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Ask to Join The Temple of Fandra Possible RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by SacredWish, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. Um, Hi there everyone. This will be my first, and hopefully not the last, RP on this Website. As I said before, I hope this RP goes well and doesn't get closed on the first post. Now on to the actual RP content:

    In a time long before pokeballs were invented, the humans of the Fandra Continent thrived. The Fandra Continent was a huge landmass filled with a multitude of environments. In one side, you could find a scorching-hot desert, and if you walk a few feet away, you may come across a snow plains. The Fandra Continent is inhabited by Pokemon and humans alike. They lived side-by-side in complete harmony. Humans tamed Pokemon by showing strength and certain virtues that a specific Pokemon expected. Once the Pokemon is tamed through the Trial of Virtues, the Pokemon is bound to the human for eternity, unless the bond is broken in someway. However, some humans are unable to complete the Trail of Virtues to tame a Pokemon partner, causing some negative feelings. These people formed a group known as the Shadow Clan. Because of their inability to tame Pokemon, instead they captured Pokemon by force, making them do their bidding, even if it involves torture. The Shadow Clan goes through small towns and villages, ransacking them, stealing their resources, and kidnapping their Pokemon. In order to combat this looming threat, the people made a militia called The Vanguard. The Vanguard is composed of any capable, and willing, soldiers that are in partnership with a Pokemon. The two clans often go into struggles and minor battles, causing a sort of war in the continent. The main base of The Vanguard is known as the Temple of Fandra, there, recruits train, sleep, and eat. The Temple is located on the tallest mountain on the continent near the northern tip.

    You will be RP-ing as a new recruit to the Vanguard or Shadow Clan. (Though if you contact me privately we could work out an alternative). You have just joined one of the two armies and are fresh to each of their ideals. Now for the rules: PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    1. Follow the normal RP rules, I do NOT want this RP to get locked
    2. No one-liners, if you do I will immediately report you, each post must be a minimum of 5 sentences.
    3. Each person may only have ONE Pokemon, no matter what clan.
    4. Remember, you have just now joined, you should not be the most experienced fighter ever.
    5. This RP works like the anime in terms of battling; moves cause certain effects like Smokescreen causes the user to use a sneak attack, or Stone Edge can be used as a stepping-stone.
    6. Have fun, but that kind of goes without saying right?

    Here is the form:

    Weapon(s) of Choice:


    And here is mine:

    Name: Arkus Rodericks
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Clan: The Vanguard
    Weapon(s) of Choice: Long-Saber crafted from a Mamoswine Tusk, Mamoswine-Fur Shield
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Musculature: Very Muscular
    Eyes: Ice-Blue
    Hair: Snow-White, cut close to his head
    Clothing/Armor: Into battle, he usually wears armor crafted from a Mamoswine's fur, that allows him to run but still provides good protection
    Skills: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Tracking, Running, Fighting, Climbing
    Past: Before he joined the Vanguard, he was a miner. He lived his life slowly, just going through the same routine everyday. It was just wake up, then eat, then mine, then eat again, then mine, then eat, then sleep. He followed this routine up until one day when his village was attacked. They came in large numbers, men dressed in all black, clad in swords and armor. He fought up until the very last one was dead; that was the 1500th man. With his hands bloody, face sweaty, and eyelids heavy he lumbered home and collapsed. He was the only survivor, and he was unaware of a watcher from high up in the mountain nearby. Later that night, his former watcher crept into his home and sat at his bedside. Arkus woke up with a jolt, when he noticed another presence in his room. The Daramuka, impressed with his performance, started to beam with pride. As Arkus placed his hand on the Pokemon's forehead, the Trial of Virtues was completed. Ever since that day, Arkus swore to get revenge on the people that murdered his village.
    Personality: Stubborn, Hot-Headed, Passionate, Quick to Anger, Joyous
    Pokemon: Darmanitan

    Species: Darmanitan
    Nickname: Flare
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sheer Force
    Moveset: Belly Drum, Thrash, Hammer Arm, Flare Blitz
    Personality: Rash, Passionate, Fun-Loving, Noble
  2. Name: Talia Pyobeom
    Age: 23
    Gender: female
    Clan: Shadow clan
    Weapon(s) of Choice: a silver bident(a trident missing the center point), a small dagger made for peicing enemies at close range made of a Bisharp's rib blade
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 141.8 lbs
    Musculature: thin strong muscles built for avoiding and movement rather than attacking and using brute force
    Eyes: green
    Hair: light purple
    Clothing/Armor: sleeveless for fitting keipo that is dark purple with gold or yellow accents, black tights, pull on dark purple knee high boots that have yellow accents, a pink sash around her waist, pink bracers and a pink choker. When in battle she wears armour over this that is light wait and flexible and covers her weaker points.
    Skills: parkour, running, stealth, information gathering
    Past: born to a successful trail family she dreamt of leaving her boring life to adventure the lands with her pokemon. When she failed the trail her family put distance between her and themselves, she slowly started to resent them and fall in with the darker crowd. She built herself up in a small gang the slowly grew larger and when her family tried to intervene she renounced them, when the shadow clan came knocking she gladly joined.
    Personality: likes to play with people, has a large soft spot for kids, will use anything to her advantage, won't engage in fight unless she has to.

    Species: Weavile
    Nickname: Varient
    Gender: female
    Ability: pressure
    Moveset: quick attack, ice punch, counter, agility
    Personality: a theif in nature she loves to steal things and has a cold personality to others

    Species: audino
    Nickname: Sweety
    Gender: female
    Ability: healer
    Moveset: disarming voice, misty terrain, heal pulse, protect
    Personality: soft spoken, the worrywort of the team, didn't like she was taken away from her other partner but still doesn't like Anyone getting hurt

    Species: Braivary
    Nickname: Scree
    Gender: male
    Ability: sheer force
    Moveset: aerial ace, steel wing, zen headbutt, bulk up
    Personality: follows orders, doesn't like fight for Talia but does, likes to eat.
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  3. Wow this looks extremely good i hope i can join ^-^

    Name: Kathleen (but mostly called lee) Chaser
    Age: 22
    Gender: female
    Clan: The van guard
    Weapon(s) of choice: a scythe and a sliver blade for close up.
    Height: 5' 2"
    Weight: 126 lb
    Musculature: sort of muscular
    Eyes: blue eyes
    Hair: Brown hair that cover her eyes
    Clothing/armor: a green t-shirt and blue jeans for normal wear but in battle she wears a black cloak over her usual wear
    Skills: She is a good climber and is an acrobatic
    Past: kathleen was born a farmer , in a farm dirven town, and gew up with her scythe (thats why she is good at using it). One day the shadow clan attacked. A goup of farmers ,lead by her, rallied against them and successfully defeating them. Unfortunately only a small number of the villager survived and among the ones dead, her younger brother. She sought to seek revenge on the shadow clan and to help the ones in need as she decided to join the van guard.
    Personality: Sociable and likes to help out to anyone but in battle she is stone cold and hates to have her time wastes
    Pokemon: noivern

    Species: noivern
    Nickname: cavern
    Gender: male
    Ability: infiltrator
    Moveset: boom burst, rasor wind, dragon burst, moonlight.
    Personality: He is also socialable and likes to hang around with people. In battle his main statigy is to fly above people and repost what is happaning and give air suport.
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  4. Name: Mathilde "Magnhild" Colsteinn. All that know her address her simply as Magnhild.
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Clan: Vanguard


    Height: 5' 9"; willowy.
    Weight: 140 lbs without armor.
    Musculature: Little to none. What she lacks in this departure—entirely because of inexperience—, she ameliorates in quality armor.
    Eyes: Hazel, close set.
    Hair: Blonde, blatantly hacked off at the neck. The ramshackle bob cut leaves a boyish impression.
    Clothing/Armor: Style of dress is very minimalist, though the lacy fragility of her blouses are reminiscent of a much prouder lifestyle. And if those are mere evidencing factors, her armor is a blatant sign. Made from polished bronze, it consists of a breastplate, plackard, pauldron, and fauld to defend her bosom and abdomen. A coat of arms is imprinted on the rightmost shoulder in gold. She acts as if she does know whose it is.
    Weapon(s) of Choice: A one-handed battle-axe and wooden shield embellished with colorful images and inscriptions of warriors past and present. ​


    + A natural strategist who understands how to analyze a situation.
    + Adapts swiftly to unfavorable conditions.
    + No stranger to proper conduct. Uses flawless etiquette to lie cleanly through her teeth. Very talented at masking her intentions. ​
    - A spoiled upbringing has transfixed her with a childish perspective. She sees physical altercation as the only way to "prove oneself" and associates womanhood with weakness.
    - Modesty silences her even in situations where she could greatly afford to speak.
    - Immature to the art of battle, she still has much to learn. ​

    Zealous and spirited, while at the same time, reticent and composed. She naturally shrinks away from other people and, aside from perfected manners, seems to struggle socially without having an exact outline of what to say. Nevertheless, her meticulousness is essential in some areas, though destructive in others. She is very hard on herself, pushing far past her boundaries in an effort to improve. She can be greatly tempestuous, though her fight to seem entirely stoic conceals this aspect of her by somewhat. Ultimately, her goal the greatest warrior she can is impeded by her obstinate refusal to regard her other personal strengths that don't fit her preconceptions, such as her potential as a talented strategist, and her overall naivete.

    Before the organization of the Vanguard, a number of the people's strongest were enlisted under the Colsteinns, an aristocratic family of presumed nobles whose long lineage of merchants saw to their present opulence. Mathilde was born as yet another inheritor of their wealth and lived a very sheltered life throughout her adolescent years. The Colsteinns were a female-dominated family, but even in the presence of various matriarchs, it considered women to be more adept in certain areas than others, and thus strongly dissuaded its female members from partaking in anything overtly unladylike. Mathilde adhered to those terms just fine.

    It appeared the Colsteinns were attempting to construct a militia of their own, one they could claim ownership over, but it would never be for certain as their assumed plans were cut short by a Shadow Clan ambush. Inevitably, the Colsteinns' prominence made them a target, and though soldiers in-the-making were present to combat the attackers, it was not as overwhelming a defeat as they expected. Clearly these "mere rogues" were more than that, capable now of holding their own against some of the strongest in Fandra. They were driven back, but not without departing with a large portion of the noble family's fortunes and many of its members assassinated.

    Amidst some other brethren who were able to flee the scene, Mathilde survived the invasion, and looked upon the end results with despair. The Shadow Clan had left her home in ruination, the collapsed remains scattered with bodies and wounded Pokemon the invaders had heartlessly left behind. One of these was Valdis, stumbled upon in the forest surrounding the Colsteinn property. Clearly young, perilously injured, and traumatized from abandonment, Mathilde had to summon a sensational courage never once retrieved from within herself to get Valdís to trust her, and their partnership was sealed from then on.

    It and was only her and the Archeops after that, no nobility to hide behind. In truth, Mathilde simmered with contempt for the Colsteinns who had allowed weakness to overtake them, and because she had adopted that womanly delicacy, she was homeless. In a fit of rage, Mathilde took a blade and chopped off her golden hair, proclaiming to anyone who could hear—basically, a confused Valdis—that she would no longer accept the frailty of womanhood, adopting the new title Magnhild.

    After the Colsteinns destruction, the establishment of a militia force to combat the increasingly-destructive Shadow Clan became a heightened priority. Eventually, the Vanguard did grace the Fandra Continent and Magnhild, after roaming the forested landscape for a month or so, forced her way into its ranks.

    Pokemon: Archeops
    Species: Archeops, First Bird
    Nickname: Valdís
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Defeatist
    Moveset: Quick Guard — Double Team — Acrobatics — Ancient Power
    Personality: Skittish, willful, attentive. Incapable of keeping still. Very reluctant to trust or to forgive.
    (( And are multiple characters alright? I could make a Shadow Clan member. ))
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  5. @Robbie Rotten your form is accepted with glee, and of course you can make two characters.
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  6. Name: Kyra Kyura
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Clan: Shadow Clan
    Weapon(s) of Choice: dual Daggers
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 110
    Musculature: She is strong in her legs and in her arms , she is quick and
    Eyes: Light blue eyes
    Hair: Dark Blue Hair, usually in a ponytail.
    Clothing/Armor: She wears a light blue shirt with designs of fire. She also wears a light red skirt. She wears a dark grey Armor piece on her chest and she wears gauntlets on her hands and she wears Armor on her feet as well
    Quick attacks
    Past: Kyra was born into a blacksmith family and she taught how to make her own weapons.
    she grew up to be a good warrior and a strong friend to her family and clan.
    Sweet, outgoing , she likes to play with her friends and pokemon

    Species: Emboar
    Nickname: Flare
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Moveset: Fire punch, earthquake, flamethrower and Flare blitz.
    Personality: Flare is a fun old emboar. he likes to play with his owner
    and he likes to protect Kyra.
  7. Here is the form:

    Weapon(s) of Choice:bow 50 steel arrows a quiver
    Weight:30 kg
    Eyes:green as grass
    Clothing/Armor:armour hand crafted made from leather
    Skills:archery running tracking
    Past:woke up on day with a rockruff by his side and the words "Steven RUN the shadow clans here I'll help defend the town you run as hard as you can" in his mind
    Personality: fun loving but extremely sensitive but hides it well

    Ability: ???
    Moveset: tackle,growl,quick attack
    Personality:nice knows more about Stevens past then Steven
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  9. @Stormursa, if I could get at least 1 more entry before tomorrow, I will start it. But if no one else joins I will post the thread anyways.
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