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Open The start, the end.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ixago, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Hello! This is my first thread. You can play as a pokemon or a trainer. This will start in a whole new world, and all the trainers listen up, this is YOUR beggining: You were first born on this world. You were born the same day the news said it was 'habitable' there. This was ALSO a pokemon world, so get your pokedex up! (there is a new theme of space. there is also ghost and dark here)
    Now the POKEMON listen up! this is YOURS. Your trainer chose a starter, which was you. You learned some basic moves and began to fight, YOUR JOB IS TO SAVE THIS WORLD FROM ENDING.
    (P.S you CAN be a canon pokemon but I would reccomend a OC.)
    (P.S #2: You CAN be from earth and come here.)
    (P.S #3: The name of the planet is Maklin.)

    Voice: (optional)
    Nick: (also optional)
    Trainer card: (This is optional. If you have filled out "apperance" you cannot do this.)

    My form:
    Name: Lila
    Age: 9
    Personality: A nice, shy child with a attitude. She tries to be cute but fails miserably.
    Starter: A vulpix. (Now a ninetales.)
    Nick: Lyla
    Appearance: T R A I N E R C A R D
    Trainer Card: [​IMG]
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  2. image.png Name:Blue Azure
    Personality: She can be mean at times and is very bossy. She gets frustrated very easily and is not a big fan of little kids.
    Her Pokémon: Jewel(F Persian), Sea(F Lapras), Sight(M Xatu), Burst(M Vocalorona) and Qin(F Vespiquen).
    Nickname: Azure
  3. (If we're a pokemon are we forced to be with a trainer?)
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  4. Going along with @Meepy here, I don't see any trainers... :(
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  5. In! Making this a disscusion thread btw, this will be flooded with Pokemon bios.. o.o
    No, you CAN be in the wild.
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  6. Name: Sakiya
    Age: 16
    Personality: Lonely
    Voice: Similar to Azura from FE Fates : See here
    Appearance: She's seemingly a regular Espeon but a lighter tone of fur than regular.
    Other: Able to speak human due to several occasions of telepathy and selective breeding, but usually doesn't. Typically stalks trainers.
    Species: Espeon
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  7. You are in!
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  8. Can we start?
  9. Not on this thread, no!
    Making a thread right now
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  10. Name: Joshua Hall
    Age: 17
    Personality: An eccentric virtuoso with problems with authority and coherency. He lost much of his hearing in an unfortunate incident with an Exploud when he was young, but can both sing and easily pick up any instrument he sets his mind to. He's very determined to reach his goals, but is a dedicated realist which often means he brings himself down with his own reasoning. He tends to be a Grade A asshole to those he doesn't know well.
    Starter: Dragonair (Raziel)
    Voice: Basically 2D from Gorillaz [ Here ]
    Nick: Josh
    Appearance: Tall, blonde, and lanky. His hair is almost always unruly and hidden beneath a grey and black plaid baseball cap. He wears a torn, denim vest with varying studs over a shirt patterned with snakeskin, torn, white jeans, black sneakers decorated with splotches of white paint, finished by a black fingerless glove on his left hand and a white fingerless glove on his right. His face is greatly obscured by metal, pierced with shark bites made of two inner rings and two outer studs, a double third eye, and nostril piercings on either side of his nose.
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  11. Name:Steven
    Personality:nice calm
    Appearance:where's a green wrist band which was owned by trainer how died
  12. You are both in!
    And Steven, please use grammar, will you? Thanks!
  13. It's fine!
  14. Name: Noelle Skye
    Age: 12
    Personality: Noelle is curious, loyal, and usually quite calm. She is a mute and can be optimistic or pessimistic depending on her mood at the time. Noelle sometimes makes bad choices and tends to overanalyze things very often. She also sometimes gets bored easily but can also sometimes keep herself interested in something for hours at a time.
    Don't know. Calm, I guess>
    Nick: No. Like, her nickname is literally No.
    Appearance: Noelle usually wears a gray plaid skirt, canvas flats with random blue and gray paint splatters, and a light blue or white pullover hoodie. She has black hair and dark blue eyes and is more often than not spotted holding a book or some device. Noelle also sometimes wears a wooden hairslide to keep her hair out of her face, because, you know, hair can be quite annoying sometimes.
    Trainer card:
  15. Name: Ezekiel Fitzgerald
    Age: 12
    Personality: He lacks self-confidence, especially in regards to his intelligence, but always tries to be kind to those around him, regardless of their treatment of him; he also is extremely over-emotional, a scaredy-cat, a bit of a hopeless romantic, humble, and is constantly seeking the approval of those around him, especially his friends
    Starter: A Male Vanillite named Nitro
    Voice: Is very shaky and nervous sounding, except in brief moments of confidence; Ezekeil also, when flustered, tends to stutter whilst speaking
    Nickname: Whatever anyone calls him considering he is too afraid to object
    Appearance: A relatively tall boy that: is wheelchair bound; has medium length, shaggy brown hair with bangs, glasses, a white scarf furled around his neck, a blue sweater and white collared undershirt, jeans, and white shoes.
    Other: Ezekiel also loves the theater, with singing and acting being some of his favorite, albeit quiet, hobbies
  16. Can I just come up with my own Pokémon for the sake of my own reliability? Nothing against the Pokémon RPers - I'd just prefer to use my own.
  17. @Novosel

    Just to save you time, most people are using their own Pokemon anyways, it's probably fine.
  18. Might as well submit him, as well.

    Name: Raziel
    Age: ~70
    Species: Dragonair δ (Electric)
    Personality: Although reclusive and cold towards anyone he doesn't trust (Similarly to the one who wields him), Raziel never leaves his trainer's side. His rarity has made him a family heirloom, though he seems to have taken a great liking to Joshua and acts out as the boy's sole protector. Somewhat pretentious.
    Voice: Similar to Winston Churchill
    Appearance: 13 feet and 2 inches of a pleasant blue with an underbelly of pure white. Easily mistakable for an average Dragonair and commonly found draped around his trainer's neck.
    Trainer: Joshua Hall
  19. @Canpan
    ((Sorry if you take this as offensive, just want to get it out of my system))

    Save us Canpan, your thread is our only hope
    Again, in!
  21. Name: Ragnarr
    Age: 18
    Species: Bisharp
    Personality: Prefers to be alone, tends to be rough on others, slightly short-tempered
    Appearance: More muscular than the average Bisharp, many battle scars
  22. Name: SepticChu
    Age: 15
    Species: Pikachu
    Personality: Energetic and Wild
    Voice: Irish accent
    Appearance: A Pikachu with a blue jumper , brown trousers and green hair and eyes (My picture)
    Trainer: None he's wild
    Nicknames: Jack , Sean , Sam , Septic , Chu
  23. You're in, but I've seen you in other RPs doing 1 liners even if a staff tells you not to.
    Please remember that all Pokecharms rules apply here too~!
  24. I don't mean to sound like a nag, but do you have an idea of when you'll be posting the thread?
  25. if we are pokemon do we need a bio?
  26. @Pokemongirl1
    ._. Read the thread.

    Nah, won't make you do that work. Pokemon do need a bio.
  27. species: charizard
    personality: nice and kind
    Appearance: a regular charizard that has a pink bow on her head
    Nickname: Melissa, Mal or M
    voice: southern accent
  28. I did post the thread. I cant find the link.
    Use the bio I put there.
  29. Thanks Anchiale
  30. Sure! Going off to post.
    Actually, I'm going to make a trainer for Sakiya if it's alright....

    Name: Lily Lund Nor
    Age: 16
    Personality: Closed off and distant, much like Sakiya but is more of a murderous person when disturbed. Not afraid to kill.
    Starter: Sakiya, she also has a few other Pokemon that will come into play later.
    Voice: (optional) The cold side of Camilla from FE Fates here
    Appearance: Lily has blonde hair tucked into a ponytail, with vicious red eyes and pale skin. She often wears a black cloak and two daggers on each side, to which ribbons can be attached to have some fun when she's alone.
  31. Name: Aspen
    Age: 13
    Personality: Tends to vary, but she's always loyal and by her friends' sides!
    Voice: (optional) ???
    Nick: (also optional) None
    Appearance: Aspen is a female Trainer with shoulder-length brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears a blue hoodie, jeans, and dark blue shoes.
    Trainer card: (This is optional. If you have filled out "apperance" you cannot do this.)
  32. @Novosel AH, sorry! Fixed that!

    (Everybody hates my characters...they only murder...)
  33. Thanks ^^ And it's no problem

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