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Ask to Join The Nobodys (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shadow_Pup, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Sign up here --> https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-nobodys-discussion.21454/#post-795508

    Professor Artram was sat in his office, he was reading through some papers he had on his desk, these were his files on all of his Nobodies and rescued Weapon M rejects. He was reading the file on Mia when Alexander Lightwood entered, "sorry Professor, it's just that The Ghoul has been seen at the border wall sir", "well then Nowhere, this is dire news, take Defender and meet The Ghoul head on", he then spoke into a speaker system, "Zero, Zura Otso I want the two of you two defend Nix, a Weapon M Assassin is here, The Knight of Nowhere and Final Defender have been sent to intercept". Without awaiting further instruction Alexander left the room, he pulled out his phone, a strange device to him even after 2 years being in the future, and messaged Dmitrii <meet me at the main gate in 5 minutes, The Ghoul is here>. He put his phone away and made his way to the main gate.

    Bam had reached the wall surrounding the Nobodies castle base. He had already killed the perimeter guards. He now looked up to see a few dozen guns pointing down at him. He grinned now this would be fun.

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  2. (Zero/Allie)
    Hearing the announcement on the intercom, Allie - also known as Zero - went on guard. She had a task, and she would carry it out. And that task was to protect her best friend.
    She gritted her teeth. This is truly disgusting.
    She looked over to where Mia - also known as Nix - had been a second ago, beginning to speak. "Hey Mia? We need to move now - Mia?"
    Her friend was gone.

    In the dead silent hall, the light tapping of footsteps could be heard. Those footsteps belonged to a being that should have never existed.
    The failed experiment strode down the hall, her eyes glowing pink. A terrifyingly creepy smile was plastered onto her face. But what was most horrifying about the creature was the blade of pink energy in her hand, pulsating with a faint glow.
    So they were out to get her. She didn't care. She wanted to make them suffer by her hand.
    She'd soon reach the area where the assassin was. Her smile grew more bloodthirsty by the moment, as she got closer and closer to her destination.

  3. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Dmitrii was currently in his own designated room, which had been chilled so much that one bottle of water wouldn't last a day before being frozen. Dmitrii had liked it that way. Born into the cold, his russian heritage is easily unphased by cold temperatures. That, and the fact that the cold had also helped him heal has made him like it even further. He looked for his phone in his overcoat's upper left inner pocket and got it out, reading a message from the Knight of Nowhere. Five minutes, main gate? That oughta be done. Must be an attack or a sighting of a dangerous individual, Dmitrii thought. No matter. He had killed plenty of people in the cold war, being that he was forced into the military. He got up from sitting on the ground and exited his room, off to his way to the main gate. His hands twitched and his fingers flicked around, sending a few sparks around, preparing to create and fire plenty of projectiles soon enough.
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  4. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam was already mid way through slaughtering the guards when he sensed her, the traitor. He walked forward and ended up in front of Mia, "Nix, you shouldn't have left, you were only a semi failure, you could have worked under my command as an assassin, but now I must kill you, you brought this upon yourself." He used his telekinesis to throw guns and guards at Mia, at the same time he surged forward with his tendrils, attempting to impale the girl.

    Alexander had arrived at the gate, he saw the dead guards but where was The Ghoul, as he was in thought he saw the dead guards get pulled somewhere just out of view. Alexander charged towards The Ghoul pulling out his sword which was suddenly fueled with electrical energy. He spotted Mia out of the corner of his eye, "Nix, get inside, let me and Final Defender handle him" he called out to her.
  5. The girl barely moved, the same haunting smile still on her face. Every single projectile thrown at her was halted with a pink energy. She diverted the incoming assassin effortlessly with a blast of energy. She temporarily healed a small cut on her arm by placing her hand on it, creating a seal of pink energy.
    Her eyes glowed a bright pink, as she chuckled hauntingly. "Oh, oh, oh. Where are my manners. It's been a while, hasn't it?" She blocked all the exits and entrances with the same pink energy as before. Still on her face was that smile. Only now it looked even more thirsty for blood.
    "Did you really think you could waltz in here and kill me? Oh, that's hilarious! Evidently, not much has changed since I left. You're still a pathetic idiot." Another chuckle sounded.
    "You've tried it before, why did you think it'd be different this time?" she said airily, her eyes flickering. "Do you suspect that I've been sitting in the palace eating bonbons since then?" She chuckled again.
    "Shame that you didn't bring any help with you. It'd have been more fun...." Suddenly, her eyes turned pure black. "And they'd get to watch me tear you to bloody pieces. Over. And over. Until you're nothing but a pile of insignificant dust, resemblant of the useless, pathetic hellspawn you are." Her face seemed to almost distort, into a creepy, scream/smile face as a result of her fear manipulation. It reverted to normal as quickly as it had changed.
    "Oh, my time is up. Say bye now~" She formed a dome of pink energy over her foe. On the inside, countless spikes began stabbing inwards.

    Mia had gotten quite the head start, it seemed. Allie bolted through a hallway, knowing exactly where her friend had went.
    At night, Mia could be heard talking in her sleep. She said things... terrifying things. Though it always differed... Allie knew exactly what she dreamed of every night.
    Mia didn't want defense. She wanted revenge.
    The problem was, was Mia cut out to give it?
  6. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam chuckled deeply, surprisingly deeply for his age, "Naïve and hot-headed, that is what you are, you shouldn't have left you appeared to have dropped your training" he said as he span on the spot tearing through the dome with his tendrils, he closed his eyes using telekinesis to focus on everything around him, he reached out in front of him, a spot right next to Mia and clenched his fist, as he did so rocks, bodies weapons and all sorts came crashing towards Mia, he smiled cruelly "and if you think you can dodge, think again" he said as he wrapped his tendrils around her arms and waist "let's find out who's sturdier" he chuckled. Alexander had to spam his sword into the ground to stop himself from being pulled towards The Ghoul.
  7. Mia managed to divert the rubble with a pink wall, and it fell to the ground. The girl still smiled.
    She was still restrained, so she simply waited. "Good try. Insert one quarter to play again," she deadpanned.
    Suddenly, the room temperature dropped harshly. Before either party would be able to notice, the tendrils were unwrapped with telekinesis.
    With a blue blaze of light, Allie - or Zero - was now in front of the assassin. Unlike Mia, her expression gave away no emotion.
    The room temperature dropped more and more, getting colder by the second. Eventually, Allie spoke.
    "If you want to kill her, than you'll have to drag me to the depths of hell first," she stated coldly. A bright blue glow formed around her, as she prepared to deflect anything thrown at her.
  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    As Dmitrii went down the halls, he noticed something strange. There was a wall of some form of pink energy blocking his way. He could hear sounds of fighting and talking going down on the other side of the wall. He took a few steps back and thought of a way to be rid of this blockade. Then, he got an idea. He put his left arm forward, extending it to the barrier. He made a claw grip out of his left hand, bending each finger to the wall. Then, he clenched his left hand into a fist and it begun to tremble, with a red light starting to fade in, revealing itself more and more in his hand. As he opened it, a bright-red laser fired from the palm of his hand, disintegrating a cut into the barrier. He closed his fist again, evaporizing the laser and approached the wall to tear himself a hole to enter it. As he passed on through the hole, he stepped out on the other side, his fists clenched. He watched the scenery as he held his guard up, ready to summon his armor should he need to.
  9. Her wolf ears moved to the sound of the intercom speaking. "-The Ghoul is here huh...and defend Nix easy enough-" she thought before putting her training session on hold. She left the area quickly to look for Nix and Zero. Thanks to her wolf senses she was able to catch their scents quickly. She saw a barrier as she saw Final Defender open a hole to get through. She felt the temperature drop quickly feeling the cold but thanks to having Anthromorphic wolf transformation she was not bothered by it. She saw Nix and Zero with the ghoul as she could see Zero fighting him off. She leaped down shifting to her wolf form before standing in front of Nix protectively. She had a white pelt with light blues but her right eye was covered with half of a mask made by ice as it was slightly blind. She wore an ice collar with a cross tag hanging from it as her codename was engraved on it. Her tail was raised up in a curl position giving a warning that she will attack if close.

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  10. Mia's eyes burned with hate, but she knew that Allie could curb-stomp Ghoul if it came down to it. The ice manipulator had no shortage of power - she practically trained nonstop, for several hours a day - so she decided to relent, particularly when she was defended.

    Allie's voice was a low hiss, filled with contempt and anger. "You, of all people, think you can walk into our base and murder my best friend? You are one sick creature, you know that?"
    With lightning speed, she teleported a short distance behind her foe, and formed a blade of ice in her hand. She slashed down, aiming for Ghoul's side, a blue glow trailing her sword.
  11. She developed an ice mist around Nix and herself to try and keep her calm. She growled with irritation but remain calm as she was ordered to defend Nix. She gave a glance to Nix with her left wolf eye giving a nod to her before she turned to look at Zero and the Ghoul again as her white paws created a white icey mist as she was powering herself up just in case he would attack her next as she had this feeling he probably would to get to Nix and kill her. She seemed to move her closer to Nix as half her body was next to her while the other in front of her as her tail remained high in warning.

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  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam dodged the girls attacks with ease by boosting himself with his telekinesis, he was battered and bruised, but he was not going to give in without a fight. He turned and bringing the guards guns towards himself him made them hover in a circle around him and began to fire them telekinetically, he fired them in every direction 360 degrees. He smiled as he did so.

    Simultaneously Alexander slammed his charged sword into the ground sending out a wave of electricity that shocked The Ghoul, causing him to collapse in a heap, the guns dropped and Alexander strode forward, picking up the boy and flinging him over his shoulder, "I will take him to lock up, someone come with me as backup" he said before turning around and taking Bam inside.
  13. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Dmitrii walked into the scene, watching the events go down. Quickly he acted, pointing a fingergun at the ghoul, ready to fire. But just as he was about to shoot, the ghoul seemingly fell out of the sky, knocked unconscious by the electricity of the Knight of Nowhere. Dmitrii sighed, having been unable to join in on the fun, but atleast the danger was caught now. He looked on to the Ghoul and examined them before turning to the girls. Then, he spoke a short sentence, like he usually does when he does ever speak, considering he stays quiet most of the time: " Anybody hurt? " He asked into the group, forming his left hand from a fingergun back into an open palm and lowering it to his hip.
  14. Allie’s eyes faded back to their normal Color. It was good that the battle had ended quickly, as she was very much on the edge of losing control.
    “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m going to train some more, see you guys later.” She pivoted and walked down the hall, although she had a noticeable limp.
  15. She turned her wolf head to see Final defender walk up and say if anyone was hurt. She turned around before shifted back human as she folded her arms against her chest. She nodded her head no remaining silent as she looked to Nix before back at the Final defender. She walked pass him remaining silent heading back to her training section alone. "...."

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  16. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Dmitrii looked around, watching the others leave while thinking of where to go himself. He decided to walk back to his room to get a drink. He went back the hallway he came from, entering his room that was locked by an airlock with a handprint scanner to the side, which is only accessible by the Professor and Dmitrii, as they were the only ones registered in the scanner. He walked into his ice-cold room, the door locking behind him again. He walked to his second shelf where he kept all his bottles since he didn't need a fridge anyway and took out a bottle of lemonade. As soon as he did, he walked back out of his room, not worrying about the door since it locked itself automatically after being used. Then, he went on a walk through the facility, just casually drinking his lemonade.
  17. She had just finished her intense training by herself and was a bit exhausted. She walked downstairs to the facility to grab a bottle of water. She opened it to drink it before seeing the Final Defender walking down the hall. She looked to him in a distance remaining silent as usual not that she was interested or anything just....maybe curious or just cautious since she has the power to chance wolf which makes her this way.

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  18. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Dmitrii was walking around the halls, drinking his lemonade, when he heard footsteps coming from somewhere near him. He looked around, spotting someone approaching him. He turned around to look at the person, examining who was coming toward him. It seemed they stopped to look at him in silence, just as he did to them. He could recognize it was a girl, but which one of them was it? He approached with slow footsteps, staying on guard incase it was an enemy. The only noises coming from him were his footsteps and the sipping from his bottle.
  19. She sensed she was spotted so slowly approached as well as she noticed that he didn't seem to recognize it was her Zura Otso. She sipped the water from the water bottle or at least the last of it since she was thirsty after that intense training. She dropped the water bottle in the trash afterward as she slowly approached Final Defender in a nonthreatening way. She circled him for the moment like a wolf does with its prey but of course, he was not prey to her just was curious about him. She noticed the arctic wolf fur cloak around him under her wolf mask as she didn't like that fact that it was on him but wasn't the type of person to judge. She raised her bandaged hand up slowly touching the cloak before raising one finger up in front of him with the others closed shut. She moved her hand to an open palm before forming an ice mist in her hand until a figure of a snowflake appeared in her hand as it formed a wolf head out of ice. It shattered as it flew to just one of his scars on his cheek before lowering her hand. Her white wolf ears and tail only appeared temporarily before they disappeared out of sight. She looked to him one more time before leaving silently without a word until she wasn't seen in the hallway. "...".

    (I mean she can shift into a wolf so don't blame her for not liking it xD but she is not the type of person to judge so remained silent @DevVoid )
  20. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Alex walked with Bam to the cells, as he threw the boy in, he awoke and grinned wickedly "what are you smiling at?" Alex asked, curious. Bam simply respond "why Knight of Nowhere did you think I came alone, oh no no no, Molag himself brought his army to destroy this place once and for all" he began to laugh maniacally, Alex turned away doubting his words until he felt a rumble in the earth, he ran to the wall at the main gate, and he jaw dropped a massive armour of electic, fire, ice, water, earth, ect. wielders, teleporters, flyers, runners, brutes and many more stood in front of the base. He hit an alarm, before speaking into a radio, "Molag's sent an army of power wielders, all agents report to the main gate, prepare for war".
  21. Her ears perked to the sound of the intercom as she sensed something bad was going to happen. She shifted down wolf before leaping out of her room as she growled in irritation. She ran back down the hall she walked through to get to her room before coming back to see Final Defender. She barked in warning before leaping off towards the main gate. There she saw Alex before shifting into her two-legged form fully furred. She used her sword burn technique before summoning out a katana sword that was surrounded in ice. She growled remaining silent as a form of ice created a mask to cover and protect her eyes from harm as she moved her tail back and forth in irritation.

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  22. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Dmitrii finished drinking the bottle of soda as the alarm set in, and the intercom sounded up. He listened to what the voice had to say, and calmly walked to the main gate, seeing as he was already close to it. When he approached the scene, he already saw the Wolf Girl and the Knight be at the scene before him. " This is perfect moment, to show you what it means to be Defender. " He spoke in his russian accent, throwing the empty plastic bottle behind him. He crossed his arms, his armour appearing on him. It rose him into the air, making him a whole foot taller. " Just let them come to me. I can handle them. " He spoke as he walked closer to the shut gate, his footsteps causing craters on the stone bricks beneath him, creating echoes of heavy footsteps that sounded across the base.
  23. She flicked her ear to what the Final defender just said as she huffed as she can handle them alone as well. She faced the intruders as she growled in warned as she was surrounded by an icy mist. She trained day and night for something like this to happen and she wasn't going to let Final Defender take the credit. She knew her way out of something like this swiftly and quickly but she wasn't reckless. If there was too many of them to handle she would throw them towards Final defender to kill them off. She remained still thinking of a strategy to use to fight them down swiftly and quickly as she showed no mercy to intruders.

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  24. Allie immediately reverted back into war mode. Unlike the glow of her irises before, now her eyes were just completely blue and empty.
    “Nix. You go on the front line, and I swear I’ll kill you myself,” Allie growled. Her second mind was completely in control now.
    Mia’s eyes went black again, just as empty as Allie’s. Immediately, a pink substance flowed up around her, hardening and creating armour. It was accentuated by black swirls, as a result of her overwhelming hate.
    The pair immediately set off towards the front line.
  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Before opening the gate, Dmitrii turned around to Mia, Allie, Alex and JC. " You stay behind me. I can take these fools easily. " He spoke, explaining. " I'll take front and draw their attention to me. " He finished, turning back around. With those words, he opened the main gate, and already a plethora of elemental attacks, arrows and whatnot had come at him. But, they didn't do any damage. Elemental energies and physical projectiles were deflected, while lasers, lightning and other energy-based attacks bounced right off his armour, his plates shining up where the energies were supposed to hit. The reflected attacks had hit some, taken out some, but didn't do much to really stop the barrage. Some were even trying to batter Dmitrii with swords, axes and the like, but all those only had either broken or bent when they clashed against his armour. He held his arms out, firing lasers at the crowd, randomly freezing a few people here and there, but his attacks couldn't provide much either as the more he was being attacked, the slower he could move and react. As the assaillants were hell-bent on trying to put even the littlest dent in his armour, with no avail, some were trying to sneak past Dmitrii, trying to slip into the building. In this moment, Dmitrii could move nothing but his eyes and mouth. Everything else was either attacking or under attack. Then, he yelled something incomprehensive into the crowd, which was quickly cut off with angry yelling, insults and swearing. The attacks sped up, but being enraged now caused the attackers to realize at a slower pace that they couldn't do anything against him while he was inside his armour.
  26. Mia waited until he was out of earshot, then giggled. Her eyes were black again.
    "Come on. Did he really think I'd listen?" she chuckled.
    She raised her hands into the air. In the warzone in front of her, a massive pink lazer appeared above the enemy combatants, and fired downwards. Anything in its path was completely decimated. It only took out a couple, but it at least did something.
    She was about to move forward when she was suddenly frozen in ice.
    Allie's palm was extended towards Mia, and her eyes were glowing. "No, Mia. Stay here."
    Mia's face was not frozen, allowing her to protest. "But-"
    "Mia, that's an order."
    The half-sociopath faltered, and Allie pushed the rest of her teammates out of the way. "Like hell am I going to stay behind him."
    She snapped her fingers. Sleek ice armor immediately covered her body. It could take quite a few hits but wasn't as strong as normal armor.
    One of the M-weapons somehow managed to get into the building, and Allie reacted immediately. She locked the intruder in a telekinetic hold, throwing them outside the building.
  27. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Alexander boasted himself with electricity and launched into the sky, he drew his sword and slammed down with it wiping out a large chunk of the army, but he had underestimated their training and numbers, he was instantly swarmed and he could not swing his sword fully as they closed in, he could zap most of them but he eventually got buried among a horse of troops. The normal soldiers working for the professor weren't doing any better, becoming overwhelmed and out gunned.

    In side the castle a small group of the army about 10 in total had snuck in, they reached the cells and unlocked Bam's cell, "finally could you have.." Bam stopped mid sentence, they all had guns raised at him, "b..but I am useful, I..I am the best assassin Lord Bal has in his arsenal" he stuttered "but you were caught" sneered one of them, that means your a failure" as they went to fire Bam said "nah screw that" and went into a frenzy massacring them all and leaving behind a gory mess. He then walked out of the castle and holding up his hands said "Well I am gonna help you Nobodies, at least until Molag is dead" he then ran into battle doing well until one of the elementals shocked him and caused Bam to collapse momentarily, but that was all the enemy needed pouncing on him with ferocity.
  28. Allie felt a surge of pity for the former? assassin who'd just run into the fray. She didn't know why, and it went against all her better judgement, but she knew she had no choice but to help. She cursed herself, but her instinct went over her mind in this situation.
    Violence among allies was easily one of her biggest triggers. And she wouldn't stand for it.
    In a blink of the eye, she was there. She immediately put up an icy wall, with icy spikes immediately dispatching anyone who tried to go around. Within seconds, resounding bangs were heard as the enemy began smashing at her barrier. She was visibly strained, and she clenched her jaw.
    "Go. I can't protect you forever. But if you try and pull anything funny I swear I'll drag you down to hell with me," she hissed.
  29. She noticed Final Defender act slower when he had the armor on. She figured that it would be best to defend him from the back. This was overwhelming her she had to admit but didn't let that stop her. She shifted down four before revealing her katana in her wolf jaws. She leaped up before landing in front of him momentarily as she cut down most of the army soldiers gaining on him fast. She looked to him with her left eye giving the look of "I'll cover you" before looking back at the soldiers growling loudly as she released an icy mist around him and her other teammates healing any physical damage that they may have caused on them even towards armor. The soldiers have managed to surround Final Defender and herself as she went more on the defensive side.

    "Take the wolf out first and then the guy!" One said as a couple went at her. They didn't seem to know who they were dealing with so shifted to her half Anthromorphic form as only her ears and tail showed. She reached for the handle of her katana as she waited for the moment. Once they all fell into her trap she pulled out her katana in a swift movement cutting them all down. The soldiers bled out quickly but what they didn't seem to realize was that her katana was frozen solid as thick ice cubes grew out of their injuries turning red before consuming their whole body until they shattered. "Tsk!" She said as she whispered "No one can lay a blade on any of my teammates! Not while I am still standing!..."

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  30. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    As the other Nobodies were either covering for him or distracting the others, the constant barrage on him had ceased. This allowed Dmitrii to exit his armour, which may have given him a disadvantage in the case of now being able to be hurt, but this also allowed him to be more agile and lethal. He laughed, almost villainously, and held his hands up. " Time to show you what FEAR truly means! DIE! " He roared out to the crowd of attackers, spreading his fingers out as wide as he could. Then, straight from his fingertips, a constant of 5mm caliber bullets fired at a very quick firerate, like a minigun. It moved down people really fast, but it also left him open from above. He ceased his firing after twenty seconds, and then turned his open hands into fist. He grabbed his left arm with his right hand and opened his left fist, firing out tank shells into the crowd, blowing up people left and right. While this did clear them out fast, it also drew alot of attention to him as the sounds of the shots being fired sounded up in a large radius.
  31. She stood where she was seeing the Final Defender so no mercy but this caused even more of the soldiers to surround her as she was not irritated. "...tsk!..." she said throwing up her katana before her hand glowed red slamming it on the ground as thousands of light swords came out stabbing the soldiers all over the place activating her Sword burn ability fusion as her hand glowed in an icy mist as the swords turned frozen absorbing their blood as it all turned red and with a screaming coming from their mouths, their bodies got consumed with it shattering them. She caught her blade in the air before lowering it down surrounded in shards of ice. She shifted back wolf holding her katana in her jaws before she leaped in the air as she was above the Final Defender and with one swing of her Katana thousands of shards point at the soldiers at a bit of a distance before stabbing them all until they were consumed and shatter screaming echoing.

    @DevVoid @Shadow_Pup @EeviumZ
  32. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Dmitrii looked around to his teammates, ceasing his firing for a moment to locate everyone and see if he hasn't hit someone accidentally. He ran toward where he last saw Alex, fending nearby casters off by firing pure flames from the palm of his hands like a flamethrower. Then, reaching the spot, he formed his hands into fingerguns and fired heavy red lasers that flew off at the speed of sound, creating a small explosion that blew the assailants away from the Knight of Nowhere. However, in doing so, he couldn't defend himself from the attackers near himself. He took a sword to the shoulder and a fireblast to the chest that launched him back the way he came. He clashed against the castle wall, landing on the ground with his back against the wall, sat up. He coughed out a bit, looked to his slashed shoulder, and then held his fingerguns up again, firing spread shots of 20gauge shotgun shells to defend himself as best he could.
  33. She saw the Final Defender was left open to defend himself the best she could. She noticed his injury from afar, mostly smelling it. She leaped up in the air before landing next to Final Defender before gently touching his injured shoulder as her hand glowed light blue as ice formed on top of his injury freezing together. She lifted her hand off his shoulder before standing up as a black hole appeared just next to her before she reached her hand inside and pulled out a bow and arrow. She rested the arrow on the bow before pulling back as she let go releasing the arrow from the bow. The arrow touched the ground before it exploded releasing thousands of ice shards as they turned into blades cutting the necks of the soldiers causing them to freeze in place just at the legs as the ice stabbed their legs to make their legs numb but ended up crushing their legs causing them to shatter completely. Her ears moved to the side hearing one of them behind her as in a swift movement she pulled out her katana and collided weapons with one of the soldiers but touch her katana blade caused his own to freeze in one part as to make it easier for her to shatter the blade.

  34. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam gave a thankful nod to Allie, before turning to the army, "I will go assist the others, I assume you will come also". Alex thanked Dmiitri for the assist then had an idea, "Zura Otso, Ghoul you two work as the front line, Final Defender you defend them, only fight when entirely necessary, Zero, Nix you will be with me defending the wall with the ground troups." He then ran back to the wall passing Bam and finding Allie "let Mia defend with us" he said simply. Bam stood by JC, "so he wants me and you to work the front line, whats your ability anyway" he asked.
  35. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Dmitrii scraped the ice away, as he only needed the cold temperature to regenerate his wounds. He took the chunks of ice and put them into his mouth, absorbing the cold temperatures into his body. Then, he stood up again, fully healed as his injuries were pretty minor. " Hm.. I have better idea. You five take the ground. I.. take into the air. " Dmitrii spoke in the general direction of Alex, JC and the others. He stomped the ground with one foot and jumped up into the air, fire bursting from his feet, pushing him up into the sky like the nozzle of a rocketship. He begun flying around the air, giving off quite a lasershow by firing two disintegrating red beams from his eyes, and the freezing blue laser blasts from his fingertips, wiping out any attackers that could either fly or had an option to fly, like he had.
  36. She looked to Bam asking of her ability as she raised her hand up a bit to form ice in her hand showing her Cryokinesis ability but had to say the other two with her mouth. "Anthromorphic shifting...and Sword burn..." She in a stern voice before her katana blade was surrounded in ice until she swong her sword unleashing the ice inside until sharp icicles appeared straight out stabbing a lot of them as the icicles turned red causing them a lot of pain until they all shatter like shards. She moved her ears sensing two coming straight at her. She huffed as she leaped up shifting wolf as the ice mask formed to cover her right eye as she opened her mouth wide until a ball of ice formed in her form before it turned into a strong ice beam freezing them completely solid killing them. She landed back on the ground next to Bam looking to him with her left eye as an icy mist formed around the whole area as a healing source for her fellow teammates before turning to the scene with the Soldiers. She checked everyone of her teammates including Final Defender as she closed her eyes as the blue gem on her cross glowed brightly until a bright light of power came out of her to her teammates. A glowing shield appeared in front of them before it began to circle them. She used Shield Boost as this quickly gave all of her teammates a huge boast on defense, speed and attack power. She howled to activate it until the shields glowed rapidly. She saw more soldiers surrounded her and Bam as she growled loudly raising her tail up high in warning to not come close.

    @Shadow_Pup @DevVoid
  37. Allie’s fists clenched. Letting Mia defend never went well, but she wasn’t going to disobey orders.
    She extended her hand towards where Mia was, and the ice shattered. The strange girl flinched, before closing her eyes and smiling.
    She recognized some faces in the army, and it appeared some of them recognized her too, for she was instantly met with several attacks thrown her way.
    She raised her palm as her eyes turned black. Instantly, in a display of Mia’s power, pink substance emerged from the ground, lifting any nearby enemies off the ground and choking them. Mia looked on with a sadistic smile.
  38. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli woke up from the noise going on outside as he slipped out of the room and outside, hiding himself with his powers and calmly looking around before taking out his knifes and taking down the enemies surrounding Bam and his other friend, the enemy only seeing a small glimpse of him before he stabbed them
  39. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam looked interestingly at JC as she demonstrated her abilities "very nice, mine are way more simple though just plain old telekinesis and these tendrils on my back" he said as he shot one of his tendrils clean through about 5 soldiers. He then stopped a collection of elemental missiles with his telekinesis, combining them and throwing them back at the army.

    Alexander watched Mia, he worried about her mental state, in his time, you would be simply labelled as evil or a witch and hung if you showed any kind of hysteria or mental problems, so coming to an age where it is better understood, was a big change for him, but he liked the change. He turned from her and back to the army deciding that this was getting rediculous, closing his eyes he sent out a pulse, it short circuited any and all electronics or electronic based items/weapons. He watched as the army dropped their weapons, opting for their powers instead.

    (Essential he created an EMP, it shut down communications, power and by all that means allies as well sadly.)
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  40. She looked up at Bam since she was in her wolf form and nodded before blowing her ice breath on his tendrils to help freeze them. "I'll help you out...since you are my ally, don't get use to it however since I tend to do things alone...its a bit suicidal for me to do this on my own so I have no choice!" She warned growling as she held her katana in her mouth as the blade was frozen solid creating an ice blade as it glowed red as it mister out of the blade.-

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