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The Pokecharms Bestiary

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Blazi, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. While traversing the exciting and dangerous realm of Pokecharms and its chatroom, seasoned explorers and newcomers alike will often come across strange and amazing creatures native to this region of the interwebz. Some are terrifying, monstrous and totally awesome as they devour, maim and otherwise cause you great discomfort. Others are friendly, like to dance sing random little things while making sudden references to other realms on the internet.

    This compendium, made by and for Pokecharms' native users and travelers alike serves to catalogue and increase our awareness of the existence of these marvelous beings. [/nature documentarian]

    Credit to RX for the original topic pre-fallout. But yes, this is a remake of the original topic, with a little bit added in. There are all sorts of weird and wacky critters hanging around Charms, created for one reason or another, and as a result become a familiar, anthropomorphic form, or chatbattle reference often seen time and time again. So, do you have a creature that you created here in Pokecharms? Is it a pet, familiar or a witty sidekick? Perhaps you can transform into said creature or summon it to help you do battle? Or perhaps it is not a creature at all, or rather your persona? Is it a split personality of you, or are you and this creature one of the same? Tell us, the community of 'Charms, what it is, what it does, where it comes from and perhaps even describe it for us.

    For example, I don't have a creature as a partner or whatnot, but my persona that I take the form of in chat, Blazi, is a pokemon-human hybrid. He is fused with a (of course) Blaziken, and such has noticeable Blaziken features, such as talons, claws, and a long mane of white feathers mixed in with his brown hair. He wears a red shirt covered slightly by a black zip up hoodie, some of the red showing. He has blue-grey jeans and black shoes, and can summon a whip, a .44 magnum and a silver sword with a ruby in the hilt at any time, and always has his three will-o-wisps with him. He is, of course, a pyrokinetic, with purple mixed into his flames and will-o-wisps thanks to his slight umbrakinesis. Or at least, thats what I wish I'd look like, seeing as I've never told a single soul. Until now.

    Anyway, post ahead, and let us see your creatures!
  2. Ahahahah~ Well, I'm simply me most of the time, but I do have two good friends, Tangrelle and Tangrow ♥

    Tangrow spawned from my own name, and my original insistence that I was not a Tangrowth but a person in a costume. That got bleh and rather silly, so I split him off from me and myself! Tangrow's dearest sister, Tangrelle, came from my dislike for having to identify myself when I was Tangrow all the time, so his sister was born. They have many odd and different relatives, but you have no need for that knowledge c:

    Tangrow and Tangrelle both look like regular Tangrowths, although Tangrelle has a lovely pink ribbon in her hair and and longer vines, thinner too. They both also generally don't have their arm-tentacles out in front of public. I like to sit on them and sleep, and I store my stuff in them, seeing as they have so much room ♥
  3. A very nice topic this is, unfortunately I can't be of much help. When it comes to stuff like this, I have to be the most boring Charmsian around :p

    I don't have any kind of pet, sidekick, I cannot transform into anything, nor summon anything. My persona Dark Soul though is quite a different story; He is a personification of light, formed by the Internet (Sorry Data, you're not alone anymore~) and mostly from my imagination. He started out as a 'Charms version of Drake Morrison, back then Drake Jones, from Things of Myth and Legend, who he resembles in age, exterior and powers. There are differences though, for example: Character-wise, Drake is much more serious and isn't quite as easygoing as Dark Soul. And that image just stuck to me; And I'm glad it did, because I wouldn't recognise myself as anything else- Even though, as Tun cleverly remarked, I'm not a Dark Soul at all.

    If items count, I do have something; A sweet ride, that I'm still not sure about wether to call it the Darkmobile or the Wieldmobile. Although it has never featured in an RP before (It was destroyed in the Fallout, and before that I had never entered a 'Charms RP- I was too late for the Love Demon invasion xD), I am planning on showing it off in the SSBB 'Charms RP. It's basically a very streamlined, shiny black car with a lot of James Bond/KITT-like features, including a conductor on the steering wheel so I can shoot lightning while driving~
  4. I don't know Dark, I might be contending you for "most boring Charmisan". I don't have any special forms, no special Chat Powers, no special items and no "whee-powerful-special" RP characters. I think all I do have is a slightly dusty collection of pretty cat boys. Maybe. In fact, I think all I do have at my disposal at the moment are Kari (whom I am writing another short for at the moment) and Theo, my latest PRP character.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    See, I have problems with this topic. I'd love to say Linkachu - it'd be the obvious choice, eh? - but it/he/she wasn't originally created on Pokecharms. I thought up Linkachu several years before 'Charms was ever created on another forum owned by my real life buddy, Keri (K Web Haven). Stel and Keleri would remember it! :3

    However, I guess I could say Linkachu has expanded since I brought it to Charms. In the past it was mostly just an alternate form of mine, ie. a shapeshift form (because, while I don't discuss it much, my persona/lucid dream character is also a shape-shifter :p). To an extent Linkachu still kinda is just an alternate form, but I've also used a male Linkachu as a standalone character in random stories, had dreams about Linkachu standing alongside myself, and directly used Linkachu as a persona in certain RPs. When it relates to myself (as a persona or alter-form) Linkachu's seen as a female, but if I'm using it separately as a unique character it's generally viewed as male.

    Now, the other questions. What does Linkachu look like and do? It wields the Master Sword (yes, the Master Sword) and wears a green cap identical to Link's. It's basically a Link-wannabe Raichu. Through the power of wannabeness, Linkachu shares all of the same abilities as Link (the same uses of the Master Sword, the same unique equipment, and even once tried to ride Epona... but it didn't end well so we do not speak of it). Sometimes you'll also see Linkachu holding a Hyrulian shield, fully decked-out in Link's clothing, or even with Link-like hair. It all depends on the eye of the beholder. Being a Raichu, Linkachu also shares all of the same abilities as one (so it can shock your ass when it feels like it). Being an extension of myself, it also knows attacks that the Raichu species generally does not, such as Earthquake, Block, Teleport, Transform, and anything else I feel like at the time. Hax much? Blatantly so. ;P

    As described above, Linkachu has been depicted in a variety of ways. Here are a few of them (with many thanks to the various artists who've drawn the pictures). They're thumbnails, so click 'em for better quality pics:


    Hmm... Not sure if I have any other notable critters. I have a thing for flying, miniature pink elephants, but they also originated on K Web Haven. I guess most of my internet persona-ish stuff did. XD
  6. Well originally Jexams roamed Pokecharms as a lurker who stalked every single individual member, looking at their post history and watching them while they slept in the middle of the night, but when he started to get involved with the locals he started getting urges to murder them. That's when I hired the unemployed rogue, French Toasta (Freta for short) to take him out and asume his identity, an approprite measure that needed to be taken to ensure the safety of the civilians.

    During a competition the Freta had entered to keep up appearances, he dressed up his Mijumaru as a pirate. The idea of pirate Pokemon pleased Freta, so he dressed up all of his Pokemon and got them to make a ship that would rule of the Charmsian Sea, 'The Black Clamperl'. Freta now lives in the sea as pirate who protects 'Charms from incoming invasions. He plunders the ships of these invaders for treasure and sends 'em of the plank with nothing but a pistol and their name's.

    Freta originally put together his pirate crew together in hopes that he would find and finally have his revenge on his nemesis French Toast who had stolen his seat in the counsel of Toastentology, but that plot was stupid but he had to give up when he got a letter from the Toast King telling him that French Toast had killed himself and that the church of Toastentology had dispanded, so now he's just a pirate that only plunders other pirates.
  7. Hn... I guess these are some sort of creatures, although I usually depict them as humanoid.

    Jenova was originally an OC of mine back waaaaaaay when I was in my n00by weeaboo phase. In 'Charms she has two forms - one that looks like me and is constantly dressed in Lolita attire, and the other similar to the Jenova from Final Fantasy 7, only dressed in tied up bandages. As the former, she equips a 5 foot long lacy parasol, which conceals a sword in its cane. She's very stoic and mature, and will not hesitate to attack you if you provoke her. The latter form attacks using her bandages, as they are extremely sharp when using them as weaponry. She's rather sadistic and will also never hesitate in a battle. (Sadistic-masochist?) This form is the only one that can be seen smiling :V

    On the other hand, due to a conversation in chat a while ago, Jenova has an arch-enemy. Actually, it's more like a polar opposite version - Lucrezia. (Yes, recurring FF theme.) Lucrezia is a curly-haired blonde, buxom Caucasian, and wears Oriental clothing. She finds Jenova "interesting," or at least that's what she says. Unlike Jenova, Lucrezia will occasionally stop in battle to brag. She owns a yellow bazooka which is summoned from a toy flashlight keychain of the same color.

    These two have existed long before I joined 'Charms, but they were kind of "reborn" here. The bazooka and parasol sword were also "reborn."
  8. I copied and pasted this from the archive, as I believe it is the best summary that I have.

    Heh, heh, heh...Everyone knows Fi, now.

    She started out as a little joke in chat. I thought 'Hey, why not throw gerbils on a catapult? And give them superpowers?' In the end I gave them pyrokinesis and began throwing them at people in chat. A few weeks later, I started calling one 'Fi', as a counterpart to my male (real) gerbil Semper.

    As an 'in-story' for the RPs, Fi was bonded to me by accident in a magical chat battle. Our minds were linked, and so were our lives. We could also 'merge' into one another, becoming a large, red-eyed-white anthro-gerbil, combing both our skills. Those skills often manifest in a fire katana. I've used the katana little, but I think it's an awesome weapon.

    In the forums, I just started referencing a red-eyed-white gerbil more on the forums, dubbing it Fi. It was finally finalized as a 'partner' when I asked LoNny here to make a sig with her in it. She frequently burns people. :D
  9. Okay, I've never told anyone this, but... I have split personalities. (And, upon seeing this thread, I'm no longer alone... XD )

    Basically, there is three. The first of which, is my 'Charms persona, Kerauno, Kera for short. He originated Pre-'Charms, but he sorta flourished here. I used him on Fan Fiction and Fiction Press, (Again, Pre-'Charms.) And when he was finalized as a personality, he became the creative one, hence my art thread and accounts on various art sites. He's basically dressed in jeans and a blue t-shirt, with an archery bow, and little spectacles to make him look smart, and has brown-blond hair, and blue -sometimes brown- eyes.

    Now, we have Zaron. He's the dark, sadistic kind, who was finalized here in this lovely green forum. I made him while I was in the newbie phase, and stoked up on sugar. He's got silvery-white hair, icy blue eyes, and wears all black, except his red scarf and headband. He has a black iron sword, which he proudly displays on several occasions. He holds position of the eighth gym leader in my region, as a Dark leader with the below mentioned girl. VVVV

    Kaitlyn is my more "feminine" side, and was also finalized here. She was made the same time as Zaron. She's dating the aforementioned guy, and also doubles with him as the eighth gym leader, only she uses Psychic types. She has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears a pink dress with a blue denim jacket, and a pink bow in her hair. She's overall kind and friendly, with a bit of flair-ish attitude.

    There ya go. Let's add "split personality disorder" to the "List of things that are wrong with Kera", shall we?
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  10. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Heeee, well, there are three people I sort of "act" as in chat. XD

    The first one's obviously Shiny, the shiny Eevee. The only thing really special about her is that she can talk and is a shiny female Eevee (which is very rare to get in the games without it being omghax). Personallity-wise she's just me in real life; silly, childish, loves everything moe-moe, and loves sweets.

    Lyni or Lyn, on the other hand, is more violent than Shiny. She wields two weapons: a laser-fan, which is basically just a little gadget she has that can shoot lasers out at different angles (and she can alter the intensity of the lasers with a little knob on the laser-fan), and her ice-whip. She uses her laser-fan a lot more than the ice-whip, though she does use both when needed. She's also cryo/hydrokinetic, a skill she sort of got through her adoptive father, Sem. Sort of. So if you're ever found impaled on an icicle... you can blame Lyn. You can say she's more analytical but also easily distracted and has low stamina, but swift and versatile when it comes to attacking (able to switch between melee, range, and magic with ease, or just use all three at once). Apparently she's also Kal's sister, though details on that is yet to be confirmed/made.

    The last person is the calmer one of the three, and the more artistic one. Virtuoso, aka Virt, isn't known to a lot of the newer members. Like Lyn, he also has supernatural powers, though he attacks with music/noise/his violin rather than with ice. He's more defense-based if you ever see him in battle. Virt's also very musically talented, since he can play piano, clarinet, violin, and the chinese fiddle, but he prefers practicing/playing his violin more. He says that it's easy to carry around and is easy to express his feelings with.

    You'll usually see me as a Lyn/Shiny hybrid or something like that, just saying. ^^
  11. Well then, let me give it a go. I also have "split personalities", as you would say. However, since all of the fan characters I make are extensions of them, I'll just list the top 3 I'm more likely to be.

    1. More than likely, on here, I'll be Diego. He is rather excentric, and really, really ADHD. More likely the Hyper part, because he is so spaztic when it comes to hanging out. He has spiky hair, which sorta resembles his wild nature. He has an odd bond with his Pokemon, as he sometimes feels what they are feeling, and knows his Jolteon so well he can sometimes understand him. He usually wears something with a hood on, even though he never wears it, and he always has a hip bag.

    2. Another one I'll act like is Derick, who is basically just a more Pokesona version of me. He's calm, level headed, but not that bright. He can make anyone laugh if he wants to, and can make friends when he tries hard enough. He tries to never let a friend down, as he bears a heavy conscious. He usually wears a purple top (jacket, shirt, etc) along with black or gray pants, but always wears his orange shoes with the dark brown sole.

    3. Now, this is my more heroic side. Sometimes I'll be my Sonic persona, Drago the Dragon. In alot of ways, he's sort of a combination of me and Diego, being that he is level headed but can also be silly, but he's also a die hard hero. While his design is simple, sorta (Turquoise, two fin like stuctures on his head, red shoes with tire-rubber soles, charcoal atheletic tape, etc.), it also helps him to run at insane speeds. His tape allows him to run his hand across it, while charging mana, so he can light his hands for fire fists. He has also been known to use his tail as a 5th appendage, which helps with fighting. He will do anything it takes to save the people he loves, and almost has nothing to fear....except for the things he has to fear XD
  12. Well, nyurhurr, if it wasn't for my wonderdovely little Sheepyrock's, I too would be a boring 12-year old covered in the colour indigo~.
    The sheepyrock double as my little weapons of not-so-mass destruction. They can be changed from ordinary rocks into Sheepyrocks for any purpose I may need (though it costs my mana all the while :O ). I also inflicted the modest Latias on chat after Andi began asking for a Latias with a modest nature. Finally, I was partly responsible for transforming Blarg into the Lady Gaga fairy.
  13. I don't really have any I can add here.

    Unless you count the 8-Ball, who gets a life of its own any time I visit chat. XD The 8-Ball is content to insult anyone who talks to it, and also myself, in the same breath.
  14. Well, Lemme have a go here as well.

    I have two personalities I show here.

    Fanta: Sarcastic in her own right, you'll most likely find her making sarcastic comments. I tend to be a little too sarcastic in my own right but I'm the planner and the one who thinks logically, Fanta plans a bit but its Hattie who thinks logically. (Fanta is Maleficent in her Dragon form.)
    Hattie: Hattie is a ghost who thinks logically and plans ahead most of the time. He shares the sarcastic trait with Fanta, except he doesn't so AS MUCH sarcasm as Fanta. He loves to scare people, and so do I :D
    Midnight Mirage AKA M.M: Midnight Mirage is a Mew, because I obtained the event mew at MIDNIGHT exactly, by the second. M.M is very playful and the happy-to-go kinda person. I love to play around and joke, thus Midnight Mirage was born :D
  15. New stuffs for me!

    Not really much, but I can now be associated with a psychotic Mask, namely Majora, and thanks to Tan I have two summon signs, Parasol and Anchor, which can Summon Sadistic Parasol Lady and Captain Anchor, respectively. That's all currently, until Tan shows me more videos.

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