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Themed Teams

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Shiny Lyni, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I dunno, felt like posting this here XD Prettyyyy sure there are other people who've played around with themed teams. What themes did you guys use~?

    A while back, a few friends and I made teams where all the Pokemon shared a color; I don't remember the exact makeup, but I ended up using a green team. While it's far from a good competitive team, it's still fun to use and can hold its ground against most people.

    I've also used a team of just fluffy/poofy Pokemon in-game, consisting of Altaria, Mega Ampharos, Whimsicott, Jumpluff, Arcanine, and Cinccino. This was a terrible choice as a lot of weaknesses (namely ICE) was extremely prevalent in the team, but do I care? Nah, I love my balls of floof. :'D
  2. Well, I know that when I first played Black 2, I tried to go with an underdog theme for my team since it mainly consisted of pokémon that either A) no one seemed to like (or were related to them), B) ones that were only powerful when they evolved, C) ones that were listed on the NU tier at Smogon, &/or D) ones that started off incredibly weak but ended up becoming powerhouses once they evolved.
    • Dewott (A/B)
    • Leavanny (C)
    • Growlithe (B)
    • Crobat (A)
    • Metagross (D)
    This was a bit of a hassle at times but with a little training (and a lot of help from reserves, vitamins, and eviolites) my team really helped through a number of rough spots

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