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Open The Pokémon Easter egg hunt!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheMysteriousMrJ, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Ah, Easter. Possibly the best thing about Spring. For some, Easter is about celebrating religious views. Others believe it should be spent with family or friends. Trainers in the Hoenn region, however, know it for a different reason. The annual Pokemon egg hunt. Each year, Trainers from many different regions would come together for a very special occasion; Hoenn's annual egg hunt. Spare eggs gifted by the day care would be passed on to the safari zone, and then hidden throughout the area.

    As Trainers of various different ages begin to fill the Safari Zone's foyer, a tall man steps up to the front of the crowd and begins using a megaphone to talk above the crowd. "Trainers!" He shouts "We all know why you're here today, right? It's the Fifth annual egg hunt, and you're here to participate. Now, the rules..." The tall and rather 'round' man unfolds a small scrap of paper from his pocket, and begins reading from it.

    "You may search anywhere within the Safari zone, and you may use one Pokemon of your choice. This isn't a competing event, there are no winners or losers. However, if two trainers find an egg, you may want to battle for ownership of the egg. There are some eggs hidden in ridiculous places, and some that can only be reached by Pokemon. You all also need to be wary of the safari's local's. My assistant's have asked some Pokemon to guard eggs, and others do not. Most eggs are relatively close to hatching, so you should have a beautiful baby Pokemon after walking with it for a while. Now, I think that just about covers the basics. So..."

    An airhorn sounds from inside the room, and trainers begin to fill the safari zone. What will you do? Will you stick to the rules, or be rebellious? Will you hatch your eggs, or simply keep them? Maybe you'll piss off the Pokemon inside the safari zone just for fun, who knows? Whatever you do, you'll remember it for quite a while.

    [As it says, one Pokemon to help you each. You can chose to go without a Pokemon if you please. No more than 2 eggs per person, and you can select what it hatches into. If you want a surprise, and can't decide what to hatch, ask on the discussion thread for this post and I or someone else will pick a Pokemon for you.]
  2. A short, blond-haired girl stands in the doorway of the safari zone, a duosion by her side. She looks to be about 13, and is about average build. While many taller trainers rush past her, she just meanders through along with her Pokemon. Her name, Charlotte. Psych, her Duosion, follows behind ready to find another friend to join them on their adventure.

    "C'mon, Psych!" She said "Let's go and get another friend." Charlotte picked up her pace a little, and eventually found herself jogging. Since climbing trees or rocks isn't her forte, Charlotte began searching in bushes and trees for an egg. Perhaps another trainer would be able to help her spot some eggs.
  3. Rye however was on top of a large Boulder when he spotted a egg. It was a Creamy White color, almost like Vanilla. It had several large Triangular Marks, which were a light tan color, signifying that it was A normal Pokemon. It was rather small, so He figured it was Either a Eevee or a Lilpup, possibly a Patrat. All which would be welcome on his team. Except, the Egg was being guarded by a Houndoom. Ryes Pokemon happened to be a grass type, a Leafeon. Her name was Summer, because she had evolved right after they had battled. Rye was originally from Sinnoh, but had also visited Johto and Kanto before. Thus explaining his Fasination with The Eeveelutions. Dusk, His Umbreon and the Leafeon were good friends, but Dusk and Summer were far too Shy, and Timid to properly have a child together, so Rye had seen this as a good opportunity. He approached the Ninetails from behind, and grabbed the egg carefully. It was around the size of a large basketball. Without hesitation, he replaced it with a Large white stone. The Ninetales was sunning itself on a nearby rock, nearly asleep. Except. Rye tripped, and stepped on a bunch of dead twigs, producing the sound of a thousand Doritos getting crushed at once. He broke out into a mad dash, vaulting over a fallen tree, as the Ninetales, enraged, lit the surroundings a blaze in aggravation. Rye and Summer passed by Charlotte, the Ninetales chasing after.

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  4. Gracia looked down through the water, at the river's ground, where a Pokémon egg sat, alone and wet. The 14-year-old looked over to her partner, named Lancelot, and smiled. "You ready, buddy?"
    "Wott," the Dewott replied, nodding, then diving down into the water. Gracia watched as he came back up, the blue-and black egg in his hands. She helped him set it down on the grass.
    "Great job, buddy!" she congratulated the Water-type. "What do you think it'll hatch into? Another Water-type?" she wondered aloud, picking up the egg, and standing up. "I guess we'll find out sooner or later. Let's see what else we can find!" Lancelot smiled, proud of his work.
    The Unova/Kalos natives followed the riverbank, searching for any more eggs they may find.
    {They were both from Unova, but moved to Lumiose. Wanted to clear that up.}
  5. "Calm yourself Avion. This is no time to get riled up." Ashen, a girl of 15 years, stared at her parter she had selected for this mission. The Staraptor fluffed up his feathers in anticipation and irritation of the buzzing chatter flying across the Safari Zone. Avion was quite large for a Staraptor, being able to carry two girls of Ashen's size- not very big- rather than just one. The large majestic bird of Sinnoh squawked despite his trainer's orders, but recived a small but gentle push for it. Ashen kindly shoved the Staraptor with enough force to unbalance him, but not enough to cause harm. "I said stop. Let's continue then shall we?"

    Ashen was covered waist down with mud thanks to a young man who pushed her into the mud when he was going after an egg in the marshlands. Her white jeans probably wouldn't live through this experience, but her pink sweater and flower necklace seemed ok. Her boots were filled with water and grit, but she honestly didn't mind at the moment. Ashen just wanted to take care of a new partner from the beginning of its life to the end.

    As she gazed over the field full of people hunting for eggs, Ashen noticed a peculiar egg sitting on a ledge on a tall mound of rock. "Avion?" Ashen said as she vaulted into onto her Pokemon and pointed to the ledge. "Starrrr!" Avion cried in understanding as he began to flap his enormous wings and soar towards the egg. As the duo grew closer, Ashen slid one leg over to the side so she was sitting sideways on the Staraptor. Then, with a quick, smooth movement, she snatched the egg from its perch and cradled it gently in her arms.

    The egg was a mixture of green and white, separated so the white was on the bottom and the green was near the top. At the very top was a stripe of red to signify that this was either a psychic type or fire type. Ashen loved psychic types, so she secretly hoped that her new partner would be a psychic type, but she shook her head at the thought. She would love whatever hatched from this egg. Avion landed only moments later, allowing Ashen and their new partner slide off. Avion started to squawk in a form of panic and it took ashen a moment to figure out why. A trainer was sprinting with an egg in hand and Ninetales on his tail. "Oh my." Was all Ashen could say as she tried to decide between helping him or leaving him be.
  6. Alya didn't know how did she end upp in a eggs haunt. She was just taking her daily routine: going with Celestine, her Blissey, to the zafari and feed some pokemon with her homemade pokemon snacks.Lots of trainer of her hometown would come asking for some cookies or cakes for their pokemon, so she liked giving them the best and trying their taste with zafari's pokemon.
    But that day was different.
    Alya's arms were tired and she felt like her bones would break at any moment. She didn't care about that famous egg haunt, but Celestine was so excited about it she couldn't help participating.
    In that moment she was holding the Blissey uo in her arms so she would get the egg that rested between the tree's branches.
    "Celestine..." said a tired Alya "I won't last like this much longer."

    Afortunadely, Celestine had reached the egg and it had fallen from the tree. Unfortunedly, it beggan to roll through the grass until it impacted against an asleep ninetales. "Oh, oh" said Alya as the fire pokemon woke up. The fire pokemon stood up to realize about the two round shapes that were resting next to her furr. None of them were her egg and that got her mad. The Ninetiles took a look around, spotting a trainer that had just picked her egg and getting her even more mad.
    "Hum... Celestine... I think we have to do something about this..."

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