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Ask to Join The World could always use more Heroes

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Welcome to UNDERTALE! No wait, Welcome to OVERWATCH! "The world could always use more Heroes." And so you are one. Join the newly Assembled Overwatch, and Protect Europe!


    1. Gore and Romance are allowed, but keep it at a minimun, like I say all the dang time.
    2.Fill out both Forms
    3. Follow Regular Rules and Guidelines.

    Human Form:


    Hero Form:


    My Forms:

    Human Form:

    Name: Blu
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    History: Blu's parents moved to the U.S. when he was 13. He stayed behind, hoping to find a new life. But when he hit the age of 16, his friend, Kit, gave him a Life Changing Birthday Present. With a bit of magic, he changed completely. A gray fox Jjinka.
    Personality: Blu is a Happy Go Lucky type, never too down or not in the mood.

    Hero Form:

    Name: Ace
    Skills/Abilities: Increased Jump and Speed.

    Blu sighed. He held a pistol, made of pure obsidian, forged by a famous Blacksmith. "Sune, Hakemada." He chanted. Soon a ghostly mist appeared, wrapping around Blu. Ears and Tail appeared from his body, along with Fur covering his skin. He soon opened his eyes. "Its show time." He smiled, devilishly. Soon he bolted out of the alleyway he stood in, then dashed off. Soon the sound of an Alarm went off, towards a bank. A smile spread across Ace's face, as he dashed for the bank.

    It wasn't long before he made it to the bank, and a white van just took off. "Time to Shine Ace." He smiled, dashing after the van.

  2. I've been waiting for an overwatch rp!
    Human Form:

    Name: Rosa Fairson
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    History: born and raised in an off the grid society. She became a guide and Hunter for her village and people lost. Talon surged the village one day and brought overwatch soldiers with them. The battle was rough and much was destroyed. The village elders decided they would move and completely cut themselves off from the outside world in fear of it happening again. She left the village to explore and prove herself a fighter, as talon found them once again. This time taking prisoners.
    Very curiously, is very new to the outside and plugged in world still, nice enough, angered easily, sees the flaws in the world and technology
    Hero Form:

    Name: Huntress
    Skills/Abilities: tracking and shadow manipulation

    Rosa crouched on top of a building. Her staff was strapped to her back and her daggers primed. She had just arrived in the city not long ago and was already hating the noise. She longed for the quiet sounds of her forest home but she had promised the elders to bring her people home. An alarm went off near by and her head looked in its direction. She lept from building to building, leaping through shadows until she landed ontop of the bank.
  3. OOC: Nice to see you, to be honest I thought no one would join.

    BIC: With Ace's increaced speed, he was about the same speed as the van was going. Ace pulled out one of his Obsidian Pistols, then shot for the hover rings. He missed, which was bad, since the robbers found out.

    Soon the Back Door of the Van was open, revealing a man with a Machine Gun. He stared firing, forcing Ace to jump out of Danger. He jumped from two Balconies then made it to the rooftops, where he continued to give chance. Soon the Van made a Sharp Turn near an Alleyway. Ace stopped, then looked down in the alleyway. What he thought to be two was ten. Their were ten robbers protecting the bag.

    "This is not going to be easy." Ace sighed.
  4. Following the van and staying out of the sight of the person combating the van. She moved to the ground and pulled her hood up and stepped into the alleyway. The guns turned to her and she used shadows to hide her face, tilting her head she raised her hand as if to surrender. One started to scream at her and she smirked, as they fired she lept into a shadow and out of one closer with her staff. She tackled one before ducking into another shadow and this time landing on the roof, "ok, a minor miss step".
  5. Ace managed to see what happened, it being pretty quick. "What the?" He questioned, then looked to where the Female landed. "Who are you?" He asked, the Female.
  6. Rosa looked at ace and shrugged her shoulders, she heard and noise and launched forward to tackle him out of the way of gun fire. She growled and lept into another shadow, landing on a omnic and bashing her staff into another guy's face, "keep moving"!
  7. Ace looked back at the Robbers, but was instantly pushed out of a Gunshot by no other then the Female Hero. Before he could thank her, she already dashed back to the alleyway, battling more robbers. "Man, wait up!" Ace yelled, dashing down.
  8. "Then keep on your feet," Rosa growled and slammed the end of her staff into another's head. She spinner around and threw a dagger over Ace's shoulder at another robber who was coming around the corner to flank them. She growled and stabbed a dagger into an omnic to her right.
  9. "Hey, let me get some action." Ace smiled. He grabbed both of his Pistols, then shot at the Robbers, some were able to get shots back, but he easily dodged them, due to his speed. Soon everyone was shot, hopefully not to death, but they were bleeding none the less. He then smiled. "I think I accomplished something. Now who are you?" Ace asked.
  10. "Huntress," Rosa shrugged again and lept into another shadow and onto the roof. She started walkin across the roof, whistling and twirling her staff around with practice. She got ready to leap again but turned to look at the way she left ace.
  11. Ace sighed. "Well Huntress..." She was gone. "Bleh, Girls are getting weirder by the second in Europe." Ace sighed. He grabbed the bag filled with pounds. He then ran toward the bank. "Geez, hope they dont accuse me as the robber." Ace smiled, as the sun started to set.
  12. Rosa lept into another shadow and ran into a pole on street level. She hissed in pain and fell backwards. Rubbing her head she sat up and grumbled about her ability. She got up and pulled down her hood, walking off down the road to the park she was staying in. She climbed a tree and leaned back, trying to see the stars through the smaug.
  13. "Sune Hakemada." Ace chanted. Like before, a mist surrounded him, and his fox like attributes disappeared, making him normal. Ace already dropped the pounds off at the bank. He simply sighed, and lied back in the alleyway, which was pretty smelly. He simply ignored it, and stared at the stars above.
  14. Rosa heard yelling nearby and growled. A panicked child seemed to be running away from a drunk. She lept down and jumped closer to them. She choked the man out after pulling her hood up. The child screamed and she pulled the body to lay it on a bench.
  15. Blu heard the scream around the corner, then dashed after the sound. "Sune Hakemada." He chanted as he ran out of the alleyway. He was in Fox Form when he made it, what he saw terrified him. The Man, choked to death. "Why?"
  16. Rosa was hiding in a tree when Ace arrived. She narrowed her eyes as she saw the pity on the other heroes face. Flipping out of the tree, she landed beside him. She crossed her arms and looked at him, hiding in her face with shadows, "he tried to hurt a child. He tried to kill a child for no reason. That is why the man died".
  17. Ace felt a certain presence behind him, then a voice, forcing him to pull out his Pistol. "That dosent mean you kill him! You keep him from harming thr child! How do you even?!" Ace growled.
  18. Rosa saw him pull the weapon and pressed a dagger close to his throat. She starred down the barrel and growled, "in my community, you hurt a child and you hurt the tribe. Children are the future and must be protected at all costs. To hurt a child unnecessary or no accidentally is worthy of death. I can't understand how your brains work".
  19. "..." Ace growled. He felt the sharp knife press against his throat. "Ugh, just back off. Its obvious we have different opinions about this. How bout we just walk away from this, you might be faster, but that dosent mean You wont get hurt." Ace growled.
  20. "Don't test me fox. I will walk and you will not follow," rosa lower the blade and pointed it over to the sleeping child she had calmed and wrapped in a blanket. She looked back at him and shrugged, "that is my blanket but they may keep it. I'm going to back off, I see you hurt the child, I kill you".
    She backed into the shadows and disappeared, appearing on building higher up.
  21. Ace sighed. "Jesus, when did the world become so violent?" Ace sighed. He walked off. "Especially her." Ace groaned.
  22. Rosa growled when she noticed ace was walking away from the child, she had pretty much asked for him to take. She didn't know the city well and wasn't sure if there was a place for the child to go. She got down and picked the child up, she climbed the tree again and cradle the bundle of blankets and child to her chest. Drifting an uneasy and wary sleep.
  23. Ace sighed. It was dark out and he was pretty tired. Once he made it back home, he chanted. "Sune Hakemada." Returning to Human Form. He groaned, faceplanting into his bed. "Ugh, Tommorow is another day." He sighed, slowly falling asleep.
  24. Rosa let the child lead her to the police. She handed them over by telling them to walk in alone then disappeared into the alley way. She the kid keep her blanket and wasn't suprised when she walked by the park again to see that police were already investigating. No she had other plans so she walked on. There was an organization called overwatch in the city and Rosa knew they had information on talon so she decided to pay them a visit.
  25. The Next Morning
    Blu woke up to the Sunlight in his face. He couldent help buy remember that grusome image. He simply put that thought aside, today he was exited. One of the Members of the Overwatch was coming to England, Tracer. He looked up to Tracer as a Legend. He quickly chanted "Sune Hakemada." Before running out the door.

  26. Rosa walked like a normal person would, having hidden her staff in a guitar case she had found during her first days in the city. There was a very friendly cat that lived inside and she made friends with it. Hiding her cat and case in an alley she shadow lept to the roof, only to notice she wasn't the only on there. A pale blue woman stood waiting, aiming at the air pad that rosa was going to enter through. She hid behind a rooft top entrance and listened in.
    "Are you sure that tracer is going to be here? You know I don't like doing this in the day, reaper. Yes I understand, focus on the mission".
  27. "Alright, according to the Banner, shes meeting people at the Park. Ane unfortunately for me, the same one mysyery girl almost killed me in." Ace sighed. He jumped from rooftops, till he made it into the park, where he excitedly waited for his hero to arrive. Some people walked away from Ace, probably cause he had his Pistols where people could see them. He ignored it though.
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  28. The blue woman lined up her shot in the unsuspecting crowd below. It seemed the hero had arrived and she was ready to take out her target. Rosa's eyes narrowed and she charged forward. Someone tipped the woman off to her attack and she blocked the staff blow to the head, "you plan to hurt innocent people".
  29. ((Hope you dont mind me reviving this :'|)))

    Ace shot his head in the direction, hearing the words: "hurt innocent people." He quickly pulled out his obsidian pistols, "no ones gettting hurt on my watch," he shouted out. Many civilians ran, watching him pull out his two pistols, and he couldn't really blame them. It was a good idea, meaning they wouldn't get hurt.
  30. Rosa pushed harder, trying to guard break the other to get the hurt in. Her staff bent at the wait but she ignored it with a snarl. Her eyes narrowed and teeth grit.
  31. Ace caught her in his sight, "is that her?! Alright then," he chuckled before rushing over on all fours and jumping over Rosa quite easily. In mid-air he pulled out his obsidian pistols and fired at Rosa, being mindful of the people in the surrounding area.
  32. Rosa looked up as she was fired at and let herself be thrown off the the building to dodge the attack. Her arm reached out, slowing her descent as it touched the building. She swung herself into a balcony and into the room it was connected to.
  33. "Hey! Where do you think your going," shouted Nova, chasing after her. He jumped down, grabbing a pole on his way down and swinging off of it onto the balcony, reducing the damage caused if he simply jumped from the top. On the balcony, he rushed into the building, both pistols ready to fire.
  34. Rosa stuck to the shadows, watching him quietly. She glared at the other hero, hand tightened around her weapon. She kept quiet as she started to move towards a window.
  35. Nova wasn't showing any sign of fear, his sense of sight being able to see through the dark. He let out a lowly whistle, "come to Papa," he said alloud. He looked around, but was blinded when the lights were turned on. Appearently this was some college student's apartment. The student looked in horror, spotting Nova, and Nova looked as shocked as he did.

    "Uhm, no need to worry civilian, just doing duties," he chuckled nervously.
  36. Rosa slipped past him into the balcony and kicked at the center of his back to push him forward. She then rolled back, letting herself fall before catching another balcony and diving inside and through it.
  37. Nova gasped, being kicked forward and falling flat on his face. His senses may of been enhansed, but he was ungraceful as ever. He quickly got up and ran to the balcony, "sorry for the trouble," he shouted at the college student before jumping down and jumping onto a pole. He stood on it like a cat would do, "shoot, where did she go?!"
  38. Rosa dove into a back alley, keeping herself moving. She slowed to a stop about three blocks away before catching her breath. She grabbed her guitar case and hid her staff inside before moving to head further away. She pet the cat when it popped it’d head out.
  39. Nova growled, "I can't believe I let her get away..." He sighed, jumping into an alleyway between the apartment building and another building, reciting the chant and coming out normal. He continued to yell at himself in his mind, but atleat Tracer was safe. He continued back to the park, conflicted if he actually wanted the villian to come back, yes, so he could possibly catch her, and no, so the peace wouldn't be disrupted.

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