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Ask to Join The mythical isle

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Starry Phantump, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Link to sign ups:
    The mystical isle is home to the newly made town called pearl village,it was given it's name for the large amount of pearls found in a river that cuts trough the town,the river leads to a large pond where the famous primerina guild resides,the guild is mostly submerged but the top remaines above water,a stone path was made alongside the river to the guild,once you made it to the pond there was a bridge that went over the water to the guild
    It was a chilly fall morning in pearl town.Oliver woke up in a bed next to his sisters bed, Oliver was the youngest of the three siblings so he would get picked on by his sisters,a brionne and a popplio,even though they took care of him, Oliver walked out of his room where his sisters and mother were eating breakfast"*yawn*good morning Mama,good morning katie and Claire"Oliver grabbed a few berries and began to gnaw on one of them,Oliver's mom giggled"you know,today is the day you can start a rescue team"she said in her gentle voice"really!!!,yay, I'm finnaly going to join your guild"Oliver shouted happily,Oliver's sisters tended to keep to themselves at least when other people are around,after breakfast Katie and Claire went out and Oliver followed his mom to her guild,they arrived at the guild and many of the guild members were there, most of the guilds members were female and were very kind to Oliver,thought some don't like him"now Oliver I'll give you your badge and everything you need once you get other pokemon to join you,I'll be here waiting for you"Oliver's mother said calmly"ok mom,I'll go find other kids in town"he said as he left the guild and began to run around town trying to hurry as he wanted to join a team right away
  2. Scarlet woke up and head downstairs. "Morning mom and dad."(Arcanine and Delphox) "Morning Scarlet!" They both said. Scarlet ran out the door. She found Oliver in the middle of the Village. "Hey Oliv!" Shouted Scarlet. She dug into her backpack and got a gift box. Inside was a pearl bracelet. "It's a gift for you dummy!" Said Scarlet.
  3. The Meowth, as per usual after a travel, was up before most.

    More accurately, he hadn't slept at all outside of a few swift catnaps whilst slinking through the nearby terrain. It was by sheer luck that he'd managed to arrive somewhere inhabited at all, as usually such took a lot more getting lost than getting somewhere. He didn't recognise the name of the village—not that he ever really paid attention to such in the past—but if the town's name had anything to do with its contents, he had just struck a goldmine. Scoot was practically ecstatic about such a conventional discovery, eager to head straight through its gates. With a spring in his step, he passed below the sign that signified entry into the lovely town. Surprisingly, he wasn't stopped. Perhaps such a place welcomed visitors? Even better! Then again, he hadn't had much trouble with such in the past, but every little triumph at this point was one to be celebrated. Probably. At least that's what he told himself was best.

    After what seemed like a few mere moments of strolling through the village, the entire town had awoken. Many had come out of their homes, or at very least had the lights on. Perhaps such was custom in the brisk, salt-smelling town. The meowth wouldn't know. Either way, it didn't matter much. After all, the only thing he needed was a bit of rest, potentially a few gullible buyers and he was out of her- what was that? A tiny glimmer caught the meowth's eye. He spun around to examine what had caused such a glint, finding the perpetrator almost immediately. A tiny pearl lay in the middle of the road, covered partially by dirt and grime. After a quick glance in both directions, the meowth snatched it up as swiftly as a running lopunny, adding the tiny beauty to the infinitely expanding horde of various trinkets in his bag.

    Unfortunately, such a lovely find meant that he didn't notice the Oshawott that was slowly getting bigger. Was that even possible? No, it certainly wasn't, yet the Pokémon clearly didn't care. Unless... it was getting closer?

    The meowth barely had time to think before he was forced to make like his name and scoot out of the way onto the side of the road. Scoot perhaps wasn't the correct word, as the merchant stumbled backwards as he attempted to move, getting out of the way just in time before the added weight of his bag pulled him down to one side. From his sideways perspective, Scoot couldn't help but wonder where the water type had been going in such a rush. Perhaps some sort of event was taking place? Well, logical reasoning showed where there's an event, there are people and there are people, there are opportunities. For pickpocketing, of course. That was both illegal and immoral here as well most likely, as per usual, but the meowth knew an opening when he saw one. He decided he would likely follow. Scoot flailed his legs around a bit whilst on the ground. Well, as soon as he could get back on his feet, anyway.
  4. Oliver,halted to a stop when scarlet appeared in front of her"ahh!,oh scarlet,what are you doing here"he asked,but before he finished his friend handed him a box holding a pearl necklace"oh,thanks but what are giving this to me for"Oliver said after putting on the necklace
  5. "I said it was a gift" said Scarlet. "I thought your giant head would process that since today's the day you're starting your rescue team I thought you would like it" said Scarlet. "Didn't you wonder why I didn't get you a birthday present last week" said Scarlet
  6. "oh,that makes sense"Oliver chuckled"that reminds me,do you want to be on the rescue team"Oliver said cheerfully he was in to much of a hurry to wait for her answer so he asked scarlet to follow him"c'mon I have to find another person for the team"Oliver said running off back through the town
  7. "Sure, wait up!" Said Scarlet. "Who where you planning on recruiting?" Said Scarlet while running after Oliver. "There are alot of determined adventurers in this village." Said Scarlet.
  8. Oliver stopped upon Scarlet's remark,he looked around and back at the fenniken"hehe,I guess I never thought about that,other than you I don't know anyone else who would want to join a rescue team"Oliver scratched his head,he looked around and spotted a Meowth holding a pearl"uh excuse me but it's illegal to take pearls from the main river"Oliver said to the Meowth and pointed to a sign that read

    "Please do not take or steal pearls of any kind from the main river of pearl town,this will count as a criminal act and will lead to arrest and a
    3,000 Põke fine,and possibly rescue badge suspension"

    Oliver looked confused as well"wait,are you new here,I've never seen a Meowth like you here before"
  9. A very small electrical mouse had been hiding out in the bushes for a couple of nights now. She could feel the sun reach past the leaves and bathe her in the warmth. She stretched and yawned and crawled out of her makeshift bed. The world around her felt so much bigger all of a sudden. She shuddered at the very thought of something bad happening, but then she saw a large bag with a scrambling cat. She thought it would be funny to break open the bag. She found a decently sharp rock from nearby, carved by the rivers and was probably used by a Pokemon not too long ago as a mock weapon, as it had been moved from its riverbed.

    She picked up the smooth, slightly sharp rock and crawled over silently toward the Meowth, trying to be careful not to make a sound. She got close enough to the bag and poked the bag with the rock to see how sturdy it was. She saw that it was quite sturdy, but nothing that teeth can't solve. Even though she couldn't learn the move Bite or Crunch, her teeth were still quite sharp. She bit into the bag, trying to make a few loose threads without pulling on the bag too much. As soon as she got a few threads loose, she wedged the rock in between them, cutting them apart and making a little hole in the bottom of the bag. The hole will get bigger, since the right threads had been severed. She then crawled back quietly, and awaited for the fun to happen. She couldn't contain her giggles enough though, and her giggles were quite audible, as well as her rock being quite visible.

    She saw the Oshawott and smiled at him, hoping he'd see her, as she wanted him to know that she had pulled a prank on the cat.
  10. Oliver, noticed the pichu's prank and wanted to tell the Meowth,but was thinking that the Pichu may join their team and if he told on them the Pichu wouldn't join them,but on the other hand,if he didn't tell the Meowth he might get mad and he won't want join his team,Oliver was so flustered he began to get dizzy
  11. The Pichu noticed the internal dilemma happening in the Oshawott and just chuckled. She waddled over to him baby-like, although her age showed she's quite the opposite. She then stood on her tiptoes - being shorter than an average Pichu - and whispered in his ear, telling him that she'd join, whether or not he told the Meowth. She wanted an adventure anyway, and that's just a precursor.
  12. Olivers head was still spinning so he couldn't make out what the Pichu said, Oliver decided to talk to the Pichu in case she said what he thinks she said"uh,did you just say your going to join my team"Oliver was hoping the Pichu would say yes so than Oliver would have enough team members to make a team
  13. Pichu nodded ecstatically, hopping a bit on her toes as she was happy to have something happen in her life. She looked over to the Meowth and chuckled, still holding the sharp rock away from his view. Karma should teach him not to steal anything sacred from anywhere, she thought. Although, she did think this was a little cruel, but the response was going to be funny in the end, especially when the silly cat Pokemon tried to scramble for his stuff. He might as well be a disabled Delibird at this point.

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