, yea?" He acknowledged while pointing them out. "His name is Pyroshu, but we call him Pyros. The guy with the blue hair is Mielshtrix, but we call him Miel."

    Feeling pressed for time, Dédé hopped out of the bag he was in and started rolling towards the group, electricity arcing at the ground as he rolled quickly. Chuckling, Stror motioned for Ida to keep up and started jogging. "Come on, we wouldn't want to be late. Dédé's got the right idea."
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  14. Perfect.

    At least, until the wind blew. It chilled him to his core.

    'Ready for Spring,' Tobias thought to himself, pulling his thin red and black hooded shirt closer to his body. It had been stupid, of course. Wearing such an airy shirt on a chilly morning. He figured the long sleeves would be enough. Not even close. It didn't help that he was also wearing shorts, though his legs never got too cold.

    Approaching him on the sidewalk was the Running Man. The same running man Tobias saw every morning on his way to school. And every morning, Tobias found a small joy in seeing the man's Pokemon- a Rockruff. From the Alolan Islands.

    One day.

    Tobias gave a quick wave to the running man, who responded in kind. Rockruff gave a quick yip as she passed. Tobias turned to see them turn around a corner.

    It was okay. He was nearly to school. To his rebirth. The beginning of his life. Completely open-ended, even from the start. If what he had heard was correct, he'd get to choose nearly any starter. Maybe even a Poliwag. A Pokemon he'd seen several times growing up. On Southern Docks. Playing with them alongside friends.

    Tobias arrived at his school, head in the clouds. He wandered right past the school board, and looked around the group of students gathered to see the Darastrix siblings, Ida, Jade, Saraphina, and Charles. They were all involved in conversation, except for Charles. A nice kid, from Tobias's experience.

    Tobias started the conversation with a small nod to Charles, "You ready for this whole... thing?"
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  15. The slight mix-up in which hand to shake with brought a little relief to Jade, though her stern expression didn’t really show it. Her gaze always made it seem like she was scrutinizing someone’s mistakes, when in actuality she found it nice to see there were others who faced similar issues that she faced.

    “Right. I guess it was a bit of a silly question,” Jade responded with a grimace. She put her hand on her chin thoughtfully. “I just wish he would’ve left us more details. How can anyone plan what to do next without knowing exactly what’s on our agenda?”

    With a defeated sigh, Jade closed her eyes. “Oh well. You’re right. I guess the only way I’ll find out is by waiting for the professor himself.”

    Slipping her hands into her pockets, Jade opened her eyes and looked at her classmate again. “At any rate, it’s still nice to make your acquaintance.”

    Jade looked back and noticed that Ida had wandered elsewhere. It looked like the familiarity of one of her friends was no longer available as a safe haven to return to. Or, moreso, she couldn’t return to her comfort zone, and was in a spot where she needed to make conversation the best she could.

    “So, does your family own any Pokemon? I have two sisters who each have their own...and two brothers that have their own as well.” Jade chuckled, showing her palms, “and, I kid you not, my sisters have an Ekans and an Arbok, and my brothers both have their own Sevipers. My family has a bit of a snake obsession for some reason.”
  16. Saraphina nodded along to Jade's words quietly. She didn't really know what to do with her hands, so she settled for awkwardly fiddling with the zipper of her jacket, zipping it up and down. Looking out of the corner of her eye, she could see the trainers around her were beginning to trickle out, likely heading to class.

    The conversation soon shifted topics. Saraphina directed her attention back to the conversation. She mentally sighed. This was part of why she didn't care for interaction. Her brain was too scattered and all over the place. Saraphina felt like her thoughts were tangible objects flying around her head. She snapped out of it again and focused on answering the question.

    "Oh, um, my mom just has the family Herdier. My brother moved out, but he usually had his Raticate, " Saraphina responded, the corner of her mouth up turning at the familiar memories.

    "Can we, uh, carry this conversation as we walk?" She asked politely, partly so they could get to the lab, partly because awkward small talk was possibly one of the worst situations to be in.

    "After all, wouldn't want to be late."

    Saraphina almost laughed aloud with her statement. Her 'unexcused absences' reached double digits, and her tardies were even higher, so it's not like it would be unfamiliar to her. She shook off the thought and turned back to Jade.
  17. Seeing people trickling in, Pyros waved goodbye to Charles and grabbed a hold of Shade's and Miel's hand, giving them a lifeline for them both to move. Miel returned Laplace and kissed her Pokéball before allowing Pyros to drag him and Shade along with the crowd.

    What felt like a small ball hit Pyros's foot and he looked down, seeing Dédé had rolled into him, and is now holding onto his pant leg. Looking over, he saw Stror jogging up to them and finally slowed to a walk. The energetic, yellow boy looked back to see if Ida was close by, but Shade took a hold of his hand as a safety thing and had dragged him along into the crowd. Because of how small they all were and being intrinsically linked like quadruplets would be, they made their way almost to the front of the crowd, dodging and weaving between people, detaching the grip from each other momentarily before rejoining when they could.

    Once inside the building, they found their usual seats in their own, small homeroom and sat down. They didn't take their backpacks off, since they had a feeling they wouldn't be needing them. Their Pokémon on the other hand decided they wanted to come out a play. Zarda the Charmander, Dédé the Togedemaru, Chu the Pichu, and Laplace the Lapras left their confines and began rough housing and playing with each other near the four kids. The kids awaited patiently in the meantime (and for Miel and Shade, a little anxiously) for the announcement made by the teacher.
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  18. As the ice had cracked in their conversation, Jade simply watched intently. She watched Saraphina like a chessboard, with their words being the various pawns and bishops that got exchanged. There was a rugged rhythm to this conversation, and Jade was already trying to figure out what she was going to say next.

    “Herdier? I’ve never seen that pokemon before. Then again, I’ve never even seen a raticate. Only rattata, really.”

    Jades hands found their way into her pockets again. She nodded her head solemnly at Sara’s suggestion to walk and talk.

    “Absolutely. I almost lost track of time. Don’t want to be late for class, now.”

    Jade started walking, then proceeded to make her next move in their conversation. She tried to crack the ice even further, hoping to eventually break it. “I have to admit, though, when I get my first pokemon, it will be anything but a snake-like one. Ugh, if I ever choose to keep a snake pokemon, I hope you’ll knock some sense into me. Honestly. I’ve seen enough of them to last me many lifetimes.”

    She offered her best impression of a friendly smile, before letting it sink back into her serious frown. “Do you have any pokemon that you’d adore to own one day?”

    Jade was beginning to feel like a questionnaire. She was one step away from asking Saraphina’s favorite color, or what type of ice cream she preferred. The questions felt a little desperate to keep conversation afloat. She only hoped that it wasn’t something that her new acquaintance picked up on.
  19. Wilson Redfield found himself seated at the back of a classroom, observing the rest of the students enter the room and organize themselves. Some he recognized, and others he didn’t. Regardless of his familiarity with them, he still passed the seemingly endless minutes of silence only interrupted by low chatter and the scrape of chalk against the blackboard by finishing a series of notes he had been writing for an essay concerning the possibilities of inherent differences and similarities within social tendencies of the different types of Pokemon, and if there were common instincts that could be attributed to their basic nature, type, or a mixture of both.

    Though he found it quite fascinating to simply mull over such aspects himself, more immediate matters concerned Wilson as well. Daniel had oddly enough refused to eat breakfast, and so Wilson was slowly inserting bits of food into his backpack, which were then consumed by a round, finned shape inside. It would have been quite a queer sight for those who decided to take a closer look at the belongings of the boy.

    Wilson had always arrived to class early - it allowed him to observe and think more. And within the obstreperous limits of a school day, time to think and observe was a rather precious commodity. As he fed the Spheal, he wondered if it would be advisable to look further into the possibilities of dietary anomalies within the Pokemon, though eventually reasoned against it as he was struggling to keep his head above the water within his endless mix of mandatory and self imposed projects.

    Once finished with the notes, Wilson resorted to observing the girls across the classroom in their conversations. Though he resented having to look as if he was staring, he has nothing better to do, and besides, class was about to start. He glanced up to the clock to confirm his assumption, and once again was lost in another tsunami of thought…
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  20. The sun shone onto Steven's face as he laid on his bed. It was calm and peaceful until suddenly, Steven felt a burst of electricity fill his body for a brief moment. "Hey! What's the big idea?!" Steven exclaimed looking around his room for the culprit until he looked down to see a Pikachu glaring at him with his alarm clock in her hands. The clock read "6:30 AM". "OH SHOOT, I overslept! Oh my goodness I'm gonna be late for class! Ugh, what's wrong with me?!"

    Steven leaps out of bed and heads straight for the bathroom. There, he splashes water and toothpaste all over the place as he makes probably the saddest attempt to brushing your teeth you could imagine. After leaving that room, he makes his way to the bedroom, where he changes out of his PJ's into his classic yellow sweater and blue jeans, making sure to get Peanut out of the room.

    Now Steven, practically falling down the stairs at this point, made his way to the kitchen, where he saw his lunch in the plastic bag his grandma left him before she left for work. He threw it into his backpack along with other essentials. "Cmon Peanut, if we're lucky we can make it before the 1st bell!"

    Steven, with Peanut on his shoulder, grabbed his map and searched for the Pokemon school. "Alright, if we take this route, we can make it in no time! Let's go Peanut!". Steven dashed through a route of grass while avoiding the wild pidgey and rattata attacking his feet. 'I'm sorry! It's just gonna happen this once, trust me!" Steven proclaims at the wild pokemon as he runs towards the approaching building.

    Steven sprinted with all his might through the front door and looks at his schedule. "Uhhh where's first class? I guess this one?" Steven hurried into the classroom and yelled with delight "I MADE IT!!". He quickly realized he had yelled for no good reason, and on top of that, he was missing a shoe. Peanut facepalmed as she swiftly returned to her Pokeball, inside steven's backpack.
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  21. Ida saw people heading inside and he decided it would be wise to join them. He passed by Jade and the others as he went to through the door of the school. He made his way to his locker to pick up his notes for today. He had a notebook specifically for the notes on his journey, but he is starting his pre-notes for today. He closed his locker and went to his homeroom. When he stepped into the "right classroom" he saw that Wilson was as early as ever. He sat down in his seat in front of Wilson and put his bag down. He turned around and looked at Wilson with a sarcastic look. "As early as ever, eh? I will just assume you read the board and had some time to think that over, so what do you think will be on our schedule today?" He felt like he was asking that too much but it is an honest question, anything could happen this time around.
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  22. One of Professor Oak's students, Tom, had only just woken up at eight o'clock, and reading the time on the alarm clock banished his tiredness: or what he could feel of it, and pumped adrenaline through his body. His parents had already gone out, just like they did every morning at every six. It sounds stupid that he didn't wake up at that time, but as a teenager he'd just be feeling tired, and usually would wake up at seven: the boat ride took ten minutes and Tom preferred to get there early so he could reduce conversation.

    It was twenty minutes past eight by the time Tom had gotten out of the house, and another ten to walk through the town. The boy hated walking through towns, and it wasn't because of interaction: nobody (except for his relatives) on the entire Cinnabar Island knew much of him anyways, but it was because of the Pokemon he saw. As a younger child, his parents had lots of Pokemon, but he'd had to experience all twelve of them passing away, and his parents still felt grief about the whole thing. His mum and dad were both Pokemon Trainers who had been to the Indigo Plateau and challenged whatever trials lead up to there, and they didn't want to get any more Pokemon because they felt like it was wrong to do so, and Tom hadn't (and couldn't, it included human interaction) known a Pokemon in ages.

    For two reasons mentioned previously, to have Pokemon and follow his family's footsteps, he wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer. His parents had no thoughts against it, and it was just a matter of time before Tom could receive his first Pokemon's footsteps.

    After going through Kanto's Route 21, connecting his hometown and Pallet Town, where he went to school, Tom wasn't feeling anything out of the ordinary: even though for him, that was isolation. He'd arrived at the school, and read the bulletin board.
    'A new schedule... new tech? We get to test out new tech.. from the one and only Professor Oak.. that's amazing.'. Tom had said his thoughts aloud, yet quietly and to himself: if anyone heard, that would be a merit on their hearing skills.

    Now in the class, Tom edged across the walls to avoid detection from people like Ida, and to his seat at the back right corner. He pulled out his sketchbook, his phone, and began to create a drawing of Scorbunny, a Pokemon he'd only recently heard of.
  23. As Ida spoke to him, Wilson was sufficiently snapped out of his self imposed trance. He was lightly startled, though quickly recouped his dignity and turned towards the other boy, quickly looking him over. “Yeah, I guess.” He replied somewhat curtly to the first inquiry, turning the cover of his notebook over and slipping it into his backpack. The boy hastily returned Daniel into his Pokeball, and placed his hands onto his desk. It was something he had read - if people can see each others hands, then they can have a conversation with more naturally occurring trust.

    You’re delaying the conversation.
    Wilson quickly reminded himself, before running a hand through his light red hair out of habit.

    “Ah, well, I mean - maybe physical education?” He shrugged. “I don’t know. You have any idea?” He asked, with a somewhat reserved inflection in his voice. “I guess I didn’t really divert too much attention over there. I’ve had, uh, other, more embarrassing things to deal with?” Wilson motioned towards the Pokeball in his backpack, where crumbs of pokemon food rested sporadically. He zipped it up quickly, before looking towards the blackboard - prepared for another day in academia. The final brick in the wall of the year.
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  24. He thought again about what it would most likely be and then he grinned. "I have been thinking about it a lot so at this point, I am giving up on it. Whatever he has planned must be interesting to post about it." He saw another kid walk in and seemed to stay close to the wall which he thought was weird, but that is what Tom does most of the time. He decided to end to conversation short sense he was already too tired to make conversation. "Well, whatever it is, I hope it is worth it." He turned back around to face the front of his desk and then slouched down in his desk. He thought to himself of the many things that won't happen and went from there.

    "Maybe things will work out fine, but I don't know if I can keep up with people who already have Pokemon. I submitted my form for the Pokemon I want and I read up on it enough to know what I should do to bond with it more. But what if it does not work out?"
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  25. Steven made his way to his usual seat Steven thought about how excited he was to finally become an official Pokemon trainer! He would be able to travel the region, make new friends, and catch tons of new Pokemon buddies! The thought of it excited him so much, he nearly forgot where exactly his seat was.

    While Steven did like to consider himself an extrovert, he found himself alone in a train of thought more often than not. But that didn't matter today. He was ready for whatever exam that was coming his way, nothing was gonna stop him from being a Pokemon Trainer! "Aren't you excited to finally be a Pokemon trainer? It's gonna be amazing!!" Steven said excitingly to a girl that walked by him. She rolled her eyes and started walking by faster. "I guess not everyone is as excited as I am"
  26. As Wilson sat in his seat, staring at the surface of his desk and awaiting class to truly begin, he felt a nagging feeling of boredom. Of grinding familiarity. He had occupied himself sufficiently, but it was as if the world suddenly froze. Nothing moved, and the echo of tapping of pencil against desk suddenly ceased. Ida had stopped shifting in front of him. This wasn't normal, was it? Wilson tried to look up to the blackboard, to see some kind of confirmation that he wasn't seeing things, but his head wouldn't arise. When he moved his hands his actions felt fuzzy, irresponsive. Almost like he was blurring into the air. He felt like he was dreaming, but he couldn't be - he had perfect memory of his previous actions.

    "Wilson? Hey, Wilson." A voice spoke suddenly, a male voice - a melody of comfort, almost. It was familiar to Wilson. Painfully familiar, just like the classroom. He waited. Wilson brought his head up to the side, and it willfully did so. There was no resistance when he attempted to move this time. His classmates in the foreground seemed nearly nonexistent, they were so out of focus of his overall perception.

    The boy that Wilson saw was in early adulthood, with such a striking resemblance to Wilson that he almost looked like an exact projection of the boy, just with more manly features. A warm grin was stretched across his face.

    Wilson knew this man.

    It's not real.

    "Why are you so scared of me, Wilson?"

    Wilson tried to divert his eyes, to look down. But he couldn't. He was paralyzed.

    Snap out of it.

    The grin stretched farther.

    "It wasn't your fault, Wilson."

    It's not real, it's not real, IT'S NOT REAL.

    "We'll talk later."

    Just like that, Quinn Redfield disappeared, and Wilson was alone. Sitting in his seat. In his class. With his classmates. The beginning of tears stung his eyes, and Wilson sniffed them back. The world returned into focus. He ran shaking fingers through his hair rapidly. Just focus on the board. Daniel. Think about Daniel. He breathed in and out, and the jitters slowly were extracted from the young trainers limbs. Everything would be normal. Normal, as always.

    Familiarity wasn't so bad after all.
  27. As the four Pokémon played with each other at the back of the class, with the three smaller Pokémon using Laplace as a sentient gym, the four kids greeted the teacher, who just came in from the bathroom and the office for a stack of papers.

    The middle-aged teacher was short, had reddish-brown hair, freckles, and wore glasses for his short-sighted green eyes. He was wearing a researcher's usual garb with a brown dress shirt and a dark red tie, dark brown slacks, black shoes, and a white lab coat. He set his stack of research papers on his desk and fixed his tie while greeting the kids back with a "hey there, guys". His cheery voice filling up the room with excitement and joy.

    He walked over and took a chair that was in front of their table and sat in it backwards, using the back of the chair as support for his weary back and folded his arms over the chair, so it doesn't dig into his chest.

    "How was your guys' day?" He smiled at them, his slightly crooked teeth giving off warmth.

    Shade was, surprisingly, the first one to talk out of the four and smiled at the man. "We have been good. Our Pokémon and ourselves are as healthy as ever. What was this thing that Professor Oak alluded to on the bulletin outside?" Shade looked up at the man with an inquisitive and curious look.

    Chuckling, the man leaned back a bit before going back to his usual position. "Ahh, Shade. You know I can't tell secrets. You'll just have to wait and see. Besides, it will be fun, and you won't need to worry about it. It is nothing that will impact your futures too terribly." He waved a dismissal hand to help ease a bit off of Miel's shoulders before continuing. "We have a bit of time before the bell rings, and you four are already caught up on a lot of things. I have game boards for you four. Want one? I got Uno, Slapjack, Sorry!, and-"

    As soon as he said their favorite game, the four kids shouted "SORRY!"

    Chuckling, the man got up and got the game board out from the back wall behind his desk in a cupboard, and gave the game set to the four kids. He told them "Have fun" before going to his research papers and proofreading them before he gives these to the Professor.

    Stror, the second most curious one after Shade, asked "What are those about?" The game board and the pieces were already set. The blue color was Squirtle and were Miel's pieces, green being Bulbasaur and were Shade's pieces, red being Charmander and were Pyros's pieces, and yellow being Pikachu and were Stror's pieces.

    The man smiled over at them and wanted to reaffirm with a question, and pointed to the papers he was reading over. "These?"

    Stror nodded, while Miel moved his piece first.

    "Well," started the teacher. "I did my research on the different variations of the same species of Pokémon from different regions. Pidgeys that live in the Kanto region are more suited for the grub and seeds here, so their beaks are more stubbed and hooked to grab these food choices easier. In areas where Bug-Types are scarce, the tips of their beaks are sharper to catch small rodents or their beaks are even stubbier, and they use those to eat seeds or fruit."

    Stror, as did the rest of the kids, found that completely fascinated. As Stror got his answer, the four of them continued playing with giggles and groans of defeat as their pieces were sent back, with the teacher finishing up his papers and the Pokémon in the back giggling and having fun roughhousing with each other.
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  28. Bolero

    Bolero Previously Boleroofnoodles

    Charles stopped simulating his conversation with the three when he realized that more had come.
    "It was for me to stop going to the moon when I imagine".
    after part of analyzing each line of thought, the nervous part was taking over.
    everyone was talking
    and no one noticed or talked to him since they were talking to people more interresting than he
    visually sweaty he passed by the others and sat on the sofa.

    he opened his backpack, picked up his cell phone and saw the photo his older brother sent him from Sinnoh with a Salamence, Raichu, and a Lucario
    passing he saw the other photos that his brother sent:
    Snowpoint with an Abomasnow (probably his)
    a photo from above Canalave City
    after wasting time with the photos he pulls a 1999 collectible from Squirtle
    "I've already spent a lot of time choosing and I'm going to choose you. I hope Blaziken is well".

    After spending some time imagining. His nervous part disappeared
    Come back when someone comes to talk to him.
  29. Ida heard the first bell alarm go off and he realized the announcement will happen soon. He saw someone enter through the door, and it was the one and only Prof. Oak. He raided his hand for silence and then cleared his throat. "Good morning class, you all know what day it is! The first thing I want to say is that most of you passed for being eligible for going on a Pokemon Journey. The rest of you who didn't pass the exam will have to re-take it over the summer." The class was still silent and one kid had a look of disappointment on his face. "Now I would like the students who already have Pokemon to head to the outdoor fields and stay there till Prof. Elm tells you what to do. The students who don't have a Pokemon will follow me and come to the front of the school. Everyone got that?"

    In the other homeroom, another Professor walks in. That is Prof. Elm. "Hello everyone, I am going to split you up into groups now, I need to be in the field with the others soon and I need to pick up a few others before that. The people who have Pokemon follow me, and those who don't will meet Prof. Oak at the entrance to go get yours." After a mouth full of talking, he took a deep breath.

    The teacher in Rastrixen's classroom took notice of the bell and looked at the kids. "Alright, it is time for you four to go. Prof. Elm will meet you at the back exit to the school towards the field. I have no idea what those two are up to but I wish you luck." He smiled and started to pack up everything in the room.
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  30. Tobias stood up, now in the classroom, as his legs began to shake. He had this. For sure. If he could balance home, work, and social life for years, this was nothing to be afraid of. Heck, this was lifting a burden off his shoulders. As a trainer, the only work you did was with your Pokemon. And NO SCHOOL!!

    Still, Tobias couldn't shed that feeling of uncertainty as he walked back to the front of the school. Who? Who would accompany him on this trek into obscurity. Could he lay that task on any one Pokemon?

    'Professor Oak will answer my questions,' Tobias thought to himself repeatedly, 'I have nothing to worry about.'

    He reached the front of the school, nervously rubbing his hands together, though it may have given off the illusion of a mad scientist.
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  31. Professor Oak had now walked into the classroom nearly instantly after the bell, and began issuing instructions to follow him before the questions that had been handed out had been answered.

    Although, Tom could tell one thing. They were getting Pokemon. As soon the instruction was given, Tom launched upwards off his seat, swung around grabbing his book and bag, placing the former into the latter and darting to the front of the classroom to follow behind Professor Oak.

    It was so amazing at how... .finally, he would be able to have his first Pokemon! And, following that, it was finally time to be setting off on a journey and live up to what he wanted: beating the league with his team- no, family of Pokemon!
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  32. Hearing the bell and the explanation from the teacher, the kids smiled and put away the board game quickly before packing their backpacks with their Pokémon (with Miel returning Laplace, as she was too big to fit in his backpack).

    The four Darastrix kids said goodbye to the teacher before holding each other's hands and walking out towards the back of the school. Wondering what's going to happen, they found their way to the exit, waiting for Professor Elm and the rest of the kids with their Pokémon to arrive. They leaned up against the wall, holding their Pokémon out of their backpacks (except Miel's) in their arms and calmly waited. They were silent, as they didn't want to break the silence.
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