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DPPt/HGSS ~ Tom's trades.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Techmarine20, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Heya guys :p i'm starting up a little thing of breeding now and these are the pokemon i want

    Shiny Budew/Roselia/Roseade - obtained - Thx Reece
    Shiny Snorunt
    All Shiny's


    [glow=red,2,300]Hold Items:
    Smooth Rock x 1
    Heat Rock x 1
    Damp Rock x 8
    Icy Rock x 1
    Flame Plate x 1
    Spooky Plate x 1
    Dread Plate x 1
    Insect Plate x1
    Metal Coat x 1
    Magnet x 1
    Sliverpowder x 1
    Mystic Water x 1
    Dubious Disc x 1
    Light Clay x 3[/glow]

    [glow=blue,2,300]Stones + Fossils:
    Hard stone x 5
    Dawn Stone x 1
    Dusk Stone x 1
    Moon Stone x 5
    Fire Stone x 4
    Oval Stone x 1
    Thunderstone x 2
    Water Stone x 8
    Leaf Stone x 14
    Sun Stone x 3
    Root Fossil x 3
    Claw Fossil x 1
    Dome Fossil x 1
    Helix Fossil x 2
    Armour Fossil x 6
    Skull Fossil x 1
    Old Amber x 3

    [glow=yellow,2,300]Pokemon and Natures (For norms):
    Bulbasaur, Jolly,Solarbeam
    Squirtle,Timid,Rain Dance,Surf
    Charmander,Relaxed,No Egg Move

    [glow=green,2,300]Pokemon For Trade[/glow] ([glow=yellow,2,300]shiny Only[/glow]):
    [glow=green,2,300]Crobat Lvl 70
    Tyranitar Lvl 70
    Golem Lvl 70
    Kabutops lvl 50 (hold rare candy)
    Latios lvl 70
    Ninjask lvl 70
    Shedninja lvl 60

    Dragonite lvl 100
    Charizard lvl 100
    Blastoise Lvl100
    Venasaur Lvl100[/glow]

    [glow=purple,2,300]Edit: I have edited so my high lvl pokemon can only be traded for shiny's because people have been offering unfair and unreasonable trades. [Eg, a lvl 100 for a lvl 1.] so this is final sorry i will not change my mind[/glow]
  2. Feebas and a kabuto
    for two johto starters
    your choice
  3. Bumped Ps. breeding is under way (DIRTY!) I have starters of bulbasaur,charamander,Squirtle (as posted above) And just trying to hatch treeko
  4. I just captured a Shiny Budew, actually... Level 8 Female. And that Level 100 Charizard sounds awesome. ^__^
  5. Yeah, Yeah. I can get you all of the 2nd Gen starters. Could i get a Kabuto holding a Moon Stone, two random Pokemon holding Moon Stones each and the Flame Plate is really tempting. Could you trade it to me?
  6. Bumped. Thx guys for responce so far.
  7. hey do you want spooky plate or are you trading it? because i have one i am willing to part with
  8. Yeh i have one soz.
  9. Greetings again. ^__^

    I think you'll be happy- I can breed all three of the starters you want- Torchic, Chimchar, AND Chikorita.

    The Squirtle and Treecko sound good... And a Bidoof for the third, perhaps?
  10. i'll give u a rotom for a squirtle
  11. Would it be okay if I had a hatched Chimchar and the Chikorita and Torchic still in their eggs? Or would you prefer all eggs/all hatched?
  12. i'd prefer eggs of them all thanks

    Edit: I Have Chicorita, Soz for inacctivity Been busy
    ~ Tom
  13. Okeydokey, I'm back. ^__^ I'll PM you once I've got your Torchic and Chimchar eggs ready.
  14. Still need Piplup And Rotom?
    I'll trade them for that Dragonite

    (I do accept clones just to let you know)
  15. sorry cant i traded it :( anything else u want
  16. Not really sorry
  17. Hey man, Could i trade my Chickorita, Piplup and Potom for your lv. 100 Blastoise and Venasaur? thanks
  18. i have chickorita now and a lvl 1 piplup and a rotom for my lvl 100 blastoise + venasaur seems a bit hasty
  19. Ok sorry didn't see you had moon stones! could i get some of those, for the piplup and rotom?
  20. Yes that'd be fine :p U pm me when ur ready?

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