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Things that should be changed in future generations~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Fumanshu, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. As I havent seen such a topic here before I might start one here:
    You can add whatever annoys you about the recent game competetively and what should be changed in the future. Be it typings,moves,abilities, movesets or whatever!
    Lets Play Game Designer :D

    I think I'm gonna kick the thread off with some points that majorly annoy me:

    Problem: Stealth Rock Elemental Damage: Stealth rock doing rock damage is logical and fine on paper, but doing so hurts one certain type a lot->Fire. 25% entry Hazard damage is a thing to consider, but if you also add the fact that 2 majorly awesome Fire Pokemon are Flying too: Charizard and Moltres. Those Pokemon get 50% damage when they enter the Stealth rocked field. Same thing for Flying/Bug types.

    Solution:Make Stealth rock not elemental or add other Elemental Stealth rocks. That would tilt the whole thing in a more fair direction.
    I mean people might say "go bring a rapid spinner" but that is really annoying. One brings a rapid spinner, another brings a ghost to wall him ect.
    Stealth Rock should be there to punish severe switching, and people should have the option to remove it by using a rapid spinner, but it shouldnt be a neccessity, or a ban for certain Types/Type Combinations.

    so that is the first thing that bothers me most right at the time, I got more , but Im gonna let you guys add stuff first ;P
  2. Well, for start, they should change hypnosis' accuracy back to 70. And maybe make Hydro Pump a little more accurate, 85 perhaps.

    Also, they should add more types of first strike moves. A fire type one for instance. And maybe a fighting type version of Sucker Punch (for my Blaziken ;D).

    It would also be cool if Aura Sphere could be either a TM or a move tutor move, then I could teach it to my Gardevoir instead of Focus Blast. That probably won't happen though.

    It would also be cool if Pokemon could have a total of three abilities, instead of just two. I could think of a cool new ability Gardevoir or Gallade could have.
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    As far as attacks go, I'd like to see an extra 5 PP added onto Drain Punch, bringing it up to the same 10 PP as Giga Drain. As of now it's simply 5 PP too low for me to really consider using it... (Ssh, Ruko XD).

    Other things I want to see changed have been stated by others in the past. We need a better way to organize our backpacks with actual sorting options and ways to quickly jump down your list (maybe 10 items at a time). The way it is now is just one big mess, but I'm still against the item storage PC being brought back. I've said it before - generally all standard RPGs use a single storage system for your items, so I see no reason why Pokemon shouldn't either (and I personally found the item PC an unnecessary hassle). The creators just need to make it so it's not 100% manual sorting.

    Uh... Actually, that's mostly it for notable changes I'd like to see. I think the metagame is fine and don't really want to see it radically changed, and I'm perfectly A-OK with the standard gym/E4 gameplay. I just really hope that the next generation takes from HG/SS and allows us to have a Pokemon following us, although this time with a bit more control over things (ie. an option to have the Pokemon stay in its PokeBall if you so please).
  4. So far so good.
    While most gameplay changes are an open thing for debate, some others shouldnt be.

    What annoys me the most is the actual IV/EV system. Not that Im against customization. Having the ability to make different kinds of Pokemon is an awesome thing, and even sparked a small discussion in the chat room yesterday , based on Bulky Arcanine VS Fast Arcanine. Thats a good thing.
    The problem with the whole system is, first of all the values are hidden, second its annoying to do. Breeding for IVs is a major Problem. The developers wanted to make every Pokemon special by introducing those hidden values. Problem is people now know how to find them out and now its possible to breed for the best values, which isnt covered in the game and takes way too long.

    The EV system is great. I like it a lot,but those values shouldnt be hidden.
    I mean in many RPGs when you level up you get certain stat points that you can put into your stats. why not do it in the Pokemans?
    You could make it that certain Pokemon drop certain EV points, like they give out EVs right now, and that you could then put the points into your Pokemon as you wish. The 510 Limit could still be there and it would be a visible way to customize your Pokemon. They could also make it that you could just Spend 100 EV points every 10 Levels or something like that.

    A NPC that resets your EVs for Money/Items like heart scales would do wonders too.
    People could come now and say "suck it up, be a man" but its just an idea. It would make the whole thing so much more accessible to other people and all those EV threads wouldnt be needed anymore :D

    And saying "they wanted it to be different" isnt valid anymore cause people took the game mechanics and over analyzed anything, and the actual EV/IV System punishes players that dont have so damn much time and well, without an online community that explains EV/IVs to you, you are lost.
  5. It would be cool if EVs weren't hidden because it'd certainly make EV training easier. The training itself isn't hard so much that it's annoying that you can't see what you're doing. Some people are pros at doing it but as for me? My method involves EV training in one stat until the growth of that stat levels off. It makes it very hard to put EVs into more than two stats though XD If they only made this little change I wouldn't even care about everything else.
  6. I usually make a list and count the pokemon that I have killed. thats majorly annoying. Another point is, when I kill a geodude by mistake when I need speed EVs , I go into a never ending rage and begin from anew cause I get confused.
    something like "DO YOU WANT THAT EV?" might be cool too.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I dunno. To be fair, many of the EV-related ideas you've given almost sound more confusing, generic, or time consuming than our current system (ie. gaining "EV stat points" related to levels, or being asked whether you'd like it or not). The latter in particular would be incredibly time consuming after awhile and come to be seen more as a hindrance than anything.

    While I agree that having an ability to visibly see your EVs or IVs would be great, the rest I'm not so sure about. I think the current system as a whole works just fine - and it's quite easy and efficient for anyone who knows what they're doing. While it's true that mostly only the online Pokemon communities fully comprehend EV training, maybe that's a sign that the Pokemon Company/Game Freak/Nintendo/etc. should do a better job at explaining the process in-game or via non-digital players guides. They've already given us the Macho Brace, Power items, EV reducing berries AND EV increasing vitamins - so why not come right out and explain what they're actually used for to the average player? The in-game PokeDex could add in "EV yield" information, too, or maybe it could be part of Gen 5's PokeGear/PokeNav/Poketch-ish thingie.

    That said, I think there's a reason they've designed the games the way they have. They've probably been so avoidant with revealing too much EV-related info because they don't want to shove it down the average Joe's throat. Since the info isn't readily available, only the players who want to know about it do know about it. The rest who couldn't care less aren't bothered by what they're missing.

    In the end, Pokemon is a game played on multiple levels - and the creators know it. They don't expect every player to be super competitive/calculating, which is a very fair judgement, so they've built the game in such a way that everyone can take something from it. This leads into why I think IVs in particular are fine just the way they are now. Yes, they are hidden values and we've cracked them - but I don't see how that's a problem. They're hard to breed for a reason, and ... that's how it should be, really.

    Sorry, getting slightly off-topic here... Not trying to argue either. Just sharing my thoughts on what I think doesn't work for EVs, and what I think does.
  8. Although it would effect the novelty of some pokemon, I think that the lower a Pokemon's catch rate, the easier it is to get a shiny should be included.
    I say this because, it would make a new level of rarity, and make it easier for people (LIKE ME) who struggle with that whole 'catching a shiny' concept.
    Although I don't mind either way, it would be nice to see a new type introduced.
    It would certainly spice things up a bit.
  9. I'd say they should get rid of Splash, make it do damage like the PMD games, or give it an effect like U-turn.

    It is a useless move. At this point, it is more like a placeholder move.

    They should also you to make more than one account and play as different characters, telling their storyline kind of like the Special Episodes on PMD Sky.
  10. I'd like to be able to use the VS Seeker inside caves/buildings. Now I know most people hate caves, but pre-E4, Victory Road had the strongest trainers, and by making the VS Seeker usable in caves, it would make leveling just a bit easier (unless you hack for Rare Candies but that's a whole different thread).
  11. In my opinion, the one thing that should be changed is the availability of special balls such as the Dusk and Quick. I mean, they are incredible handy and useful, but too easy to get, in my opinion. You can buy them from various places in Sinnoh at any time. However, I find this too easy, lowering the value of such balls (like how the Luxury Ball was very rare in RSE). One could earn them in short quests, like the newspaper thing in Solaceon, beating tough trainers, and after winning Contests.

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