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Ask to Join The Poke-Pub (RP discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Martin Pine, Sep 5, 2020.

  1. Hello there! Martin Pine here along with another RP idea, bigger than my last but much more chilled and relaxed. Before continuing it's probably best to know that this RP isn't going to be very story focused. My aim is for it to be a simple and open, one where almost any character can join and interact with anyone before easily exiting or leaving if need be. With that little disclaimer out of the way lets get onto the necessary information.
    The inspiration (Skippable)
    I suppose an explanation is in order as to why I have decided to make such a RP. Well I've just finished playing through Pokemon Shield (Now playing through the DLC) and to have a region based of where I live was pretty cool ^~^ Whilst posting a status about a certain Pokemon I really liked i made a typo, something with @RenzFlintrock very thankfully pointed out. Rather than writing Centiskorch I wrote Centiscotch, alcohol, England- PUBS! And with that, the idea had been created and had been bubbling in my head for quite some time.

    Pubs are very British. I don't know if there's even any in America but down here they're quite the rage. Any town, be it big or small has a pub and coincidentally I happen to work in one! With experience in pub work and being a resident of the place Galar is based on, I daringly decided to undertake this task. A Pokemon pub based RP.

    The plot ... kinda?
    Your character is somehow in Galar, either travelling or being a resident it matters not. They stop at the pub for whatever reason and ... that's about it. You can interact with other people's characters be it pre-planned in the discussion or spontaneous in the RP. You can battle, you can simply talk and even stay the night at the place. There isn't much plot, think of it more like a place to practise your writing or even get a feel for your character. Romance is allowed as well as action which will be explained later. Have fun and stuff. When we get the ball rolling then perhaps I'll have pub events on like karaoke or quiz nights (Have fun with Poke themed names)!

    The setting
    Stotsworth is a medium sized town on route five, acting as a halfway point for trainers competing in the gym challenge due to it's handy location just past the bridge over the wild area. It's Halfway from Turffield and halfway to Hulbury, comfortably in between the two gym based towns. Stotsworth town is made up of mostly old buildings but includes new structures build into the old ones like a Poke centre, boutique and train station. It's a tourist town, making most of it's revenue from travellers through the use of hotels, restaurants, inns and pubs.

    Near the edge of town sits a wide two story building with an old but welcoming visage. It's clearly well kept and typically the double doors are open and inviting to any weary traveller that notices the warm place. This is the Droopy Drizzile, an old styled pub and the setting for our RP. The interior is what you'd expect. A well maintained area with an old-fashioned design. Tables are dotted around the area with chairs usually around them but they're mostly kept close to the wall which is lined by a long comfortable sofa. TV's are dotted around, attached to the walls and pillars so that gym matches can be watched. The place is spacious and the bar is big, plenty of products being behind it and a kitchen being to the side. Table service is available for drinks, meals and snacks and rooms are available upstairs. Outside the back there's a medium sized pitch for Pokemon battles, just past the outdoor sitting area which provides a great view of the battleground.

    Essentially it's an old fashioned pub in the Pokemon universe.
    You can eat or drink whatever (I am working on a menu), relax and talk and even have a battle outside if you want. They provide rooms at a price or for free depending on your situation.

    Alright essentials first!
    1) The main Pokemon RP rules as always, here is the link, give them a quick lookup.
    2) Politeness costs nothing. Of course I don't mean this in terms of your character (If they're a butthead fair enough) but rather you, the writer. If you're going to write with someone make sure it's alright with them in the discussion and no autoing or what not. I'm probably don't need to put this in the rules as you're all polite and tremendous people but just in case y'know.
    3) The RP will mention and will probably have the use of alcohol but no getting characters badly drunk or bringing in heavy topics. I suppose what I'm saying is keep it PG-13, no messed up stuff.
    4) To make sure you've read these rules I wish for you to suggest a product the establishment could sell. Be it a dish or a drink, try to think of a creative commodity and put it in the "Other" section in your bio. If you can't think of anything don't worry, simply write: Pika-pop or Chu-Cakes
    5) Since battling could be a part of this RP then I shall quickly include some rules for that
    5A) No god modding or auto-hitting or consta-dodging (I just came up with that last word, neat isn't it?)
    5B) Battling only occurs on the pitch between two people who want too. One battle at a time and no damaging the property. There's a force field of sorts around the pitch to protect anything further beyond it.
    5C) Have fun and be creative, put on a show, make it a spectacle! Less of a rule and more of a suggestion/propt.
    6) If you wish to create a worker at the pub then talk to me about it ; p We can figure something out like how they got hired and how long they've worked there and what not.

    Name: (Include nicknames)
    Appearance: (Partially in depth at least, Clothing as well)
    Backstory: (In depth or footnotes I do not mind, not even necessary if you wish)

    Pokemon: (Any level of detail is fine, whether it's merely the name or full on bios for them)

    I am working on them at the current moment.

    Name: Joey Yanoe
    Age: 23
    Appearance: A tall individual with a thin and sticky build, Joe Yanoe has a height of 6’4 and a weight of 100lbs. His pale skin makes his tight facial features much more noticeable. Thin lips are often pressed into a smile and a pair of bags rest underneath small eyes. His hair, dyed green, is spiked back but short. The best way to describe his physical appearance is that of a mantis.

    Joey usually wears a mixture of black, green and white, typically in the form of a hoodie, shirt and joggers.

    Personality: Somewhat touchy and defensive, Joey's personality is one forged by the fires of youth. He tries to be good but more often than not his judgement his clouded by his past experiences. There is a fair amount of anger inside of him, directed at the world but sometimes slipping out to other people in the form of a rude attitude. His guard is constantly up and he can often mistake jokes or friendly jabs as insults or attacks. Underneath all that though is a kind soul, one filled that's filled with love too things mostly unloved.

    Backstory: Joey didn't much stick in when he was younger. He wasn't physically healthy nor tremendously smart, he was in an awkward middle ground and has been his whole life. Good company for Joey was Pokemon and especially bug types. He found them to be very cool and nice, easily being able to see past their supposed 'grossness' to find truly amazing Pokemon. It's what lead him to become a Pokemon trainer, one that only used bug types.

    His use of bug types wasn't too popular, people either criticising them for being weak or just simply disliking them. This fuelled Joey's desire to become a noteworthy trainer but also his anger towards the world. Before becoming a Pokemon trainer he had a holiday to the alola region where he encountered a grubbin. He took this Pokemon back with him to Galar.

    He grew up in Galar, living in the coastal town of Hulbury. Multiple times he attempted the gym challenge, getting further and further every single time until he reached Raihan. He could never beat Rahain in a battle, leading to his resentment of dragon and ground types. Now he trains with his team, attempting to become strong enough despite the odds stacked against him.
    Pokemon: Beedrill, Heracross, Crustle, Grubbin, Frosmoth, Volcarona.

    Other: Will expand upon.

    Name: Alyssa Xander
    Age: 30
    Appearance: Alyssa Xander is a slim and tanned lady standing at a rather short 5'ft. Long and thick dark brown hair trails down from the top of her head to her waist. It's well kept and almost never in a pony tail, somehow always managing to keep it's form despite her constant movement. She has a somewhat round face with softly defined features and a dazzling smile. Her hazel eyes can go through an inviting warmth to a smouldering glare, Alyssa having an uncanny ability to immediately change from looking kind and welcoming to annoyed and cold. She rarely wears makeup, not even to cover the sometimes visible bags from underneath her eyes.

    She is usually dressed in long skirts straight to the ankle and wears either a jumper or shirt. They vary in colour and design but they're almost always fashionable.

    Personality: Alyssa is everything a pub manager needs to be. Energetic and eccentric, she thrives of the interaction between people and Pokemon, using that to fuel her motivation and devotion to her business. She's always in the mood for chat or a joke, giving off a pleasant aura that encourages friendliness and respect between others. She can be assertive when she needs to be and there's not a force in Galar that can stand against her when she truly asserts herself. That's not to say she doesn't have patience, she has an extreme amount of it. She just knows when to hold her ground but also when to give a little bit up. She can be very motherly when necessary, being a strong shoulder to cry on, a good person to go to or a valiant protector for both people and Pokemon.

    Backstory: Alyssa lived the life of a typical Galarian girl, having been born and raised in the small town of stotsworth. She attended school and partook in the gym challenge after an endorsement from Turrfield's gym leader Milo. She got as far as Circhester, where she was defeated by the ice type gym leader Melony. After her brief gym challenge she returned to studying, deciding to find a part time job whilst learning. She found a job as a waitress at the Dreepy Drizille, starting when she was 18. It was a small and run down place back then, being run by an old widower. Alyssa worked there for five years until the old man passed, surprisingly leaving the establishment to Alyssa.

    Despite the overwhelming and sudden development Alyssa tackled it head on, adapting and overcoming the many challenges that running a pub presented. Through the seven years she turned the Dreepy Drizzile into a successful and expertly run inn, providing brilliant services for people and Pokemon alike. It was definitely an uphill battle and she'd grown a lot wiser and stronger from the experience

    Pokemon: Arcanine, Inkay, Mr.Rime, Rotom.

    Age: 19
    Appearance: A mop of curly red hair sits on top of the rather short Galarian boy, who only stands at a small height of 5ft. A slightly pudgy face offsets a slim build, one that's typically dressed in the white uniform of a chef. Freckles cover his upper cheeks and his bright blue eyes stands out against all his red features. He looks a lot younger than he actually is, something his clumsiness and energetic ways doesn't help with.
    Personality: Alex is constantly moving or talking, he's a non stop source of activity wherever it be big or small. His mouth is always running, spilling out words even if it's too himself in a low mumble. He's somewhat of an extrovert but can easily get nervous around new people, definitely preferring to be with a familiar crowd. He always tries to be polite and nice though he can sometimes become rather stress, cracking underneath the amount of activity going on around him, even if it's sometimes his own fault.
    Backstory: Alex was born rather late in his parents' life, the pair of them being in their 50's when they had him. They were very financially well off and had been working for a long time, saving money for a big adventure the two of them could have together. Their son's birth hadn't stopped their plans as they rather simply just brought him along. For 15 years they travelled and toured around the world, visiting a variety of different regions, taking in the sights and experiencing all the wonders each area had to other. It was during this time that Alex's love for food began.

    He was around 10 when they visited Unova for just over a couple of years and in that time he tried to visit every restaurant he could find, eat at every food place he knew of. Alex was a clever child and knew that experience was something he'd need if he was to become a chef. He started looking for opportunities, even if it was merely just watching the chefs at work he'd take it. For the rest of their time in Unova he'd do this and he'd even continue it in Kalos where his family stayed for another couple years.

    They finally stopped their travels in Galar, moving into the small town where it all began. Stotsworth. Alex's parents were rather old by now but the teenager was still filled with energy and enthusiasm, especially for his desire to become a chef. His options were limited but he seized them regardless, searching for anywhere that would take him. It took a couple of years but eventually the rather new owner of the Dreepy Drizzile offered him a spot, Alyssa being just as desperate for a chef as he was desperate to be one.

    Pokemon: Pansage (Met in Unova), Charmander.

    If there are any issues with this thread please let me know ^~^ Thank you
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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I might make a character, but I don't really line to RP something I won't do myself. Maybe though...
  3. I really like how much thought you put into this typo XD

    I’ll probably join! I’m not sure, of course, since things with no solid plot line tend to be hard to sustain, but I had a few ideas for characters along the way as I read through. First of all, I thought of a character who hangs around the bar and challenges people to battles, whoever loses buys the other a drink. He’d probably be a pretty well known regular. Of course, still just a concept. Another idea I had was to potentially bring back an old character of mine, Aisa. She’s a Glaceon who worked at a restaurant in previous RPs and who could have worked in this as well, but I don’t see it working quite as much since it’s mostly humans.

    Since it’s a pub, does it offer food options as well? If it does, Playful, your character could be a regular for food or be one of the cooks and you can avoid alcohol. I’m personally not comfortable with playing a full drunkard, but I’ll probably have a character that drinks.

    It’s quite possible I bring in other characters as well who are just passing through, but I don’t have those planned out or anything yet.
  4. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I mean, if I make my character 21 or older, I'll be a lot more comfortable. And the rules do say no drunkards, so there's that.
  5. Oh yeah, for sure. A younger character probably wouldn’t be allowed to drink even if they wanted to, unless it’s some teen using a Zorua to get a drink... oooh, that’s fun. But yeah, if I play a regular they’ll be older, although a worker there could be underage (maybe?) and I’m sure they serve at least some non-alcoholic beverages. Maybe Tapu Cocoa in winter? :p
  6. The places serves food as well, full meals and what not ^~^. Minors our allowed in but they’re just not allowed to drink of course xD

    I don’t plan on the alcohol being a big part of the Rp of course but an interesting fact is that in England the legal drinking age is 18 and since Galar is based of the UK I would presume it’s the same. It’s funny because I had an American friend come over to study abroad and she drank here at age 19/20 since she couldn’t over there xD

    I really like a bunch of your ideas @RenzFlintrock The regular guy especially. Could totally work in the Glaceon working there, bringing food to tables or creating ice cubes for drinks ;p
  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    But then my Leafeon boi must be there...

    And I'll probably make a tourist of some kind.
  8. Aisa returns

    But yeah, I’m glad of that! I might have Aisa be there in some shape or form then.

    One idea I had for the regular was that one of his Pokémon is a Shedinja, so anyone who tries to fight him and doesn’t have a super effective move would eventually lose. All assuming it doesn’t break the Consta-dodging rule, since it’s a canon ability.

    EDIT: h my goodness, Alaf is tech support XD
  9. Nah, an ability's an ability, wouldn't be breaking that rule ;p
  10. All right, good to know!

    On the subject of Pokémon, what accommodations does the pub have for them? Presumably it’s a bad idea to have them drinking alcohol (drunk Vulpix with Fire hiccups? Adorable) but do they have anything for wild Pokémon, or for Pokémon that are with trainers but aren’t hanging out with the humans?
  11. I believe I could implement some facilities for them though I admittedly hadn't thought of that. Perhaps like an outside and indoor area for the Pokemon specifically though if people were to be writing Pokemon communicating with each other I'd certainly want a way to differentiate it from the human on human contact. (Perhaps something like italics or Pokemon speech and normal for humans). I was planning on the owner/manager having a little team that could sort any little disasters out should they occur.
  12. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Renz suggests that Alaf, my Leafeon, can be tech support in some way, XD.
  13. Yeah, I definitely like the side area. And I agree, if people ended up playing as the Pokémon with them communicating, it could certainly be difficult without italics. It’s quite possible that we just avoid having the problem by not allowing Pokémon to be played in character,but I’m not sure about it. Italics could be a solution.

    And I like the idea of the owner’s team, as well. I’ll leave it up to you, of course, but it does make me wonder about Aisa and Alaf (my Glaceon and Playful’s Leafeon characters) and whether they’re employees on their own or whether they belong to one of the human employees.
  14. That can work ; p If you can figure out an explanation/story as to how Alaf and Asia found their way to the Droopy Drizzile then the owner character would without a doubt of taken them on. Working on my character's bios right now though I have work soon (Hilariously) and might not have it up by tonight.
  15. Name: Julian "Jules" Forrest
    Age: 21
    Appearance: He stands at a somewhat short stature for his age with a fit build. Julian has light brown hair with an accompanying brown eyes. He has a "rich kid" look to his face, a smirk with quite devious eyes. Julian dons a white long sleeve t-shirt, with expensive-looking khaki coloured trousers, the newest shoes, and a leather belt around his waist.
    Personality: Julian pretends he keeps his cool, but most of the time he loses his temper extremely easily, usually ending in his defeat when he gets into an argument. He orchestrates no plans or strategies in his daily life, even in Pokémon battles, which is often the worst decision and leads to him picking the most unpredictable or unusual choices. When he is not in a flurry of anger, he is very stubborn, a worrywart, or just plain annoying. However, with all the negative attributes out of the way, he has a soft spot for the preservation of nearly extinct Pokémon, commits selfless acts when people he actually has a positive relationship with is in danger, and his independent mindset leads to the greatest discoveries.
    Backstory: Julian was born and raised in Vermilion`City, but started his journey in Pallet Town. He was Professor Oak's official parcel deliverer, but made numerous journeys and friends along the way. He was sent to Route 5 in Galar to study the different varieties of Pokemon that inhabited the area, and often stops by at the pub for a break.
    -Victreebel, M, Chlorophyll
    -Magmar, M, Flame Body
    -Slowbro, M, Own Tempo
    -Dodrio, F, Early Bird
    -Golem, M, Rock Head
    -Venomoth, F, Shield Dust
    Other: Applin Pie, Appletun Cider, Caramel Flapple
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  16. Sorry about how long it’s taking me to get started on bios, but I’m not sure if I can get myself to do it today. I had a fairly busy day yesterday and it’s pretty much just as busy tonight, so I’m not sure if I can get out anything today.
  17. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

  18. I want to join as well. It will take me a bit to get out my bio as I have to close tonight.
  19. I'm taking a while to get my bios up too though on the topic of bios!
    @Your-Friday-Filet Accepted Looks like an interesting character ;p
  20. Spongzilla

    Spongzilla Previously LizardWarrior

    Join I shall (If accepted xD)

    Name: Jim Rontheart, Jimmy
    Age: 64
    Appearance: Jim often wears a suit and tie but when arriving hell be in much more common clothes like a jacket, shirt and khakis. He is slightly hunched over and has a bit of trouble walking, he has grey hair without much of a beard. His skin is fair but wrinkled and riddled with dots and things collected over the years. (Like those brown parts of your skin were you used to have a sunburn)
    Personality: Jim is quite old and often speaks with old fashioned words like twas and thus.
    Backstory: He old.
    Pokemon: He owns a Duraludon, a Torterra, a Cryogonal and a Gardevoir
    Other: IDK, maybe some Pokémon work there and there are drinks styled to Pokémon like a grass type using vines to make a green drink or something.
  21. I think I will have two characters, let me get their character sheets, I should have them by the afternoon EST
  22. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Name: Kaylee Patterson (Kay to her friends)
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Kaylee has a yellow scrunchie that pulls her chocolate brown hair back into a ponytail. Her sea green eyes always seem to have a sparkle in them, and her pale, but tan skin goes really well with her yellow shirt and blue jean jacket that is short-sleeved and stopped right before her stomach. There is a camera hung around her neck that is fully charged. Her yellow shirt is a peplum with white dots, and ends a few inches below the belt-line. She wears faded blue jeans that have a boot-cut. Her shoes are black tennis shoes. She isn't very tall, and she is pretty slender.
    Personality: Kaylee loves to travel, especially to new regions. This is because she loves to discover new cultures. Kaylee get overexcited a lot is is a bit overconfident in absolutely everything. Uh, show more in RP...
    Backstory: Kaylee grew up in Unova and started her journey before giving up and just traveling. She went to Johto (where she got an Eevee) and Hoenn
    Name: Dawn
    Gender: Female
    Species: Espeon
    Normal or shiny: normal
    Accessories or differences: She has a light blue collar.

    Name: Brave
    Gender: Male
    Species: Braviary
    Normal or shiny: shiny
    Accessories or differences: N/A

    Name: Mantis
    Gender: Female
    Species: Leavanny
    Normal or shiny: normal
    Accessories or differences: N/A

    Name: Mushroom
    Gender: Male
    Species: Breloom
    Normal or shiny: normal
    Accessories: Mushroom wears a red scarf.

    Other: Lum-tart

    Age: 6
    Species: Leafeon
    Appearance: Ack! Tan coat, green paw, ears, chest fluff, and tail, because those are leaves. Brown eyes. Basically, normal Leafeon.
    Personality: Alaf is a very passive Pokemon, preferring others coming to talk to him instead of him going to others. He is very insecure and is shy, though he is friendly to others. Studdering at lot (in Pokespeak), this Leafeon seems like a coward, but when push comes to shove he will stand up against anything that threatens the things he cares about, though this is rare. He also hates the cold and loves the sun.
    Backstory: Alaf was owned by a kind man who loved computers and other gadgets. The man taught Alaf how to code, mainly as him just talking to Alaf as he worked; explaining what he was doing as that made him more comfortable and it was a way to give the Leafeon some attention; and Alaf watching. Alaf cared for his former owner and had a good life with him before an unfortunate accident occurred. Alaf's owner died in a car accident. When the Leafeon found out, he ran away, going to the wild area. He was pushed around and often barely ate, being bred and living his whole life in captivity. He moved to the Eevee Island, but didn't fare much better there. Tired of it all, he moved to Stotsworth to live as a stray, hoping to fare better there. There he met the owner of the establishment, and was weary at first, but grew to trust him.
    Other: Cherrim Fizz
  23. Zizzy the Zebra

    Zizzy the Zebra Previously SylveonSOPHIE_008

    I want to join, but what happens is that I want my character to be 11 years old, I don't know if it is allowed. And another thing, I speak Spanish XD, so I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to say.
  24. Name: Sara Felicia Middleton; usually referred to as Sara, Felicia, or Kitty with close friends
    Age: 20
    *Gender: Female
    *Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: She has brown hair that goes to her shoulders, green eyes, fair skin, and is 5'06" (167.6 cm) and weighs 120 lbs (54.4 kg). She has cute little dimples when she smiles and a light dusting of freckles on her face. She occasionally wears fangs to make her teeth more prominent or contacts to make her eyes more cat-like, but still holding the same shade of green as her original eye color. She also has really glossy and usually painted fingernails, but they aren't cut to be sharp, they just look normal. Out of all the things she did to make herself seem like a cat, she didn't want to accidentally cut herself. She usually wears cut-up blue jeans with a paw print themed trainer belt, black sneakers, and a black shirt. She usually wears a hoodie that is cat-themed, having cat Pokemon from every region on the hoodie doing something cute whether it be cat napping or getting surprised with their hair standing on end. She also wears gloves that don't have the fingertips. The two things that really complete her look are the black cat ears hairband and the locket around her neck of an ambiguous cat staring upwards while sitting on a crescent moon.
    When working, she has her cat ears and locket on at all times. She has her hair pulled back, and she wears her canines and green cat-like contacts most of the time on her shift. (Whatever you choose for worker clothes, she'll wear.)
    Personality: She is just a shy, meek young lady. Her personality isn't really much to look at from a first glance. She's just your average young lady who likes to help people but has horrible self-esteem issues and tries to ignore her self-esteem by helping others. Oh, yea, and she is fixated on cats. Because she doesn't see herself as cute or likable to anyone, she took on the persona of a cat Pokemon. Or well, not really a persona, just trying to act cute while also finding herself fixated on shiny items like jewelry (she doesn't find utensils shiny enough to fixate on, but that is probably because she sees them all the time). All in all, she is just a cute, shy, self-deprecating young lady who finds cats more adorable and tries to be like them to ignore her self hatred. She is just trying to get more friends and find more confidence in herself by working in a "highly stressful, highly demanding" work load where customer service is concerned. Though, it is a lot more difficult than she first thought.
    Brief History: She was born in Alola and was given an Espurr from her mother to protect her when she turned 7 due to her elementary school classmates bullying her. She then realized that Espurr was really adorable and she felt like if she made herself look like a cat, she can be cute enough that people won't bother her. She took the reaction of the people who left her alone after she started making herself look like a cat as if people thought she was cute, when they really just thought she was just weird. When she turned 10, she was entrusted a Litten and nabbed an Alolan Meowth during her Alolan Trials. However, the fear of having to battle Ilima got to her, so she left and traveled to Galar with her parents for a vacation, where she nabbed a Galarian Meowth. Since then, she's really fixated on cat Pokemon, going to Kanto for a Kantonian Meowth and Sinnoh for a Shinx before going back to Galar and settling down, where she works as a waitress in the pub. She originally didn't want to go, but she really wanted to make friends so she joined to break herself out of her bubble and get herself to be more socially adept rather than be inept. The only Pokemon who actually have battle experience are her Luxio and Torracat, and that's just because the two constantly fight each other for fun, causing them to evolve. If she could go around the world again, she'd grab more cat Pokemon.
    • Espurr "Purrlie" / Psychic / Male / Own Tempo - immune to becoming confused and being affected by Intimidate / Scratch, Leer, Fake Out, Disarming Voice, Confusion, Covet, Light Screen, Psybeam, Reflect, Safeguard, Protect, Attract, Helping Hand, Expanding Force, Flash, Cut, Gravity, Heal Bell, Telekinesis (the attacks in italics are attacks that this Pokemon has trouble using) / has a purple bow clipped next to his right ear and is very protective of it, and will only let Sara touch it. Is shy but bold when action needs to be taken, and is Sara's comfort.
    • Kantonian Meowth "Meowzy" / Normal / Female / Pickup - finds and picks items up during or after battle / Fake Out, Growl, Feint, Scratch, Pay Day, Bite, Taunt, Fury Swipes, Dig, Screech, Attract, Dark Pulse, Lash Out, Shadow Claw, Hone Claws, Flash, Cut, Odor Sleuth, Snatch, Spite (attacks in italics are moves that this Pokemon has trouble using) / Normal looks, is very sweet and likes to stash treasures she finds with her Ability and giving them to Sara.
    • Alolan Meowth "Pawla" / Dark / Female / Rattled - Speed heightens when hit by a Dark-, Ghost-, or Bug-Type attack / Fake Out, Growl, Feint, Scratch, Pay Day, Bite, Fury Swipes, Screech, Taunt, Icy Wind, Swift, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Parting Shot, Lash Out, Round, Echoed Voice, Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Uproar (attacks in italics are moves this Pokemon has trouble using) / Normal looks, is very demanding for attention and can be fickle at times, but she's a sweet heart.
    • Galarian Meowth "Purrserk" / Steel / Female / Tough Claws - Boosts power of contact-based moves / Fake Out, Growl, Hone Claws, Scratch, Pay Day, Metal Claw, Taunt, Dig, Facade, Assurance, Shadow Claw, Retaliate, Iron Tail, Crunch, Seed Bomb, Gunk Shot, Play Rough, Foul Play, Throat Chop, Steel Beam, Lash Out, Night Slash (attacks in italics are moves this Pokemon has trouble using) / Normal looks, is very aggressive and likes to act intimidating and fight, but she's really bad at it.
    • Luxio "Leo" / Electric / Male / Rivalry - Does more damage to males and does less damage to females; does neutral damage to Genderless Pokemon / Tackle, Leer, Thunder Shock, Charge, Bite, Spark, Roar, Thunder Wave, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Rain Dance, Eerie Impulse, Wild Charge, Play Rough, Psychic Fangs, Rising Voltage, Howl, Double Kick, Attract, Magnet Rise, Strength, Flash, Baby-Doll Eyes, Iron Tail, Headbutt (attacks in italics are moves this Pokemon has trouble using) / Normal looks, is sweet and caring to those around him (especially other females) and has an instant dislike of other males. Is tough in a battle.
    • Torracat "Tiger" / Fire / Male / Blaze - When exhausted or severely injured, Fire-Type attacks get stronger / Scratch, Growl, Ember Lick, Leer, Roar, Fury Swipes, Bite, Double Kick, Fire Fang, Attract, Revenge, U-Turn, Shadow Claw, Acrobatics, Leech Life, Outrage, Crunch, Flare Blitz, Bulk Up, Swords Dance, Double Team, Fire Pledge, Power Trip (attacks in italics are moves this Pokemon has trouble using) / Normal looks, plays everything like its a game and loves to battle and wrestle other Pokemon. Very helpful and tries to show up Leo. Is tough in a battle and is the most experienced battler out of Sara's team.
    Other: mmm I don't actually know. Since cats are on the brain when I wrote this, maybe Paw Latte, or Feline Delights. Basically, its any flavor of ice cream shaped to be a cat head with cat ears in an ice cream goblet, and little cat paws over the brim of the glass. Around it is whipped cream with multicolored sprinkles and stars, a stick with marshmallow pink and white hearts stuck in the whipped cream, a circular sweet cracker, and a cherry on top of the cat's head. :3 or just look at this link and think of a cat when you see it (to me it just looks like a bear): Feline Delight
    Also, Shellder Chow :3

    Is there a 4-move rule? I mean, this RP isn't battle heavy XD soo

    I have done the moves :3
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  25. Yea, I forgot about this when making my character. XD i was thinking about her having worked there for long enough to know the regulars, but not have worked their long enough to get used to talking to people outside of taking their orders (like maybe say a month in?). For how she got in, maybe she comes to Galar searching for work and finds a pub to work at? Like, literally stumbling around the area, finding that place, walks in, and asks for a job and then getting hired. XD her cute aesthetic might be a way for customers to break away from their lives and relax while she helps them. Plus, pretty sure the owner knows about her social ineptitude and would like to help her break from her comfort zone to expand it. Or she was there earlier during her parent's vacation when she was 15 and saw how great the appeal was and wanted to work there later, and the owner recognized her (cat ears, I mean >->) and had her join the job. XD

    Espurr can just hang around Sara while she works and keep her from falling or embarrassing herself, Kantonian Meowth can help with clean up, Torracat and Luxio with Galarian Meowth can clean up the pitch and make it pretty and also do bouncer work, and Alolan Meowth can be surveillance.

    Open to suggestions and discussion about this :3
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  26. I apologize for the bios being pretty lame, but I’m just trying to get myself fo do them and get them done at this point.

    Name: Arthur Bagthorpe
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Arthur is generally a pretty jovial person. Since his job can be kinda stressful, he loves coming by the Droopy Drizzile each night, to the extent that he’s a well-known regular. He makes a habit of challenging people to battles, with the loser buying the winner a drink.
    Backstory: Arthur grew up in a pretty standard way, going to school until he was old enough to participate in the league. After receiving his starter, a Sobble, he tried the league challenge, but he didn’t manage to get very far. It didn’t bother him much, though, and he started thinking about careers. He went to college, and got a job in Stotsworth. Now he’s just one of those people you see around, just puttering along.
    Inteleon (Sasha) (F)
    Ninjask (Ten) (M)
    Shedinja (Husk) (N/A)
    Galvantula (Thrill) (F)
    Other: Gininja? Idk, I didn’t have much. Maybe Draco’s Fish and Chips?

    Name: Aisa
    Species: Glaceon
    Age: 4 1/2
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Pretty standard appearance for a Glaceon, but one of her ears is pierced and has a small golden earring with a blue stone set in it, and on her back is a brown cape of sorts. It seems suited to colder weather, but she doesn’t normally appear without it. (Martin, is it alright if she also has a harness she wears under the cape with magnets attached? It would help her carry trays.)
    Personality: Aisa is sweet and rather naive. She’s a hard worker and does her best with a smile on her face, even when she’s plain tired out. She always does her best for those she cares about. Her favorite drink is Frosted Lum-ade.
    Backstory: Aisa was a breedject. Soon after she was born she was separated from her parents by the trainer who owned them, and released in Galar’s Wild Area. She was all alone, no friends and know knowledge of the wild. But after a time, she arrived on the Eeveelution Island, and with the guidance of a kind Flareon she grew up. Then she met Alaf, who she tried to be friends with even though most of the others shunned him. Sometimes she visited him. But then he went away. She went to visit him and found him at the pub, and she found she really enjoyed the place. She was able to join the staff, and now she spends her time happily frosting drinks, bringing out trays of food, and hanging out with the other Pokémon employees.
    Other: DERP
  27. Zizzy the Zebra

    Zizzy the Zebra Previously SylveonSOPHIE_008

    Name: Sophia (Sophie)

    Age: 15 (I don't know if it should be bigger, if so, I'll change it)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Light skin, honey-colored eyes, brown hair, a pink and white sweatshirt, shorts, black socks that reach a little above the knee, white tennis shoes with fuchsia lines, a heart pin in her hair.

    Personality: Creative,She is sweet and kind, she helps in whatever way she can and tries to make people not sad.
    Backstory: Sophie lived in Alola for much of her life, but had to move to Kalos, which is where she received her initial. Sophie returned to Alola after a few years, lived there for a long time and then decided to go to Galar, because one of her friends lived there.

    Sylveon (Rosie) (F)
    Braixen (F)
    Luxray (M)
    Primarina (F)
    Kanto Vulpix (Hibisco) (M)
    Tsareena (F)
    Other: You could put part of the menu of the game "Pokemon Cafe Mix", there are many things like, food, drinks and stuff.
  28. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Welp, here we go

    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13 years
    A regular Lucario, but easily discernible from his emotionless expression and multitude of scars
    Personality: Stoic. Very much so. He takes his duties very seriously and as such never socializes, not that he wants to. However, battling is what he lives for, and where he shows the most emotion. Despite his cold attitude, he's kinder than he looks and will help strangers without expecting a reward, although don't expect him to smile and tell you it's all going to be okay.
    Backstory: Auro had a trainer as a riolu, and he wasn't...the best kind of person. His only focus was winning fights and barely cared about his pokemon's well being, going as far as to refuse to feed them should they perform below his high expectations. Since auro showed the most potential, he dealt with the most training and, more often than not, punishments. Auro eventually had enough, and ran away. The trainer refused to let him go, however, and Auro spent months on the run while the trainer searched for him. Eventually, he was caught, and his trainer made his pokemon give him a lesson he'll never forget, and promptly left. He was found by the owner, and taken in to be nursed back to health. Eventually the emanation pokemon was healed completely, and allowed to stay in the Pub. He eventually became a employee, acting as a sort of bodyguard in case of any drunkyards who don't want to go home, or any rowdy pokemon causing commotion. Some people would even come just to battle him, and bets were usually wagered.
    Other: Has a secret love for honey, especially Combuns

    I'll probably make a trainer too, but hope this works for now.
  29. Hello everyone! I’m sorry did my absence, work and family life gave gotten me occupied till even way past my bed time and way before a normal time to get up. Tonight I will make sure everything’s up and running.

    Accepting of the bios will come soon as will my own and the RP. Thank you all for your interest, your characters and your patience.
  30. I might as well join, if that's ok.


    Allison Relisa (Alia) (Professor Relisa)
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Allison stands at six foot two and has long, side-swept, auburn hair fading to purple near the ends and dark blue eyes. She wears her short sleeved light-blue blouse and her long black dress with her tall gray boots. On her left arm she has a mechanical glove with multiple purposes but mostly to carry her Pokeballs.
    Personality: Allison is a generally shy and reserved person and is usually a down to earth kind of person. Her personality sometimes differs between silly and serious. She also gets frustrated pretty easily.
    Backstory: Allison grew up in the Orre region where at the age of eleven was sent to Johto where she started the Gym Challenge there. She would soon head back to Orre to save some Pokemon that were in danger and went back to Johto to complete her challenge and enter the Johto Championships. Over the years, she went across multiple regions, defeating multiple gyms and winning many championships and tournaments. At the age of twenty, she settled down at Olivine City in Johto where she started to explore the world of Pokemon more thoroughly which always fascinated her, taking interest in the Ruins of Alph as well as other places. She explored the world and many other regions with her main four Pokemon she had since the beginning.
    Other: Allison has a massive sweet tooth.

    Species: Typhlosion
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Emalion is very calm and aware of his surroundings at all times, even if he can't see, hear, smell, or feel. He'll normally never go against Allison's wishes.
    Other: He has a sixth sense

    Species: Pachirisu
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Risu is extremely playful and very open to others. His happy nature though when broken can result in an extremely angry mouse.
    Other: He's adorable

    Species: Mismagius
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Aliscaban is a massive trickster and very sadistic. He usually serves as a caretaker to Risu.
    Other: He loves to sing.

    Species: Gardevoir
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Erin is brutal to people and Pokemon alike, the only ones who she is ever truly kind to are Allison, Emalion, Risu, and Aliscaban.
    Other: She has a slight purple scar on her upper arm.

    Random Treat:
    Slurpuff Smoothie
  31. Alright, alright here we go.

    Looks good! ^~^ Old people regulars are definitely the best.

    Both of them look good! Alaf's backstory works!
    I usually work with a no four move work but they can't know every move. They need to have preferred move and a style and no coincidentally knowing stuff. Be reasonable basically

    Also dm me about them working there and we can figure something out.

    Looks good as well, backstory works with the pub!

    I think I'm actually playing through the game on my switch lite right now! It's like a candy crush sort of game right? Either way, accepted!

    Love it, really love it!

    Totally cool! Interesting see another Pachirisu user ^~^

    ANYWAYS! If I missed anyone's bio shoot me up with a message.
    If you have any ideas for your characters either message here or dm me.
    I definitely WILL get my bios out tonight and hopefully get the RP up by tomorrow.

    I'm sorry for all the delays. I expected to have yesterday off but I find it difficult to say no when my work needs someone. I'm sorry to cause such a wait but I thank you all for your patience.
  32. I usually work with reasonableness, so don't worry. XD most of the moves her Pokemon know help with real life, with only two dedicating their movesets for battle. XD
  33. I think I got everything.

    Name: (Include nicknames)
    Guy Broly
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Guy is 5'10 ft hes fairly muscular, average build ,and light complected somewhat tan skin, freckles, short pale blonde messy hair, collar length hair ,and messily combed back rather hastily. His left eye is purple and his right is green.

    Guy wears a red t-shirt with dark gray wavy lines like smoke. A dark brown leather jacket with gray brown fur lining the collar(open, revealing his shirt). Green fingerless gloves. Plain ol' bootcut blue Jean's with a cut over the left knee, a red star shaped patch on the outer right thigh of his pants. He wears square toed cowboy boots with an intricate red and blue design on the sides. His pants legs are pulled over his boots covering most of the designs. He wears gogo goggles around his neck in case he goes swimming or to the desert ,and has a brass ring with a man holding a cowboy hat in the air with one hand and holding onto a tauros as he rides it(the tauros is leaping).
    Personality: Guy is a fairly compulsive man with tendencies to do whatever he fancies ,yet often times contradicts himself. At times he's loud, arrogant ,and self righteous. Other times, he's quiet, down to earth ,and well-composed. At times he's cheerful, easily impressed ,and a jolly happy go lucky dude. Other times he's pessimistic, Sarcastic ,and deadpan. For the most part, he's a polite well mannered man that seems to genuinely care about the people around him.
    Backstory: Guy grew up in kanto on a farm ,and spent years traveling around kanto as his father was a farmer and a rancher ,and would often times deliver dairy or other farm produced goods to people looking to buy fresh local produce. His mother was a dancer ,and even owned her own dance studio later in her life. Guy had four siblings. Two older brothers, an older sister ,and a younger sister. His two older brothers are twins named Joseph and Jonathan. They were five years older than Guy. His older sister was Mary Beth. She was three years older than guy. Lastly is his younger sister is Elizabeth ,and she is two years younger than Guy.

    Joseph is only slightly older than Johnathan ,but is much more reserved and mature. Joseph went to law school ,and intends to one day become a lawyer. Despite being fairly immature, Johnathan is a hard working ,and respected boy that plans to follow his father's footsteps. Mary beth went to cosmetology school ,and wants to one day open her very own hair salon in Kanto. Elizabeth was in culinary school as she wanted to one day open her very own restaurant. Then lastly we have ya boi, Guy Broly. Guy went to college for two years ,and got an associates degree, which was paid in full thanks to college grants. No loans for thiiiis Guy... Sorry... That was pretty lame joke.

    Anyways... Afterwards, During this time he focused on his real passion which was photography. Sadly his degree wouldn't help him with photography ,but he was proud to have it under his list of accomplishments. Guy got his degree in Sinnoh where he studied abroad. He made many friends ,and associates. He even took a few trips to Alola with some of his friends during spring break time.

    After he graduated college, he went home for half a year back in kanto/Johto. He spent more time in Johto during this time ,but still lived with his parents. Afterwards he traveled to Unova for half a year. He later decided to visit Galar? What was in Galar? Maybe a nice bar... er... pub... I forget they call bars pubs over here...

    Also, because of Guy's love of photography, he doesn't care much for pokémon battles. He traveled to Galar for adventure ,and hopefully to take photos.

    Pokemon: A shiny sableye named Saba, a banette named Taben ,and a shedinja named Djini

    Name: Saba
    Age: 12
    Species: Sableye
    Appearance: Like a shiny sableye; golden skin, green gem on his stomach, green and white gems on his back, yellow eyes.
    Backstory: One day, Guy was exploring a deep cave system while taking pictures. For some reason, he'd always meet the most strange little pokémon he ever did see, a sableye! He'd visit the sableye almost every day. He visited it so much that eventually it got used to seeing him. They were good friends at this point ,and eventually Saba allowed Guy to catch it. Saba was Guy's first ever pokémon. Guy was 11 years old when he caught Saba. Saba was Guy's partner in crime. However Saba never gave Guy an easy time. Saba was always mischievous, trouble making, loud, childish ,and sometimes even selfish and greedy. Despite all this, Saba genuinely cares for his trainer. Even more than he does gemstones. Sometimes he cares for his other friends this much ,but not as often as he does with Guy.
    Other: Boiled clawitzer claw with a hint of sitrus berry ,and some lemonade.

    Age: 9
    Species: Shedinja
    Appearance: Like a regular shedinja ,but has a small birthmark on its left wing shaped like a star
    Backstory: Guy was given shedinja as a gift from his older brother, Johnathan. Johnathan had a nincada ,and would go on to evolve it into a ninjask. Johnathan had no interest in keeping the reanimated shell ,and simply gave it to Guy as a gift. Despite being given away like unwanted trash, this never affected, Djini never felt bad or concerned over it. In fact it quickly took a liking to Guy. Djini had always been a calm, collected ,and slightly distant pokémon ,but was friendly enough that it enjoyed interacting with others. Not often though as Djini was a fairly introverted pokémon ,and didn't care for being around large crowds.
    Other: Hard-boiled poké-eggs with a glass of applin juice

    Name: Taben
    Age: 8
    Appearance: Like a regular banette. Taben always wears a tough guy expression.
    Backstory: Guy never caught a shuppet ,but instead managed to befriend an abandoned banette. Because of Taben's abandonedment, Taben usually likes to act tough to cope with its abandonment ,and many insecurities. Luckily for Taben, Guy was kind and treated Taben well. Eventually Guy managed to earn Taben's trust ,and became Guy's third and final pokémon.
    Whenever Taben is outside of his pokéball, he rarely gets very far from Guy, due to his fear of abandonment. Whenever Taben isn't feeling the weight of his insecurities or the need to be tough, he can be fairly easy going and carefree.
    Other: Flame broiled eevee steak with a glass of moomoo milk

    Other: Grilled pikachu marinated with cherubi sauce, served with a side of tropius fruit, diced bounsweet ,and a tall vanillite cold glass of shuckle juice. (Fun fact: shuckle's body fluids can produce juice)
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  34. I shall have it up by tonight! Helping the gf move into her uni dorm then heading home to get stuff written
  35. Good luck with that, take your time!
  36. Am I accepted?
  37. @ThAtGuY101 Yes! Dreadfully sorry, saw it but forgot to post about it xD

    Helping her pack them on my way
  38. I have updated my Pokemon's movepool. :3

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