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The Next Stage

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Reynald, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hey. I gotta be quick. Can't stay in one place too long. D.U.P. has got camera's everywhere looking for us. "Bioterrorists" is what they have decided to call us. Threats to the United States and responsible for the recent incidents that have been occurring. Well I don't know much about them. But I know I'm not a terrorist.

    My name's Jason Colt.

    I'm a mutant. Yea sounds like something out of an X-men Comic book, right? Well it's true. I can absorb and use electricity. It's awesome...save for the part where I can't really swim or go into large bodies of water. Yea. Not immune to lightning can just use it. Pretty one sided. Well, My powers are still developing so maybe something will show up.

    Anyways. New York. Welcome to hell on earth.

    A few months ago something happened. A bomb or something went off in a nearby government building. Blew it and everything around it to hell and back. Next thing you know, mutants started appearing. People developing powers in all shapes and sizes. Government quickly locked down the whole city and cut it off from the rest of the U.S. That's right. We're stuck here. Now politicians and military are saying it was a mutant's fault for what happened. Labeled us Bioterrorists and started the Department of United Protection to hunt us down. They're good. Top of the line gear and ways to stop any mutant they come across.

    The city is in chaos. Gangs have practically taken control of the city. People afraid to go outside and the police? Heck they were the first to be taken out by the gangs. If any are around I can guess they are probably hiding.

    Long story short; No one is getting out of here.

    Rumor is D.U.P. and the government are trying to cover up what really happened at Ground Zero, the bomb sight. Rumor also says there's a resistance of mutants building somewhere. I have no idea. Just trying to stay alive. Got a shelter built. Can't leave directions without D.U.P. finding them. Just...keep an eye on the sky, and keep alive.

    Good luck.

    (Well what do you guys think.)
  2. Once again Rey you astound me with your ideas. I would totally love to join if thats possible.
  3. Sure it's possible. Still working out the details. Anyone else interested?

    As a note your power has to be able to be countered SOMEHOW. The point is D.U.P. can fight you. No one is the best and no one is immortal.

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