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Ask to Join The New Journey Through the Hoenn Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Frostwind, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Hi the everyone. This is my Hoenn Region RP, that I was planning to make. If you would like to join, please post your form on the DISCUSSION page. All right, let's get this RP on.

    Dear Trainer,

    Hi there! My name is Professor Birch. I am in desperate need to fill up my invention; the Pokedex. I have contacted you because you are one of the few trainers I have selected to help me with this difficult task. Please come as soon as you can to get your starter Pokemon, and your equipment.

    Professor Birch

    Kene clutched the letter in his hands as he looked through the peaceful town of Littleroot. The birds chirped, the wind blew, children played. He grinned, how could people stand to live in places like this? There's no snow, ice, or anything remotely fun around here. He thought. Anyway I should probably hurry on to the professor's lab now to get my starter. And with that he rushed off to the lab.

    "Professor Birch?" He called out as he pushed through the door. A hunched figure in the back suddenly jerked up with unkempt hair and uneven glasses. "Oh my! Is it time already?" He questioned, looking at his wrist "Oh, I guess it is. Please excuse the mess, I wasn't expecting you this early. Anyway, do you know what you want?" Kene nodded "Yes sir, I do. Can I have a Riolu?" Professor Birch grinned "Yes you can, please follow me." He asked, waving his hand. He lead Kene to a room in the back filled with pokeballs on shelves. "He should be somewhere around here" he mumbled, shuffling to the far corner. He grabbed a pokeball off the shelf and said "Here you go, now please come get your Pokedex and extra pokeballs."
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  2. Crystal had read the letter at least five times to make sure she got everything down memory-wise. She had a friend fly her from Johto to Hoenn. "Thanks Max. You too Starling." Crystal said as she stroked Max's Pidgeotto. She waved then headed towards Professor Birch's office after she had found out where it was. Once Crystal found the building she looked it over then walked in. "Hey Professor Birch, I got your message." She then noticed that another trainer had gotten there first. "Hello." Crystal said, then nodded at the trainer.
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  3. Dear Trainer,

    Hi there! My name is Professor Birch. I am in desperate need to fill up my invention; the Pokedex. I have contacted you because you are one of the few trainers I have selected to help me with this difficult task. Please come as soon as you can to get your starter Pokemon, and your equipment.

    Professor Birch

    Kathleen strolled into the lab. 'this is so different from home' She though as lee looked around at the lab. Lee the noticed the professer and two trainers. "sup" She said to the duo trying to be nice.
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  4. Dear Trainer,

    Hi there! My name is Professor Birch. I am in desperate need to fill up my invention; the Pokedex. I have contacted you because you are one of the few trainers I have selected to help me with this difficult task. Please come as soon as you can to get your starter Pokemon, and your equipment.

    Professor Birch

    Alec stared down from atop the hill he had just climbed for a better viewpoint,
    "Aha!" He pointed, "There's the lab!"
    After he had stumbled down the hill, trying but failing not to trip-up repeatedly, he picked himself up, dusted himself off and then quickly paced over to the Professor Birch's Lab. Gripping his single pokeball in anticipation and mild excitement. Alec pushed open the doors fast and heavy in an attempt to assert his presence. "I'm here about this pokedex business! I'm Alec, what's a pokedex and how do I fill it up? This better be worth it, it took a ton of begging to get my friend to fly me here on his Fearow." Once he had finished talking, he looked around to find that he had arrived behind 3 other Trainers already, he cockily strolled up to the professor and shook her by the hand and smirked arrogantly at the Trainers. "How's it going?"

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  5. Dear Trainer,

    Hi there! My name is Professor Birch. I am in desperate need to fill up my invention; the Pokedex. I have contacted you because you are one of the few trainers I have selected to help me with this difficult task. Please come as soon as you can to get your starter Pokemon, and your equipment.

    Professor Birch

    Kalim stared down at the note, the wind ruffling it, making it hard to keep a hold of. He was on the back of his friend's Charizard, nearing his destination. "There it is." Kalim said, pointing to the town. His friend nodded, and motioned for his Charizard to descend. The Charizard did so, and Kalim stepped off, looking back at his friend. "Thanks, Seth. I appreciate it." Seth nodded, and his Charizard quickly ascended, heading back towards Johto.

    "Now then, where's this lab?" Kalim muttered to himself, looking around. He saw a building that looked off from the rest of the ones in the town. "That must be it." he said to himself, walking to the building and opening the door. "Excuse me, is this Professor Birch's Lab?"
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  6. As Kene recieved his Pokedex and pokeballs and started to walk towards the door, a girl walked in and said "Hello". Kene smiled "Hi there! My name is Kene, what your-" His sentence was abruptly stopped when a young girl walked up to Kene and the other girl and said "Sup". She was immediately followed by two boys with letters in their hands. "Oh my!" Kene exclaimed "There is so many of us," Kene looked at the faces of each trainer and said "Well um, hi there everyone! The name's Kene, if you didn't know already" he announced glancing at the first arrival "Professor Birch is in the back, if you all are here for your starter."
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  7. Kalim would nod at Kene. "Thanks, Kene. The name's Kalim." He said, giving a friendly smile while heading towards the back. He walked ahead to see the many Pokeballs stored there. He saw someone by the shelves. "Professor Birch, I assume?" He asked, still carrying a smile. "My name's Kalim, I came as soon as I could. I'm here for my Pokemon."
  8. "That is what I am here for" Lee said with a slight accent to Kene. "name lee by the way." She added as she started to walk toward the back following Kalim. There she found Professor birch going though some shelves. Lee joined the boy as he tried to get the attention of the professor. As lee guess he did not here them. Lee instead walked over and poked him on a pleasure point. "professor we are here to collect our Pokémon." Lee said moving her hand away from him.
  9. Dear Trainer,

    Hi there! My name is Professor Birch. I am in desperate need to fill up my invention; the Pokedex. I have contacted you because you are one of the few trainers I have selected to help me with this difficult task. Please come as soon as you can to get your starter Pokemon, and your equipment.

    Professor Birch

    Luis red the note and was alerted. Luis ran as fast as he can to the lab, whilst arriving Luis took a deep breath and said to himself "Who should I pick?" Luis then opened the door and looked at everyone who was there and all gave them a bad look, as if Luis was scaring them and asked one of the Aides "Is this the Pokemon lab?" he said while giving a bad look to the aide. The aide answered while he was frightened "Ye-yess.". Luis said "Don't be scared." The aide nodded.

    Luis would then dash to Professor Birch, whilst dashing he then again took a deep breath, Luis then pointed at the pokeball and said "This one.". Professor Birch nodded and said "If that's your choice." Prof. Birch would then hand Luis the Deino and Luis asked the Deino "Can I call you, umm, Dra?" the Deino nodded. Luis asked "Where's that pokedex, you said?" Professor Birch would hand the pokedex over to Luis and said "This one?" and handed over 5 pokeballs, Luis would then receive it and put it on his bag. Luis would then leave the lab and went to Route 101.
  10. Alec smirked his arrogant smirk once again.
    "You're all taking starters? Ha, amateurs..." he mumbled. I brought my own all the way from Kanto.
    With that, he pulled his pokeball out from under his jacket and hit the release, his ponyta spawned into the lab and bucked in display.
    "This champ here is all I need!" He patted her on the neck and stroked her mane. "Easy girl..."
    He then removed his hand from her neck and tried to hide the fact that he had badly burned it on her firey mane.
    So yeah, I'll be taking my pokedex please, he shrugged cockily.
    "Alright, here's yours." Professor Birch handed him the pokedex. He smirked once more, stretched a little, then put the pokedex in his jacket pocket.
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  11. (OOC- Hey everyone sorry for posting so much, but nobody seems to be responding so I thought I'd open up the plot a little more so we can get more talk going :) )

    Professor Birch stared down his group of trainers, each now outfitted with a pokemon and a pokedex.
    "Your jobs are to travel across Hoenn and capture EVERY single species of pokemon you can find, to fill up my invention! It's a great challenge, but I think you youngsters have what it takes!"
    Their reactions ranged from surprise to excitement, but eventually they nodded in agreement, bid their farewells and were out of the lab, walking in a group.

    Alec was the first to pipe up and speak, "So, are we travelling in a group, and if we are, where are we going to go first? What's the plan?" The group noticed that this was the first thing Alec had said all day that wasn't rude or obnoxious, but a moment of silence overtook them as they all thought out plans in their minds.
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  12. (OOC: Might want to edit that a bit, but good idea.)

    BiC: After Kalim chose his starter, Noibat, he followed the others out. He raised his eyebrow at Alec, surprised he wasn't making another rude statement. *Hm, should we all travel together? While this dude may be a little hard to get along with, I don't really see the harm in travelling with everyone else. I hope I'm not making a mistake here.* He thought to himself before replying, "While I don't speak for the others, I think it would be a good experience."
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  13. An authoritative man, then, triggered the automatic doors, giving the Trainers streaming out a sharp nod and muttered apology. He soon cut dispassionately through the crowd and bee-lined towards the professor in long strides, stopping short at Birch's side, proceeding next to start up a hushed exchange without so much as a greeting. Professor Birch listened in silence, producing the occasional nod as the other man seemed involved in a deep, discreet recital. The researcher's expression had softened from its earlier jollity and now he seemed just as somber as the sudden visitor, if not sympathetic.

    The distanced assistants closer to the front of the building couldn't hear a word of the curious conversation, that was until the doors swung open again and Birch lit up like a halogen bulb. "Aha! She's here!"

    Albeit, "she" was huddled behind another woman, relatively unassuming but composed as stiffly and seriously as her probable peer. The woman attempted to step aside, only for the teen to tuck against her pantsuit again, inciting a sigh of vexation and edgy attempts to console the frightened girl.

    "Portia, they're gone. It's just you and me, and Mr. Garnet, and Mr. Birch... some few other nice researchers, they're not even concerned with you...! Come on now, Portia, you said you wanted to be a Trainer!" Her exasperation peaked and the woman succinctly broke formality, gripping Portia by her thin wrist and wrestling the girl in front of her. Portia snapped her arm back from the lady's grasp in one last, bitter attempt at insubordination.

    Birch, looking rather uncomfortable, gave a short chortle and ventured to approach the girl who allowed her musky bangs to hang over her eyes as an excuse not to meet his own. "So this is Ms. Paternoster? It's a pleasure to meet you, miss. I've heard from Mrs. Conn here that you've had experience Training before."

    Portia made an indifferent shrug. "Pfft. I suppose so."

    He beamed. "That makes you far more experienced than many of the other Trainers that have come to see me today. Something to be proud of, I'd say."

    The flattery fell flat on the girl as she made a sound like an incredulous Miltank with a sinus infection.

    Birch reacted as he always did when he wasn't certain how to: with unconvincingly jovial laughter. "Well! Seems like you want as little to do with me as possible!"

    "Can I see my Pokemon?"

    "Portia, manners," Mrs. Conn mumbled out the corner of her mouth.

    The correction met foully with Miss Paternoster. She snapped upright, militantly, and gave a flippant yowl accentuated with a mock posh accent that flooded the room: "May I see my new, beloved, replacement Pokemon partner, please?"

    Mrs. Conn flushed and Birch's inevitable laughter even caught in his flabby throat. The pragmatic Mr. Garnet was then quick to start aloud: "Yes, why don't you bring out Memo, Professor Birch, and Portia's supplies while you're at it."

    Of course, the professor complied—"Certainly!"—and he waddled over to his personal work space. With uncharacteristic swiftness, he drew forth a compartment from inside a filing cabinet, the object clear and cylindrical, and returned royally, drawing towards Portia like a suitor, the object clasped in his meaty hands. "Go on, open it," he said, having reached her quickly, the excited glimmer also having returned to his eyes as he overlooked another Trainer acquainting their lifelong companion.

    Portia hesitated first. Then, she cautiously touched the glossy button in the box's middle. It creaked open, spitting out a cloud of cryogenic mist before revealing the single Pokeball inside. It burst open without her consent.

    "Ggh—!" Her first instinct was to launch backwards, being caught off-guard, and her boots slipped on the laminated floor in her haste. This time, she screamed, but impact never came and she found herself gaping, sputtering, dangling at an impossible angle just off of the ground. Before her sat the most curious creature she could have remembered. Colored a perfect gold with an ebony upper chest like a gaping void, its segmented legs crossed and eyes closed as it levitated before her, as if in a perpetual state of tranquil meditation and readiness. It did not speak. Instead, it hummed, exotically, ethereally. "Mmm..."

    The Abra's psychic influence concluded and Portia landed roughly on her skirted bottom. Immediately, she tried to scramble up against the unwilling slickness of the lab tiling. The "nice researchers" hurried over to help her onto her feet.

    "M-my Pokemon!"

    "Yes, that's right!" Birch grinned. "This is Abra, or Memo if you'd like to call it that instead. It has the potential to grow into a very powerful Psychic-type with moves like Confusion, Disable, Psywave—"

    "Hush now!" Garnet called with a grimace. "She'll never be able to remember all of that. Give Portia her things, please."

    "Err, right away. I do get carried away sometimes." He went away to fetch the supplies, casting advice over his shoulder.

    "Now, Portia, Memo has mind-reading abilities that will let it recall some of your memories for you. Don't be afraid if it gets inside of your head sometimes, but be sure you mark clear boundaries with it. You're the Trainer, after all. Don't let your own Pokemon get the better of you!"

    "Don't be patronizing," answered Mrs. Conn curtly. "She's had experience with Psychic-types before, Birch, and did all of that 'boundary-setting' already with Felicity. It has to be lodged in her procedural memory by now.

    "Come on, Portia. It's about time you and Abra started heading out to Oldale Town."
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  14. After seeing the crowd behind them form after they had left, had Kalim rushed back to see what was going on. He slid pass the crowd, being able to peek in the lab door at the scene before him, seeing Professor Birch present another girl with an Abra. "That's weird...." He muttered to himself. "I thought Abra had brown chests?" He pulled up his Pokedex, identifying the Abra. Upon seeing the picture in the Pokedex, he realized he was right. "Well, that's odd."
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  15. Into the professor's lab rushed an odd girl, eyes wide and full of obvious worry. She was late- not just late, though: freakishly late- to getting her first Pokemon. Of all the days for her alarm clock to not work...

    Anyway, she waited impatiently for Professor Birch to finish handing an Abra to another new Trainer- wait. An Abra!? Weren't they fairly rare? How lucky... But Kaia knew exactly which Pokemon she wanted, so she didn't feel very jealous of this newbie.

    Once her turn was up, she walked up to the professor and waved, an unseeable smile playing at the corner of her covered-up lips.

    "Ah, Kaia! There you are! It's about time you showed up, huh?" Birch chuckled, grabbing a small something off of a shelf. "I have your Pokemon partner right here! Would you like to meet it?"

    Tilting her head slightly, Kaia's brow furrowed. 'It'? Well, she supposed it was normal for Birch to not remember the gender of each and every Pokemon he handed out, so she didn't think much of it. Instead, she nodded, tugging a bit at the tape that covered her mouth. As Birch handed her a box, which was about the size of a Pokeball, she couldn't help but rip its cover off, revealing- what do you know?- an average Pokeball. Carefully, the mute took the ball out of the box, placing the wooden cube down by her feet, and examined the red-and-white sphere she still held in her hands like her life depended on it. After about a minute or two, she turned to the side and clicked the button on the ball, letting a short-standing Dark/Steel-type emerge before her in a flurry of bright blue lights. Eyes wider than ever, Kaia's hands flew up to her face, and if she could've giggled, she would've.

    It was everything she wished for and more.

    A Pawniard looked up to the also-short girl and nodded, closing its eyes happily.

    Kaia tore her eyes from its form and looked back to Professor Birch, confused.

    "Oh," started Birch, moving a bit closer to the two, smile unfaltering. "He's a he. Do you have a name for him yet?"

    Nodding, Kaia turned her body in such as way so both the professor and her Pokemon could see what name she spelled out in the air with her finger.

    "B... R... A... X...? Brax?" asked the professor, making sure he got the name right. When Kaia nodded, his smile returned, bigger and brighter than ever. "Ah, alright, then! From now on, your Pawniard will be known as Brax!"

    Brax nodded once again, walking over to Kaia and patting her leg happily, as if to say "yes! Brax! What a great name! I like it!"

    Kaia pat Brax's head, making sure she was careful not to cut herself on his blades.

    "Well! Now that you have your Pokemon, why don't I get you a PokeDex and some extra Pokeballs for the road, huh?" asked Professor Birch, heading deeper into his lab for a moment to grab the aforementioned items for the girl and her Pawniard partner. Once everything was taken care of, Kaia let Brax lead them out of the building, into the bright light of the sun.

    Their Pokemon journey had officially begun.
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  16. "Yes, so, Olddale Town. Small place, very quiet. There aren't many people there, not even a gym, and Trainers tend to get restless in that kind of place so you shouldn't face any crowds or the like." Mr. Garnet fixed Portia with a pointed expression. "I know you hate crowds."

    She wasn't listening to him, as usual. On most days she kept from seeming blatant about it but, on this instance, with her full attention invested in the creature that could help reclaim her livelihood, Portia entirely ignored Garnet's presence. She hardly moved, hardly breathed—neither did Abra. Its eyes were screwed shut, and yet she felt its stare on her, and she ogled back at it, the phenomenon floating up and down and up again, casually, sitting on the sky.

    "Your transceiver should light up with reminders every so often. Make sure you answer your father's calls, too," Mr. Garnet continued to no avail.

    Portia busied herself by running her hands over the protective case concealing her Pokedex, staring down with feinted interest.

    The point failed to reach him. "You should take that out now, Portia, before you forget."

    And, suddenly, Miss Paternoster had a radical idea. She gestured towards the door. "I'm going now."

    Finally, the mechanical man gave a jolt and seemed to start after her. "Hold on, Portia. Don't be rash. Mrs. Conn or I would be happy to assist—"

    "I'll go myself. It's fine." Against her instinct, she took a cautious step, and then as to resist her inner insecurity she took another, longer stride.

    "Portia, do you even remember the way we took to get here?"

    She grit her teeth at the question. Portia then whipped around, stifling a tremble and fighting against the blush threatening to come to her cheeks. She breathed in, out, and said with the most calmness she could ever muster: "I'm okay. I know what I need to do. And even if I get lost, I have Nemo to protect me." And half out of satisfaction in herself, she gave a faint smile. "We can do this!"

    Her defense was followed with unforeseen amusement from her overseer. The man chuckled and flashed his own priggish little grin, saying, "That's Memo, Portia."

    She felt her face flood itself with color, now, and her courage crumble as Mr. Garnet kept at it. "If you're so confident you can do it, go right ahead. You can always ask for help later. Go on and return Memo to his Pokeball for now and be on your way."

    Portia glanced down at her Pokemon who had not seemed to move significantly from when it was first released. However, when she looked at it, it tilted its head as if looking back, and suddenly she felt the original defiance surged up within her again.

    "No." Come on, Abra. And she turned on her heel and tromped off, feeling her partner float behind her as they both made their way to the exit.

    It was then Portia came to the conclusion that she was not alone in this laboratory. There were two other Trainers, either her age, either not, drifting by the doorway. One boy had a Pokedex out and was muttering to himself and the two were both inspecting her and her Abra without the slightest ounce of subtlety. Portia stiffened up, wondering timorously to herself why they couldn't ogle one another instead. She couldn't utter a word of greeting, only shot a near-accusatory look in their general direction before quickening her pace to leave them on the other side of the automatic doors.

    At last, the girl staggered out into the world.
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  17. *Oh, dang. I was being too obvious, wasn't I?* Kalim realized, seeing the owner of the Abra look at him. *Well, there's nothing I can do about it now, I guess.* He thought to himself. Best to just move on with his journey. He looked at his Pokeball, deciding it was a good idea to walk with Echo. "Echo, come on out!" He said, as he tossed Echo's Pokeball up and the tiny Noibat came out. "Noi!" She cheered. "Come on Echo, let's move on to Oldale Town. From there, we can get to Petalburg and battle the gym there." Caleb said. And off the two went, Echo flying at her trainer's side.
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  18. Alec felt like something was off, he turned around and looked at the rest of the group he had just been walking with and signalled them to stop,as he counted up, he noticed one was missing.
    Rolling his eyes, he blurted out "for god sakes someone has run off already, where's that Kalim guy gone? Don't tell me I have to babysit you kiddies or something..."
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  19. Crystal had somehow gotten lost in all the action. Thankfully, she ended up receiving the starter Pokémon she had wanted from Professor Birch. The Purrloin, nicknamed Milo by Crystal, sat on Crystal's shoulder for the time being. "Purr?" Milo said. The Purrloin pointed to where a group of trainers had once been. "Oh man, I've been left behind!" she said. Crystal stroked the Purrloin's head. "Thanks for letting me know that Milo." Milo leaped off of Crystal's shoulder and ran towards the door. "Hey! Wait for me!" Crystal yelled as she ran after her Dark type partner.
  20. On their way to Oldale, Kalim and Echo spotted Alec. "Yo, sorry about that. I saw a crowd back in Littleroot in front of the lab so I had to check it out. Found some girl get an Abra with a black chest, instead of the usual brown one. So, that was neat." He explained. "So, I can't remember if you said your name. You are.....?" He trailed off, expecting Alec to finish the sentence.
  21. "I'm surprised you didn't know already! My name is Alec, Alec Doveis, strongest trainer in all of Kanto." He said with a cocky grin. (Obviously he wasn't, considering he couldn't even beat his home towns gym, but that was his little embarrassing secret)
    "You're like, Kali or something, right?" We're meant to be catching all the Pokemon in the region for the science dude's pokedex aren't we? I wasn't paying much attention to his ramblings...
    Well, in any case, I've never been to hoenn before, where are we headed first?"

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