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Private/Closed The Pokecharms Convention 3.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Il Fantasma, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. (This RP may be closed, but feel free to follow along with the plot, if you'd like to! You won't find any spoilers in the discussion thread~! Those that are allowed to post here, not including me, are as follows: @Charlespark, @Fraseandchico, @Mewtwofan259, @Mikaela Strange, @Pretty Pichu, @Riverrunner, @Ry_Burst, @Sciencewars, @Seal Pup, and @Shimmering!)

    "You have your money with you, right?"

    "Yup! I got everything I need! Can I go now? Please?"

    "Well... okay, honey. See you later! I love you!"

    "Love ya, too~!"

    Hugging her mother momentarily, Sicily Armani Grazziani smiled widely, giggling giddily before dropping down onto her bed, laying herself down so she was comfortable. Sure, she was going somewhere, but this place didn't require her to physically leave her house, or even her bedroom, for that matter. She picked up a full-face VR headset-esque machine from her bedside table, placing it around her head and over her eyes and face. Money and phone in her back pocket, she pressed a button on the headpiece, almost instantly falling into a peaceful sleep after doing so.

    The Italian girl's whole spirit seemed to get sucked into this machine, into an endless blue abyss. In this abyss, she was able to dress herself and change her appearance in any way she pleased. She decided to throw on an outfit she wished she owned, one for a character she named and based off of herself. The clothes formed onto her body, and she looked down to herself, feeling her face get covered by a metallic something, the smell making her hum- for whatever reason, she liked the smell of metal. A paintbrush-looking stick appeared in her right hand, and she grinned underneath her face piece.

    A prompt appeared with a ding! in front of Sicily, asking her for her Charms username and password. She used the keyboard that popped up beneath the screen to input her information, and soon after the screen vanished into the wide blue yonder, she felt her feet hit solid ground. From below her feet, the blue began to quickly move away to form what could only be seen as a convention hall, colored and all. It was as if she really had left her house after all, and it was breathtaking. Lines of booths took up most of the massive room, but lining it were food stands, halls leading to other rooms, and even a huge stage that took up nearly the entirety of one wall.

    Even if she had been there before, the sight was still amazing to Sicily.

    She immediately looked over to the giant screen that took up a different wall, which listed all the present Charmers. Looking down the list to see if she saw anyone she recognized, the cinnamon-haired girl began to walk over to the stands, feeling her back pocket for her money and phone, which were both still there. She moved her faceplate around her neck, letting her get a taste of the Pokecharms Convention she had gone to so many times before, still grinning widely.

    "Let's get this party started~."
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  2. Mewtwo had gotten to the convention a few hours before the rest of his friends had woken up. He had to set up with the arena, of course. While Mewtwo may be just a normal boy in life, he was a star here. He organized Death Battles with his best friends. For the special convention, they were holding a live Death Battle with an audience. It was gonna be so fun!
    "Let's get this show on the road."
    Mewtwo said, slipping on his robotic visor. Members were starting to join the convention. It was a few hours until the Death Battle. Maybe walk around, see other panels, meet friends, sell tickets. Mewtwo got down from the arena and began to wonder a bit, going into the writers corner and plopping himself in his little ticket booth to sell tickets for the live battle.
  3. Seal had already arrived at the convention, and he had a backpack. He already was just looking around the convention, finding nothing special. He had a little wristband that said 'Seal Pup', so everybody could know who he was. He had a booth, since he had a lot of followers. Before he arrived, he announced he would have a booth in the convention. Some people did say they would take a look at his booth! He was going to explore the convention for a while. At his booth, he was going to sell some merchandise and meet some charmers.
  4. "Hey!" Mewtwo smiled. He walked out of his booth, leaning on the wall, seeing Seal. Laughing, he walked over and introduced himself. "Hello, you must be Seal Pup, I've heard great things about you. My name is Mewtwofan259." Mewtwo put one hand in his pocket, before adjusting a few settings on his visor.
  5. "Aw, come on! Can't I just go already?"

    "Alright, fine... you can go, just take your money and your stuff."

    "Well, thanks a lot, catface."

    Walking away from her father, Sarah Forrest hopped into her sleeping bag. Her father and her had gone camping, and it was unexpected that the con was starting while they were camping. Her father had brought a wifi router with him and a generator as well. Sarah was glad that she had taken her VR headset with her, which was almost fully covering her head. It looked like a helmet to her. Sarah forcefully pushed it onto her head, trying to get comfortable. She then tried to push a button on the back of the helmet. The last thing she saw before she put on that VR-hemet thing was the stars, and she felt like she was going to sleep, in some sort of way. It happened so fast that she couldn't comprehend what happened.

    It was like Sarah's own soul was sucked into the forsaken machine, but Sarah opened what she thought were her eyes,and she could see nothing but green-ish colors, forming what appeared to be the background of a forest. It was fitting. She had the option to put on clothes, so she chose a Charizard Costume, and a Wartortle backpack. A paintbrush suddenly appeared in her hand, after she got the clothes she wanted on. Then a prompt, possibly a text box, appeared in front of her, asking for her 'Charms username and password. She gleefully signed in both of the boxes, with the virtual paintbrush.

    After that succesfully happened, the forest she was in shifted into the convention.
    "We don't want rooms spontaneously shifting into forests." said Sarah, quoting Stellarwind Elsydeon. Around here, she was more commonly known as Shimmering. So, just to check if she had her things, Shimmering checked her backpack. She had her money, a few candys, whatever else she stuffed in there, and a strange mechanical paintbrush. "I coulda swore I didn't have that before..." said Shimmering, picking it up and pressing one of the buttons on it. And she painted one of her characters, Glare the Unown. Shockingly, the brush scanned it and recognised it as a pokémon, so the actual thing came to life, virtually. Shimmering was so shocked and hugged the now-alive-unown. She knew that the unown was like a holographic projection, though. But Shimmering noticed an ink limit on the brush, and she had already wasted a quarter of the ink. Shimmering decided to reluctantly set up her booth, painting it into existence. Then the paintbrush scanned it and thought it was a booth, as expected. She set up her art and some other stuff and displayed some of it. Shimmering then looked around. From who she could recognise, there were three other people in the room: Mewtwofan259, Seal Pup, and possibly Il Fantasma. She waved at them.
  6. After a rather troublesome experience with inputting the needed information and other verification data to get into the virtual world, Tyler felt himself plopping on solid ground. He shielded his eyes from the emerging light that soon revealed what he could describe as an enormous chamber full of various booths, rooms and much more for himself to discover off to the outer area of his minuscule comfort zone. Once he got back on his feet and shrugged off the tiny stings from his back in a discreet manner, he set off to find the booth he once called, "The life."

    He toddled over towards the Writer's Corner and saw a boy adjusting perhaps what appeared to be a hat of some sort after giving his best shot at analyzing the mysterious article with his blurred vision. He cautiously walked with short, silent steps; attempting to avoid any social encounters he could. The anxious walking of his continued until about a half minute later, he felt himself bumping into a booth! He staggered to his feet, swaying left and right until he fell on his stomach and arms. He emitted a rather quiet cry of frustration, as he sluggishly rose from the ground after patting his arms in hopes of getting rid of the stinging pain that would linger on for at least another minute.

    His disappointment soon turned into an abundance of panic when he thought the girl in an elegant costume was a menacing, orange dragon with a blueish turtle that seemed to be having a free piggyback ride. He emitted another cry of noticeable perturbation towards the person before trying to make a break for it; as if the so called dragon was really imperiling his safety. He hid his watery eyes by pulling up his lab coat towards his face, as he scurried towards a small table near some booths and hid underneath after curling in a ball. He reached into his right, outer pocket for his radio and attempted to contact someone he knew for almost his lifetime, but the response seemed to be for the fifth time, "Come on Tyler, you can't just stay home and lie in your cot all day with your toys you know." After a deep moan of despair towards the radio, he took a short break to regain his slightly lost stamina before attempting to even execute his next move.
  7. "Lets Rock!" Shouted the Lucario who was facing the Charizard. it had been a tough fight this far, and the Lucario refused to lose. He ran forward and delivered fast and quick punches along the Charizard's stomach. Then he fired an Aura Sphere into the Fire type's chin, knocking him out.

    "WINNER." The words flashed above the Lucario's head, as the details of the win flashed for all to screen. Then the Lucario was transfered back to where he was supposed to be.

    Ry took of his helmet with a massive grin on his face. All preparations were set for the VR Pokken Tournament he was in charge of. And just in time too, as the convenience hall was beginning to fil with other 'Charmers. He checked his watch. He should be good to explore, maybe check on the Inked Hearts Archive. He had set up a gallery with all the stories in the Inked Hearts so that anyone could read them. Or maybe he would simply explore. His options were limitless, as the VR tech was working perfectly. As he walked along he saw Charmer after Charmer all decked out in their unique gear. It was pretty amusing to see all of this. Then he saw someone he recognized from previous conventions.

    "Hey Fanta! How's it going?" Ry asked waving his arms in the air to get Sicilly's attention. He walked over flashing a huge grin. "How's it been?"
  8. River had been at the con for quite a while beforehand, granted, not really making herself known. Quite frankly, she was kind of embarassed that she had siezed the opportunity to go ham on the probably-clip-on cat parts, hence the limited interaction. Then again, that was only half of the issue. The other half was that she had somehow managed to fall fast asleep in the corner, despite the numerous variables that probably wouldn't permit such (for example, the fact that she was essentially asleep in real life... sleep-ception).

    (Un)Fortunately, her somewhat light slumber was quickly disrupted by a relatively loud thump that had sounded nearby. "I'mnotopenforrequestsandifyouaskedmebeforethatIprobablyforgotaboutitpleasedon'tskinme!" She muttered in a flustered manner upon awakening, adjusting the baseball cap that adorned her head. For a second, she had to squint against the bright lights of the con to re-adjust her bearings. Where was she? Was she dead? She uncrumpled a piece of paper that had fallen out of her pocket, revealing some poorly-drawn non-Pokémon fanart. That answered that question. She was alive. Or in hell. It was about a 50/50 shot at that point.

    Disrupting thoughts aside, she eventually did come to her senses. She was at the con centre, of course. Where else would there be blindingly bright lights and overpriced food? Switching gears entirely, she had a realisation. What had caused that thump? Looking up, River noticed that she had indeed conked out near one of many booths. This one appeared to be... a ticket stand of some sort? At least she thought so, anyway. Upon closer examination, tickets were being sold to permit access to some sort of arena event... a... death battle? Wait, she recognised that name! Indeed, it was run by Mewtwofan259: notorious for his works by the same name. However, she had to admit that she'd never talked with him before, and the ticket stand didn't appear to have anything knocked over... so what had jolted her awake?

    Completely disregarding the (rather suspicious) lab coat on the floor, River casually walked up to the stand. Maybe she had imagined the noise entirely. "Did anyone else hear that, or have I finally fallen off my proverbial rocker?" She asked, immediately regretting it as she noticed that the people in front of her were, just her luck, indefinitely more popular. Then again, what did she expect, seeing as her only postings consisted of off topic fanart and the occasional Pokémon-related sketch. She supposed she did post an animation once, but that was the extent of her limited ability. River froze in front of the numerous fellow charmers, hoping that she merely appeared to be waiting for a response as opposed to appearing on edge due to there being more people than she had originally expected. 10/10, River. She thought, a sarcastic edge to her internal monologue. You really nailed it on the social scale, didn't you?
  9. Shimmering thought that the creature that bumped into her booth was cute, so she tried to draw it. She used the mechanical paintbrush, switching the mode to Paintbrush, instead of 3D, and started painting the thing. Once she finished, however, she folded it into a paper plane, and threw it towards Tyler. She watched as Riverrunner asked a question to everyone and jokingly replied "Yeah, I heard it too. Get over it." She started drawing a Jolteon, while waiting for a responce.
  10. Oh wow. I see four usernames thingity people I know, Seal thought, waving back. "Hello guys." he said, in a quick reponse. He was playing some games on his phone, most of them being quiz games. He was pretty smart, because he played those game 12 hours a day, 7 days in a whole entire week. Seal sat down on the ground while playing.
  11. "One Eeveelution Fruit Special, coming right up!"

    The soft dink of the glass echoed through the white booth as the congoer stepped to the front of the stand. The mechanical arm of the owner, called simply Science, hissed and whirred as it slid the drink over to the costumed customer. The young Pikachu-garbed cosplayer took a sip from the straw, nodded, and blended back into the slowly filling crowd. "Next!" Science called out.

    Science had gotten here a few hours earlier to set up shop, alongside the guys hosting the live Death Battle nearby. He'd probably close down shop to go watch it later on. For now, simply watching the occasional TCG games and looking at costumes was fulfilling enough. As he stirred the drink, he thought about what big things other Charmers had planned. He had heard that somebody was hosting a VR tourney somewhere. But that's for later on today.

    One other thing had snagged his mind: were any of his friends here? Science was sure he'd seen some familiar faces round here. Maybe some fellows writers would cross his path. One thing was for sure, however: they'd all be having a good time. Speaking from experience, conventions tended to get a little crazy. When you give people infinite possibilities for visuals and powers, some shenanigans would ensue. He just hoped none of those shenanigans would involve stealing briefcases or the booth falling over.
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  12. The blonde girl, drowsy from working her 4-hour shift for the day, came back home and lamely took off her work clothes and replaced them with something comfier. The comfy pajamas made her feel more sleepy as she yawned and picked up the strange VR headset, wondering why she had this in her room. She then remembered she had a con to go to. Whatever wishes she had to fall asleep disappeared as she remembered her initial excitement and want to go to some virtual social.... Place. She put the headset on her head and jumped into bed, getting in a comfy position to "sleep" or at least her body go into a catatonic state while her consciousness gets virtually transmitted to the con. When she rested, she felt the sensation of being sucked into some world as she saw some kind of options to change her appearance. She decided to keep her appearance largely the same, but gave herself a Pichu hoodie with an actual tail where it would usually be and ears on the hood, with the hoodie being slightly longer than a traditional hoodie and with the hood hanging over her face like some Assassin Creed character. She also gave herself yellow shorts with Pikachu-themed socks and yellow and black sneakers, because Wynaut?

    When she picked her appearance, she reappeared in the lobby of the con. Since she was wearing a hoodie in real life and had her wallet and phone in her pocket, she found the same items in her Pichu-themed hoodie's pocket. She felt a strange twinge in her brain, however, and she winced in slight discomfort. She then saw something appear in some kind of a heads-up display you would see in a game, like Metroid Prime, where you could see the danger level, missile count, among others. Instead of weapons and how dangerous the area was, she could see a website on the right-side of her vision and look up to it to bring it into full view. Although, while looking through the most beloved Pokemon site that she frequented most (Bulbapedia), her eyes had this unfocused look to them, like she was staring out into space, but one could see the website she was viewing on her eyeballs, like it was some kind of inverted film. She also had a notepad on the upper left hand side of her vision, so that was nice. She could draw by moving her eyes and think forefront thoughts into her brain to make literal notes. No matter where her eyes moved, the images would stay where they were. She pointed her eyes to the upper-right, minimizing the website back after thinking her way through the sites.

    She shook her head, already getting used to this weird phenomenon happening to her. She walked inside, being new to the place. She did say she was going to make a theory club, though. She needed to find a quiet spot to make it, where everybody could be civil and kind to one another in a spot where it isn't too busy, and everyone can relax while they share theories and generally have a good time and make new friends.

    She spent a good chunk of his time wandering around, trying to find a quiet place. She finally found the place: a room that is still connected the main lobby where all the action happens, but the walls were a bit noise-cancelling as she walked inside, dumbing down the noises being heard from the lobby. She saw this as the perfect opportunity to make some new friends. She knew a few people, but she didn't know what they'd look like. She saw someone who kind of looked like their profile page, though. She guessed they were Fanta, but didn't know if she was Fanta, or going by a different name this time. She had found an abandoned banner from inside the room, and she saw this as a great way to make a banner for her club. She found a sharpie and began to write the words in a big, bubbly font, saying: "Pretty Pichu's Theory Club! Join now!" She thought that it was quite simplistic in nature, but shrugged, seeing that the simple things are the best things. She then dragged it outside, got a chair, and some thumbtacks on the table she was writing the words on, and stuck them in the wall above the door, making it for all to see. She put the chair back and walked back inside, turning on the lights and spreading the tables and chairs everywhere to make it look less like a theatre room and more like a place to hang out.

    After her work was done, she walked back outside, surprised to know that she wasn't the least bit tired from her exertion of energy. She guessed the virtual body didn't require sustenance or rest to get along, but more for experience. She saw a bit of a line, and the line was for some Pikachu-themed... Ice cream? Snow cone? She didn't know which one, but she was willing to try one. It will be awhile before anyone decided to take notice and walk into the room, but right now it's live bait for people who want a quiet place to rest. She awaited patiently in line before it was finally her turn.
  13. Mewtwo looked around. Charmers were starting to gather. He waved to few of them. Some waved back. Mewtwo decided not to notice the person who just crawled under the table and instead continued to talk with the Charmers around him. He took notice of a charmer, and saw there name tag, Riverrunner. "I heard, something..." Mewtwo said. "I'm Mewtwofan259, it's nice to meet you." Mewtwo looked back at his stand, then started walking away.
    "Feel free to get a ticket if you want, the battle starts in just an hour!"
    Mewtwo called back, continuing to check out the other stands. While Mewtwo had his little business, he enjoyed seeing the works off all his other friends. He wondered if Fanta was here. Crossing back towards the main entrance, Mewtwo passes the room by the lobby, peeking in. There was a stand there, unoccupied. He walked in, eyes catching the banner that hung above. "Pretty Pichu's Theory Club! Join now!" Maybe he would. Mewtwo did love a good theory or two.
    Walking outside, Mewtwo bumped into someone with a Pichu Hoodie. "Oh, hello..." He mumbled.
  14. Pretty Pichu got bumped, missing her turn for the Pikachu-themed cone as some girl in a Pikachu hoodie walked past her. She sighed but let it go, but when she looked at the guy who bumped into her, she felt like she knew him from somewhere before. "Do I know you? You are extremely familiar..." she pulled back the hoodie to get a closer look at him. She squinted her eyes at him, trying to remember who he was. Then she realized she's been in a few... Let's just say "groups" or "institutions", and they had actually talked once before, but in a conversation. She asked: "Mewtwo? Mewtwofan? Is that really you?"

    Her sudden excitement shown in her eyes for a bit, hoping beyond belief that someone she knew was actually at the con with her.
  15. Mewtwo backed up a bit, looking at the girl he had bumped into. Judging by the hoddie, they were probably that, 'Pretty Pichu' that was setting up the stand. He had known them for a while on Pokecharms. They had theorized a bit together. At the mention of his name, Mewtwo took off his robotic visor for a second and looked at Pichu. "Yes, that's me." He laughed. "I remember you quite well."
  16. Shimmering set up a paper sign in her booth that said 'I'll be right back. Just exploring the con.' and left her booth to explore. She walked towards a stand selling Pikachu icecream, and paid for some of it and tried to eat it. She then tried to use the paintbrush again, and drew a Pichu. However, the mechanical paintbrush was almost out of ink, and scanned the thing, recognizing it as a coffee mug. Which nearly broke. For some reason, Shimmering put her Pikachu icecream into the mug, and left it there, turning towards the spot where you could buy tickets for a live Death Battle.
  17. Pretty Pichu felt so happy she found someone. She took a literal mental note and one could see the notepad expand right on her left eye like a film or a reflection as she jotted down his appearance and his handler name on Pokecharms. She jumped about, excited to have finally met someone. She then began to talk, a little hyper with all the excitable adrenaline coursing through her veins making her shiver and shake:

    "Oh YAY!! I'm so happy I found someone. I've set up the abandoned room over there, so it should be comfortable and semi-quiet from the rest of the lobby," something stopped her in her tracks and she hung her head in shame, talking kind of quiet but still loud enough for someone to hear her over the loud crowd. "I have an apology though... About that conversation, sorry I got all upset about that theory you had said... About the whole Mimikyu is a Porygon thing... I just get extremely passionate about Pokemon stuff in particular, and hope you didn't get too offended when I began to attack the theory..."
  18. "Don't worry about it." Mewtwo laughed, glancing back towards the room. "Theories are meant to be shared and debunked. I've had many'a theory debunked in my day. In fact, I still have a bunch of theories that are just waiting to be debunked." Mewtwo glanced back at the other stands, then began to walk away, waving at Pichu. "I'll see you around, I've got tickets to sell!"
  19. Pretty Pichu nodded furiously and waved to him goodbye, as she then saw an art stand. She decided to leave the ice cream stand to see the art, gawking at it. She looked around for the person who had their stand here, but couldn't find them, as the crowd overtook them. She had heard whimpering and a slight groan from somewhere, however. She took a few cautious steps around the booth, which is when she saw a cute seal-like creature wearing a lab coat. She walked nice and slow up to the critter, kneeling down when she was several feet away and held up her hands, as if to say she had nothing on her. She then wondered who else could make such a wonderful creature, and that's when the thought clicked in her head. This must be one of those person's creations, she thought. Maybe, they would slightly remember her, as she has had some interaction with him.

    She held out her hand, in a peace-giving way, and said: "I'm not going to hurt you, but I think I recognize you. Didn't your name start with a T? Tiller? No, that's an object. Tyle? No, that's another thing.... Tyler? Am I right? So sorry, I can't remember names," she said sheepishly scratching the back of her neck with her other hand, since her first hand was still outstretched in a meeting sort of way.

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