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Open The Wild Life of Wild Pokemon - Sinnoh

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by sonny10242, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Imagine what life would be like from the perspective of a wild Pokemon. This roll play lets you pretend to be a Pokemon surviving and going about life in the midst of the Sinnoh region (basically, no Pokemon from Gen 5 or up).

    Here are the rules:
    1. Please try your best to correctly capitalize and punctuate everything correctly.
    2. If you are joining for the first time, read everything that already happened so you know what's going on into the story.
    3. Please keep your contributions kid-appropriate. Do not swear or use mature themes.
    4. If you are joining for the first time, please copy and paste the following layout onto the beginning of your comment:

    Pokemon Species:
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  2. Name: John
    Age: 14
    Pokemon Species: Buizel
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Valley Windworks, Sinnoh
    Personality: Timid and Persistant

    John was a timid lad always stuttering about and knocking into things. When he was little he made friends with a Pachirisu named Coockno and they would play together for hours and hours. Hours and hours, until Coockno was caught by a trainer. John was so angry that he vowed to do everything in his ability to never ever get caught. He was so angry that it would have been impossible for him to have foreseen the great events in his future - the events that would change his mind.
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  3. (OOC: Well, it's been a while, and I must say, Sinnoh brings back childhood memories. I am also adding a little more information here, and as always, if there's any concerns, please feel free to privately discuss them.)

    Unknown (His real name may be revealed soon or later.)
    Age: Unknown (This may also be revealed soon or later on.)
    Pokémon Species: Minun
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Secret Meadow (This is located in Hoenn.)
    Skills/Abilities: Invisibility (He is fully invisible when standing still, as he is faintly visible while walking, and he becomes partially visible if he is sprinting. However, if he were to bump into someone, the ability would become useless for some time and he will become visible on the spot. Bright lights or brief flashes are a surefire way to render his invisibility ineffective.)
    Personality: He is taciturn around others, while he is often mischievous. He often uses his young appearance to get his enemies off guard, as he is very opportunistic when it comes to fleeing others.
    Appearance: He is a lot younger than the usual Minun, as he is a little smaller than usual, standing at only twelve inches tall. His head to body ratio is also slightly larger.

    Minun had dozens of hard moments in his life, as he was often sought out for his own ability that he had discovered long ago, when he was young. He had discovered the ability to become invisible after becoming exposed to an unknown substance that also ceased his growth. He had always looked like the baby he was, as he quickly fled the area, while trainer after trainer desperately tried to throw their Poké Balls in hopes of catching him. He had almost been caught, as he had barely escaped from the clutches of one trainer, despite being under the effects of the poison and extreme fatigue.

    He woke up in a cave, letting out a slient yawn, while an Aron toddled by, as he quietly got off of his leafy bedding and got up with a rather tired look. He rubbed his head in a soft motion, attempting to forget about the trainers that chased him in his earlier life. He reached for a bluish berry that resided in the pile of leaves he slept in, as he grabbed it in his right paw, while it glimmered in the thin sunlight that pierced the cave's entryway. He slowly ate the berry, while watching the Aron walk out of the cave, as his cheeks quietly sparked while he thought to himself, "Man, I guess these people really want me do they? I just wish that there was some way that I couldn't be caught at least, that way I don't need to deal with having an entire mob of people chasing me down with those red and white balls."
  4. OOC
    Name: Sky
    Pokemon Species: Zorua
    Gender: F
    Birthplace: good old Hoenn, wild
    Note: she's shiny, but can hide it with illusions, unless she's shocked (she got over the "illusion fades if you're hurt" problem, but it's shock that really does it) but she learnt how to mostly keep it under control. She needs to be really suprised, or and very strong negative emotion.

    I know that she's a gen 5 Pokemon, but she got a ferry posing as a tourist and ended up here when it was discovered she was a Pokemon after seeing one of her old trainers that tried to catch her a while ago, and, as she was already registered on the dex-nav he got from Kalos, she got chased into a forest where she could hide, and ended up here. Is that an acceptable reason?
    Sky adopted the form of a trainer, having the pokeball in hand just to make it more realistic so that she wasn't jumped by a trainer, and walked into a cave she found, with a bunch of different berries lying in a leaf bed. She grabbed an Oran berry, and ate it quickly, noticing a small glimmer at the mouth of the cave, but ignored it.Checking nobody was watching, Sky quickly night-slashed the branch of a tree, chopped off the leaves, and made a pillow for herself. "Again, trainers aren't likely to come chasing after another trainer, especially if they're asleep" she reasoned, as she lay down "whereas sleeping as a Pokemon out in the open is suicide". With that thought, she lay her unnaturally large body on the floor, and fell asleep.
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  5. John waddled forward toward the cave in which he slept every night. What he saw when he entered, though, was much to his surprise. A trainer! Right in front of him, curled up on a pillow of leaves. He looked over and noticed another intruder! A Minun curled up by John's stash of berries, and it had taken some! And the trainer had too. John was infuriated. He never wanted anyone to be in his cave except his friendly Aron. He walked over to the trainer and started jumping on her and scratching at her face. He didn't want to hurt her, he didn't want trouble. He just wanted them both out of his cave.
  6. Name: Jojo
    Age: 22
    Pokemon Species: Butterfree
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: Viridian Forest, Kanto
    Personality: Skilled at battling, easily angered, and kind

    Jojo swooped around Florama Town looking for an exciting activity. Upon seeing nothing there, she continued over to the Valley Windworks. But once she was there; floating above the grass, she noticed a small hole in the side of the cliff that she had never noticed before. "Probably another useless tunnel dug by those stinkin' Diglett," she thought to herself. That is, until, she noticed two Aron walk out of it.
  7. The Minun had not known that he had been intruding John's cave, as he quickly became invisible while he quickly hid behind some rocks in the area! He looked over at the Aron that was in the cave still, as he noticed the poor trainer being beaten up by John! He stood completely still like a statue, hoping that he wouldn't go looking for him in the cave. He took in slient breaths while he carefully tiptoed around in the area. He decided to go deeper in the cave, as he went in the shadows and the darkness to prevent himself from being visible to anyone.
  8. Name: M
    pokemon species: Charmander
    Gender: Female
    birthplace: a forest by pallet town
    Personality: shy and loves battling even if she loses
  9. John looked over from the beaten trainer in front of him, some how, she was still asleep. He saw that the Minun had completely disappeared. "What the?!" he said to himself, "Well, at least its gone."
  10. The charmander walked around in the forest of pallet town and said hello to all the wild pokemon because she was good friends with all of them. And went to a berry bush and picked berrys then headed to a hole in a tree which was her home and ate some berrys.
  11. As she was bored, Jojo swooped down and into the cave. Inside, she noticed a small group of Aron huddling over in the corner and a Buizel that was looking up, standing by the black and blue body of a trainer. "Oh my!!" Jojo screamed. She then snarled as she waved he antennas and said "Let me fix this..." Sleeping power was a move that Jojo had learned in her youth, as a Caterpie. Jojo had actually stayed as a Caterpie for much longer then all of her friends because she had found a strange round rock that her parents referred to as an "Everstone". But, now was her time to shine. Wiggling her feet and antennas, she cast the gleaming dust all through the cave.
  12. Name: Enequa
    Age: 14
    Pokemon Species: Vaporeon
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Personality: Happy, Kind, Smart, Stubborn.
    Abilities (Almost everyone seems to have one so far!): Enequa can sprout wings out of dense fog and fly short distances.
    With a yawn, Enequa padded across the forest floor. There was a lake, small in size, but was her home. Today she would brave the forest and go explore deeper in its arms.
  13. Name: Shard
    Age: 3. (10 human years)
    Pokemon Species: Shinx
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: Route 202, Sinnoh
    Personality: Naive, up to a battle but actually not very strong, kind, very willing to help others and certainly not timid. Will give up a fight and flee if needed.
    Shard looked around, willing to play with her siblings. "C'mon, you bunch of Slowpoke!" she teased. Her two brothers ran up to her, and tackled her playfully. She batted at them and soon a Luxray appeared from a small cave, just enough to fit a family. "We'll be leaving soon." she stated meekly. The three Shinxes looked up at her, and each tilted their heads. The Luxray sighed, "To a new route. We're crowded by Bidoofs and Zigzagoons here."
    "But I like it here!" Shard mentioned.
    Her brothers agreed.
    The Luxray snorted and looked over at the young Pokémon. "That's not the only reason we're leaving. C'mon, it'll be fun." she quickly added the fun part to excite the Shinxes. Shard didn't seem particularly interested but decided that it would be best to stick with her family. Until I evolve, that is!, she rudely thought. Soon, the family of Pokémon was off.
  14. Name: Robert
    Age: 16
    Pokemon Species: Raichu
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Kanto Power Plant
    Personality: Friendly and supportive
    Robert was walking around the area remembering the rough times he had back at the power plant in Kanto. The dozens of trainers that would come by day after day trying to catch him. That's the main reason Robert decided to come to Sinnoh, so he wouldn't have to deal with trainers, or at least that's what he wanted. Little did the Raichu know that he had to deal with trainers in Sinnoh too. 'Well... at least it's not as many as in Kanto,' he thought to himself.

    Robert stopped at the sight of a cave that had two Aron coming out and a Butterfree going in. "Huh... I wonder what's going on in there," he said to himself. Robert started to make his way towards to cave when all of a sudden a Mightyena tackled him from out of nowhere. 'W-what the...' he thought to himself as he hit the ground. Robert brought his face up to see a trainer behind the Mightyena. 'Not another one,' he thought as he got up.
  15. Sky woke up, holding her face. "Aaaargh, my face!" She yelled, holding it in her hands. She then felt something coating her face. Sleep powder! Thankfully, she'd been eating Oran berries, and grabbed another one and ate it quickly, feeling the drowsiness fade. She sat up again, looking around, and saw several things. A butterfree, standing on front of her, sending out the sleep powder, and a buizel, and several Aron standing around him, and Sky realised something. The sleep powder would affect them as well! She quickly got up, ignoring the pain on her face, and distributed an Oran berry to each Pokemon in the cave.
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