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Private/Closed The Pokecharms Convention 2.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Il Fantasma, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Are you a member of Pokecharms?
    If you're reading these words right now, I'm going to assume you are.

    Have you ever wanted to go to a convention?
    I mean, who hasn't?

    Do you like being nerdy and eating a lot of food?
    Heckles yes~!

    Then you've come to the right place!

    Welcome, one and all, to the annual Pokecharms Convention, held by Charmers, for Charmers! This event takes place in the real world, and for the sake of identity, we'll call its exact location unknown. Charmers from all over the world are welcome to come to this fabulous place for three whole days, absolutely free, as long as you're a member! Every one of us deserves to check this place out at least once, so for first-timers, tickets to the event and airfare are on us! Come on by and enjoy everything this con has to offer!

    Of course, there are a few rules that need to be followed~!

    1. No running!
    2. Make sure you follow all the rules of the Pokecharms RP forums!
    3. In the rules, it says you must write your posts in the third person. Well, that rule still stands here. Please, use the third person in your posts.
    5. If there's something you want to go see, please at least attempt to form a neat line leading over to it!
    6. Don't give away any of your personal information! That's not the purpose of this RP! I'm gonna go ahead and use a fake name for this, too.
    7. Y'know what? Let's rip off Disney for a minute, here! This con sells ice cream in the shape of Pikachu's head! Go ahead and put iced Pikachu in the other part of your form, just so I know you read these rules.
    8. If other members of Charms are to be included in this (for example, for an art booth), make sure you get their permission to do so!
    This list is subject to additions and changes, so make sure you keep a close eye on it~!

    I hope this RP isn't breaking any rules and sounds interesting! If it is breaking a rule or two, don't be afraid to say so, alright? I'd be happy to fix it!

    Also, as per usual, I'm open to suggestions, so go ahead and tell me below what you think should happen!

    Best wishes,

    Does anyone remember this RP from forever ago? Well, due to my inactiveness on this site and my love for this RP's concept, it's getting a reboot! Thanks to @Ry_Burst for help with the new plot!

    The Pokecharms Convention is still an annual occurrence, but nowadays, instead of getting free plane tickets to the con, people are beamed right into a virtual world built into the site! This world is set up like the con before it, but there is no world outside of the doors, and people show their tickets before entering their computers.

    While everything starts off fine and dandy in this virtual world, it starts to go wrong as the con progresses. Things are destroyed by an unknown force, and it even seems like some Charmers are going missing! Where is everyone going? What is destroying the booths and stages? Will we few Charmers be able to solve this mystery?

    As of right now, there is only one addition to the rules, that rule being that only ten people will be accepted into this RP. Once people start to join, I'll create a discussion convo, in an attempt to keep things orderly, unlike the RP before it. Ry, of course, is already accepted, so there are nine more spots open for people to take. If you're interested, tell me below, and I'll add you to the convo!

    Already Accepted Roleplayers
    1. @Ry_Burst
    2. @Sciencewars
    3. @Seal Pup
    4. @Shimmering
    5. @Fraseandchico
    6. @Charlespark
    7. @Mikaela Strange
    8. @Riverrunner
    9. @Pretty Pichu
    10. @Mewtwofan259
    As always, thank you for showing interest in my RP! I hope this helps me stay more active on this site than I have been recently! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to tell me below or even in a DM!

    See ya soon~!
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  2. Wassup! This kinda reminds me of my Charms Halloween Rp... I'm in!
  3. My chance to be more active, so I think I might want to join!
  4. I think I may join this! Sounds awesome!
  5. Great! I'll add you all to the list! When I can, I'll start up the convo with you all to talk about the plot and such. Thanks for your interest~!
  6. I would also love to join since I do have a lovely character that will be nice for the convention.

    I'm starting to be a bit more active after getting better so I'm ready!
  7. Cool! Good to know you can join us! I'll add you to the list~!
  8. Ps, just so you know... the character I am planning on using used to be a human, but he isn't exactly anymore technically speaking after what happened to him some time back. (I'll explain more about him to you in a private conversation should you request me to.)
  9. Ah, I remember the original version of this. I'd absolutely love to join the reboot (assuming there's room). Please, count me in!
    #11 Riverrunner, Sep 6, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
  10. I would love to join this RP :D
  11. Of course you all can!

    I'll start up the convo to discuss the plot with you all when I can, I promise.
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  12. *Tyler can't seem to find his translator as he sighs and resorts to his main form of communication with a nervous manner*

    Well alright, I suppose I'll either discuss my character personally with you or in the conversation since like I said, he ain't exactly human like everyone else was in the first version of this RP...
  13. I want to join so bad. I'll go by Mewtwo for this one. The main reason I want to join is so I have an excuse to host a live Death Battle with an arena!
  14. Alrighty! You're in, Mewtwo! This RP is now closed~!

    I should be able to make the convo today. Stay tuned for that~!
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  15. *insert seal sobbing noises here* Okay so... I might not be able to reply as much sometimes now since my phone got a bit destroyed in a fight yesterday...

    If for any reason I am not able to reply on the RP for two or more days for an emergency reason, then I will be having someone trustworthy temporarily take control of my character if it is necessary. (I.e. Having to finish up a conversation to progress with the RP. If it is something that is complex like a battle or some significant event, please try to contact me first before doing said action so I can at least see it and maybe approve it if I don't have the time to reply it myself.)
  16. I'm so excited!
  17. *Tyler sits down trying to fix his translator as he writes it down in case if anyone can't understand him*

    Sig Sig... Sig Signi, Sig... (Translation: Me too... kinda because, umm...)
  18. Once, I had an idea for an RP where an army of Mary Sues was attacking a literal representation of Charms, just as like a quick one-off rp. Never got posted.
  19. I should probably show my character sheet to Fantasma since the character I'm using ain't exactly a human and well... umm... I might need to explain it more to them possibly...

    *Tyler sits down while trying to get past the monster proof features of the potion as he fiddles with it for a good ten minutes at least*
  20. When will the convo be up?
  21. Also, character sheet? Would it have the usual stuff a character sheet should have?
  22. Well, I might need to probably talk to Fantasma since well... umm, should I privately explain it to you Pichu? (Hint: It's on my latest post in mainstream PRP bios, I'm sure you can figure out which character it is.)

    In the meantime, I'm currently busy with waiting for my new phone so that I can get back to RPing a lot more often since I can't exactly do that anymore with my former one being broken as a result of a fight... :c

    *Tyler can be seen looking through his technical chips in his little machine to see what he should learn of all the ones he currently has, as he has his eyes focused on Glacial Howitzer, an attack that has a power level of 150 and has the number two next to the turn panel*
  23. I have seen it, but I was asking Fanta if we needed to make a character sheet for this particular RP.
  24. *Tyler gulps a bit as he grabs his bottle of warm milk and slowly sips on it*

    Oh well... alright I suppose if you've seen him already. I'm in the same boat as you for that second part so I guess it might be best to wait into Fantasma responds. (Ps, is my character cute or concerning? Just curious...)
  25. I'm just curious as to when the convo itself will be created so we can discuss characters, plot, and officially sign up for the roleplay. I'll tag @II Fantasma just in case they aren't receiving alerts for the thread.

    EDIT: Apparently tagging isn't working for me. Give me a second while I fix that.
    EDIT 2: Tagging IS working for me, but it just won't let me tag Fantasma. That's just my luck, I suppose.
    #28 Riverrunner, Sep 11, 2017
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  26. She has a strange name XD and @Charlespark is it Tyler that you're planning to use? He sounds adorable :) I don't see how he's so concerning, though. Unless, you are talking about the "human" you posted...

    @Il Fantasma, you there? XD

    Did it for you @Riverrunner :)
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  27. Umm... yes it's Tyler that I am planning on using, and the concerning thing is that well... he USED to be a human, but he's now something else. (And I'm sure you know who and what he is...)

    I could give you more of a backstory line of him since I still have some parts hidden due to the fact that they're a bit violent and they're also written in the format of letters/journal entries. (Which I might maybe post in the creative corner as my works if I'm feeling nice enough after a weekend of sickness.)

    I'm also heading to bed since it's 11 PM in my pacific time, so yeah I'll see ya'll tomorrow.
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  28. Thank you, Pichu. It's much appreciated.
    I think this is probably enough posting here on the topic of the convo for one night, however, as we don't want this to turn into a baseless spamfest in an attempt to get the attention of a charmer who isn't online at the moment.

    Additionally, in the original 'Charms Convention RP, the characters used were just personas. @Charlespark I in no way speak for anyone else, but if you choose to represent yourself with Tyler and not extremely overpowered, I'd imagine it'd be fine if your character is nonhuman in some or all aspects (just my opinion. Again, I'm not speaking for Fantasma in any way).
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  29. Shoot. Shoot, shoot, shoot! This is exactly what I didn't want to happen! I'm so sorry for the late responses, everyone! I've been taken over by other RPs!

    I swear on my life, I'll start that convo once I get home from school today. I'd hate to see this die before it even starts...

    As of right now, though, I will say that I'm 100% fine with your character being inhuman! Since this world is virtual, there might be some customization feature built into the process of entering the con, so you could always create Tyler there!

    Also, I'll get a character sheet up with the convo, I promise! Again, I'm super sorry in late to responding to this! ;~;

    Also also, I'm a chick, incase you were wondering. :3
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  30. Well, now that gives my character a bit of more planning than expected, but I'll think about what I want to add to my character.
  31. Did i miss the convo or has it been made yet?
  32. I'm off to make it now~! Shouldn't take too-too long, I don't think...

    Oh, and also, @Charlespark, feel free to message me in another convo with information on your character, if you'd still like to. I will be adding a character sheet to the convo, though.

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