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Ask to Join The New Avengers

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. (OK basically you can have the powers or equipment of a maximum of 2 characters {or under unique circumstances more} from Marvel Also no being characters from the movies, comics, tv shows etc and please follow the character bio below and no god-moding if I deem it god mod it is god-mod by joining my rp you agree to my terms which means i can ask you to change your posts)

    Name: Jake Anistar
    Age: 17
    Identity (super hero name)
    The Arsenal
    Powers: none, however he is very smart and resourceful
    Super suit(s) {yes you must have one} upgraded mark 5 war machine armour,

    Backstory: Jake was one of Tony Starks many protege's over the years and even helped him design the model 4 heavy duty hulk buster and as such Jake's 'Weapon of war' suit is armed with both ballistic and energy based weapons

    BERROP BERROP jakes phone was going nuts his AI assistant Kelsi was using the emergency line
    "Kelsi what's wro..."
    "Jake, we have a situation I need you to suit up now and head straight for Avengers Tower director Fury just put out a priority red signal calling you and a couple other young heroes
    "Got it, Thanks Kelsi" said jake as he pushed a button on his watch and a part of his office wall slid backward revealing a walkway out onto the helipad, as jake walked out a large ring appeared with multiple robotic arms. As he slowly walked further out of the building the central armour suit finally clicked into place and auxiliary armour pieces began to rise from the sides of the path, gauntlet missile racks, two small shoulder turrets and additional back thrusters all appeared and locked onto the suit
    "Kelsi begin armour diagnostic scans and weapon checks" said jake as the platform stopped and began to rise
    "Yes sir" replied the robotic feminime voice "reactor signs green, weapons locked and loaded, thrusters clear, all systems good to go, good luck sir"
    "Kelsi switch from PA function to Combat protocols" said jake as he switch on the suits thrusters and his feminine assistant AI changed to that of the Jarvis OS "Arsenal over and out"

    ---15 minutes later---

    "Recognised Jake Anistar aka The Arsenal" said the robotic voice of Visor the security system of avengers tower, as jake flew in and landed on the jet pad of the tower
    "Saved from a boring bored meeting by the Avengers, that's gotta be a new one" laughed Jake as he clicked his left gauntlet back into the correct position "still working out the bugs in this new suit"
    "thats not why you were called here jake, we have a situation, as you may already know at 13:00 hours yesterday all communication with the Avengers team was lost and as 24 hours has passed without any word from them we have been forced to activate emergency protocol 17 aka The New Avengers, in case you missed the memo, Jake, this protocol automatically activates when the Avengers go MIA and as such we need you and your new team to defend Earth until we find out what happened to the team"
    Said the stern voice of Nick Fury as Jake's faceplate and helmet folded away
    "It's nice to see you too Fury" said jake being a smart ass as usual
    "I see even a grounding experience in Wakanda was not enough to put an end to your wise cracks"

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