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Open The Region of Quotoka

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by AssassinGallade, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Welcome to the Region of Qutoka. You start off as a young trainer searching for a purpose. A week earlier before you left you filled out an application that states your gender age attire personality and starter pokemon (Tyrouge, Riolu, Elkid, Pichu, any other baby pokemon or any other starter pokemon.)


    Well good luck and remember you don't have to ask. Bye

    Name: Jorge
    Age: 15
    Attire: blue jeans, black jacket, yellow sneakers, and a hat with the legendary bird articuno on it.
    Personlaity: Jorge is a calm and humble person, although he can be competitive at times he tries to stay calm and considerate.
    Starter: Ralts
    Gender: Male

    Jorge was done filling out his application and set off running out of the house to retrieve his starter from professor Pine. "I Can't wait much longer!" Said Jorge to himself as he sped up and accidentally ran into Professor Pine! "Ow." Said the professor and Jorge. Jorge didn't know the professor so he hadn't realized he ran into him until the professor said, "Hey kid would you happen to be a new trainer?" Asked Professor Pine to Jorge, "Uh yeah. How'd you know?" Asked Jorge "well you see I'm professor Pine." "WHA?! I'm so sorry please forgive me professor!" Said Jorge worridly. "No problem kid I get trainers that run into me all the time." "You do? Wow." "Well do you want to come inside my lab?" Asked the prifessor. "Of course!" Replied Jorge happily. "Alright." *checks application* " So, Jorge, you want a Ralts?" "Yup. My dad had a Gallade and I wanna be just like him!" "Well then here you go." Said the Pine as he gave Ralts to Jorge. Jorge blasted out as he said bye and began his journey.
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