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The Snag Ball Crisis.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Bennett, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. OOC: Okay, this RP will be taking place in the Orre region, I'll probably be looking for about three or four other people to join in. Any level of experience is welcome, as is any character you wish you use. The RP is now full.

    BIC: Bennett smiled as the he sped thorugh the dusty plains of Orre in his rental car. Finally being old enough to drive was so liberating, especially here, since there were no roads and no speed limit. It was the second day of his stay in Orre, although he had hoped it could have been under better circumstances. He had been hired by the people who run the ONBS to investigate the situation in which Snag Balls were finding their way out of the region. The case was of genuine interest to Bennett too, as Pokemon theft had skyrocketed recently in Johto and Kanto. He had to wonder why a broadcasting station hired his services, but he wasn't about to complain. It was still money in the bank, after all.

    Bennett's Raichu, Renae, who had been content with sticking her head outside the passenger window and feeling the wind on her face, had pulled herself back into the car and was pointing out the front windshield.
    "Rai! Rai!" she exclaimed, pointing excitedly at the silhouette of Pyrite Town in the distance.
    Bennett smiled "I see it Renae, I see it."

    Bennett parked the sedan just on the outskirts of town and walked into the somewhat ramshackle township, his Raichu clinging to his right shoulder, surveying the area. The wind stirred dust all around as Bennett slowly walked along the road, a couple of times his fedora almost blew off his head, he was thankful he had Renae to catch it. He couldn't help but notice that some of the townsfolk were staring at him as he walked through. Then again, Pokemon trainers were a rarity in Orre, let alone ones with experience.

    Bennett continued towards the ONBS building toward the back of town, unaware that he was walking through the Dual Square in the centre of town.
  2. OOc: I'm jumpin in

    BIC: The wind had shifted, blowing Max's scarf off. A vine whipped out and entangled it, returning it to Max's head. "Thanks Ivysaur", uttered Max.
    Ivysaur grunted in response. He leaned upon the nearest wall and shifted his hat so he could survey the scene. He was in Dual Square of Orre, hired by the ONBS to investigate the sudden exportation of Snag balls to Kanto, his home region.

    Max continued to scan the scene until a boy about his age wandered straight into the middle of the square. Max recognized him from pictures he was shown at the station as his partner on this strange investigation. He also became savvy to the sight of everyone in the square staring at him.

    "Time to introduce ourselves, 'eh buddy?" chuckled Max. He shifted from his incline on the wall and started to walk to his partner. He came up behind him, tapped his shoulder, and said," The name's Max, and this is my partner Ivysaur. I assume you're Bennett? ONBS hired me as well. They're expecting us at the station."
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  3. Hello, I'll be joining today.

    Star walked out of the car. "Thanks, Aunt Jen. I'll be fine from here on out." Her aunt nodded ans Star got her moped out of the trunk. I'm headed off to Pyrite. Make sure that Uncle Cletus doesn't eat all of the rice," Star said with a grin. "Good luck, honey. I love you!" Jen yelled as she drove away from the facility. "Well, I'm off." She got on her moped and rode off south in the direction of ONBS news studio, wondering why a news studio would want her to solve a crime like Snag Balls where there are no Shadow Pokemon...

    When she got into town, she plainly kept riding her moped, but stopped in front of the Police Stratiopn. She took in her moped. "May I ask if there is somewhere that I can put my vehicle?" She asked the man that was apparently the Sheriff. "Yes. Right outside on the rightof the building. Have a nice day if you can." Star walked her moped to the rack and let out her Eeveeloutions. "Alright, guys. Voltz, go with Sonny to see if the studio isn't too far. Pitch, Crysta, Mint, Nitro, stay by my side. Hurry back, you guys." The Espoen and Joteon nodded as they ran off north. They came back with good news five minutes later. "So it's not far. Awesome." She walked on, her dog-like party in tow, until she reached Duel Square. "It looks suspicious here..." She saw two boys introduce themselves not far away. "Oh! They're helping us, guys! Let's go introduce ourselves!" Star and her Pokemon ran over to the boys. "Hi. I'm Smantha Decharme, but everyone calls me 'Sam' or 'Star'. And these are my Pokemon: SOnny the Espeon, Pitch the Umbreon, Crysta the Glaceon, Mint the Leafeon, Voltz the Jolteon and Nitro the Flareon! I'm suppose to help you with the Snag Ball Crisis! You must be Bennett and Max."
  4. "SHEESH! PUT ME DOWN! ON SECOND THOUGHTS, DON'T!" Ben was having a very conflicting decision, as he was flying over Orre grasped in the talons of his Pidgeotto. He spotted Pyrite town and started pointing and telling his pokemon to drop him off. He landed safely and recalled Biggles, before grabbing the hand of someone trying to steal his sword and twisting it 360 degrees. He grinned sadistically before kicking them away from him. He noticed two boys and a girl talking and wandered over, curiosity piqued. When he heard the word ONBS he walked up to them and cleared his throat. They looked at him and he asked, "Are you the people I was assigned with?" They seemed to recognize him and nodded. "Good. Still you don't look like particularly strong trainers. Do you mind if we battle? I'd like to see your skill levels, and Harry just evolved. Please?" Ben looked at everyone, waiting for their response.

    OoC: Short. And Harry's his Hippowdon.
  5. OOC: Glad to have you all on board! :D

    BIC:Realizing he was being watched by several trainers of the area, Bennett stopped and hovered as hand over one of the Pokeballs on his belt, ready to draw it if need be. Sure enough, one of the surrounding trainers had gotten the jump on him as he felt a tap on the shoulder. Bennett spun on his heel and was about to unclip Tessa’s Pokeball, but decided against it as he surveyed the trainer before him. He looked to be of a similar age, with a long scarf being the most prominent feature. An Ivysaur stood loyally behind him, watching Bennett carefully. Renae did much the same, although her focus was on the Ivysaur.

    The trainer smiled "The name's Max, and this is my partner Ivysaur. I assume you're Bennett? ONBS hired me as well. They're expecting us at the station."

    Bennett raised an eyebrow, he hadn’t been told he would be receiving help, but it was certainly welcome none the less. “I’m Bennett, a Trainer and Private Investigator from Johto. This here is my Raichu, Renae.”

    Upon seeing that the trainer, Max, was friendly, Renae was smiling and gave a happy wave.

    “I wasn’t aware I’d be getting help, but I suppose I could always use an extra set of hands.” Bennett continued. He would have gone further had he not been distracted by a young girl and her pack of Eevee related Pokemon. "Hi. I'm Samantha Decharme, but everyone calls me 'Sam' or 'Star'. And these are my Pokemon: Sonny the Espeon, Pitch the Umbreon, Crysta the Glaceon, Mint the Leafeon, Voltz the Jolteon and Nitro the Flareon! I'm suppose to help you with the Snag Ball Crisis! You must be Bennett and Max."

    Bennett surveyed Sam’s team before he directed his attention to her “You’d be right, I’m Bennett, from Johto” Bennett gestured to Max “And this is Max. The broadcasting station in just around the corner, if I’m correct. . .” Bennett trailed off as another trainer landed nearby on his Pidgeot and advanced toward them. Bennett sighed, at this rate he’d never get started.

    "Are you the people I was assigned with?" he asked. Bennett, Max and Sam all nodded their heads in a somewhat co-ordinated unison. "Good. Still you don't look like particularly strong trainers. Do you mind if we battle? I'd like to see your skill levels, and Harry just evolved. Please?"

    Bennett absent-mindedly cracked a knuckle as the prospect of a battle arose. A sly smile crept across his face “Them’s fightin’ words, trainer.” He said, mocking a western accent. Bennett took a quick leap backwards, putting good distance between him and his young opponent, and pulled a Pokeball off his belt “Of course, I’m never one to back down from a challenge.” He mused. Sparks flew from Renae’s cheeks as she emitted a low growl of intimidation.

    “Natasha, take position!” Bennett called as he casually tossed the ball into the air. As it reached the height of its arc, the Pokeball popped open, releasing a bright light which took the form of a Ninetales, her golden fur glistening in the sunlight. “Before we begin, would you mind telling me who you are, and where you’re from?” Bennett called out to his opponent.
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  6. Re: The Snag Ball Crisis

    Star watched as Bennett leaped back from the new guy and sent out his Ninetails. She put her arms protectively over Mint and Crysta, but then realized that that wasn't needed. Everybody on her team looked eager for a battle. "Well..." she started to ask Max. "Can we battle you?"

    OOC: Sorry for the short post, but I couldn't really do anything else.
  7. Max watched in silence while even more people joined the group. He snapped back to reality when the girl standing next to him asked for a battle. A wide grin spread over his face. "Why not? I'm gonna prove why I'm here!".

    Max took a step back and rested his hand on his belt, pondering what Pokemon to use. He came to a decision and grasped one. He tossed it straight up and caught the Pokeball on its descent to Earth. An Aerodactyl materialized from within the rotund projectile. Max let out a chuckle, then a laugh. "Still want that fight?" he retorted at Star.
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  8. "Harry! Go!" Ben threw out a pokeball and a Hippowdon appeared, sand flying out of the holes on it's back before turning into a sandstorm. "Hey! Eevee girl! Let's team up!" The girl with all the Eeveelutions nodded and ran over to his side. "Harry! Start things off with Earthquake!" Harry raised his front legs before slamming them down onto the ground, causing the earth to shake and crack. Harry dug underground, without Ben telling him to, and started making the earthquake worse.

    OoC: Short.
  9. ((OOC:I'd like to join as a fourth. If you don't want me to join, message me and I'll remove mt post.))

    Alex smiled as he soared through the swirling sandstorm, the wind whipping his hair around the scar on his left eye. His green jacket was closed against the wind, his signature silver, lugia shaped sword was strapped to his back, and his flygon shaped goggles guarded his eyes from the biting sand. He looked down at the green dragon he was riding and said, "Are you sure you can see where you're going Gabe? It's all brown to me."
    He reached out with his Aura and felt his Flygon's thoughts as he replied, "Hah! A human can't see anything, but I can see just fine. Right Imp?"
    "Right, just fine!" answered the aipom prancing along Gabe's back despite the fierce wind.
    Alex was on his way to Pyrite town after his brother had been called by the ONBS news center. Since his brother had been away on other business, Alex decided to go in his place. Alex was suspicious of what a news station would want with his brother, but he was over come by curiosity and he smelled a chance at an adventure.

    Gabe gave a contented squawk, "Alex we're here!"
    "We're here! We're here" mimicked Imp, now hanging by Gabe's neck like a living necklace. As the city partialy came to view in the sandstorm, Alex's sword began to hum and vibrate. The lines etching Lugia into the blade began to glow making the blade look alive.
    "No way, this hasn't happened since... Gabe get down there as fast as you can!"
    After Gabe had left his dive and they had landed in the town, Alex used his Aura to lead him to the town's popular Dual Square. A trainer aproached him wanting to battle, but when Alex looked up his eyes were blood red as they often got when he was excited, angry, or stressed quickly scaring the trainer off. Alex turned in the direction of an ongoing battle and couldn't help cracking a smile. Across the square, his old friend Ben chosen holder of the golden Ho-oh blade was battling. Alex wanted to run over and say hello, or rather cross blades again, but he contented himself by sitting close by with Gabe and Imp and watch his friend finish this battle.
  10. Bennett watched as everyone sprang into battle with him. In a few brief moments, Sam had teamed up with whoever this new guy was, he never did say his name, who had released his Hippowdon, Harry, and Max had released an Aerodactyl but was looking a little unsure of what to do, since his opponent had teamed up with the nameless trainer who Bennett was to battle. Bennett gave a quick wave to Max “I guess if you want a battle you’ll have to team up with me” he called. Max was about to join Bennett’s side when a sudden quake throughout the ground caught them both off guard. Harry had used an Earthquake attack, and was making it worse by using dig at the same time.

    Bennett gave a wry smile, it was a rudimentary tactic at best, but it was effective, and Natasha was feeling the effects as she braced herself in pain. “Natasha, use Quick Attack to jump onto one of the buildings!” Bennett commanded

    Natasha heeded his call, and soon became a golden blur, leaping hither and thither, off signs and walls, eventually coming to a rest on the flat roof of a building behind Bennett, overlooking the battlefield.

    Bennett called out another command “Use Extrasensory to pull it out of that hole!” Natasha closed her eyes, and reopened them, now glowing a faint pink colour. There was a slight rumbling beneath the earth, before Harry the Hippowdon was pulled out of his hole surrounded by a faint pink light, matching the colour of Natasha’s eyes. The invisible force that held him soon dumped him on the ground with a loud ‘thud’.

    It was at this point that Bennett noticed another trainer, watching them from the sidelines with great interest. Bennett gave a quick wave, before turning to Max “Battlefield’s all yours my friend.”
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  11. Max had become some what confused as more people joined his fight. Soon he was on the opposite side fighting along side Bennett. When it became his chance to attack, he told Aerodactyl to whisk him to Bennett's side. The ancient dino grapped Max's outstretched hand and sped to his new partner's side. "Aerodactyl, drop me and dive-bomb Hippowdon with your aerial ace." The Pokemon quickly obeyed and released its grasp. By the time Max had hit the dirt safely, Aerodactyl had already begun his descent towards the sand Pokemon.
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  12. ((OOC: I'll just catch up here...now, who's battling whom? ;D))

    Sam joined up with Ben. "Let's see...Ninetails and Aerodactyl? I wish I had Bubbles...well, Crysta, you'll have to do!" she joked as her Glaceon ran up alongside the giant hippo. "Harry! Start things off with Earthquake!" she heard Ben yell. "Kay, Crysta. Your time to jump up using Water Pulse! Make sure it doesn't hit the Hippowdon, though." Crysta nodded and propelled herself upward with the ring of water, turning her head slightly upwards to hit the speeding Ninetails. She also noticed the Aerodactyl. "Glay!" she yelled as she fired an Icy Wind in the direction of the previously fossilized Pokemon.

    The fox Pokemon had dragged Harry the Hippowdon out of his hole and was now sitting with a smirk on its face. Crysta finally touched earth again, and fired a Signal Beam in the direction of the now diving Aerodactyl. "Must've missed that," said Sam.

    "Strong," Sam said, "but not strong enough!"
  13. "Natasha, use Fire Spin and trap that Glaceon!" Bennett shouted

    Natasha took a deep breath, he gold chest puffing up slightly, and shot a large fireball from her mouth. The fireball decended from her vantage point and exploded into a huge ring of fire, eshrouding Crysta in a wall of flames.

    "Alright, that should keep her busy for a while. Now press the attack, use Energy Ball on the Hippowdon!"

    Natasha closed her eyes in concentration as a swirling ball of natural energy formed in front of her. She reopened her eyes, this time glowing a faint emerald, and the ball flew off at high velocity, homing in on Harry, it's target.

    OOC: Short Battle Post is Short

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