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Ask to Join The Rasham Region RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ariados twice, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. In this RP, we'll be journeying through the beautiful Rasham Region. Many amazing habitats are a part of this region including: mountains, deserts, and forests. There is a rainforest or two as well. Professor Palm is the Professor who will give you your starter Pokémon. You can choose any first stage Pokémon that she has. And the gym leaders are waiting for new challengers. So let us begin.

    Lois Lang woke up to the sound of her alarm. Groggily, she unplugged the alarm clock. Lois stood up and stretched. She looked at the calendar. 'Oh man, it's today!' Lois thought. She quickly ate her breakfast and brushed her teeth. Lois packed her backpack and slung it over her shoulder. She said goodbye to her parents, then rushed to the building where trainers both received their starters and began their journeys. Lois rushed through the door of the building. Professor Palm gave Lois a funny look. "Lois, you're three minutes early." she told Lois. "Oh, I am. Huh. Well, can I still pick out my starter Pokémon?" Lois said to Professor Palm. "Yes you can." Professor Palm said. She gestured to the many shelves around the room. Lois nodded and started to walk around the room. She looked at the pictures that were in front of the pokeballs. After a lot of walking, Lois spotted a cute dragon Pokémon with tusks. Axew. She picked up the Dragon type's pokeball. "I choose this one." Lois said to Professor Palm. Professor Palm smiled. "Nice choice." she said. Professor Palm then gave Lois a Pokedex and five pokeballs. "Thank you." Lois said to the Professor. She walked out the door. Lois let the Axew out of his pokeball. "Axew!" he said cheerfully. "I think I'll name you Draco. How does that sound?" Lois said to the Axew. "Axew!" the Axew said happily. "Alright then. Let's go." Lois said. She recalled Draco and headed for Route 1.
  2. Gavin was in a hotel room, wakeing up and was ready to get his starter Pokémon. He wondered if it was a rare Pokémon. He wasn't living actually in the Rasham region, actually the Sinnoh region. He lived in Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh. He did a journey in the Sinnoh Region, so the Pokémon world wasn't new to him.

    Gavin got ready to go and start his journey in the Rasham Region. He went over to the lab, and he knew not to choose a Shinx because he chose that in Sinnoh. "Hmmmmm.... this one!" Gavin said, sending out the pokeball and an Eevee came out of the pokeball.

  3. A flock of Pidgey flew overhead. They were too high up for any of Draco's attacks to reach, so Lois had to pass on a Pidgey for now. Before Lois had gotten to Route 1, she found a place with maps and brochures. She took out a map and unfolded it. Lois looked it over. 'I don't want to get lost here.' she thought. Lois refolded the map and put it in her backpack.
  4. Atlas woke up in a hotel that was in the Rasham region, as he quickly got out of his bed when the alarm rang. His drone quickly hovered over and used its arm to turn it off, as Atlas got dressed soon after. He went to the fridge and grabbed his nice, cold sandwich that he prepared the night before. He ate it happily, as the drone folded itself into a ball and sat on his shoulder, while he grabbed his shoulder bag and wore it around.

    He felt awkward being in a new place, since he had lived in the Johto region. He thought to himself as he finished his sandwich and got out of the hotel, "Man, the magnet train sure goes quick. Well, I think that it's time to get a new friend now. Let's do this."

    He went around the area, as he noticed a building that some trainers had went to. He scurried to the building as his drone hovered alongside of him and said, "The building is 15 meters away, you should be a tiny bit early or on time."
    Atlas replied to it, while he was almost there, "Alright, once we get in, try to scan some of the Pokémon to see if you can get some information. Go easy on them, some might get a little startled."

    The drone nodded at him, as he went into the lab while he walked inside after running for an intense minute. He saw the drone scanning the Poké Balls, as he walked around briefly and saw a picture of an electric type Pokémon that looked babish, as it was a Pichu. He saw the Poké Ball was wobbling quite a lot, as he said to the drone, "Scan this one, something's not right with it." A light red beam of energy gently came out of the drone's receptors, as it replied to him, "This one appears to have a rather large energy signature, which indicates high emotions most likely. It appears to be an electric type while it is definitely young."

    He noticed an Assistant that came towards him in concern, as he said, "You sure you wanna take that Pichu? I don't know man... that little guy's pretty disobedient if you ask me. Several trainers have called us to return him in, and well he does hate being in those red and white balls." He saw the Pichu came out of his Poké Ball, as he looked frightened! The Assistant tried to calm him down, as the Pichu quickly went to Atlas and hid behind his leg.

    Atlas picked him up, and lifted him gently, knowing that the Pichu might not be an easy one to care for. He saw the Professor give him five Poké Balls, while he also took the Pokédex. The Pichu curled up in his arms, as the Assistant said, "Well be careful with that little guy... please..."

    Atlas chuckled and nodded, as the Pichu dozed off in his arms. He grabbed the Poké Ball for Pichu, as he placed it in his bag, while the Pichu still took a nap. He saw the drone resting on his shoulder now, as he said to the Pichu while he woke up, "Alright, I can tell that we might need to work on some stuff. I'm Atlas here, and this is my drone. I see that you're Pichu, and well I can tell that you might had gone through some tough times in the past. I understand that you might be still sad and angered, so try your best to keep your cool alright? We're going to be off to Route 1 now, I think that we should walk around this area to get some time together."

    The Pichu nodded at him in a simple response, as he replied, "Pichu Pichu." He dozed off again, as his cheeks faintly sparked to give off the indication that they were recharging. The drone continued to rest on Atlas's shoulder, as he went to Route 1 to start his adventure.
  5. Robert woke up from a wonderful slumber and jumped out of bed with excitement. Today's the day he will get his first Pokemon. He traveled to the Rasham Region from Saffron City in the Kanto Region. "All right, today's the day," he said to himself, "today's the day I'm going to get my first Pokemon and start my journey in the Rasham Region!" Robert brushed his teeth, got dressed, and ate his breakfast before leaving his hotel room.

    Robert left the hotel he was staying in, and headed straight towards the lab. Upon entering he was amazed at the amount of Poke Balls there were along with pictures. He walked around looking at the Poke Balls and stopped when he came across one with a picture of a Charmander. "This one," he said and the professor gave Robert the Charmander along with five Poke Balls and a Pokedex. "Now then be careful and have fun," said Professor Palm as she smiled. "Thanks, see ya Professor," Robert said and walked out of the building feeling happy. He then threw the Poke Ball and the Charmander came out of it. The lizard Pokemon opened its eyes and spoke happily.
    "Hi there Charmander," said Robert, "my name is Robert. Let's become good friends okay." The Charmander replied back in a happy tone. The duo then made their way over to Route 1.
  6. Evan woke up from his great slumber, as he jumps up from the bed he was thinking who would he pick as a starter pokemon. He left his room, ate breakfast, changed his clothes. He would ran as fast as he could to Professor Palm's lab, as he arrived. He thought "Who should I pick?". He pointed Chimchar as he was he told the Professor, "I want this one, Prof." And then Professor Palm would nod.

    He would then leave the lab and threw out the Pokeball containing Chimchar, he would tell his Chimchar "Hey, there new friend, my name's Evan." Then Chimchar would smile happily he returned Chimchar back to the Pokeball. Then started his adventure with Chimchar to route 1.
  7. Lois found a river on the map that was near Route One. Draco ran over to take a drink of water, only to be hit with a Water Gun attack. Lois looked across the river, to a tree with a Ducklett in it. "Ducklett." the Ducklett said. He shook his butt at them then flew over their heads. "After him!" Lois cried. "Axew!" Draco replied. The two ran after the Ducklett.

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