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Ask to Join The Worlds End

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Xx_WHAT-is-LIFE_xX, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/forums/general-role-play-discussion.26/create-thread

    One day the speakers radios and televisions start to sound a alarm like ember alerts but worse. The speack on the devises says in a trembling voice “ THE W-WORLDS ENDING THERES , A-A VIRUS B-REAK OUT CAUSING PEOPLE T-O MUTANT I-NTO DEADLY M-ONSTERS AHHhhh...” The scream slowly fades a a crunching noise can be heard then a growl.
    Finally the noises stoped as a message played on repeat for a few minutes.” You must survive and find a cure to this madness of a apocalypse.”

    It’s a couple of mouths after the apocalypse started your now part of a organization named.
    “ Phantom “
    It’s now your choose to live or die
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  2. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Jack was on the roof of a building, looking at the disaster that had just happened "if only i had more weapons.. " he said, before calling the leader of team Ghost "hey, have we found a cure yet, i think theres a time limit to being curable " he said
  3. Mia sighed pinching her noise and replies, “ It’s only been a few months scones the out break we need more time...” She stoped talking and look down to the street from the building she was on and pulled out a flare and lit it. Mia waved it around signaling Jack. “ Code red, we got a stage 4.”
  4. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    "Stage four? Hold on, i'm near by !" Jack exclaimed, jumping a roof to another, like parkour, "stage four, guess i need to go back to killing these 'Zombies' " he said
  5. ( I added the stages on the thread I just thought about it as I responded.)
    Mia snickers and says, “ You can take the sworm of them, I have a score to Settle with that one. But don’t charge in blind if he’s here that means there’s scouts...” she said as she kept her walkie-talkie on as she through the flare down on the street. As it hit the ground a large screeck rang throughout the area. “ Be careful there angry and know where hear now let’s have fun..” she said laughing a little.
  6. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    ((I'll look at that))
    Jack came in with his two katana's in hand, having slashed off two of these zombies heads ((not going into detail, you know why)) he jumped and shot another three in the head with his machine guns ,
  7. Mia chuckles as she hold her katana in her hand and hops of the one story building roof into the center of the hoard. She she stabs throw zombies head and uses the bodies to break the fall as the stage 4 wiped around to see her sims covered in blood. “ been awhile old friend, you easaped me one to many times.” She raised her katana and charged.
  8. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    After finishing off the last of the hord Jack was taking care of, he came in to see if his teammate needed help,..nope, so he sat down listening to pop music he used to listen as a kid
  9. Mia reaches just behind of the mutant as it turned around. She sliced through the back of the knee causing it to fall. After the thud Mia jumped landing onto of its shoulder pulling out her pistol. Shooting the back of its neck and in the back of the head. “ Let’s go..” Mia said bluntly jumping off the mutant as it feel to the ground.

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