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The Not-Quite Sibling Thread!

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Blazi, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. 'A true friend is one soul in two bodies.'
    ~ Aristotle

    Yes, this is a thread about someone who feels like your brother/sister/twin, but is actually not related to you, or not directly related.

    My not-quite sibling is actually part of this site, and his name starts with a 'D', and ends with an 'A', and we have actually made quite a few RPs together. Yes, his name is Dinova and he is my not-quite twin!

    So how about you? Anyone? If so, post them here!
  2. Hmm....Do they have to be on the internet?

    If not then my closest snon sibling sibling is my best friend, Sam. We're so alike, but we're also so different. It's wierd. Sometimes I'm the perv, then he comes back around with a "That's what she said" joke. We talk about random things, like Pokemon, life in general, Hakuna Matata, etc. Some say he's the Timon to my Pumba.

    However, I will also say that he's like a brother too because he and I are like rivals. We strive to make better grades than the other (currently I'm on a hot streak), beat each other in games (SO far I'm better with Pokemon, but he kicks my ass at everything else), heck, I always thought I'd beat him to the punch with getting a girlfriend, but he beat me (though now I have a lurvely sister :3) to the punch.

    As far as internet siblings go....It's hard to say. I don't exactly have anyone to whom I have a close enough bond to call my brother, though I will say Blisk comes close. No offense Blisk ^^;
  3. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I do have some "siblings" here, over the internet. Right here in 'Charms, in fact~ I've constantly referred to Karu as my onii-san, or older brother, and Jenova is my younger sister through our very messed up family tree... I do have a sort of sibling relationship with others, though it's not recorded on the family tree; Kalseng, Tangrow, and Tun being the closer ones. In the past, I've also been rather close to Artiste and Daytime_Umbreon, but those days are looooong gone XD

    In real life, though, I'll have to say my friend, who I'll refer to as her online persona of "Misa" (short for the longer "Misaki"), is the closest thing I have to a sister. We joke a lot, go over to each others' houses on a regular basis, goof off in school, tease each other, and, yes, we even comfort each other when the other is going through tough times. We share similar interests, ranging from things like MapleStory, Vocaloids, and manga all the way to our love for orchestral music. However, she's not that great at math, or so she says, and I always have to tutor her in those left-brained subjects. To balance that out, she helps me with English stuff.

    Of course, she always gets mad at me whenever I call her "Misa-chan" or say that I love her or whatever. Just shows how close we are~ (we even made ourselves "siblings" on Facebook, and trust me, I only have two siblings there; my brother, and her...)
  4. It doesn't have to be the internet, the only reason I put only Dinova up there is because I don't have any proper really-close buddies outside of the internet, though my friend Ryan comes close.
  5. Oh gosh, this looks interesting o:

    For irl I have some really close friends, but I don't think of them as almostsilbings that much. I guess the closest friend I have who feels like a sister is actually my cousin, Rebecca. She's not quite a sibling, so she counts, right!? ;3;

    Anyway, my online list will probably be rather long c:
    I think the main 'Charmsian I think of being a sibling is Tobiicha- I mean, Toru. I always call him Tobiichan like on chat or if I'm referring to him c: And I guess we're just really similar and sort of feel like siblings somehow |D He's generally the older, protective and awesome big brother and I'm the small kawaii desu moe moe little sister o3o We do sometimes call each other 'lil sis' and 'big bro' too c:
    Another person I'm very sibling-y towards is Andrew, or Andi, my oniiee-chan c: We know that oniiee-chan isn't a proper, er, phrase, but that's pretty much the joke ♥ He is my beloved brothesister and that's cooooool ♥

    OH OH AND there's Red, my half-brother, who lives with his snobby rich parents ♥

    And then there are the people that I don't always call my siblings, like Shiny (as she said) and Virgil.
    Shiny is my crazy lazer-fan sister and Virgil was my teenaged sister who snuck out of the house at night to visit her boyfriend who dropped out of college to pursue his musical career. ... or something like that. c:
    I feel I need to give a shoutout to Dark Soul seeing as I don't really refer to him as a brother but he's one if my best e-buddies so yeah :V

    While I'm here, I'mma note that I have various cousins (Blazi, Indue, Dinova, etc.), a couple uncles and aunties (like Doubled, my crazy uncle and Sem, my evil emo one who I still love), Tan my potted plant, and then there's Chadwyck, my adoptive daddy, and Petey, my mother ♥ ... And Jenova is my grandmother. And I think Rain is my great granny or great great granny or something. ... yeah, I'll shut up now ♥
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I often refer to Keri (aka. Dragodden, to those who met her under that alias) as my sister or cousin. Our parents have been best friends since their University years, and I've known Keri basically since she was born. We have our differences, but we're also a lot alike in many ways - just like real siblings. I love her as much as a blood relative, and have never thought of her as less than one. ♥

    I've never discussed being "internet siblings" with anyone, but I have a few really close friends who've I've met via the internet that could probably fit that profile. :)
  7. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    My not-siblings would have to be Jenny and Caitlin from uni, and Amy who I spent 7 years of school with before she went to a different uni.
  8. Well in real life, most of my friends that go to different schools/uni meet up in town for convergances of the weaboo kind. So we're all kind of inter-connected in that respect. :p

    Onto the interwebs, I'm acquainted with most of the regulars here, but for closer friends, i'd probably have to say Dinova, Tun, Blazi, Dark, Toru, Tan and maybe Brendan, seeing as they all are my Bakalva buddies :3

    Belle is probably my Homestuck buddy, even though we only started conversing about it recently on chat, and i'm waaaaaay behind > w>

    The above said, i'm happy to strike up a conversation on chat to anyone, so I don't really have a "limit" of close friends :>

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