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The ultimate, unofficial, awesome tournament of all time!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by kusanagi7, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. *Yawn* Chase sighed as he walked through Jubilife city bored as always, Chase was a 14 year old boy with black messy hair, and he wore normal black T-shirt with jeans and also he loved traveling as well as battles and contests. He slowly walked through the big city passing the Poketch Company, as well as the many marts and pokemon centers. As he passed one intersection he saw a large TV on one of the buildings advertising the pokemon tournament that was taking place at that moment in another city, Chase really wanted to be there but he had other business to take care of so he couldnt do it this time. Thats when it struck him. There may be other people that were in his situation, so he got to work. After a few hours of working he sat on the sidewalk with a little shop with sign-up sheets for a "Ultimate-Unofficial-Awesome-Tournament of all time!" even he himself admitted that it was kinda lame but he was an optimistic kinda guy so he thought if someone did come to sign-up for such a wierd Tournament then he's destined to battle that person!

    (Come sign-up Please)
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    You can fuck off too.
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