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Top Trio Challenge!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Doubled, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Pokémon Chronos:
    Top Trio Challenge
    By Doubled​

    Chapter 1

    High above the lands of Kanto and Johto, a mountain, practically in the middle of the two regions, roars with its year-round hail. As winds blow at frightening speeds and lighting strikes detonate with a boom, a lone trainer, walking through the snow with his Arcanine, a tall, orange furred, black striped and yellow mane and tailed dog, treks the treacherous Mt. Silver. The man was in his twenties, tall, and wore spiky, burnt orange hair, green eyes; a black jacket zipped over a white hooded shirt, khaki pants, and black shoes. He never flinched as a boulder nearly fell on his head, as a matter of fact, he grinned at it. Arcanine kept the same cool as his master, as he walked at his side. The skies darkened from the clouds above, as the snow picked up, creating a chilling wail as it blew. The man finally came to the top, and there stood a small, yellow mouse. It had brown stripes on its back, a lightning bolt tail, pointy ears with black tips, red cheeks, and beady, black eyes. Its cheeks began to spark with determination, as the little mouse smiled at the visitors.

    “Pika!” greeted the little mouse. The man grinned at him, while Arcanine sat on his hind end.

    “What’s up Pikachu?” asked the man, as he looked around, “Red around here somewhere?” The mouse closed its eyes to give a cheesy smile,

    “Pikachu!” yelled the electric Pokémon. He ran toward the edge of the mountain, almost disappearing in the snow. He was only visible by the sparks on his cheeks. “Pika pi!” signaled Pikachu, as his cheeks flared. The man walked towards the sparks, and Arcanine followed. As they neared the edge of the mountain, they saw a man about a year younger than the other man. He sat at the edge, looking off the top. He was wearing a red vest, black t-shirt, blue pants, red shoes, and a red hat with a white bib, which covered black hair. The man standing laughed, as he was surprised to see him here.

    “Ha! I thought you’d still be here!” greeted the man. The black haired man slightly turned his head, but didn’t reveal his eyes. Pikachu jumped on his left shoulder to get him to speak. He then turned his head back to the mountain side.

    “Green,” said the man in red, “It’s been a while.” Green scoffed, as he sat down next to him.

    “Red, we haven’t seen each other in three years, and this is how you greet your best friend?” asked Green, staring out into the skies. Red’s hair began to wave in the wind as he slightly turned his head. He revealed a small glimpse of his right eye, which seemed to glow a bright red in the shadow of his hat.

    “Says the man that could have easily come here himself,” scoffed Red, keeping a mysterious voice. Green grinned, as he knew Red was getting impatient.

    “I’ll cut to the chase,” spoke Green, as he looked at Red, “We’ve got an invitation to a place full of strong trainers.” Green dug into his jacket pocket to hold an odd red, green, and blue ticket. “Apparently, its someplace called Trainer Turf,” said Green, as Red remained silent, “They have some of the best of the best there, and we’ve been cordially invited. We get our own rooms and”

    “Not interested,” curtly interrupted Red. This shocked Green, as he stood up and grabbed Red by the white lined vest.

    “Look you asshole,” yelled Green, staring at his former rival in the eye, “You’ve been up here for five years. Your mom misses you, Blue misses you, Daisy misses you, Gramps misses you…” Red’s eyes glowed a bright red as Green stared into them. Green tucked his head with his next sentence, “I miss my rival, the person who used to be my best friend.” Arcanine tucked his ears at his master’s words, who was followed by Pikachu. Red raised his head, looking at Green,

    “Who else is going?” asked Red, still retaining his cool. Green looked up, then grinned,

    “Well,” Green released Red, letting him stand in front of him, “Gramps is going, of course, but a certain someone is going too,” Red’s ears perked, as his cap still overshadowed his face, “Yep, Blue’s going too! Plus, I hear that other kid would be there too.”

    “What kid?” asked Red, not moving his head, Green laughed, as he looked at his rival,

    “Y’know, that kid that came up here a year ago,” said Green, as he cupped his chin in interest, “Now, what was that kid’s name again? I had to give him and his Jolteon directions to get up here. Dante? No, eh, Denver? No no, eh….” As green struggled to remember, Red flashed back to a time when a sixteen year old boy with spiky, black hair challenged him. He remembered the clash his Lapras and the boy’s Torterra endured, the blow that his Blastoise landed on the boy’s Typhlosion, the bash between his Venusaur and the boy’s Metagross, the thrashing between his Snorlax and the boy’s Feraligatr, the aerial dogfight that took place between his Charizard and the boy’s Garchomp, and the final burst of electric power between his Pikachu and the boy’s Jolteon. He remembered the shockwaves erupting from the field, the action that made both of their eyes glow a malevolent red, and the face of the boy who dropped after his Jolteon fell in the snow.

    “Diego,” reminded Red, “the boy’s name was Diego Argos.” Green snapped his fingers when he remembered,

    “See! You do remember!” cheered Green, as he smiled, “C’mon buddy, let’s go get packed up, spend some time in Pallet Town before we leave, and catch up on old times! C’mon, you know you want to,” tempted Green, who waited for Red’s answer, as he stared into the snow. He remembered that he hadn’t seen his mother in three years and Blue for two, and he hadn’t checked in with Professor Oak in a while either. Pikachu tapped Red’s head, trying to get an answer,

    “Pikachuuuu…” cried the little mouse. Red looked at Green, then nodded,

    “I’ll do it,” replied Red, which made Pikachu jumped at Green’s stomach, which also made Green and Arcanine jump for joy, “On one condition,” continued the man in red, which caught the others’ attention,

    “Rar?” growled the Arcanine,

    “You can’t make any cracks about me and Blue, nor can you insult us, otherwise I’m out of there,” replied Red. Green walked over, put his arm around his shoulder, and winked,

    “No prob man!” answered Green, who then started walking off the mountain with Red and Pikachu, with Arcanine still tagging behind them, “’Sides, the others have something on their minds anyway.”

    Meanwhile, many miles away in a faraway region known simply as Trainer Turf, a seventeen year-old boy, dressed in a red jacket buttoned at the top, black shirt, blue pants, blue shoes, red eyes, and black, spiky hair, along with his small, yellow, ragged, spiky furred Pokémon stared at a billboard on the side of Trainer HQ; a large, silver building in the middle of an island, which sat on top of a green hill. There was a picture proclaiming the arrival of three of the strongest trainers in the world, line with green, blue, and red colors. Diego and Jolteon stared like children in a candy shop, and began to giggle with excitement,

    “Join us for the strongest trio in….the… WORLD!!!!!” cheered Diego, as his eyes sparkled with child-like wonder.

    “Jolt jolt jolt!” cheered the electric Pokémon, as he hopped, waiting for Diego to finish reading,

    “Coming Wednesday: Blue, Green, and Red!!!” Diego seemed to have put an emphasis on Red’s name, as he has been a fan since he was a little child. Diego looked at his partner with determination, “You know what that means, right buddy?” asked Diego,

    “Joyolt!” nodded the Jolteon in his odd, Japanese accent,

    “That means round two is here!!!!” cheered Diego, as he bent over, grabbed Jolteon’s front paws, and jumped in excitement. Ace, dressed in a green shirt, khaki pants, blue nose glasses, black shoes, and a Pokegear on his left wrist, walked up to him,

    “Yeah, that is, if you don’t faint at the sight of all three of them at once,” laughed Ace, who caught Diego’s attention. Following Ace was Toby, who was wearing his navy and orange colored shirt, green button-up shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes, as he laughed,

    “Nah, Diego won’t faint, he’ll just pee himself from excitement,” replied Toby, who made Ace laugh. Diego turned around with a fist bulging with a vein, followed by Jolteon growling,

    “You’re just jealous that I actually met Green and Red once!” yelled Diego, who only made them laugh more. Toby then calmed down, as people were staring.

    “Ahem… Anyway, Ollette sent us out here to tell you that,” Diego and Jolteon’s ears perked, as Ace hid behind Toby, “that lunch was ready.” With this, Diego’s eyes dilated, and Jolteon’s hind legs toughened. Diego turned towards the west, which was facing a silver pad, or a HT (Home Terminal), then immediately took off, leaving dust in his trail. Jolteon followed closely behind as they both stepped on the pad and warped away, leaving nothing except digital pixels. Ace stood there, twitching his eyes at the randomness that just unfolded, while everyone else coughed from the smoke.

    “Yeesh, what’s with that guy and food?” asked Ace, still astonished,

    “Eh, he’s always been like that,” said Toby, standing there with his arms crossed.
    Meanwhile, further back in the island, practically underground in a top secret facility, our hero’s main rivals receive news of this as well. Keel, dressed in a long sleeved, collared black shirt, khakis, purple and black shoes, and a blue and purple hip bag; and Oreck, a young man with spiky, silver hair and turquoise colored eyes wearing a white shirt with green sleeves with an orange hour-glass on the front, khaki pants, a cybernetic belt, and blue shoes; each received word of the arriving guest from their boss at G-force HQ, Michael, who always remained a silhouette on screen. Keel, sitting in a chair next to his Umbreon with amber eyes and blue rings, simply grinned at the thought of battling Red. Oreck, sitting next to his purple, turquoise eyed, orange-gemmed Espeon tried to remain calm while in front of Michael, but on the inside he was so excited he thought he would explode. Michael continued briefing,

    “Now, you two understand that not a hair is to fall on any of these three, right?” asked Michael, who suddenly looked at Keel, “And try to restrain yourself, Keel.” Keel grinned, then stood up and saluted Michael,

    “Understood,” calmly stated Keel in his dark voice, “I’ll try to contain myself by thinking of bunnies and butterflies.” Keel smirked at this, which made Michael bang his hand on his desk,

    “Are you defying direct orders, Keel?” exclaimed Michael, whose voice detonated with a force like thunder, “I can always have you reassigned to Darco again!” Keel suddenly frowned, but Oreck stood up, saluting Michael,

    “I’ll make sure he stays in line, sir,” replied Oreck, trying to stay calm. Michael sat back down, then nodded,

    “I’ll see that you do that, les you have an early return to the future,” threatened Michael, who then disappeared off the monitor screen. Oreck flopped down in his chair, sighing in relief.

    “Phew…” sighed Oreck, who then glared at Keel, “You can’t follow one simple order without bending the rules?” asked Oreck. Keel sat back down, then wheeled his chair over to a computer,

    “I don’t need a babysitter,” curtly replied Keel, as he began typing into the flat screen monitor. Oreck looked at Keel,

    “What’re you doing?” asked Oreck, nervously staring at numbers fly through the screen, Keel scoffed, as he kept typing. Oreck slapped his hands away to see; then gasped, “KEEL! You’re hacking into the system!?! Why?” asked Oreck, who was astonished.

    “I’m trying to free up my schedule so I can fight one of ‘them’,” replied Keel, as he glared into Oreck’s eyes with his angered, purple eyes. “I’m simply clearing any battles scheduled for the next week.” Oreck sweated at the thought of the boss throwing him back into the future, as he and his friends were fugitives there. Keel had the nerve to ask, “You want in?” Oreck jumped, then began sweating,

    “Are you crazy!?! I could be sent back to rot in jail!” yelled Oreck. The two eons simply lied down, looking at each other as if a conversation was occurring in their heads. As Oreck freaked out, Joey, Diego’s little brother with dark, brown, spiky hair spread like an afro on his head, red frame shades with blue lenses tucked on his bangs, dark blue eyes, tan skin, a white collared shirt, black cargo pants, silver hip belt, blue shoes, and an orange-trimmed black C-Gear on his right wrist; walked in the room.

    “I heard out in the hall,” spoke Joey, who unlike his older brother, kept a mature attitude, “Keel, if you’re hacking in the database, assign me to your team.” Oreck gulped, as his “dark future” seemed to be enclosing him. Keel nodded, then sat back down and started typing away. It seemed that Keel had a liking for Joey, which opposes his views on Diego.

    “Now wait just a minute here!” yelled Oreck, still freaking out. Keel sighed,

    “Better your schedule is cleared up so you can hide with us,” softly said Keel. Oreck finally calmed down, and while he was still nervous, he sighed and finally nodded,

    “Fine, but you can forget about me helping you with your DVR!” reluctantly agreed Oreck, as Keel simply pressed the Enter key on the hologram keyboard. Joey and Keel grinned, as now they had shots to battle the Epic Trio. Espeon seemed to smile, but Umbreon remained emotionless. Oreck simply sighed, but smiled at the thought of meeting Red.

    It wasn’t just Diego and friends that were getting excited; practically everyone in the Charms Sector was getting riled up, as people practically cleared up whatever they had planned for the week; from dates to jobs to even weddings and funerals. People were calling across the world back to their home regions just to withdraw their toughest Pokémon, even forfeiting matches previously set up so they could get their shot at becoming Numero Uno. Even though Trainer Turf was home to some of the top trainers of the world, the people there still freaked out. Fist fights broke out between who was better, who was the most eligible bachelor, who would get their hands on the girl first, and several other meaningless fights. As news reports hit the TVs, they eventually hit the Doubled resort, or the codename given to the house of Diego, Ace, Toby, Ollette, and Diana, along with Jolteon, Glaceon, Ambipom, Azumarill, and Haunter, along with the other Pokémon.

    “Wow, that much fuss over the Epic Trio?” questioned Diana, wearing a red dress with a white belt, black jacket, and pink cowboy boots, “I mean, I get the excitement, but this is ridiculous!” Ollette, wearing her baby blue blouse, a pair of white thigh high socks, black and pink shoes, and a bracelet, simply scoffed while sitting at the steel dinner table,

    “Nobody acts like that when any other champion comes here,” replied Ollette, who was probably secretly jealous of Blue, the lone woman of the group. Glaceon simply sighed, creating a mist caused by her cool breath hitting the hot air. As it was now evening, Diego and his friends were eating dinner, and Diego was chowing down on Ollette’s vegetable fried ramen like a Munchlax. Diego slurped down the juice in his bowl, then breathed,

    “Well, the other guys were never announced like this,” commented Diego, who put his bowl on top of his previous bowl. Jolteon also finished gobbling his food, which is basically leftovers from the day before, before hopping into Diego’s lap. Ace, who was sitting on a red love-seat, simply agreed,

    “Though it would seem weird that they’d do this, I mean c’mon! Half the island,” Ace was interrupted by the TV reporter who just announced a fist fight on the Playground sector, “Scratch that, the whole island’s in a frenzy.” Ambipom and Azurill nodded in agreement. Toby, sitting on the green staircase, simply added,

    “And on top of all that, everyone’s postponed their jobs,” said Toby, who made Haunter cry at the thought of no grocery stores, as he wanted apples. “I really don’t see why they’re panicking like this, I mean they aren’t even going to be here until Friday, which is three days from now!” Diego simply sighed, as he already knew what to expect.

    However, elsewhere, a sinister plot is unfolding in a dark room built into the side of Advert Mountain, which is a tall, snow-capped mountain over looking Trainer Turf. In the room, a man overshadowed by darkness overlooks the island, petting a strange, pink faced, purple bodied, violet footed Pokémon, curled into a fetal position, which was exerting an odd, purple mist from its forehead. The man reached into the Pokémon’s smoke, and out came an Apple. As he bit it, the insides were revealed to be like an Orange. The man grinned, and proclaimed dominance over the island,

    “Just wait Blue, Green, and Red. You will be my new apprentices, and I will rule the world from the Dream Realm!!!! Muahahahahahah!!!!!!”

    The stage has been set! Who is this mysterious man looking over Trainer Turf? Will Red, Green, and Blue's trip be safe? Will Haunter ever get his apples? D8 (maybe later) find out in chapter two!!

    Next time!

    An early arrival gives the element of surprise to the Epic Trio, but as they meet up with Diego and the gang, things start happening at a frightening pace! And, what's Green doing!?! He's losing control!

    Next time: THe Kanto Trio Arrive! Team Nightmare strikes!

    See ya soon :)

    Oh, and ten bucks to whoever can guess my inspiration for the locations. It's closer than you think ;)

    Oh, and yes, I am using Green's Japanese name and I am including the female trainer from FRLG, who I shall refer to as Blue. THis has nothing to do with the Special manga, but the names are the same.
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  2. It was about bloody time that guy would come down the mountain D:<

    Nice work, Double. I like your way of writing and the plot seems interesting too. I'll be on the lookout for the next chapter!
  3. Thanks 8D And yeah, He should come down from the mountain, I mean c'mon, he would need supplies every now and then.
  4. Chapter 2
    After a night of catching up, Red, Blue, Green, and Professor Oak all headed to the portside city known as Vermillion. It was a rather small city, but the ocean lit up with the morning sun’s light, giving the town its name. Green impatiently waited out front of the small, white and red roofed Pokémon Center, with both arms crossed and a foot tapping. Professor Oak observed his Pokedex, trying to add pages for a newly discovered region. Red simply leaned against the wall, with his arms crossed, his hat covering his eyes, and Pikachu lied on his hat. Green finally snapped,

    “Oh come on already! Blue’s been in there forever!” yelled Green, as a vein bulged from his head. Oak looked up and laughed,

    “You know, you and your cousin are more alike than you think,” said Oak, who made Red look up,

    “Yeah, you both take insane amounts of time getting your hair fixed,” said Red, still keeping his cool. Green steamed, which made Pikachu giggle.

    “Well at least I do more than just bathe and brush my teeth in the morning!” yelled Green, touching his hair, “How else do you think my hair looks this good. Doesn’t just happen overnight y’know.” Red scoffed,

    “Actually most people look like that when they wake up,” said Red, who made Pikachu giggle more, only to make Green madder. Finally, a girl in her early twenties walked out the door. She wore a little black dress, white boots, a white belt, a white jacket, and a white hat with a red trim and a Pokeball design. She had long, brown hair and blue eyes that seemed to glow. Green finally snapped and walked up to her,

    “I’s about time! Seriously, I was out before you! And another thing” said Green, but unfortunately Red and Oak grabbed his collar to drag him away, “Hey! Lemme go!” yelled Green, struggling about, which made Blue laugh,

    “Well, it’s easy to see why you were out earlier, bed head,” scoffed Blue, who only made Green madder. As they made their way to the docks, a man in a suit escorted them to a small boat, which seemed to shock Green,

    “You mean to tell me that that thing will get us to Trainer Turf in three days?” yelled Green, who followed up with, “I know of Magikarp that could swim faster than that!” The man in the suit sweated a little, then replied,

    “I assure you, the S.S. Sea Gallop is the fastest out there, Mr. Green.” Red looked at the tiny ship, and began having doubts of his own.

    “How long will it be before we get there?” asked Blue, butting her cousin out of the way. The man replied,

    “It will only take three days, Miss Blue.” Oak was excited,

    “This sounds very exciting! Maybe we’ll find some new Pokémon while traveling the sea!” cheered Professor Oak. Red still thought, but then thought about what would happen if they got there on schedule. They would be attacked endlessly by paparazzi.

    “Not interested,” replied Red,

    “Pika pi!” agreed Pikachu. Red pulled out a Pokeball, which he then simply let open. A torrent of bubbles protruded from the ball, giving form to a tall, turtle-like Pokémon with cannons on its shoulders.

    “Blastoise!” cried the turtle Pokémon. Blue and Green followed with their Pokémon. Green released a tall, bird-like creature with brown feathers and a flowing mane. It spread its wings and cried its name,

    “PIDGEOOOOOT!!!” Green then climbed on the back of this creature, allowing it to flap its wings. Blue was going to release a Pokémon, but then grabbed Red’s arm,

    “I’ll just ride on Blastoise with you and Pikachu,” said Blue, who made Pikachu smile, but made Red lower his hat in embarrassment. Prof. Oak and the butler were surprised,

    “Now wait just a minute!” yelled Oak, but Red explained,

    “It’ll only take us a day on our Pokémon.”

    “Pikachuu,” agreed the mouse. Oak was shocked,
    “W-well, what about me!?!” yelled Oak.

    A few minutes later, we find Oak struggling to hang on to a Gyarados, or a large, sea-serpent like creature.

    “Aaaahhh!!!” yelled Oak, as the monster’s body tried to go underwater. “I’ll get you for this, Green!!!” Green snickered, which simply made his Pidgeot sigh. Down below, riding the back of Blastoise at high speeds, Blue grabbed Red’s shoulders, and leaned into his ear,

    “Why couldn’t you just let him ride Lapras? She’s still fast, right?” asked Blue. Pikachu looked at his master questionably, until he replied,

    “Well, I could’ve,” started Red, who looked back to see Prof. Oak spit water out of his mouth as he kicked a Tentacool off his head. Red grinned the faintest of smiles, “I could’ve, but this is a bit funnier.” Pikachu started laughing, while slapping Red’s head.

    “Pikahahaha chuuuu!!!” giggled Pikachu. Blue was shocked, but laughed and leaned on Red’s shoulder.

    “It’s good to see you haven’t changed, Red.” Softly spoke Blue, who unknowingly made Red blush.

    Back on Trainer turf, it was already evening, as the sun lit the ocean with its last glimmer of light for the day. Diego and Jolteon took their daily run down at Shell Beach, which was literally a beach covered in pretty shells. As Diego ran, his clothes waved in the wind. He desperately tried to catch up with his partner, but he never could, as Jolteon just ran as if he was gliding on air.

    “Jolt Jolt Jolt Jolt!” yelled the thunder Eeveelution. Diego finally gave in, as he tripped over a Shellder. The Shellder blew its long tongue and retreated back to the ocean in disgust.

    “Hold up buddy!” yelled Diego, muffled by the sand. Jolteon made a U-turn to run back to him. When he arrived, he sat down in front of Diego, who looked up. “Haha, I know your fast,” scoffed Diego, as sand fell out of his mouth, which caused Jolteon to fall backwards, cackling with laughter. “Hey shuddap!” yelled Diego as he stood back up. He then heard yelling coming from the ocean, as if someone was whining about something. “Ace if you’re out there then” he then stopped midsentence as he didn’t see a gigantic whale in sight. He then looked up to see a giant bird flapping towards shore. Diego originally thought it was Oreck’s Pidgeot, but then saw a trainer with brown, spiky hair cackling at an old man riding a Gyarados.

    “Haha! Gramps, don’t tell me you never had a Gyarados!” yelled the man, who caught Diego’s attention.

    “Green!!!” cheered Diego, who remembered him from his trip to Mt. Silver last year. Green guided Diego to the mountain, so he got to know him a little. Diego looked out to sea and saw two figures riding a Blastoise, one with a Pikachu on his head. “Red too!!!! And I think that’s Blue!!!!” Jolteon stood up and began flaring Thunderbolts in the air, as he tried to get their attention.

    “JOLTEOOOOONNN!!!” yelled the electric Pokémon. Out at sea, Red’s Pikachu raised its head up and saw the thunder flairs. Pikachu lit up with excitement, and then launched his own thunderbolt in the air.

    “Piiiikaaaaa…..CHUUUUUUU!!!!!!” yelled the mouse Pokémon, as lighting launched from his cheeks, nearly hitting Green.

    “Hey! Control your Pikachu Red!” yelled Green. Red looked up to see a boy waving his hands at the beach, which caused a flash back of the great battle that took place a year ago. He smiled, tucking his hat down over his face.

    At the beach, Red, Green, Blue, and Prof. Oak landed, which made Diego super excited, as he looked into their eyes like a child looking at candy. Green reacted by twitching his eye, while also failing to pretend nothing was wrong. Blue simply laughed nervously, as she never met the boy. All Red did was stick out his hand. Diego straightened up afterwards; then shook it with his hand like a proper gentleman.

    “Nice to see you again, Red,” greeted Diego, while Jolteon greeted Pickachu.


    “Pika!” greeted Pikachu. Blue was surprised, as she never met the boy.

    “Um, I’m sorry, but who are you?” asked Blue. Green straightened up, trying to act knowledgeable.

    “Right, this is… uh?” Green struggled a bit, trying to remember his name. “Uh, Dakota? No wait…. Dalton!” Pikachu and Jolteon both looked with annoyance at the ignorance,

    “Blue, meet Diego,” said Red, who still remembered. Diego lit up, shaking Red’s hand like a maniac. Blue nervously laughed again, but then remembered that her and Green’s grandfather was still trying to gather his balance after Gyarados’ wild ride.

    “Hey, grandpa! Come meet Diego!” yelled Blue. Oak got back to his feet and dusted the sand off of his purple shirt tucked in his dress pants. Diego ran over to help him up, then remembered him.

    “Hey! Professor Oak, do you remember me?” asked Diego, who reached into his hip bag to retrieve his Pokedex. It was designed like Johto’s newer model, only except it was black with an orange trim. “You gave me and my friends our own custom Pokedexes.” Prof. Oak struggled to remember, but then remembered six Pokémon trainers coming to visit him about five years ago. He handed them their own special Pokedexes: He handed Ollette an Orange Pokedex with a black trim, Ace a green Pokedex with a black trim, Toby a blue Pokedex with a black trim, Diana a pink Pokedex with a pinker trim, and then he handed two Pokedexes at once to two separate trainers: Keel received a black Pokedex with a purple trim, while Diego received a black Pokedex with an orange trim.

    “I remember now,” said Oak, smiling at how much the young boy grew. “I always remember the smiles on newly crowned Trainers. Except that other boy with blonde hair, he had the sourest look out of anyone I ever gave a Pokedex to,” said Oak, who made Diego laugh.

    “You remember Keel, eh?” said Diego. He then remembered that they weren’t supposed to be there until Friday, yet it was still Wednesday. “By the way, what’s with the early arrival?” asked Diego. Oak glared at the three troublemakers behind him. Green started whistling, while Blue and Red just stood there.

    “And they probably haven’t even cleared our rooms yet! Oh… And just when I needed a soft bed too,” complained Oak. Blue suddenly remembered this too, followed by Green, who had a shocked look on his face. Red simply stayed emotionless. Diego suddenly had an idea, but Red cut in,

    “We’re not staying with you,” said Red. This made Diego, Jolteon, and Pikachu sad. Green suddenly put his hand on Red’s shoulder,

    “Oh come on buddy, he wouldn’t ask unless he’s got a nice place,” tempted Green, “look in his eyes man.” Green pointed at the watery eyes of Diego, which resembled a puppy’s, “Doesn’t he remind you of…well…you?” Red thought for a moment, but only remembered the same expression he had from day one to present: nothing. Red, however, couldn’t help but waver when he saw the boy’s eye get a tear.

    “Fine, we’ll stay,” said Red, caving in to an obsessed fan. Diego cheered,

    “Yay!!! You won’t regret it Red! Ollette makes the best ramen you could want, and plenty of it too!” yelled Diego looking at Red. However, Green let
    go of Red’s shoulder.

    “Yeah, about that, I just remembered that I have some money saved up for a hotel room,” sneered Green, who caught Blue and Red’s attention. Red looked at Green dead in the eye, and his eyes seemed to glimmer a demonic red under his hat. Green quivered, but didn’t cave in. He backed up quickly, then shouted, “Well…Smell ya later!” Suddenly he ran off, leaving a trail of dust and some very mad people.

    “That dirty little…” began Blue, who had a vein bulging from her forehead from anger. However, this didn’t seem to bother Diego, as he simply spun around holding his Jolteon, celebrating his new guests. Blue looked back at him, then suddenly thought about rooms, “Exactly how many rooms do you have?” asked Blue,

    “Well, we have two extra rooms, and a couch!” declared Diego. Suddenly Red and Blue both yelled,

    “Rooms,” which made Oak jump,

    “Oh sure, give the couch to an old man with back problems,” complained the old man, which made everyone laugh.

    Sometime later, we find Green asleep in a dark, city lit hotel room. He just lied in the covers, shirtless, with a snooze bubble
    blowing from his nose. In his head, however, it was a dark space with light shedding only on Green. He looked around, calling for someone, but no voice would come out. He became very scared. Suddenly, he heard maniacal laughter coming from beyond a purple cloud. A person, dressed only in a pair of shorts and practically faceless, walked towards Green. Green finally got his voice back, and started yelling,

    “Who… Who the hell are you!?!” asked Green, as the doll-like man walked towards him faster. Green reached for his belt, pulling out a Pokeball. He threw it in the air, and as it opened, a shower of fire rained down as Arcanine came rushing to his aide. “Arcanine, use flamethrower!” commanded Green, which then the dog followed. However, the man simply turned to dust. Green walked over, but was then grabbed by the shoulders by the same doll as before. Green turned around in fear, but the doll wasn’t there anymore. Arcanine started growling at his master, who then looked at his partner with fear, “Arc? What’s wrong buddy?”

    “GRRRRRR…” growled the dog, as suddenly a second Green, only with pink eyes, suddenly appeared before the original.

    “What the hell!?” questioned Green. Suddenly, the clone began to laugh manically at the original’s fear.

    “What’s the matter, Green? Are you afraid of me?” asked the clone, in a sinister voice. Green started growling, “Allow me to introduce myself. Call me, Neerg,” stated the clone. Green suddenly fell through a pit of darkness, where he became trapped in his own subconscious.

    “Hey! What the hell’s happening here?” asked Green. Neerg suddenly filled the room with his voice.

    “I’ll be taking over now, if you don’t mind.” Green growled again, but his voice disappeared again. “No objections? Fine. I’ll take especially good care of your body,” remarked Neerg, who laughed maniacally again. Suddenly, Green arose from bed, but all was not well. He opened his eyes, and they were the same pink as they were in the dream realm. Neerg rose from the bed, then but on Green’s shirt and jacket, followed by his shoes. He then thought for a second, then grabbed one of Green’s Pokémon. He touched the Pokeball, and suddenly the ball turned black. Neerg grinned, “Now, one outa do.” Green opened the hotel room door, then walked out.

    Meanwhile, Keel is walking down Post Avenue. The place is lit with street lights and cars, but the sky is surprisingly starry. People are still bustling by even at these hours, and Keel is getting annoyed.

    “Hmph, shouldn’t these idiots be in bead by now?” wondered Keel, with his hands in his pockets. He then pondered, “What am I even doing out here. Yori would probably kill me for missing dinner.” Keel began fearing what his black haired “girlfriend” would think,

    *Do you know what time it is!? Your dinner got cold!* Keel shuttered at the thought. Suddenly, he heard glass breaking, and saw a man wearing a black jacket riding an Arcanine with black yellow eyes rushing out of the jewelry store directly in front of him. The man looked at Keel, who kept his serious look, and gave a grin, as the Arcanine rushed off. People were shocked, as they thought Green was the culprit.

    “I thought he was a good guy!”

    “He wasn’t even supposed to be here until Friday!”

    “My store!” all the people in the streets panicked. Keel ran in the direction of mayhem, as his purple trimmed C-Gear rang. Keel held out his arm so he could see the picture. Michael’s silhouette appeared in the screen.

    “Keel, judging by your pace, I guess you already know,” spoke Michael, observing Keel’s speed. Keel simply remained calm,

    “That’s not Green, and that’s not his Arcanine!” protested Keel, as he pursued. Michael scoffed,

    “Well, you better have a good explanation by midnight. You have thirty minutes.” Suddenly, Michael’s silhouette disappeared, which was followed by a timer, listing “30:00”. As each second past, the numbers fell down; this only made Keel more determined. He messed around with his C-gear, lowering the timer to ten minutes.

    “If I’m right, this won’t even take ten minutes.”

    An imposter has risen! (kinda). Keel is in hot pursuit, but can he catch up to the new
    Neerg? And even then, can he even beat him? Find out in Chapter three!

    *prepares voice*

    Next Time! Neerg is causing chaos and destruction in the Charms sector, and people are starting to suspect Green of the wrong doing. When Keel corners him, can he and his Umbreon take out Arcanine before Neerg takes over permanently?

    Next Time: Neerg strikes! Keel vs. Green!

    See ya soon ;)
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  5. Im starting to enjoy this. I prefered the first half of the latest chapter, but thats just me. I hope the battle scene perks this up a little. I was getting a little sleepy at the end there. Still, solid writing.

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