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~The World Ends With You~

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Indie, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. The World Ends With You, or TWEWY to most.This topic is just a general discussion of all things twewy ^^
    For example, what's your favourite character, you choice of pins, your favourite song. Be free to discuss other matters such as, could they/will they pull of a sequel?

    My favourite character would have to be Joshua. While it became clear that he got up to a number of rather devious antics, he still remains an interesting and deep character. His storyline was the most fun, seeing as spelled the beginning of the end for Neku.

    In game, I'm rather fond of Mus Rattus, and this remains clear in my pin deck~
    My current pin selection are
    Live!-Tigre Punks
    Cornered Rat-Mus Rattus
    Ice Blow-D+B
    Octo Squeeze- Sheep Heavenly
    Burning Melon- Mus Rattus

    I enjoy most of the soundtrack, but Someday pulls all the right strings for me~

    Finally, I'm halved on whether I'd like a sequel, or indeed a whole new story. I loved the game, and would happily delve into the world again. However, as with many sequels, there's always the worry that the story and many other aspects of the game won't be as good.

    Post away ^^
  2. AKjalskdjasldkajs;das;dj. I love this game. I actually joined a forum for it a little bit before I joined Charms, and am now a co-admin of the place XD It's rather deserted, but it's a nice place with a tight-knit group of TWEWY fans XD

    My favorite character by a long shot is Sho Minamimoto. Crazy math genius extraordinare~ I loved all of his math puns- I mean hell, my name is based off of his attacks XD It was because of him that I started to get into Calculus. Now I'm in DiffEq and wondering why am I here I'm a biology student hurrdedurrr~

    Hurr, pin deck. I forget XD It's been forever since I've fired the game up, as I've been playing P3/P4 and Pokemon as of recent. I've almost 100% the game by now, save for a pin or two :>

    I love the soundtrack, I have bought both versions and have them on my iPod~ Excellent music that really fits with the style of the game.

    And as for a sequel? They betterrr. That'd be full of win. I'm not sure what they could really do, but Sho better be in it. And yes I've played through the whole game so I know the ending and I won't spoil anything. :> I'd be perfectly happy with a UG with different characters/different area whatevs :3 It had such an excellent battle system (albeit with a steep learning curve), that I'd play a sequel just to say if they pulled it off again.
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