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This is the end for you, Harry Potter... (Potential spoilers)

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Kudos to QQ's cousin, who I like to call Phobo, for this information.

    I know a number of you guys read the HP series, so there's your date. July 21st, 2007. My question to that is: are the books usually released in the US and the UK at the same time?

    A quote from the article, not that it should surprise anyone who remotely tracks the series:
    Lies! We all know it'll be Ron and Hermione who die, out of a fit of jealous rage from Harry... He'll then turn to the darkside and join Voldemort, and the world will be destroyed. The end.
  2. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    The books are released simultaneously in english worldwide, with translations following a few months later. I know this because last time, I went to france the day Numero 6 came out :p

    Methinks Voldemort will live. LIVE, damnit! *evil kills ze werrald*
  3. There's this HP-fangirl in my class... OMG, you will not believe how she reacted when she heard the release date... She came to school, greeting me with "21!", and then subsequently proceeded to make little pieces of paper with 21 on them and sprinkling them all over our classroom. This went on, over and over again - for about two hours.
  4. That is just a load of bologna!



    Voice From a Distance: Rolf's load of bologna is a myth!

    ANYWAY, I think that it's pretty obvious that Voldemort will meet his end in the final book. As for the other person who'll be next in line for Death Row, maybe Neville Longbottom trying to risk his life for Harry.
  5. McGonagall is toast.
  6. Harry and Voldemort will be the ones to die. Rowling has been leaving clues the whole way through the series that Harry is the last Horcrux of voldemort... therefore Harry has to die so that voldemort also can die.
    Or at least thats what I think..
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    People realize I was joking, eh? XD

    Rowling basically stated ages ago that she couldn't imagine Harry going on after this battle to live a normal life, so she'd probably end up killing him. Standard Rowling fashion these days.

    It's a nice way to officially end the saga, even if slightly depressing. Plus, if she ever wanted to keep that world going she could write side stories with new characters. I'm sure even she must be getting sick of Harry by now - I know I am.

    But heh... I keep saying this, but I still have yet to read the 6th book to completion. Chances are I probably won't until the hype of the 7th book starts building up and forces me back into that world. I think the 5th book just left me rather burnt out. I didn't enjoy the first half much at all; felt like a chore to read it. I know the sixth is better, but I need to mentally make myself sit down and read it. And I will... someday soon XD
  8. That is also a load of bologna.


  9. I'm guessing Neville and Voldemort. I can't see anyone breaking up the Ginny/Harry and Hermione/Ron things that have been going on...or maybe the Ginny/Harry stuff in book 6 was only to make it more depressing when Harry dies in book 7. Bleh, I dunno. ^_^;;

    But the only one I cannot see living on past the 7th book is Voldemort. I shall personally sue J. K. Rowling if Voldemort is the one who lives, but pulls a complete 180 in terms of personality (and is all, "omg! I see the error of my ways now!" That would be a horrible ending. ^_^;;
  10. And I'm also starting to consider the possibility of Severus Snape biting dust in the seventh book. That traitor should pay for killing Dumbledore. >:(
  11. Erm, I dunno. I am personally one of the "Dumbledore had it set up for Snape to kill him" people. So I don't think he should die for that. Also, if he dies, Rowling herself could bite the dust from all those crazy fangirls going after her. Poor Ms. Rowling...if she kills practically ANY male main character, she'll have to hide from fangirls for the rest of her life. *sigh* Or, at least until the "OMGSHEKILLEDMAHBISHIEOFF!" stuff dies down. >_
  12. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    I have a site bookmarked for just those people who don't want to believe Dumbledore's dead... :p

    Methinks it's not who dies that matters. It's where everyone goes after the end of the book. Like, Hermione... If she doesn't die, what'll she do? Be a teacher or something?
  13. That's what one of my teachers said. She said that Dumbledore somehow only staged his own death in order to teach Draco Malfoy about something involving becoming a Death Eater or something. If Rowling managed to pull off the "Mad-Eye-Moody-was-really-Barty-Crouch-Jr-in-disguise-and-Moody-was-in-a-trunk-for-9-months " plot twist in "The Goblet of Fire", maybe she bring up a Deus Ex Machina in "The Deadly Hollows" involving Dumbledore still being alive that could actually be plausible.
  14. *sad sigh*

    Sad that Rowling already stated at interview-thingie-ma-jigs that Dumbledore was, unquestionably, dead. I'm kinda open-minded, so I was willing to accept him being alive or dead, but people still insisting that he's alive after J.K. specifically said "Dumbledore is definitely dead...But I think I need - you need - all of you need to move through the five stages of grief and I'm just helping you get past denial" are kind of ignorant.

    But I can still hope that Severus, who I have a fondness for for unfathomable reasons, is really a good guy! *pats Snape* In the sixth book Harry started to get on my nerves with the Snape-and-Malfoy-are-t3h-evil obsession, and so long as he's less annoying in the seventh, I'm all good.

    *has contributed to t3h 'Arry Potter Topic*
  15. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    Oh, it's almost certain it's going to be "I hate Snape for being so utterly evil; he's almost as bad as Voldemort" on Harry's part, but I still find that evil potions master adorable. :p

    I know JK said that, and sadly I accept it, but still. You never know. Plot twists are ebil-onna-stick. ^^
  16. You know, sometimes I almost wish Snape would be the one to die. Yes, it would make me feel sad...but MAYBE the amount of fangirl-ensued strange Snape fanfics/fanart/fanstuff out there would START TO DWINDLE. The second I ever look at anything Harry Potter fan-related, involving ANY character (usually), I start to hate that character. Dude...fangirls like that give teenage girls like me a bad name. *sigh*

    As for, if a character lives, what they should do...I agree with the Hermione being a teacher. Maybe for Hogwarts...it would be cool. ^_^;; Maybe Ron would be, too, but I dunno what he'd teach...>_
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    It's funny... Even though this is the final book, a kinda must-read, a few friends of mine who used to follow the series avidly don't seem to give a damn anymore. What I've gathered from them on it is this: (a) One feels that the deaths of Sirius and Dumbledore felt forced, as if they happened just because Rowling has this new mindset that a lovable character must die each book, and (b) the increased angst is annoying.

    These aren't my views, so nobody shoot me. I'm just wondering how your guys' opinions have changed on the series as its progressed, or if you know anyone who was heavily into it at first but scoffs at it now for whatever reason.

    Angst doesn't bother me unless it's in extremes, and as far as I've read into book six it's still not at that 'extreme' mark yet. I actually felt that it worked great for book four and is probably one of the reasons why it became my favourite book in the collection thus far (minus six). As for the deaths, (while I loved the guy) for Harry's character development I can understand why Sirius was killed off, but I am still fuzzy on what exactly killed him. It just seemed so sudden and kinda... crappy. As for Dumbledore dying... haven't read it yet, nor know the true consequences of his passing at this point. Honestly, though, I'm not as fired up about the Harry Potter series as I once was. I think it's probably just a mixture of things really... The movies haven't really done the books justice, and the fifth book has weighed heavily on my enjoyment of Rowling's writing style. I'm all for lots of description and dialog and all, but that book just seemed to drag really badly. People claim the sixth is better, which is good to know, but how fast does it pick up? Even if the book itself is better overall, if the first 300 pages drag like the fifth book did... Doesn't help that I'm a slow reader.

    Guess that's about all I have to say, and I'm sure I'm coming off harsher than is true. I really enjoyed parts of the HP series and the world it's based in, and I'm sure the ending will be nicely written just as the rest of it was. Still, not giddy with excitement over it or anything... not like some people ^^;
  18. Me and my friend have a conspiracy theory about Sirius actually... Technically he falls behind that wierd veil thing in the dept of mysteries... For all we know he could have actually been sent into the future, meaning he will do a deus ex machina at the end of the series...

    Likeleyhood... Low....

    But then again, who saw dumbledore dying before the last book?!
  19. Oh, wow :o That's quite odd...?? I wish I was that enthusiastic about books (, and I bet my mom does too! :p), But I'm not...I'm usually that excited about Pokemon video games. ;D

    EDIT 1a:Oh, and by the way, Harry Potter movies are a lot worse than the books...:( But they're still pretty good...

    EDIT 1b:Just about everyone high schoolish age in the U.S. hates Harry Potter for some odd reason...?? Don't ask me why...I think he's pretty cool...but hey. They always make jokes about 'im 'n' stuff at school...I don't think I've ever heard anything positive about 'im at school since around the time of the release of the first movie, except by book-club-type moms and "super nerd book readers" 'n' stuff...so yeah. I seriously don't know.
  20. I'm a high schooler and I love the Harry Potter series. I think the other high schoolers are just too lazy to even read the books. They make assumptions about it.

    I'm hoping Harry, Voldemort, and Tonks dies. Harry is an insufferable wanna be hero. Voldemort is just plain twisted. Tonks... I don't like her for personal reasons. Rowling said she wouldn't write anymore Harry Potter books, so I'm guessing Harry and Voldemort dies.
  21. i know they siad something like in book 6 about one has to die while the other lives, voldemort must die for harry to live, and vice versa...and snape might die...and when i get the book im not going to stop reading it. i must find out what happens!
  22. I am a high schooler, and I love these books! I agree, the movies do suck, but I buy them anyway...

    I was really mad when she killed of Sirius. He was my favorite character....While it fit in with Harry's development, she could have at least given him a decent death other than 'he fell behind the curtain' *thinks of the Wizard of Oz XD*

    As for who dies...I think Draco Malfoy and Voldemort. I then think that Ron and Hermoine will marry, and most likely Harry and Ginny. I think Harry will become an auror, determined to never let another 'Voldemort' take power.... I think Hermoine will become Headmaster at Hogwarts, Hagrid will marry Olympe, and Snape will end up still being a 'good' guy.

    As for Dumbledore's death? I think both he and Snape knew that it would happen. I don't think Snape just went "BWARG I KEEL JOO DED!!!11!!!1one" on Dumbledore.

    But, those are just my opinions...

    Maybe the older Weasley twins get into the action and die....or maybe....

    No, I believe that it will be Harry and Voldemort. After I read the thing about the horcruxes, I contemplated some things. After some thought, I came upon Harry. What better way to protect yourself than make another person a Horcrux?
  24. Harry probably will die, as Rowling has stated she wants no non-author written sequels.
  25. pokefreak Z

    pokefreak Z Guest

    i heard potter dies in it.
  26. Lies!!!
    Harry must live! Then, the Voldermort inside of him infests him and he becomes the next dark lord!

    There will be no more Harry Potter series...
    Just the "Ron Weasley" series! xD

    Of course I kid.

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