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Open The Pokemon Heroes (?)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Seal Pup, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. So this is a role play about some Pokemon in a hero group saving this 'core jewel' and other Pokemon in cages from this unknown evil Pokemon group. The core jewel is a very special Crystal. It protects Pokemon from very much harm. The Pokemon have been trained are very strong, and only
    In order for saving this world, they will have to pass the Dark Mountains. It is a curvy mountain that had made a ancient arch that lived 10,000 years ago. Then you will have to battle a lot of Dark Pokemon, which seem the easiest all of all the rest of the Pokemon. Then you will pass the Yellow Mountains. A lot of storms go on it much, and really you have 1 minute with any storm passing on. It is said to be very dangerous, only the strongest survive.
    ~More Info Later~

    Super low swearing.
    No kissing/mating/birth
    PRP rules
    No one liners. 3 lines max.
    We'll have 10 spots open (not including me). One we passed the first stage, the role play will be private/closed.
    No fan made pokemon or legendaries.
    Special Marks?:
    Name: Zin
    Level: 45
    Gender: Male
    Special Marks?: None
    Personality: Very brave, and strong. Very furious in battle, but a bit calm outside of battle.
    Other: Nope :3
    Pokemon: Luxray
    Anyone want to join?

    Roleplay Link: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-heroes.14014/
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  2. Name: Red
    Level: 82
    Gender: Male
    Special Marks?: Red lines across forehead.
    Personality: Takes everything in as fast as possible and thinks the world is to slow a lot of the time.
    Other: nope
    Pokemon: Quilava (holding everstone)
  3. Name: Raven
    Special Marks?:None!
    Personality:True to her nature Gentle, Raven is very calm, Gentle, and Patient.But when it comes to battle, she can be aggressive and has a warrior like spirit.
    • Night Slash
    • Sucker Punch
    • Razor Wind
    • Future Sight
    Pokemon: Absol ♥
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  5. Name: Flame
    Level: 50
    Gender: male
    Special Marks?: none
    Personality: Caring for other pokemon, tuff
    Other: Fast and was expirimented on in the past
    Pokemon: Greninja
  6. Accepted, and the roleplay is up!
  7. Cool i posted on it
  8. Saw it! Repiling with my other roleplay.
  9. We also have 6 more spots open...
  10. Name: Midnight
    Level: 100
    Gender: Male
    Special marks: Red slash on ear
    Personality: Caring, Shy, Fast, Calm, Gentle
    Pokemon: Umbreon
  11. Lower your level, please.
  12. Alright. Is level 45 okay?
  13. you could do level 82, which is the max.

  14. Alright thanks!
  15. Name:sharp
    Special marks: none
    Personality: guarded about past, calm, motherly instinct(cares extremely about others safety above hers)
    Pokemon: gogoat
  16. Accepted! Please all, read my rules before posting. Thanks!
  17. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: Jacko
    Level: He does not have one but it is presumed somewhere between 20 and 60
    Gender: Male
    Special Marks: Lines on back
    Personality: Playful, harsh at times, Cracks jokes,
    Pokemon: Pumpkaboo
  18. I forgot, whats the link to this? And did i start this?
  19. Thanks
  20. No problem. We will start the journey now.
  21. If you care to know his moves are Cut, Water Shuriken, Ice Punch, Water Pledge.
    Can he know more than 4 moves?
  22. a pikachu and a mega lucario and a umbreon come in on his sides
  23. Lifts hat reveals his face " I'm Ace sorry for the interruption
  24. Whats up? :up:;)
  25. Nothing you this is mega lucario nice greninja i have a frogadier
  26. On the pokemon game? I dont have any of the games because i dont have a ds or 3DS
  27. " hope i ca tag along this journey I've been eager to start my journey in this region" says Ace Politely
  28. Maybe. Hmmmmm i have to think about it.
  29. " I've caught them check my cards its there on my Kalos card now this region Kantos... "
  30. I still don't know.
  31. his mega lucario gets ready to attack trainers but Ace holds him back " Heel lucario Heel"
  32. Are we just bored or something?
  33. " lets get moving if the journey is continuing " his says eagerly
  34. His umbreon attacks he takes umbreon
  35. " sorry they don't act this way normally..." weirdos... he thinks to his pokemon

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