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Top 5 Crossover Games You'd like to See

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by BeginwiththeEnd, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. With so many game companies now creating franchises, I always find it awesome when two or more come together to bring their worlds into one. From games like Super Smash Bros to Dissidia to Marvel vs. Capcom, crossover games get the fans crazy. You can comment on my 5 choices or post your own 5 choices. Let's Begin.

    5.-Nintendo vs. Capcom
    Having Mario fight Ryu and Link versus Dante would be epic fights. And so people wouldn't have to choose over one fighting style, they could make one version with Smash Bros mechanics, and another with Street Fighter mechanics.

    4.-Tomb Raider/Uncharted Crossover
    It might sound alittle stupid, but I always wondered what it would be like to have Lara Croft work with Nathan Drake to find treasure. Maybe it would be best not to know, but it would be interesting.

    3.-Square Enix Crossover
    With the success of both Dissidia games, why stop at Final Fantasy? They can include Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and even Parasite Eve characters to their fighter!

    2.-Shonen Jump vs. Capcom
    Since Marvel was a comic book franchise fighting a game company, Shonen Jump can accomplish this too. From characters Like Ichigo to Light Yagami to Naruto, SJ has a ton of characters to use for a fighter.

    1.-Sony Crossover
    With Sony making games in all types of genres now, having a fighter with characters from thier greatest first and third party developers would be amazing. Who wouldn't want to see Kratos go up against Cole from Infamous? And even throw Sackboy in there for afew laughs.
  2. 5. Half Life/Left for Dead crossover.
    Everyone know how much of a badass Gordon Freeman is ,and everyone knw how much of badasses Nick and Ellis and the rest are ,but how awesome would it be to kill zombies as Gordon ,Ellis ,Nick ,and Zoey all on one team?

    4.Poke'mon/Minecraft crossover
    Catching a creeper as a Poke'mon ,nuff said

    3. Legend of Zelda/Grand Theft Auto
    On his quest to find the legendary Triforce ,Link takes a little "break" and goes on an all out crime spree doing things like stealing cars and horses ,avoid the Hyrule police ,and do drive-bys with a bow or a submachine gun

    2. Mortal Kombat vs Valve
    Gordon Freeman vs Sub Zero ,Chell vs Sonya Blade ,I can see it nao.

    1. Mario Kart/Legend of Zelda
    Yep ,Link ,Zelda ,Gannondorf ,Midna ,and others racing go-carts with the Mario characters. Pure win

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