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The Royalty Playthrough

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by pac_halo, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. A new, fun way to play Pokemon games!

    1. Your starter Pokemon is the King (Must be male. If it isn't, restart and try again). You are required to keep the King unfainted throughout the playthrough until you can make a successor. If the King dies without a successor, then you fail. After each won badge, you must pass off the crown to a successor if one is available.

    2. The successor follows the same rules as choosing the British Monarch before 2013.Learn about those rules in This video from a fantastic channel (Seriously, go subscribe to learn more).

    3. You must get a Queen for your rulers as soon as possible. This queen must have a similar type, egg group, and they must be caught in your own game- No trading.

    4. Any other Pokemon you catch are servants and if you have the choice between saving a servant or saving the King, Queen, or any successors in the Royal Family, you must sacrifice the servant. If you don't, that Pokemon must be executed (AKA, released).

    5. Only the King may breed. A King may breed without the Queen, but these offspring are unable to become successors and are referred to as Bastards.

    6. You win the challenge when you...
    I. Beat the Elite Four and become Champion.
    II. Produce a 'perfect' King/Queen. This means that a Pokemon has perfect IVs, becomes fully trained, (AKA, full EVs) and has the natures Bold, Brave, or Calm. You must also collect all eight badges.
    7. You lose the challenge when you...
    I. Have five or more Bastards
    II. Your ruler has no successor and dies.
    III. When your amount of money is 200 Poke-dollars or less
    Have fun, if you want to do this thing with so many confusing rules.
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