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The Pokemon Screw-ups Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Weido, Jun 20, 2010.

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  1. Did you screw up somehow? I'd like to know about it. Post your hillarious epic pokemon fails in this thread!
  2. i challenged the elite 4 i didn't save at all i went through getting farther than ever battling lance last pokemon and then i zoned of when i went back on it i went OOO Dragonite! MASTER BALL!
  3. My fail has always been overtraining my team. I usually have my starter in front and use it only. And then after I beat the E4 I'd go back and train my other Poke's.
  4. Gosh, Keranou, I bet that's fairly common. I mean, the starter's already at a higher level than many of the wild Pokemon at the start, why risk losing early in the game because of some silly hope to train them all? XD

    Well, I have wasted many Quick Balls on Cresselia before learning what they actually did. :p
  5. Biggest screw up would be throwing a master ball at a sleeping almost dead Rhyhorn in Crystal's Victory Road. At least thats mine.
    Another would be realeasing my starter because I thought it would come back stronger.
  6. doubled32 thats what i thought would happen to!
  7. Lol. I once threw a masterball at a Magikarp, because I though Master Ball meant that I was a master and I could just go get more -.- This was in Crystal, before I actually knew what I know now >_<

    Also, I battled the Elite Four one time and got to the champion, and I was about to lose, and I didn't know you couldn't capture their pokemon, so I tried, and I failed, and a got beaten...And I lost the Master Ball in that game -.-
  8. Linkachu

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    Okay, apparently you've made the same thread twice, Weido. I'd understand if two different members made the same thread, but you were the topic creator of both! Just boggles my mind.

    Instead of merging them, I'm locking this one. Please don't do that again.
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