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Ask to Join The Way We Trainers see it (X and Y RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. All starters included, including Pikachu and Vulpix!

    Here's the Bio Sheet:

    First Pokèmon: (Name)(Species)(Shiny/Normal)

    Here's mine:

    Name: Abby Woods
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Light brown hair, aqua eyes
    First Pokèmon: Keegan, Vulpix, Shiny

    Abby woke up and bounced out of bed. She ran downstairs and greeted her aunt before she dashed out the house with all the belongings she needed. Abby quickly ran down the street, to Prof. Oak's Lab. Abby burst though the door, panting. Prof. Oak raised his eyebrows and smiled at Abby "Come in!" He said and handed Abby a Pokèball containing her pokèmon she told Prof. Oak to keep for her yesterday. Abby smiled and took the pokèball and called out the Shiny Vulpix inside. "Hey there! I'm back!" Abby said and the Vulpix, Keegan, smiled before he jumped on Abby's shoulder. Abby rubbed his head and smiled at Prof. Oak. "Here, You'll need this" He said and handed Abby a Pokedex with a Fire mark on it. "Thanks!" Abby said and slid it into her pocket. Just then, someone else entered the room.
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  2. Name: Isla Banes
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Looks: yes >3<
    First Pokèmon: Summer, Chikorita, shiny

    Isla skipped into the Kanto Pokémon Lab, happily humming a familiar tune. "Hello, Professor! I'm here for my first Pokémon!" she called, stopping in front of said man. She then turned toward the girl in the room and smiled. "Did you just get your first Pokémon? That's sooo cool! That's why I'm here right now!" Professor Oak called Isla into a back room, so she could see all of her options. "I'll talk to you in a minute!" she said to the girl, skipping after the Professor.
    Five minutes later, she walked back out, a shiny something following her. "Hello again! I got a shiny, too! Her name is Summer! Say 'hi', Summer!" Isla looked back at her new partner, who smiled up at the two girls. "Chika-Chi!" the shiny Chikorita called, proud to have a trainer of her own.
  3. Name: Jake Anistar
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Looks: tall muscular red hair green eyes
    First Pokemon: Scar
    Black and white almian riolu


    "Ok jake its time to receive your first Pokemon" said prof oak "and as requested i had an Almian riolu flown in just for you"
    "Oh gee thanks professor" said jake and he grabbed the pokeball and called out his new partner
    'Riolu!' (Hi you must be jake?) said the little fighting type with a deep scar over his right eye
    "Yeah that's right I'm jake and if its ok with you I'm gonna name you scar
    'Riolu' (sounds good to me)
    "Oh hi I'm jake and this is scar" said the boy as he realised he wasn't alone
  4. "Awwww it's so cute! I'm Abby by the way and the Shiny Vulpix is Keegan!" Abby said and Keegan barked happily. Abby hugged Keegan "We'll stand together forever!" Abby exclaimed, receiving a bark from the Shiny Vulpix she's embracing.
  5. Name:Tony Hopkins
    Age: 14
    Looks:Big Hair,Brown eyes,Wears Vest
    First Pokemon:Bacon(Tepig) (Normal)

    Tony Hopkins Was Walking To Professor Oak's Lab And Greeted Him He Said "Good Morning Professor I Would like To Take This Tepig Off Your Hands," Said Tony To Professor Oak.He then Said "Ok Here You Are And Here Are Some Pokeballs And Your Pokedex," Tony Then Said"Thanks I'll Be On My Way Now," Said Tony To The Professor
  6. "So will we!" Isla replied to Abby, once again looking back at her partner and exchanging smiles.
    She then looked back at the red-head boy. "It's nice to meet you Jake, Scar! I'm Isla, and this is Summer!" she introduced, picking up her partner and holding her against her chest.
  7. Name: Delaine McNellis
    Age: 10 (Just started her Pokemon adventure :3)
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Curly brown hair, blue eyes, tall, wears sports clothes, glasses.
    First Pokèmon: Beast, Totodile, Normal
    Delaine McNellis woke up early and excitedly she threw on a neon green tee with a Pokeball on it and a black pair of sports shorts. She ran downstairs, ate a sausage, put her grey sneakers on and grabbed a old brown backpack. If you knew Delaine, you would know that today must be a exciting day, on a normal day she would of woken up hours later and would have grumpily walked downstairs knowing that she had to go to school. But today she was going to start her Pokemon adventure, Delaine was starting it only at the age of ten due to that she had more training and experience with Pokemon because her siblings were all gym leaders in Unova, where her family used to live. When Delaine reached Oaks lab, she burst through the doors. "I'M HERE!" She shouted causing the scientist working there to stare at her, "Hello there Delaine!" Said Prof. Oak. "I-I-Pokemon" She said, out of breath from running to Prof. Oaks lab which was far from her own home, her mom had insisted on her walking, saying it was good practice for all the walking she would have to do in her Pokemon adventure. "We have a Totodile you may like." He said, letting a Totodile out of a Pokeball. Delaine patted the top of the Totodiles head, he bit her finger and Delaine grinned. "I'll get him. If I bond a bit with this little guy, we'll make a awesome pair!" Delaine said as she picked the Totodile up. "Sure, you can have him. And here's your Pokedex, you can store information about the Pokemon you catch in here." Said Oak as he handed Delaine a red Pokedex. As Delaine walked outside with the Totodile sitting on her shoulder, who had taken quite a liking to her Delaine thought about what to name him. "I'll name you Beast." She decided. "Toto-Totodile." Said Beast, liking his new name.
  8. "Alright! So let's get moving on our adventure!" Abby said and slung her backpack into her shoulder before picking up Keegan and walking out of the pokèmon lab. Noticing the girl that paid no attention to the three when she just randomly ran in. Abby walked over to her and tapped her shoulder. "Hi I'm Abby and this is Keegan" She said and gestured to the Vulpix that rested in her arms.
  9. Delaine spun around to face a girl who looked about 15. "Well, hi Abby. I'm Delaine, and this is Alpha." Delaine said to the older girl as she pointed to Alpha who was munching on a whole grain sandwich her mom had packed her. "Want one?" She said as she held out a sandwich. "My mom packed to many." She said as she took a bite of one.
  10. "Ok!" Abby said and took the sandwich with a thanks. Keegan was...rummaging in her bag. Abby stood dead still before she quickly pulled Keegan out of her bag with her free hand "No! Bad Keegan! there's a fire stone in there that aunt gave me! I don't want you to evolve yet so-" Abby scolded the Vulpix and out a collar around his neck, it had everstone pieces in it. "There we go!" She exclaimed and stood up before taking a bite from her sandwich.
  11. (Why the hack did I just call Beast Alpha?) "Imagine the trouble of taking care of a big Pokemon like Ninetales now." Said Delaine. "So, I should probably head of and explore." Said Delaine, picking up Beast and putting her stuff away in her backpack.
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  12. (I have no clue!)

    "It's not that, Keegan is still young, I wouldn't want him to evolve to early" Abby said and finished off her sandwich. "Also, I took care of auntie's Flygon fro her when she went to work and couldn't take him...I'll miss him, and he'll miss me, wait! maybe I can ask mom if I can take Dusty!" Abby said and picked up Keegan who yelped in surprise. "Soorrrryyyy" Abby said and laughed at Keegan. Abby turned to Delaine "Could you possibly come with me to my aunts? She might give you her Leafeon, since she is so busy leveling up her Eevee" She said.
  13. Sure, i'll come with you!" Delaine said cheerfully, putting on a grey hoodie and cleaned of her glasses which had been sprayed with water by Beast.
  14. "Yay! Ok then, follow me!" Abby said and ran to her Aunt's home. "Auntie?" Abby called and Dusty came down the stairs holding his pokèball. "She left? Ok then, I'll take you anyways" Abby said and petted the Flygon. Abby wrote a note (Lol that rhymed) for Aunt and put it on the table before she ran back our of the house, Dusty following. She put his pokèball in her belt and put the extra in her bag.
  15. Delaine followed Abby to her Aunts house. Just then, Beast spotted some oran berrys in the woods and jumped out of Delaine's grip, "BEAST, COME-BACK-HERE-RIGHT-NOW!" she shouted as she ran after him.
  16. "Dusty" Abby said and she jumped in his back. "Let's go get that Totodile!" She called and Dusty flew into the air, flying above Delaine, putting her on his back, and then following the Totodile.
  17. Suddenly Beast walked calmly back to Delaine, his mouth stained blue with oran berrys. "Toto-Totodile" Said Beast, which meant I am so very sorry, I couldn't help myself In Pokemon talk. Delaine sighed and picked Beast up. "Sorry bout that." She said to Abby.
  18. "Oh it's alright" She said and hopped off Dusty. She smiled and laughed as Keegan huffed, but then smiled when him and Dusty got a pokepuff each. Isis took out a oran berry one and put it out for Beast to take.
  19. Isla watched as the two left the lab, before turning back to Summer. "We should go, too!" she nearly shouted, happily running out of the lab. Summer smiled, running after her trainer. They both giggled when they saw a Totodile walk over to an Oran berry bush. Then they turned in the opposite direction and walked off, enjoying the scenery.
  20. "Totodile." Said Beast as he happily took the oran berry. "Wow, we better go." Said Delaine, looking at the setting sun in the distance, they could probably find a Pokemon center to rest at in a new town.

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