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The Nintendo DSi LL/XL

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

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    Kay, as I figured - this wasn't just "speculation". Silly Nintendo was simply trying to cover their asses with that comment XP


    Now, a few direct quotes from Kotaku because I just woke up and I'm still half-asleep. First quote comes from here.

    Some comparison pictures and a video can be found HERE.

    A list of specs and comparisons in Japanese can be found here, but Kotaku already translated bits (if not all) of it. Quoted below:

  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Hmm... This is how I view it all.

    I wouldn't view DSi XL as a replacement to DSi. If anything, it's an alternative for older individuals who want the bigger screen and don't mind the decreased portability. I've heard a lot of damning comments related to the screen sizes + resolution quality loss, but I think it's premature for people to make such harsh accusations until they actually play the thing. It's probably fairly good at what it's meant to do, just as DS Lite/DSi are good for their own unique purposes.

    My suggestion to you, or anyone else interested it, is to weigh the pros and cons. Portability and (most likely) sharper graphics on the DSi, GBA slot on the DS Lite, or larger screen surface and touch pen on the DSi XL. The DSi XL also has a better battery life than the original DSi, which could be a selling point for some (I certainly approve of it).

    I honestly have no qualms with DSi XL whatsoever, even when considering the most common complaints. Maybe I should? I guess I just accept what it's meant for and don't really see an issue with Nintendo releasing yet another DS model if that's their choice. Doesn't hurt me any, and regardless of what people say it probably won't hurt them either.
  3. I want this, but the bigger stylus bugs me and it also depends on how big the system really is (like in my hands). I just hate how the styli (i'm making up a plural for stylus like cactus' is cacti) keep getting better. My favorite stylus is the original DS one. The bulkier they get the harder it is to play. The tips also are bigger, so it's harder to be accurate. Just my opinion. I will be getting a DSi but I'm gonna wait til this one comes out then make my choice in which one I will purchase. I currently have my brother's old DS Lite because he got a DSi for his 7th birthday so I have something recent enough to hold me til then.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Noticed this article on Nintendo of Europe's website slating the release date for the DSi XL as March 5th. Not very long off now...

    Have they given a North American release date for the thing yet? My google searches are coming up empty. XD
  5. I wouldn't mind it coming to NA. I hope it does so that I have a choice. I'll probably buy one. But since I have DS Lite, I might just wait til next the next new system. It'd probably be better. Either way, I still hope it comes here.
  6. Nim


    I will probably just stick with my ds lite. It is just fine and i dont really see the need for a bigger screen or any of that other fancy stuff that the dsi has. If you want music get an ipod i say.... And seriously nintendo will probably make an entirely new system soon so i think ut would be smart to save till then.
  7. Secad MS

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    In my opinion, Nintendo is going to milk this cash cow dry. I mean, with the first DS, they had something nearly perfect. It had backwards compatibility, a touch screen, a microphone, and decent graphics. The only things really bad about it were the placement of the microphone and the bulkiness of it. However, with the Lite, both those issues were fixed. It was easily playable with one hand, had a less flimsy stylus as well, and was quite pleasing to the eye. However, it wasn't as durable, but for most older gamers that was fine. Then came the DSi. I wasn't a fan of this, as it removed the GBA port. I liked my Pong pack, along with the possibility of playing the third generation of Pokemon. The new features were interesting, but they were not enough to compensate for the loss of the third generation Pokemon games, at least to me. Following this, a larger version of the DSi is just a way to make more money, though it is nice for older people who wish to play.
  8. Carmen Lopez

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    ...How am I just now seeing this thread? XD

    Definitely waiting for the DSi XL so I can buy it. I'm still using the original DS because I dislike the DS Lite. For one I prefer the heaviness of the original, the DS lite is prone to fingerprints, and the GBA game sticks out. Sure, those are all silly reasons for disliking it, but hey XD Aside from the lack of GBA compatibility (which was inevitable), I think the DSi XL is very much superior to the regular DSi and the DS Lite. It's bigger and heavier which I like and it goes back to matte coloring, so no annoying fingerprints though I'm not sure if the DSi has a glossy finish. I particularly like the stylus on the XL as well.

    It feels like I posted this somewhere else and I can't put my finger on where. Maybe there was another thread like this and I posted in it. Maybe that explains the deja vu o.o

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