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Open Town Of Restless Mystery {Discussion}

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by waluigipinball, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Dieu Town, situated in Kalos, is a town many do no know of. It isn't on any maps, but if you look hard enough off the beaten path, you will find it. It is a town shrouded in mystery, and a place many do not visit, even though it is rather populated. There seems to be an energy around it- an energy that calls to those nearby, and draws them in- however, they aren't always good people. Remnants of Team Flare still linger, and they are said to be slowly kidnapping residents of Dieu Town, to inquire about the strange things that keep happening there. 'Pokémon' people have never seen before, destruction in the nearby forest that no Pokémon could have caused, and supernatural happenings with no reasonable explanation- whatever it is, something here is not right...

    ★ RULES ★
    ★ regular pokécharms rules apply- if you continuously break them, i will request your removal.
    ★ romance is allowed because i'm a sucker for it, but keep it pg- nothing beyond a passionate kiss.
    ★ on the topic of romance, please allow for it to develop first before getting into anything. don't have two characters get together after knowing each other for like, a day.
    ★ your character can come from any region as long as there is a legitimate reason as to why they're in kalos.
    ★ don't be really edgy. if you're like, an emo kid who only wears black, who has a rare pokémon that is all-black with blood red eyes, who is looking to avenge their dead parents and is a huge jerk to everyone, then i'm not going to accept you
    ★ on that topic, of course your character can be a jerk, but if you are oocly being horrible to people then get off my lawn
    ★ please don't make things all about your character all the time. allow other people to have fun in the spotlight.
    ★ please include the codeword 'japanese dijon' to prove you read these!
    ★ please only one shiny per person, and no fakemon!
    ★ minor body mods are allowed, like eye colour changes or hairstyles on pokémon, but nothing major- like, I'm not gonna let you have an electric-blue pikachu
    ★ please read bios and posts before interacting with characters.


    Visitor or resident:


    Nickname: (optional)
    Moveset: (not limited to 4 moves)

    Name: She doesn't know her name, and goes by Julian, as it is the only name she can remember.
    Age: Appears to be around 17-19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Appearance: Julian has long, white, pearlescent hair, white eyelashes, and white eyebrows. She has deep purple eyes and tanned white skin. She has a distinctive scent of rosemary and incense, and her hair is adorned with many beads, and two or three odd strands are braided, with small feathers dangling from where they are tied. Julian wears a long, deep purple cloak, with intricate mandala designs in gold etched all over it. Under her cloak (which is not often seen) she wears a loose, white shirt and brown leggings, with thigh-high tan boots. Her build is quite petite, as she often does not focus on physical strength.
    Personality: Julian is enigmatic and cryptic, not because she is inherently like that, but because she enjoys making people guess. She enjoys fortune telling, making herbal mixtures and especially tarot cards. She asks the cards before making any sort of decision, greatly enjoys giving people readings, and claims she can hear the cards speak to her. She also claims to have dreams of the future, something which she does not enjoy and often complains about. Though, she tends not to show extreme emotions; when she is happy, she smiles, though will not celebrate her happiness, she doesn't show excitement or anger, she doesn't show extreme sadness or love. She is socially intelligent and very in-tune with people's feelings, though doesn't have much of an academic brain and hates any sort of school-related thing.
    Backstory: Awoke to find herself and her only Pokémon, Chimes, in a forest near Dieu Town. She knows nothing of her past and bears a fragmented mind. When she awoke, there were three things in her bag- a vial of glow-in-the-dark purple liquid, a bag of herbs and incense, and a deck of tarot cards.
    Visitor or resident: Visitor, though is staying in a hotel long-term.

    Nickname: Chimes
    Species: Litwick
    Gender: Male

    Appearance:Normal Litwick, though his flame glows bright purple when excited or happy.
    Personality: Friendly, lively, and social, except when Julian is in danger- then he gets pissed. However, he isn't very good at being intimidating.
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Moveset: Astonish, Endeavour, Fire Spin, Minimize, Night Shade, Confuse Ray

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  2. Name: Stephen Voung
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Appearance: He's fairly young looking for an adult, and has fairly short black hair pale skin and brown eyes, and being pretty short himself, but he does work out a fair bit so he does have decently defined muscles
    Personality: He's very quiet but when he does speak he's pretty blunt about it, but just because he seems cold doesn't mean he doesn't have moments of childish behaviour around close friends and his pokemon. While it may seem like he's lazy he just works himself to the bone causing him to want to sleep more often. Once he sets his mind on something there isn't much you can do to distract him or to get him to not go through with what he has planned. Also Japanese Dijon isn't a thing he likes too much
    Backstory: Wesley heard about the town from the grape vine of gossiping people and decided to try and find the town himself and if the whole thing about this place was true he was going to find out why or if not he'd at least know the truth.
    Visitor or resident: Visitor
    Pokémon: His pokemon right now is a sole Lilpup named Holly
    Other: While he's a traveler he doesn't really have an ultimate goal, such as to be the best trainer or coordinator etc.


    Nickname: Holly
    Species: Lilpup
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Holly is a crossbreed between a Furfrou and a Stoutland. So he does have noticeably curlier fur which seems to grow out faster.
    Personality: Holly is a spoilt pup even if his trainer denies it. Loving it when he's pampered or petted. Although he's not a fan of those who don't notice how amazing he is and although he can fight and hold his own sometimes he won't if he sees the enemy as weaker than him, putting on a fearful act to get his trainer to make sure he doesn't fight this pokemon he's looking down on.
    Ability: Pick Up
    Moveset: Charm, Sand Attack, Baby Doll Eyes, Tackle, Oder Sleuth, Bite, Leer,
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  3. Name: Yune Salas

    Age: 19

    : male

    : questioning

    : Yune more or less resembles an overdressed beanstalk - at 1.9 meters his head is quite well acquainted with low-hanging lights and minuscule door-frames, and his disturbingly thin frame doesn't help the fact that he ends up as the butt of many tree and toothpick jokes. Despite having the appetite of a Swalot, his metabolism obviously also likes to take the piss out of his build as it refuses to let him put on any more weight. He doesn't exactly remember the last time he weighed himself (it was after a pretty bad fall after which he had to be hospitalized), but he distinctively remembers Nurse Joy worryingly telling him the directions of the nearest communal cafeteria - the all-you-can-eat type.

    His face is slender, elongated, with a high nose bridge and slightly slanted speckled hazel green eyes that has earned him several comparisons to the Russian Furfrous his mother used to breed. His eyebrows are thin and almost nonexistent, which bothers him from time to time, especially since his face in general has little to no masculine traits. His lips are a fleshy, pale pink color, by default set in an almost-frowning position although Yune will assure you multiple times that he's not upset, it's just his face that's a bit wack.

    His hair is bleached white, a bit fried at the tips because Arceus knows Yune is horrible at the whole taking-care-of-yourself thing, and that includes his hair that he's been religiously bleaching since he was twelve. He doesn't really care that it could potentially fall out completely one day, the only important thing is that not a single strand of his naturally ginger hair comes trough. It's styled into a sort of fluffy, messy pixie cut which he has a habit of teasing with his hands constantly (a nervous tic he still has to get rid off), so it's not unusual to see him with a new hair arrangement every twenty-ish minutes.

    As for clothes, his wardrobe mainly consists of thin flannels under earth-toned pullovers, formal-ish skinny jeans and knee-length coats that he had used as a makeshift blanket on multiple occasions. His favorite one is woven from gray Furfrou fur - ethically sourced from his mother, of course, and adorned with gold-plated buttons that make him look like a modern and taller take on Napoleon. It's by far the most expensive item he owns as he generally sticks to second hand shops for the rest of his clothes, and one of the two only items from his past he refuses to part from, the other being the gold spiked hoop he wears on his right ear. Both were a gift from his late mother for his eighteenth birthday and hold a lot of sentimentality in them.

    On his right wrist is a stick-and-poke tattoo of a fleur-de-lis, which he generally covers with a wristwatch (he's left-handed and prefers his watches on his right hand anyways), and his left shoulder has an array of oddly-shaped scars that scatter and stretch to the middle of his back, which he seldom talks about. All in all, he's quite the weird fella visually, but nonetheless oddly aesthetically pleasing overall.

    Personality: wip! (restless, overbearingly nurturing, stubborn, sensitive, empathetic, helpful and kind to a fault, cries really easily, generous, prefers to fall back, indecisive, fears leadership, acts independent but really just needs someone's shoulder to cry on, fears change)

    Backstory: wip! (rich family from Lumiose, father a businessman affiliated w/ the mafia, mother ex-top coordinator, Furfrou show breeder, abuse from father's side of the family, well educated from a young age and brought up on a silver spoon, generally a shy and introverted kid, wanted to follow his mother's path however ended up a photographer due to stage fright, misuse of political and economical power leads his father to death in an assassination and caused him and his mother terrible injuries at the age of seventeen and a half; mother eventually died in a hospice shortly after his eighteenth birthday, leaving him with no one else to turn to; decided he would travel around to clear his mind up and improve his skills as a photographer; he was left with many rights from his father however is disgusted by the origins of said money and hopes to make a name for himself in the photography industry)

    Visitor or resident: visitor

    Nickname: Rio
    Species: Brionne
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Slightly smaller than average. His nose is more intensely red, and he wears a Shell Bell on a collar around his neck.
    Personality: Preppy in all of the ways one could be. He acts like a stereotypical American high school cheerleader, complete with all the giddiness and overreacting. Some people have found his behavior annoying, while most take a liking to him due to the positive vibes he spreads. A diva and lover of the stage, he makes it his job to be over-dramatic in every single situation possible. This sometimes leads to conflict between Rio and Yune, bit it is short lived, and at the end of the day he still wiggles belly-up into Yune's lap and demands attention. Raised from an egg his mother had gotten as a contest prize and handed down to Yune. Dislikes fighting and rarely listens in fights, but excels in contest performances.
    Ability: Liquid Voice
    Moveset: Bubble Beam, Hyper Voice, Aqua Ring, Acrobatics, Moonblast, Icy Wind
    Nickname: Sena
    Species: Whismur
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Regular Whismur.
    Personality: Sassy, loud and proud. As the runt of the litter, Sena has learned that the louder you are, the more attention they will provide you with. Despite not being physically strong, she huffs and puffs and flaunts her loudness nearly daily, which combined with her Soundproof ability ends up as torture for the ears of the people and Pokemon located in a two mile radius around her. She likes picking fights with Pokemon three times her size, but when she gets beaten up she tucks her tail between her legs and runs to Yune for help. Yune has tried teaching her to calm down and look at things realistically, but none of his endeavors bore fruit. Who knows, maybe something will change when she evolves. Maybe.
    Ability: Soundproof
    Moveset: Echoed Voice, Screech, Supersonic, Fake Tears
    Nickname: Regina
    Species: Furfrou
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Taller and thinner than a regular Furfrou; resembles a greyhound more than anything else. Styled in the La Reine trim with darker blue highlights.
    Moveset: (not limited to 4 moves)

    Other: still a wip! kind of in a hurry right now so i don't exactly have the time to finish this up completely and i will be expanding on the blurbs that i've written here in the very near future, but i just thought i'd go ahead and reserve myself a place here if you don't mind :3 i'm new to this site and i've just come back to rping after a looooong hiatus from writing in general so i'm still a bit rusty overall, so i hope you don't mind ;-; i'll be asking some questions about what i'm allowed and not allowed since i'm new and i assume there are some unspoken rules here as is the case for every rp forum. so yeah, i hope this goes smoothly ^^
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  4. accepted!!

    feel free to ask me anything! you're accepted!
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  5. It seems I stumbled across another one of your RPs, Djion. I hope you don't mind if I just barge right in here with a character sheet later.
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  6. @Zixal i thought this looked cool too but @tokyomustard seems to leave once more. Anyway i'll make a character sheet too i suppose. And i just want to get 'japanese dijon' out of the way so i don't forget it in my post. I might remember it and then i'll make sure to write it in there too but just to be sure, i'm writing it down now too
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  7. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Nickname: none Yet
    Species: Pikachu
    Gender: male
    Appearance: he has a little paper he wrapped around his right paw because he was injured, he has small hair that resembles Sonic the hedgehog's hair
    Personality: Courageous, he loves a good laugh loves to eat, can look very intimidating to enemies and loves to prank
    Ability: Static ((any physical contact paralyzes the one who touched him, not always tho))
    Moveset: Quick attack, thunder bolt, thunder, thunder wave
    japanese dijon

    I am a wild pokemon, i will probably get caught by one of you guys,
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